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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
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The fact that Ohio has Trump ahead is a big red flag for politicians to stay away from shitty trade

deals. So we have Hillary with a shot at deep red Georgia and Texas but behind in Ohio is pretty eye opening. Trump is such a flawed candidate that he is putting deep red southern states in play this round but those probably won't be in play next time and Ohio will. We can't afford to lose Ohio in the future in a closer election so Democrats better take notice. Ohio is freaking me out.

Those saying Trump just wants to found ultra right wing media and not win I think are wrong

This man is not rational. Would one now say Hitler didn't want to rule Germany, he really just wanted to make money on some other business deal? Trump would LOVE to be President and run things like a dictator. He isn't making stupid mistakes because he is smart and courting a bunch of racist ass holes, he is making stupid mistakes because he is unbalanced. He is extremely thin skinned and used to having people bow down to him and praise him. What is occurring now is his brain going haywire from people laughing at him and him losing to a woman or a gender he has zero respect for and sees as having no worth. When someone is in a tail spin they REALLY think by bringing in the woman who accused Bill of unwanted advances is going to turn things right around. When the brain is breaking down it starts to lose sense of reality. He is just charismatic enough to be extremely dangerous to the racists and far right religious nuts!

My gut tells me there will be violence from Trump supporters after he loses

How much violence will depend on whether Trump accepts the results or if he screams it was stolen. Like their leader, many of his supporters are certifiably nuts and very well armed. Another Oklahoma City or worse is certainly not out of the question. This could be bad and Trump's leadership will mean the difference.

It's interesting we are starting to see church leaders turn on Trump. I bet the GOP is behind this

They have always been in bed together so it's no surprise that there would be GOP big shots hitting the phones to get the evangelical's to pull their support from Trump so the GOP doesn't completely disintegrate. The church leaders have to get hold of these idiots as they are crashing and burning everything they built over years. We know the GOP and wealthy business leaders enlisted church leaders to start pushing back against FDR's New Deal 75 years ago and what we are finally seeing is the culmination of all this manipulation. They lose the evangelicals and all the toying with the insane asylum means the cuckoos are fleeing the wealthy business owners nest and they are 2/3rds of the Republican Party. However, they could be to the point where they don't trust the church leaders either, or since most of them are just racist fuck faces, they may have always just hid behind the power of the church and never were really on board in the first place, waiting for their real knight in shining armor which was Hitler II to come along and here he is in Donald Trump!

This is all quite fascinating to watch!

Why didn't someone use the chloroform on Trump along time ago?

Don’t just listen to Donald Trump boast about sexual assault. Listen to the women who’ve accused him

The only thing surprising about Donald Trump’s groping marks is that they’ve caused a wave of condemnations from people who’ve previously stood quietly by as the Republican nominee makes his bid for the White House.

In the recording, Trump told “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush he might lunge for a kiss with Days of Our Lives actress Arianne Zucker.

“I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” he said. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything,”

Several politicians have withdrawn their support for Trump in response, and many others have strongly condemned him.



Lets not forget this: Judge sets date for hearing of lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of child rape


Trump has complemented her as being an outstanding Sec. State in the past and been for Single Payer

Among a million other things. Why doesn't she bring these things up when he is saying she is terrible and Single Payer is horrible? She could also mention him saying the economy does better under Democrats.

So many missed opportunities.

Trump vs Obama Talking About Women

How many people here have personally known someone like Trump?

Was it just one person, several etc? Feel free to elaborate. I have heard just a handful of men talk like he does on rare occasions. It's often been men who were really powerful. For example wealthy looking businessmen on a flight sitting next to me. I really only knew one person like him back in college. He use to brag about having sex with women and ejaculating and then telling them to "Get the hell off me!" after he was done. He bragged about treating women like crap. One time I told him to his face how fucked up that was and he just laughed. It was a really creepy moment.
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