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This has better answers


Q: Are there other ways for Americans to visit Cuba?

A: The Cuban government doesn't prohibit Americans from visiting. So for years, intrepid travelers have broken the U.S. law by entering Cuba via Mexico or Canada and asking officials not to stamp their passports.

No idea about the mechanism for prevention or punishment for doing so

But an embargo is an embargo, after all. This explainer from Vox has the state of play as it has existed for a few years now.


I know of travel agencies that take Americans to Cuba on these cultural/religious missions at fairly high sums of money (a couple of thousand dollars pp for 3-4 day trips). As to your question, I would venture a guess that your US passport, stated intentions, etc. at Customs would prevent you from entering the country, but I just wouldn't know how all that goes in practice.

I wonder how their algorithm is weighted

for white privilege.

Why doesn't MoveOn draft Bernie?

What's even more annoying than insisting on promoting the candidacy of a person who clearly does not want to run for president, they seem to be silent about advancing the progressive who has clearly indicated that he is looking for support to run.

(Is it because he's *ahem* 'unelectable'? Not really a Democrat? Too old, maybe?)

I'm reminded of the desperate young man on Prom Night, calling the girl he wants to take -- who has told him no a hundred times -- while the girl who would say yes sits right beside him.

MoveOn (and DFA, also) just seem intent on embarrassing themselves at this point.

Move on, indeed.

Do you approve of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" as detailed in the Senate's torture report?


Right hand side, down a little. 54 yes 41 no at the moment.

Please vote for Politifact's Lie of the Year


Supposed to be released tomorrow

A highly anticipated Senate Intelligence Committee report expected to condemn the CIA for using torture following the 9/11 terrorist attacks is set to be released Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed.

An executive summary of the classified report is expected to accuse the CIA of lying repeatedly to Congress, the White House and the American people. Parts of the report leaked to the media last April, leading to a full investigation.

Secretary of State John Kerry, cautioning the safety of American personnel abroad following the release, requested a delay, but Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, remained firm on its imminent release. Earnest, during a Monday briefing, said that President Obama believes itís important for the report to be unveiled, adding that the administration has been planning the release for months and is preparing U.S. embassies for any potential impact.


Maduro is right...

But it's not Obama's fault.

The post-Civil War period, Brown v. Board of Education, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s, the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency. Everyone thought this nation would improve after those things happened, but they didn't; things got worse instead. And everybody knows why that is.

Even Maduro, I suspect.

I'll answer to socialist

and this one


Just underscoring this

Coming to a city near you.

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