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Home country: Ireland
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Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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Where are all the Democratic supporting Billionaires ? Or do they not exist ?

This is something I can't understand, you have the likes of the Koch brothers, Mercers etc pumping hundreds of millions of dollars (and more) into "covert" Republican operations, why aren't Democratic Billionaire supporters doing the same ?

It feels like the Democratic Party is a punch drunk boxer, just standing there taking hit after hit and not giving it back. And I'm not even talking about lying or underhand stuff as the Reps do, but getting the truth out there from 50/50 states to deep red states, to people who only watch Fox, go on RW sites or listen to the RW nutjobs.

The likes of Gates, Soros and Buffet do great philanthropic work but what the Republicans are doing could set America back decades in the type of Social Justice changes that they themselves advocate.

Where's the strategy ? Where's the action ? Where are the big Democratic backers ?

How much are Trump allies paying Alan Dershowitz ?

Twice today he has come out with what a great fellow Trump is, and is now batting down the FBI investigation. Disgusting pig. I hope he chokes on the filthy cash.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny urges Trump to help undocumented Irish living in US

Ireland’s prime minister asked Trump to ‘remove burden’ for estimated 50,000 Irish citizens believed to be illegally in America at a luncheon at US Capitol

Ireland’s prime minister, Enda Kenny, has urged Donald Trump to help Irish people living in the US illegally, saying they just want to “make America great”.


Kenny said: “We would like this to be sorted. It would remove a burden of so many people that they can stand out in the light and say, now I am free to contribute to America as I know I can. And that’s what people want.”

Kenny also urged Trump to consider providing more work visas “for young people who want to come to America and to work here”.


Meanwhile, Mike Pence sends a secret message to his White Supremacist friends

Mr Pence also recalled his Irish grandfather Richard Michael Cawley, who emigrated to the US from County Sligo in 1923 and spoke with pride about his Irish heritage.

He added that he had thought about his grandfather during inauguration day in January.


"The truth is that whatever honours I will receive over the course of my service as vice president, to receive an honour in the name of the Irish people and my Irish heritage will count as chief among," he said.

"All that I am and all that I will ever be and all the service that I will ever make is owing to my Irish heritage."

Mr Kenny presented Mr Pence with a roll book from a County Sligo school that included the name of his grandfather.

He said Ireland "took special pride in the fact that, for the first time in the history of this great republic, one Irish American has succeeded another in the office of vice president".


A number of other Irish American politicians basically called Pence a bullshitter - only pays lip service to Ireland, did nothing over the last 25 years to help the peace process. As much of an asshole that Peter King is, he is respected for the work he did for the peace process.

St. Patrick's Day prelude - March 16 at the White House, the Irish aren't looking forward to it ...

The traditional St. Patrick's Day presentation of the bowl of Shamrock to the US President by the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, takes on a obviously different air, this year !

Enda, as with most/all Irish Prime Ministers, would much prefer to be meeting a Democratic President but alas that is not to be.

The meeting is especially awkward this time, back in June Kenny said this about candidate Trump

I'll meet Donald Trump and tell him why his views are racist and dangerous

Obviously, no more than any other Head of State, he is caught in difficult position now, but what many of you are probably unaware of, is that there are in excess of 250,000 undocumented Irish citizens in the US. Also, it is an embarrassment that there are so many Irish Americans within the Trump cabal.

On top of all that, Kenny is expected to announce his resignation date, upon his return to Ireland (his party need to get new young blood into leadership roles), but all of this happens the day the Trump Travel ban is supposed to kick in ! It ain't gonna be like it was before, that's for sure !!!

Howard Dean Puts Greta in her place re Obamacare and Trumpcare *** Must see !!! Updated

He was outstanding, watch it if you get a chance. He clearly explained all the issues with the ACA, and how it could be fixed. He also lashed into the Republicans, must to her visible annoyance, plus Howard blew away her attempted defence of Ryan, that he wasn't a crackpot.....


Here is the link, ENJOY


Hannity rips a new one out of Morning Joe Scumborough !





The Hannity weighs in ...





The trail will now move on to Donald McGahn, White House counsel.

It was McGahn that Sally Yates went to last month, to inform him that she believed Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Who did McGahn tell ? Who was present when he said it ?

Every Democratic Spokespeople on TV/Radio interviews TODAY, need to be asking

What did the President know, and when did he know it ?

What did the Republican Party leadership know, and when did they know it ?

What did the Trump administration know, and when did they know it ?

Why did the Republican Party leadership so strongly reject any notion of Russian interference in the US General Election ?

This is (Benghazi/Emails) x 100, but REAL. This is the first real opportunity the Democratic Party have of painting the Republican Party as working against the interests of the American people, even the stupid Fox viewing ones. Get onto you local Senator and demand they get out there with this.

I should have added "Trump has to release his taxes NOW"

PLEASE call them what they are - Republicans

It's wrecking my head to hear Democratic spokespeople call them "this Administration", "Trump's administration" etc. Set the agenda, call them the "Republican Administration", "Trump's Republicans" or even just "the Republicans". If you're going to spend the next 4 years calling out all the scandalous actions, let's hammer home the fact that it is the Republican Party that did this.

Michael Flatley Dead To Us Now, Says Ireland

From the Irish version of the Onion...

“Michael Flatley Dead To Us Now,” Says Ireland

“AND all we did for that fucker over the years, and he turns around and does this? Well, he can forget about coming back here again, the sweaty bollix”

This was just one statement uttered this morning by a member of the Irish population, following the news that somewhat-Irish Irish-dancing superstar Michael Flatley had agreed to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony this Friday.

Trump is currently persona non grata in Ireland, following disparaging remarks about the people who live near his Doonbeg golf resort in Co. Clare, as well as his plans to deport thousands of unregistered foreign workers in American, which would take in every second Irish person from Boston to Los Angeles.

With a full Trump boycott brewing, the news that ‘jigger with attitude’ Flatley had signed up for Friday’s event did not go down well with even the most staunch jig and reel fans.

“He’s fucking dead to us,” said the president of the Irish Flatley Fan Club, ripping posters of the Riverdance pioneer off the wall.

More at http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2017/01/19/michael-flatley-dead-to-us-now-says-ireland/
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