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I give not half of one fig

whether Ted Cruz has suffered any damage -- to his dignity, his political career, his relationship with his wife or his father, to anything of any value to him in the remotest of ways -- with his endorsement of Trump.

But it is instructive that it took Dan Patrick, the LG of Texas, to make the mob threat ("nice Senate seat ya got there, shame if somethin' happened to it") to Cruz with being "left in the rearview mirror" of the GOP for him to be motivated to endorse Trump. What that tells me is that Cruz was motivated by fear; by the possibility that someone to his right would primary him in 2018.

Someone to the right of Ted Cruz. Who could defeat him.

Let that sink in.

That link won't get you over the paywall

But this one will:


Unable to deal with Cruz endorsing Trump ...

Glenn Beck, consumed by anguish, renounces the world to live as a wandering ascetic in the mountains.


Never get baked in the morning

before a teevee interview.

That's the takeaway here.

She might also explain

the relationships with her donors:

Hillary Clinton has taken too much money from people with business before the government to dismiss concerns about conflicts of interest out of hand.

She's taken it in smaller sums from direct donors to her campaigns for Senate and president, much larger contributions to the party she now runs, eye-popping personal payments for speeches and astronomical gifts to the Clinton Foundation.

The public deserves to know how she plans to prevent all that money from unduly influencing her if she is elected president.


This is a a fair critique, yes? Jonathan Allen (author of OP) is no Trumper, having been frequently cited by Media Matters in defense of Clinton and the Benghazi "investigation" (sic).

It will be a debate question (hopefully, if it never becomes press conference question, that is).

I get it.

IOKIYAR so it should be okay for her.

I'll ask again: Republicans are the standard to be emulated in this regard?

Just for the record

The forum page says there are 11 replies here...

...but I only see three (from two posters).

So Republican models are to be emulated?

Is that the point you're making?

Whither the Clinton Foundation?

In response to grahamhgreen's currently most-recommended thread...

With the Clinton Foundation once again the recipient of negative headlines, former Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) -- another Republican who says he's backing Hillary Clinton -- recommended that the Clinton family should shut down the foundation if she becomes president. "I would sure as heck suggest that they don't have it," Shays said on "MTP Daily" yesterday. Maybe the Clinton Foundation doesn't have to close its doors if Hillary wins in November, but it will be unsustainable -- for the Clintons and for the foundation -- if it's viewed as a conflict of interest. As former GOP Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN) noted in 2009 during Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing to become secretary of state, "The core of the problem is that foreign governments and entities may perceive the Clinton Foundation as a means to gain favor with the secretary of state. Although neither Senator Clinton nor President Clinton has a personal financial stake in the foundation, obviously its work benefits their legacy and their public service priorities." And as we found out, any safeguards that the Clintons and Foundation established to eliminate perceptions problems while Hillary was secretary of state didn't exactly do the trick.


Bill Clinton has indicated that they will "do the right thing". What do YOU think they should do w/r/t the foundation?

That's not the news some people want to hear

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