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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 6,736

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Has anyone had luck with using Milky Spore to rid themselves of grubs?

Specifically these:

I was prepping spoil for the garden and found a bunch. Went and bought some today and I hope it rids me of these nasty buggers this year.

They wiped out my dukes last year and now I see they are in my main veggie bed.


Is there DU interest in Starting a Martin O'Malley group?

In recent weeks a lot of DU'rs have expressed interest in learning more about him and his positions.

He may or may not run for the Presidential nomination, and he may be even more viable as a VP candidate. So often, when his name is floated, there seems to be a lot of people that would like to know more about him, and I asked in AtA if it was possible if there is interest. http://www.democraticunderground.com/12597719

My intent, for the record, is NOT to be divisive now that Hillary Clinton has entered the race.

I believe it might be good for informational purposes.

Edited to fix a typoÖ

Wondering about a Martin O'Malley group

I am not sure if it makes sense, but the last week or so a lot of people have mentioned him as a possible Dem Nominee and many people want to learn more about him as such.

Do you think a O'Malley group would be a good idea to be used as an information clearinghouse so people could get more acquainted with him?

Thanks in advance,

Prince Doc: Hunting for the Secret Vault

8 minutes and it is really cool!

Going to see Martin O'Malley this evening! O'Malley's March is playing in DC!


If I get a chance, I will ask him if he is thinking about a run in the primaries!

Either way, he's a pretty good musician!

Delegate Rob Krupicka retiring (Va 45 district)

He'll be missed, that is for sure.


Serving the people of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax has been one of the greatest honors of my life. For the past 12 years, I have had the chance to serve as an elected official in one of the most vibrant, diverse, civically-engaged places in the United States. It is always humbling to talk to my constituents because they always know so much about so many issues and they always teach me something.

Coming back from session this year, I was forced to evaluate the number of hours in the day and how I fill them. Between business, family, and public service, it is clear that Iím burning more candles at more ends than I can sustain.

I have a growing business with employees and investors that depend on me---a business that gives me a chance to put my values into action by supporting local non-profits, promoting a strong wage, and by giving people a second or third chance to get on their feet. I have also spent time in the last weeks reflecting on the fact that my family has tolerated me missing a lot due to public responsibilities.

Having spent over half of my adult life involved in public service in some way or another, it is time for me to step back from elected life to focus on my growing business and on my family. I donít like to do anything halfway and the demands on my time make it impossible for me to be the engaged, active public servant that I have always tried to be.

I believe in Virginiaís part-time public service model. It is designed to minimize politics as a career and to give a variety of people the chance to serve and better the Commonwealth. It also inevitably creates conflict with an individualís family, financial, and career needs. After 12 years, that conflict has become too stark for me.

There are many good people who have the time and passion to serve the 45th district well. I know the district will be well-served by whomever holds the 45th district delegate seat.

It will take years to say thank you to all my friends and family that have enabled my service and supported me over the years. You all put up with the all too frequent requests to volunteer or donate and much more. I know our work together has left things a bit better than we found them. I know we have more to do. I am looking forward to finishing my term, with a focus on my early childhood work, and then continuing civic activities and working with all of you through my business and as a community volunteer.

In Service,


In_The_Wind ó where are you sister?

I haven't seen you in the past few days. I hope you are out enjoying some nice weather up in your area !

An American goes to Iran:

and he gives a lecture about his travels.

I posted this because I think this is a very important issue. IRanians are human beings. They live in a theological society. This is a report from a person (who I admit, I admire) that lives in our country.

Iran is not just its politics. It's not only its government.

And we can learn a lot about this lecture.

I love living in the DC area ó this is one reason why:

My husband works very close to the capitol building and often takes walks around it for lunch. Today being a spectacularly sunny dat with the ice melting and we have reached a balmy 45 degrees, he said he was going for a walk.

I went out myself to walk the dog.

When I got back, here was his message to me:

I decided to take a walk around the Capitol building at lunch. There was a woman there struggling with some sort of protest display - she had an Israeli flag, a Gadsden flag, and an upside-down American flag. The wind was creating havoc with them.

Oh yeah - she was also wearing an Uncle Sam hat.

I wish he's gotten a picture of that hot mess.

My Oma. [Updated April 11, 2015] My Oma has left us.

Below is my post from February. She did recover from her last illness, but she was tired.

Last night she went to sleep and passed on in gentle peace. I am still waiting for my sisters and Mom to figure out the funeral arrangements and then I will be heading to NY to be with family.

If there is a heaven, I would like to believe that she is with my Opa and all of her 8 bothers and sisters.

Thank you everyone for your kind words in this post. I didn't want to make a new OP, so I just updated this one.

She is 95 years old. She is not going well this afternoon.

I now live here in Alexandria, Virginia and she is in a nursing home Rhinebeck NY. She is not doing well, she has pneumonia and I got a call from my sister that her blood pressure is dropping. WE are all from Long Island NY. Wellm Oma is actually from Brmehaven, Germany. She came to the States about 1921?

It doesn't look good. This woman has the lives of about 2-3 cats. I told my sister that we would wait until tomorrow to see what happens before we get in the truck and go north.

My Oma. I share her with my two sisters. And I have one niece (almost 21) and two nephews that call her Gross Oma. This is a painting I did of her about 10 years ago.

I based it off many pictures but eventually used this photo:

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