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Profile Information

Name: Martin Ashwood-Smith
Gender: Male
Hometown: Victoria/BC/Athiest
Home country: UK (London)
Current location: Canada (dual citizenship)
Member since: Wed May 18, 2005, 05:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,870

About Me

Professional crossword constructor (co-editor) since 1990. Primary publications: The New York Times, Washington Post...(and CrosSynergy online Syndicate). Crosswords also have been published in: LA Times, Newsday, USA Today, Houston Chronicle, San Diego Tribune, Chronicle of Higher Education, Games Magazine, Dell Champion, and all of the newspapers worldwide that publish the NTY crosswords in syndication. Books: author of a number of books for Sterling Publishing/Barnes & Noble. Specialty: Intelligent American-style crosswords: a) hard NYT Friday, Saturday crosswords with unusual grids featuring wide-open areas of no black squares. b) Easy-to-medium themed daily crosswords, but with intelligent often humorous clues. Uttery shameless, boastful crossword trivia about me: Hold the dubious titles of - being the world's most published non-American of crosswords in the New York Times. - currently hold several World records in certain types of crosswords: namely "Triple-Stacks" and "Quad-Stacks". (essentially meaningless, and with good reason) - able to bore people to death quickly. (despite my above achievements, I honestly don't take myself to seriously... and abhor the idea that my line of work my make anyone think they are less smart than me! I can't stress this enough!!!!!!!!! Also feel free to PM me if you want to know a bit more about the arcane world of crosswords! Or are interested in how to get into this arcane subject. The crossword "world" in the USA is woefully underrepresented by "minorities" (for want of a better word). THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! (Sorry for typos, will fix later. Can't do it properly from my iPhone!) -MAS

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