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Member since: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 06:12 PM
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As a new day dawns . . .

My front porch faces east, looking across the water where the Potomac River joins the Chesapeake Bay. It's a deep rural area and , as such, as great for amateur astronomy . . . no street lights or parking lot lights to pollute the vision. Last night was perfect -- crystal clear, low humidity -- Orion dominated the sky, the Andromeda Galaxy was almost visible to the naked eye. I stayed outside with my 12-inch reflector telescope until around 0130 then packed it in.

This morning I started the day as usual: cup of Community Coffee, dark roast after which I checked out, in this order, CNN, Washington Post, and Democratic Underground, anxious about what stupid shit The Donald and his merry band of thugs did overnight.

OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

I'm headed back to bed where I'll cover my head and hope to sleep until this nightmare is over. If we survive.

Trump, his tie, and Scotch tape

Check out the photo made when an errant gust of wind caught Trump's tie as he come off the airplane in Indiana. Notice the pieces of Scotch tape holding the two ends of his tie together?

And now, check out the reactions.


My daughter commented back early in the campaign about how long Trump wears his ties. A man's tie should be tied with the tip of the tie ending at the bottom edge of his belt. Trump's ties end somewhere around his crotch . . . that's why he can't use the little loop on the back of the tie to hold the two ends together. And this guy is a classy billionaire? He's white trash. I'm an old redneck. I know white trash when I see it and pooping in a gold toilet is a sure sign of trash.

IT'S A HOAX!!! DOJ is not accepting phone calls to decide about auditing election results.

From the Washington Post:


For supporters of Hillary Clinton, the post circulating on Facebook and Reddit offers hope. The Justice Department, it claims, is “tallying calls” from people who want an audit of the 2016 election. And given the small margins that Donald Trump won by in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, a shift of about 55,000 votes is all that would be needed to change the outcome.

The problem is, it’s bogus. The Justice Department doesn’t count up calls to determine whether it should launch an investigation. And they will not initiate a national audit — or force particular states to recount their results — based on the volume of outrage they receive from voters.

“The Justice Department does not tally the number of callers to determine whether federal action is warranted,” department spokesman David Jacobs said in a statement. “Investigatory decisions are based solely on the facts and evidence as they relate to the federal statutes the department enforces.”

If the judge is "Mexican" . . .

. . . then, isn't Donald Trump . . . German?

His grandfather Friedrich and grandmother Elisabeth were born in Germany and emigrated to the United States. Their son Fred Trump married Donald Trump's mother Mary Ann MacLeod, who was born in Scotland and met Donald Trump's father during a vacation trip to New York.
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