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Member since: Wed Jun 8, 2005, 02:14 PM
Number of posts: 4,955

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Lifelong dem.Liberal.white supporter of civil rights of all.anti-free trade deals and anti-death penality.oppose more war in middle east

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Bernie supporters being proven right

many of us on DU said clinton could lose to trump or she would struggle against him.we we told no no way people will vote Trump
well now polls are showing she could lose to trump.

Polls are also showing there are voters who would vote for bernie in a bernie VS trump matchup but when faced with clinton Vs
Trump would rather see trump instead of clinton win.this doesn't surprise me eather with how this primary has gone with all
the voter fraud and with bernie supporters called every name in the book around here by clinton supporters and elsewhere.and
how both clintons have attacked bernie supporters.while many bernie supporters on DU likely wouldn't vote for trump there are
those who would.

what clinton supporters forget is study shows 17% of clinton primary supporters in 2008 voted for mccain instead of Obama.

Many of us can see Clinton for what she is.her supporters can claim all they want she is liberal and cherrypick her senate votes to
say this but it's not true and we can see it.She moved to right during the primary to attack bernie.yeah she can claim when she has victorys she would take bernie's ideas or claims she goes further than bernie but that isn't true.

Some of us tried to warn people but they dismissed us.

Trump and GOP hasn't even beguin to go full on clinton yet.and they think her numbers will improve?

Dems forget while they can commit voter fraud for primarys and keep bernie supporters out we can vote in GE.

People want change.CLinton isn't it.Attacking those who support bernie who want change.and attacking the candiate of change aren't going to help.what the dem establishment did to try to force clinton as nominee isn't going to make people vote for her.

from twitter-apparently clinton is cheating again

Bernie was winning untill they brought in "Surrogate Ballots" in one county


All i have to say

IS coming online and hearing bernie letting clinton have it is

let her have it.They want a war give her hell Bernie!

There isn't a thing he said i disagreed with about her.

She has lied about him and tried to swiftboat him of course now she is victim

Clinton is a mockery calling herself a democrat

The party is at crossroads.They have chance to survive or fall into irrelevancy.

here is hint to survive they need bernie.

100% In from wisconsin-Bernie 56.6 Clinton 43.1

clinton won 1 county-Milwaukee

now let's compare gop'

Cruz-48.2 Trump 35.1 Kasich 14.1

Bernie's win over clinton is slightly higher than cruz over trump but you wouldn't know that from MSM.Bernie got most votes yesterday in wis-567,936 Cruz-531,129

out of pleged delegates in wis-Bernie 47 Clinton 36

It seems strange that clinton wins 1 county and yet gets 11 less delegates than Bernie.

97% in bernie wins by 13 points 56.4 to 43.3

Bernie has won burnett county 50.3 to clinton 49.4.clinton was ahead there before.

Clinton won just 2 countys in wisconsin

Polk 53.7 to bernie's 44.0

milwaukee 51.8 to bernie 48.0

from twitter-apparently bernie won female vote in wis today

50% to 49% according to cnn's exit poll.

clinton pulled ahead in mo 50 to 49

so we lost all 5 states tonight.we are screwed.

well fellow bernie supporters

I think it may be time for me to leave both DU and democratic party which i have been voting for since i turned 18 in 1992.

I refuse to support corporate neocon kissinger/reagan/bush lover clinton.I refuse to support a party anymore that is fine with
Clinton voter fraud just like bush did in 2000 and 2004.and who supports clintons who call us like tea party.

we knew clinton would win florida and NC.but losing 56% to 43% In ohio that really stings.dems were fine supporting free trader clinton as all those union bosses who sold out working class to support pro-nafta pro-tpp CLinton.

Bernie's 41% In NC is only decent showing throughout the south.

now bernie may pull off win in my state of Missouri.he's ahead 51 to 48 at present.and he's down 48 in illinois

basicly it's been proven this isn't the democratic party.it's the clinton party.too many are blind to her.and DU shows suspposed dems will support anything she does.

Winning Mo alone isn't going to blunt this.

I don't care if clinton or trump wins.both are enemies of progressives and what dems used to stand for.

Democratic party isn't progressive party.it's corporate neocon party.they fool progressives just like GOP fools relgious voters.

When trump wins they can't say we didn't warn them.

face it

we lost.Ohio called for clinton.she could win all 5 tonight.she is ahead in every state.

well dems want to go off the cliff and nominate a DINO who could lose to trump.

I defently will be staying home in november.i won't ever vote for clinton.

Bad news

1% In with ohio and clinton leads 71% to 27% higher that her early leads in ohio and NC.

Looks like bernie went to court for nothing and bill clinton helped her steal another state.
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