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Feel the Verm!

Spot on

If Clinton closes the gap a little in New Hampshire, takes Nevada and South Carolina, and rolls into Super Tuesday where Texas and several other large delegate counts await and where she currently holds big leads, then an endorsement of Sanders by Warren only minimizes her influence with a grudge-holding Madam President.

Warren will endorse when the time is right for her, and that will be when only one is left standing.

Good, but the polling in Iowa was shit for the most part

Granted this is a primary and in his sweet zone, but please... everybody keep doing their thing -- whether that's calling, walking, or donating -- and make sure the headlines next Tuesday night have the words "crushes", "dominates", or some synonyms.

He needs that to move the needle in Nevada and South Carolina (unless of course, the polls are wrong there, too).

"WaPo takes wild swings at Sanders"


You don't think it's about Jeff Bezos' tax bracket, do you?

(Link should work if you c&p into your address bar)

DWS: No debate for you, New Hampshire


The DNc has already stated

that any candidate participating in an unsanctioned debate would be excluded from all future sanctioned debates.

Swirling the drain

and completely oblivious to it. There's a comparison to be made here (but it's far too possible to be alerted on and then hidden).

The difference between 'progressive' and 'politically correct liberal'...


"for the rest of us it's gonna be a heartache tonight"

... might be a reference to a Clinton presidency or a Sanders one.

I can't give the good and sleepy doctor the benefit of the doubt, Eagles fan or no.

Just got my first hide ever

It was 4-3, but still...

They're here, lurking, trying to systematically eliminate their challengers and opponents. It feels tightly organized and coordinated, and I would have thought that outlandish and even a little paranoid before it happened to me.

I just don't see how these divisions are going to be mended after the nomination is decided. This cycle has a totally different dynamic than anything in Democratic political history over the past 40 or so years -- my personal adult history, that is -- that I can compare it to (Kennedy and Carter in 1980 comes close, upon reflection). There's always been squabbling between left and right wings, yes, but the antagonism is so amplified now by social media and online conversations such as here.

Maybe it'll all blow over, but I have grave doubts.
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