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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 7,362

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Goodman is really getting their goat lately.

Devastates the SCOTUS argument.

Didn't watch any, did read a lot about it online

But not so much while it was happening. Did follow the Twitter hashtag #FreeHillary in the evening.

I knew there weren't going to be any gotchas and suspected that the Republicans would flail, but their futility and complete lack of self-awareness at how much damage they do to themselves always exceeds my expectations.

The Liberals are actually centrist. Here's the spectrum of parties, left to right.


Here you go.


Take some time when you have it. It might change your thinking. It's the reason we have Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and all the rest of the RW Wurllitzer (that's what Media Whores online called it. Remember the Horse?).

Not such sweeping changes. A few to begin with (returning things to balance and open-mindedness) and then more from there. That's why I support Sanders. Clinton is just another neoliberal, making incremental changes at the edge if any at all.

You may have the last word.

That's reasonable enough

if there were still a Fairness Doctrine in place, for starters.

John Anderson in 1980 was probably the last of his kind. Without systemic changes -- beginning with televised debates -- it's going to continue to be an either/or proposition. That's good for Democrats (and Republicans) but not good for democracy.

I would rather

see the League of Women Voters regain control of the presidential debates, and a more inclusive process for multiple voices. Seems more democratic than representatives of two parties establishing an arbitrary and mostly unreachable threshold for participation.

As I understand the article

Stein's simple request (that she will pursue by legal means if necessary) is not to win or even "steal" votes, but to participate in the presidential debates.

Why would Democrats be opposed to that?


Sorry for telling the truth to those who might choose to overreact to it.

The skills of

prevarication, obfuscation, and triangulation. She hit the trifecta!

The FBI does not investigate "big nothings"

like the mishandling of classified material. Just ask David Petraeus. Or Chelsea Manning. Or Edward Snowden.

Hillary will skate but somebody will take the fall. Not Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills, but someone.
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