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Member since: Mon Oct 8, 2007, 11:23 AM
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US intelligence is 70% corporatized...

Good point by Tim Shorrock...


US intelligence is 70% corporatized. So it's only natural that corporatized @realDonaldTrump would get daily intel briefings. Relax, people.

IIRC Allen Dulles actually gave JFK briefings about Cuban policy during the 1960 race. Which pissed off Nixon because the Cuban policy was his baby.

Gretchen Whitmer: interim Ingham County Prosecutor


A win for all of Ingham Co & the best choice to restore integrity & trust to the office. Congrats @gretchenwhitmer!

The person that should be the Governor of Michigan, she happens to be infinitely more qualified than the current guy, is named the interim Ingham County Prosecutor...

MI: Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Dangerous Republican Agenda

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Furiously Slams Republicans over Right to Work Legislation

Gretchen Whitmer for Governor of Michigan (2014)

Jocelyn Benson, who congratulates Gretchen in that tweet, should be the current Secretary of State. Michigan is soooo efff'd up.


One of the producers of the Hulu series 112263 laments not having this when producing the show...

Bridget Carpenter ‏@BridgetCarpen12

Greatest regret-- not writing Ted Cruz’s Father into 11.22.63 #112263onHulu #regrets @StephenKing

Flint water committee ends hearings without testimony from emergency managers, Gov. Rick Snyder

Grand Rapids Press ‏@GRPress

Flint water committee ends hearings without testimony from emergency managers, Gov. Rick Snyder

Shocking development from the GOP led committee.

Philby's story has always been fascinating:

@basiapuszkar Apr 30

Philby's story has always been fascinating: Kim #Philby: I got away with treachery 'because I was upper class'

@WalterIsaacson Apr 30

This new tape found of Kim Philby - http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35943428 … - reminds me why I liked this book on friendship: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/07/27/books/review/ben-macintyres-a-spy-among-friends.html

Snowden the Movie

Coming Soon:

Edward Snowden Verified account ‏@Snowden

For two minutes and thirty nine seconds, everybody at NSA just stopped working.

The Good Shepherd (JJ Angleton)

This piece on James Jesus Angleton is timely coming on the heels of the recent revelations about Kim Philby. Which brings us to, along with his many nefarious/criminal activities and general running amok, Angleton's poor judge of character.

Not only did Angleton count Philby as a close trusted friend and confidante but it turns out he was dead wrong when it came to discerning the intentions of Soviet defectors too. Specifically documented in the cases of Anatoly Golitsin and Yuri Nosenko...

The Good Shepherd was subtitled in its trailer, “The Untold Story of the Birth of the CIA.” This is a real misnomer, since most of the “untold” actual events are immediately recognizable to anyone who has a cursory knowledge of the history of the CIA. In another sense the subtitle is true since the story it tells is very liberally fictionalized. In that sense, it is untold. The main character in the film, Edward Wilson is based upon legendary counter-intelligence chief James Angleton. And there are other characters that are clearly based on CIA luminaries. DeNiro plays a man named William Sullivan who is based on OSS chief William Donovan. William Hurt plays someone named William Arlen, which suggests Allen Dulles. There are two Russian defectors in the film also. One, who Wilson befriends, suggests Anatoly Golitsin. A second one, who Wilson disbelieves, is modeled on Yuri Nosenko. And as in the Nosenko story, we see the CIA handlers torture the second defector on Angleton/Wilson’s orders. This sequence ends with screenwriter Roth borrowing the denouement of another CIA episode. The handlers inject the defector with LSD (why they do is very weakly explained) and he suddenly turns and jumps out the hotel window to his death. This actually happened during the MK/Ultra program with unwitting subject Frank Olson.

The story follows Wilson from his college days at Yale to his recruitment into the CIA by Sullivan. We then watch him on some of his and his cohorts’ assignments in places like West Germany and South America. These are done in flashbacks, and the recurring present “frame” of the story is the 1961 Bay of Pigs debacle. Wilson is charged with investigating “leaks” about that operation. The trail ends up fingering a family member who the KGB has bugged. This leads to a personal tragedy for Wilson and his family: his marriage falls apart; his son’s fiancée is killed. But he gets a higher position at the CIA’s new building, which went up near the end of the Kennedy presidency. The film ends with him walking through the new wing to his new office...



Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People

The corporate media would have you believe that Venezuela is a dictatorship on the verge of political and economic collapse; a country where human rights crusaders and anti-government, democracy-seeking activists are routinely rounded up and thrown in jail. Indeed, the picture from both private media in Venezuela, as well as the mainstream press in the U.S., is one of a corrupt and tyrannical government desperately trying to maintain its grip on power while the opposition seeks much-needed reforms. In fact, the opposite is true.

The sad reality of Venezuela is that it is the Bolivarian Revolution that is being undermined, targeted, and destabilized. It is the Socialist Party, its leftist supporters (and critics), Chavista activists and journalists, and assorted forces on the Left that are being victimized by an opposition whose singular goal is power. This opposition, now in the majority in the National Assembly, uses the sacrosanct terminology of “freedom,” “democracy,” and “human rights” to conceal the inescapable fact that it has committed, and continues to commit, grave crimes against the people of Venezuela in the service of its iniquitous agenda, shaped and guided, as always, by its patrons in the United States.

This so-called opposition – little more than the political manifestation of the former ruling elites of Venezuela – wants nothing less than the total reversal of the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution, the end of Chavismo, and the return of Venezuela to its former status as oil colony and wholly owned subsidiary of the United States. And how are these repugnant goals being achieved? Economic destabilization, street violence and politically motivated assassinations, and psychological warfare are just some of the potent weapons being employed....


Making the Economy Scream

My brush with Pat Boone (Debbie too)...

1975 our football team (Jackson Parkside) just played Ann Arbor Pioneer. So after road games they take us out to eat as usual. We ate at the Bill Knapp's in Ann Arbor and as 'luck' would have it the whole Pat Boone klan had stopped there too with their tour bus.

So long story short one of our assistant coaches asked him to speak to our team. He finally relented and told us a story iirc of overcoming obstacles to achieve our goals. Roger Staubach was the object (or would he be the subject?) of this morality play as I recall.

By the way this would have been in the twilight of Pat's career (going on some 50 years now). However it was just prior to Debbie Boone hitting it big with that godawful You Light Up My Life.


Reagan said we send a message to Moscow through Central America...


BONNER: Reagan said we send a message to Moscow through Central America; fore-front of american FP


Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola and journalist Raymond Bonner discuss his book Weakness and Deceit, chronicling the Reagan Administration’s disastrous intervention in El Salvador in the name of fighting communism...

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