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Member since: 2002
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The people elected him

resoundingly, so if the elites try to remove him, there's going to be a full-scale actual shooting revolution on the right, with real blood and lots of bodies.

Trump is going to be the nominee, and he's going to get flushed in November. Bank it.

This guy is my favoite

so I'm guessing she won't pick him.

Your toon posts kept me

coming back here long after the thrill was gone from this site. I found you at the other place, but it is in need of much improvement -- specifically allowing your extensive curation of the political satirists' best work -- before I will be comfortable.

Shit happens, things change, I still don't like it but I better get used to it.

Avoiding the meta disagreements ... what Sanders did

was establish a new paradigm for funding presidential elections. And I believed he accomplished that mostly as a force of nature. If he hands off my email address (and everybody else's that he has) to Clinton I'll be more than a little disappointed. I'll just have to wait and see what comes to my inbox, I suppose. This account amkes it seem as the two aren't ... well, not quite seeing seeing eye to eye.

The Clinton campaign said that the candidates "discussed a variety of progressive issues where they share common goals like raising wages for working families, eliminating undisclosed money in politics and reducing the cost of college for students and their families."

The Clinton statement said that the two talked about "unifying the party," but the Sanders statement did not, as NBC News noted.

I'm not bothered by her wearing the jacket to the event

I'm only a little bothered by the fact that Armani can sell a a burlap sack with sleeves and extra glitter to Hillary Clinton for that amount of money. You know, questionable judgment.

But what REALLY bothers me is people who think Trump or any other man hasn't been critiqued in the same way by women for his hair, his suit, or his mild obesity.


(is two enough to avoid the alert?)

Bargains done been picked over

Are Susie Madrak and Melissa McEwan still

writing there?

That might be a real of change of pace if they aren't.


trending on Twitter.

This fucking guy...

I was stunned reading this

It made sense to me that there were many Latinos and African Americans supporting her who were underneath the social media radar, so to speak, which made the huge crowds at his rallies appear to overstate his popularity.

(But I've seen this before: I watched the rally at the Texas Capitol for women's reproductive rights (in protest of the bill which passed in the wee hours that shut down clinics all over the state, mandated the 20 week deadline, etc.) and thought Wendy Davis was going to be elected governor. Then I watched in absolute horror as women in greater numbers turned out for Greg Abbott. Moral: rallies don't mean shit in the long run.)

So IMHO this should translate as women getting Clinton elected in somewhat overwhelming numbers -- and I thought this before the revealing of this 'underground' support network. But this is an underscore.

Trump doe not have a hope in Hell.

Looks like Hightower's going to get banned after the 16th

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