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"Tennessee Moonshine Blues"

Trump and the republicans are never going to enact tariffs on anyone

But free trade is slowly destroying the American middle class. We are openly trading with countries that have no labor, environmental or building standards. A graduated use of tariffs is a way to encourage trading countries to make improvements in those areas, and those that choose to do nothing will pay the highest tariff.

Tariffs are not necessarily designed to move jobs back to the US, manufacturing for example involves a lot of sunk costs, so with or without a tariff tax the company still has to get it's money out of the investment, but with a tariff at least we can equalize trade somewhat and use the revenue for things America needs like infrastructure improvements and maybe a guaranteed minimum income for everyone.

You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

Pretty amazing for a four year old.

we need trade agreements and probably tariffs

Like this guy talked about:

What about free trade?
A: We’ve gone the first mile. I don’t disagree with the premise of the free traders. But we need an emerging middle class in these countries, and we’re not getting one. So now is the time to have labor and environmental standards attached to trade agreements.
Q: What if they say no?
A: Then I’d say, “Fine, that’s the end of free trade.”
Q: What do you mean, that’s the end of free trade? Then we slap tariffs on these countries?
A: Yes.
Q: So you’d be in favor of tariffs at that point.
A: If necessary. Look, Jimmy Carter did this in foreign policy. If you can’t get people to observe human rights, and say that we’re going to accept products from countries that have kids working no overtime, no time and a half, no reasonable safety precautions-- I don’t think we ought to be buying those kinds of products in this country. We’re enabling that to happen.


the US congress decided that in 1995

Fwiw I don't think the move is going to happen, Israeli media have a bad track record with using anonymous sources that turn out to be wrong.

If trump and his people had any brains, he could use the possible move as leverage to get something from Israel and the Palestinians. Like stopping settlement growth in East J'lem by the Israelis in exchange for moving the embassy and helping the Palestinians at the UN (or maybe a small prisoner release) if they agree to not freak out. They would both have to agree to restarting face to face discussions.

Something along those lines would pacify extremists on both sides and give them a "win".

Hillary Clinton won Latino vote but fell below 2012 support for Obama

Hillary Clinton won 66% of Latino voters on Election Day, according to updated National Election Pool exit poll data, a level of Democratic support similar to 2008, when 67% of Hispanics backed Barack Obama. However, Clinton’s share of the Latino vote was lower than in 2012, when 71% of Latinos voted to re-elect Obama.

While Clinton under performed among Latinos compared with 2012, Republican Donald Trump won 28% of the Latino vote, a similar share to 2012, when Mitt Romney won 27%, and to 2008, when John McCain won 31%, according to exit polls. (It is important to note that the national exit poll is a survey with an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points for the national result.)


This is part of the problem, fewer Latinos (by %) are voting:

Especially young people:

And overall the US has really low turnout:

Behind The Wall: The Battle for LAs Murals


A Tribe Called Quest - We The People

Did everybody see dave chappelle on SNL?

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