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The mother of the Castro twins

is the actual progressive. Julian and Joaquin are more than fairly centrist. And yes, Fox has been taking shots at her for a few years already.

As a fellow native Texan I find him to be

fairly conservative, very cautious and calculating about everything they (you have to think of Julian and Joaquin as one unit, sort of like the egg they were split from) do as it pertains to its possible effects on their political future. Very orthodox Democrats, in other words.

Much like Obama, who they are represents the change... not so much what they will do.

I realize that some may read that as multi-level criticisms. Let me put it this way: if you like Hillary Clinton, you'll love Julian Castro. I first wrote about this inevitability 18 months ago, and still don't see anything --even Bernie Sanders -- as slowing them down much.

Make of it what you will. What I make of it is that the GOP won't have a sniff at the White House before 2032... unforeseen circumstances excluded, of course.


And thanks for not letting that slip down the memory hole. I remember hearing him say "Keep workin' on it," in regards to the fight they were having in the House and Senate. That he WAS NOT fighting for it hard enough is exactly where he lost me.

Blue Bell is history

They're saying six months before they can get product back on grocery shelves.

I always kind of considered that

the difference between sociopaths and pyschopaths consisted of a sociopath not really caring whether his/her actions caused deaths, directly or indirectly, while a psychopath took some satisfaction in knowing he was responsible for someone's death.

In other words, the difference between Rick Perry and Dick Cheney (or Adolf Hitler).

But -- in the words of Republicans used in association with climate change -- "I'm not a scientist".

Matt Drudge and Martin O'Malley

Last three paragraphs:

And, it's not just that Drudge is deciding what pieces of content from the biggest media outlets in the country are the ones that get attention/traffic. It's also that he remains extremely influential as a sort of daily booking guide for cable television. Bookers from every network check Drudge religiously to see what stories he's chosen to feature. Often, those stories wind up getting airtime.

So, if Drudge promotes Martin O'Malley, then O'Malley will almost certainly get more attention from the media, which should translate to a higher level of interest or at least recognition among average voters.

How long will O'Malley's Drudge honeymoon last? Probably up until (or, really, if) Drudge succeeds in helping to make O'Malley a semi-credible Clinton challenger. At which point, if history is any guide, Drudge will turn on him.


Two questions:

1. Can anyone verify that Martin O'Malley looks like that with his shirt off, or is that a Photoshop?

2. Why does the corporate media still allow Drudge to drive the national conversation after all these years?

Her running mate will be Latino and male

And Julian Castro is the best bet, since he forces Republicans to spend oodles of money defending Texas. It's the kind of triangulation a Clinton executes as second nature.

How did Texas miss out on this?

We're usually at the forefront of the bashing. Not that it isn't well-earned, mind you, it just seems that DU is one of the few safe places for Democrats in Texas, and it's always crappy to see other DUers lumping us in with our majority morons.

Grist threw serious shade


"Go vegan! For one hour, and then celebrate your success with a hamburger."

Carnival's Poop Cruz now boarding

Ready to set sail. Or is that 'shove off'?

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