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Member since: 2002
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So we like leaks now?

Or only when they serve our political purpose?


They are going after Culberson

since Hillary carried CD7. But hopefully with Deb Kerner and not James Cargas.

From the NYT

(A reporter for The Washington Post tabulated the wear and tear that Mannix withstood over eight seasons; it included 17 gunshot wounds and 55 instances of being beaten unconscious.)


They referred to him as "glass-jawed', but I would consider it quite the opposite (he did survive and thrive, after all).

"I didn't know that Metro had a burn unit"

"Raising my hand because I have questions about guns in schools"

'skin as thin as a hymen on a kazoo'

Dallas, and Dallas County, is bright blue

Wisconsin? Not so much. Please don't insult hard-working Democrats trying to turn Texas blue. And next time, post in Sports and not GD.

In other words

your ad hominem has been alerted.


That author is still blaming Jill Stein. Not to mention The Nation and Wikileaks.

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