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Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 05:19 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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9/11 and the Cheney Conspiracy with Michael Ruppert.............

Rest in peace Michael............

If they were really fighting for my freedom............

Only in America............

Justice John Roberts (toon)

A man who jumped from the JP Morgan building in Hong Kong this week becomes the 8th banker to die

HONG KONG (INTELLIHUB) — All month we have been reporting on the suspicious string of apparent suicides that have hit the financial industry. Multiple bankers have been found dead in recent weeks, all of them have been ruled suicides despite the fact that little information has been released in some of the cases.

Those who had high profile deaths, like the man who jumped from the top of the JP Morgan HQ building in Europe are highly publicized, but overall, very few details about any of these deaths have been made public. Now this week, another investment banker has jumped from a different JP Morgan HQ, on a different continent, this time in Hong Kong, China.

The fact that many of these deaths seem to be tied to JP Morgan is arousing further suspicion that there is more to this story than meets the eye.


‘Assange won’t come’: Swedish MPs urge end to whistleblower case

Swedish MPs are calling on the prosecutors in the Julian Assange sexual assault case to travel to London and question the WikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been taking refuge since June 2012.

The members of the Swedish parliament say investigators should accept that Assange will not be leaving the embassy voluntarily.

“It is in the interest of everyone involved in this process that the prosecutor reaches a conclusion to either file charges or dismiss the case, and it is obvious that Assange will not come to Sweden,”


My Facial expression during the Republican response

Edward Snowden

Ukrainian Protesters Hold Up Mirrors to Police, Forcing Them To "Reflect" On Their Oppression

"Prince Avalanche"

"Prince Avalanche"
Okay. Here's the plot of this movie in one sentence. Two guys paint lines on a highway. Seriously. You might think this movie would be dead boring However, this is a totally captivating little indie movie. If you don't like subtle, forget it. This isn't for you. It's basically a chick-flic for guys. It's about two guys who are out in the middle of nowhere in Texas, painting the stripes on a highway. But it's really about their conversations, their fights, and the two of them unloading their feelings. Paul Rudd plays the intelligent, sensitive one and Emile Hirsch is his girlfriend's moronic brother. The two have a nice chemistry. This movie is based on a German movie filmed in a remote part of Iceland. I'll have to check that one out as well. What a wonderful film.

On Netflix Streaming.........

Credit for the great find.............

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