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R B Garr

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Southern CA
Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,561

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Then it's obvious what we both meant, so quit

Bullying me and calling me names and calling me a liar when it's obvious I am neither.

Follow the logic, even your own. The Pentagon was NOT targeted as a civilian target; therefore, it's a government target. The Americans there represented the government by their presence. They were not there as civilians. They had some level of clearance to be there. They were not civilians.

I guess we can agree to laugh at each other as I have family in Federal service, and would never consider them to be civilian targets if they were bombed at their work. My stepdad was also at the Pentagon, but he was active duty military. The Pentagon is a government target. Terrorists are not targeting it for civilians because there are no civilians there (see above).

Wrong. That's not the start of what Sanders said.

Here's what he said that had to do with her ENTIRE career (his words). Apparently only he can talk about her entire career, but she can't respond about her entire career. His comments are generalized slurs taken from his well-worn and one-trick-pony stump speech:

This is taken from about the 1:01 hour mark of the 2-hour debate. You truncated to fit your own agenda:

"....why do, why over HER POLITICAL CAREER, has Wall Street been a major, the major campaign contributor to Hillary Clinton..."

The part you quoted starts around the 1:03 mark. She had previously had a full and complete answer about the influence of her contributors until Sanders started his meandering stump speech, trying to weave her into part of it. That's when she separated herself from his musings with this answer.

Great post. I don't trust him either.

He's had his whole life to start this "revolution", but he waits 'til now. He should have been doing what O'Malley is doing and started much younger so he can groom himself along the way for a national spotlight, which is much different than a small safe state. He's all generalized platitudes. Hating billionaires is not a policy proposal; it's just applause lines. Hillary Clinton talked about the billionaire class years ago at the 2008 Democratic convention. I just am not by impressed by his instant revolution.

You bring up some good explanations as to why you don't trust him. They really resonate and make sense. He just can't be bothered with many things and that attitude really comes through.
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