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Rose Siding

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Beshear signs executive order regarding felon voting rights

Source: CBS Affiliate WYMT

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is issuing an executive order to restore voting rights for some felons.

There will be three criteria for felons for this restoration.

The first will be that they have fulfilled the terms of their sentence.

The second requirement will be that they must not have a pending criminal case, charge, or arrest.

The final criterion is that they may not be convicted of violent crimes, sex crimes, bribery or treason.

Read more: http://www.wkyt.com/wymt/home/headlines/Beshear-signs-executive-order-regarding-felon-voting-rights-353166551.html

This could potentially apply to tens of thousands of voters.

More coverage here-


This is an outgoing Democratic Gov. The dem in the 2015 race was defeated by a teapublican


Donald Trump on waterboarding: 'Even if it doesn't work they deserve it'

Source: The Guardian

Donald Trump touted the benefits of waterboarding in a campaign rally on Monday night, telling a crowd that “you bet your ass” he would bring it back into use.

Addressing thousands of people in Columbus, Ohio, the Republican frontrunner praised waterboarding, an interrogation method that has been called torture. “I would approve more than that,” he said.

Trump told supporters: “Would I approve waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. In a heartbeat. I would approve more than that. It works.”

The Republican frontrunner then added “… and if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway for what they do to us”.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/24/donald-trump-on-waterboarding-even-if-it-doesnt-work-they-deserve-it?CMP=share_btn_tw

Trump on BLM protester: "Maybe He Should Have Been Roughed Up"

Trump is a racist thug. Expect his support to go up.

ED HENRY (HOST): I would add to that, sir, that yesterday at that large rally you had, there's video going viral of an African-American protester from Black Lives Matter who appears to have gotten roughed up. We don't know who did it, whether it was supporters, whether it was security. Can you comment on that and whether or not you want to remedy that situation, and then react to David Axelrod saying that you are going to lose a general election?
DONALD TRUMP: I will tell you that the man that was -- was I don't know you say roughed up, he was so obnoxious and so loud, he was screaming. I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday, 10,000 people, and this guy started screaming by himself and they -- I don't know, rough up, he should have been -- maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing. This was not handled the way Bernie Sanders handled his problem, I will tell you, but I have a lot of fans and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy, who was a troublemaker, was looking to make trouble, but I didn't get to see the event.

HENRY: Well Donald Trump, we appreciate your time this morning. Thank you for coming on Fox & Friends weekend, and on top of that there's a new poll Fox will have at the top of the hour, 9:00 A.M. Eastern time. Going to be very interesting news for Donald Trump. Everyone's going to want to watch that.


CLAYTON MORRIS (HOST): Thank you Donald, we appreciate it.

HUDDY: Have a good day, and a good Thanksgiving.


Did you know they only send refugees to Republican states?

Trump made the assertion on a radio show Tuesday. "They send them to the Republicans, not to the Democrats, you know, because they know the problems. In California, you have a Democrat as a governor," Trump said, in an interview on the "Laura Ingraham Show." "In Florida, you have Rick Scott. So you know they send them to the Republicans because you know why would we want to bother the Democrats? It's just insane. Taking these people is absolutely insanity. I don't know if you know. They're talking about hundreds of thousands potentially. Hundreds of thousands."


Hair on fire much, or just yer pants? Those are the kind of divisive lies that will be enshrined as gospel in crazy uncle emails and wingnut posts for years.

The good news I guess is that the reporter printed the "other side", aka The Truth, in a "here's what Trump said, but no..." sort of way.

CA, with its Democratic governor, has taken the MOST refugees this year. The most! -That's not to say the feds target refugee settlement by state because they don't. As for The Insanity! Hundreds of Thousands! Total fiction:

The Obama administration directed the U.S. to accept 10 thousand Syrian refugees into the U.S. this year, a significant increase over the 1,500 it was originally on track to accept by the end of the 2015 fiscal year but far short of the "hundreds of thousands" figure mentioned by Trump.

Once refugees are accepted into the United States, governors don't really have much say over their placement. Moreover, the federal government doesn't target specific states or cities. It uses a variety of factors -- such as where in the U.S. a refugee may have family members -- to determine placement.

Snow Angels working hard in Iowa!

Martin A. Ramirez ‏@MartyARamirez 6h6 hours ago
Snow won't hold us back from talking to folks about @HillaryClinton and collecting #commit2caucus cards. #HRCanvass

izzy bugatti ‏@izzybugatti 6h6 hours ago Sioux City, IA
A snowstorm won't stop us from getting Iowans to commit to caucus for @HillaryClinton ⛄️❄️ #ImWithHer

It's starting!

Trump doubles down: He’d ‘Absolutely’ Require Muslims to Register

NEWTON, Iowa — Donald J. Trump, who earlier in the week said he was open to requiring Muslims in the United States to register in a database, said on Thursday night that he “would certainly implement that — absolutely.”

Mr. Trump was asked about the issue by an NBC News reporter and pressed on whether all Muslims in the country would be forced to register. “They have to be,” he said. “They have to be.’’

When asked how a system of registering Muslims would be carried out — whether, for instance, mosques would be where people could register — Mr. Trump said: “Different places. You sign up at different places. But it’s all about management. Our country has no management.’’

Asked later, as he signed autographs, how such a database would be different from Jews having to register in Nazi Germany, Mr. Trump repeatedly said, “You tell me,” until he stopped responding to the question.


I saw the clip of that last part on Rachel. Don looked at that reporter like he wanted to kill him. His 1st question was 'who are you with?'. Very intimidating.


German officials identified Jews residing in Germany through census records, tax returns, synagogue membership lists, parish records (for converted Jews), routine but mandatory police registration forms, the questioning of relatives, and from information provided by neighbors and officials. In territory occupied by Nazi Germany or its Axis partners, Jews were identified largely through Jewish community membership lists, individual identity papers, captured census documents and police records, and local intelligence networks.

http://www.ushmm.org/educators/teaching-about-the-holocaust/common-questions#answer 4

Donald Trump Says He's Open to Requiring American Muslims to Carry Special IDs

Source: Yahoo, via Mother Jones

"We're going to have to do things that we never did before," he said. "And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule. And certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy. And so we're going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago."

What type of unthinkable things is Trump—who has also floated the idea of shuttering certain mosques—proposing? He says he's potentially open to the creation of a database to track Muslim citizens, or requiring that Muslim-Americans carry a special form of identification noting their faith.

Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/11/donald-trump-open-creating-muslim-american-database-requiring-special-ids

Christian groups break with GOP over Syrian refugees

Don't tell Suckabee, but...

Faith-based groups, who play a key role in resettling refugees to the United States, say they are dismayed by the wave of anti-refugee fervor set off by the Paris terrorist attacks and are urging supporters to contact elected officials on behalf of victims of the Syrian civil war.

Evangelical Christians, as well as Christians more broadly, are a core group in the Republican electoral base and are among the most passionate advocates for aiding refugees.

A push by Republican presidential candidates to ban Syrian refugees "does not reflect what we've been hearing from our constituencies, which are evangelical churches across the country," said Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy at World Relief, an evangelical organization that helps resettle refugees. "Most of the people have been saying we want to continue to work with refugees, that what happened in Paris ... doesn’t reflect who refugees are."
Reports that a Syrian migrant may have played a role in last week's attacks in Paris, which killed around 130 people, have set off a GOP-led backlash over the Obama administration's plans to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement expressing distress over calls by elected officials to halt the resettlement program.

"These refugees are fleeing terror themselves — violence like we have witnessed in Paris," said the statement by Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, chairman of the conference's committee on migration. "Instead of using this tragedy to scapegoat all refugees, I call upon our public officials to work together to end the Syrian conflict peacefully so the close to 4 million Syrian refugees can return to their country and rebuild their homes. Until that goal is achieved, we must work with the world community to provide safe haven to vulnerable and deserving refugees who are simply attempting to survive."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/refugees-christians-215991#ixzz3rrHpjrrt

Marist poll: Woman? Yes. Latino? Yes. Socialist? No.

snip>Americans this campaign face a field of major candidates for president that is arguably the most diverse in history – in gender, race, religion, viewpoint and life experience.

Voters are very open to some of those, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. Lopsided majorities of voters say they’d vote without reservation for a woman or a Latino, for example.

They are very skeptical of one trait – half would definitely vote against a socialist.
Voters lean solidly against electing a socialist, which is bad for self-described “democratric socialist” Bernie Sanders.

.....A solid 50 percent of voters say they would definitely vote against a socialist. That is driven by a solid no from 77 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of independents.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/national/article44228499.html#storylink=cpy

This Marist/McClatchy poll was conducted 10/29-11/4. Further findings: 5% would vote no on a woman, 7% wouldn't vote for a Latino, 19% wouldn't vote for someone with no govt experience, 10% would vote no on someone WITH govt exp., and 25% would reject a Seventh Day Adventist.

Digby has some cool charts up about electing women, noting that currently "women still make up less than 20% of elected representatives."


In the event Jeb? claws his way out of single digits...

This clip of him mocking a NH voter might be useful. At 2:50 he's asked a legit question. By 3:30 he's full on mocking the questioner with a really ugly dimple face move. It's the snottiest thing you've ever seen a pol let themselves be caught doing on camera.

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