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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 5,531

Journal Archives

Question submitted by Miles Archer

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Trumps DHS boss threatens to walk out of meeting after Muslim advocate criticizes racial profiling

Trump’s DHS boss threatens to walk out of meeting after Muslim advocate criticizes racial profiling


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly threatened to walk out of a meeting with Muslim Americans after one person at the meeting asked him questions about racial profiling.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Kelly attended a meeting at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Mich. this week, where he listened to the concerns of several members of the local Muslim-American community.

Nabih Ayad, an attorney who founded the Dearborn-based Arab American Civil Rights League, says that Kelly seemed to take great offense when he asked him about whether the president’s executive orders and new DHS protocols were discriminatory against Muslims. In particular, the Free Press reports that Ayad asked Kelly “to create a record of who gets stopped for questioning at ports of entry so there can be data to see if there is disproportionate targeting of Arabs and Muslims.”

“He stood up and walked away almost,” Ayad told the Free Press. “He said, I’m leaving unless you decide to stop your questions and have someone else ask a question. … He actually got out his seat.”

Fox News hypes WikiLeaks claims about Clintons ties to Russia just as Trump asks followers to watch

Fox News hypes WikiLeaks claims about Clinton’s ties to Russia — just as Trump asks followers to watch


President Donald Trump lashed out late Monday on Twitter against the Russia scandal “hoax” and accused his former rival, Hillary Clinton, of Russian ties — and Fox News carried the story forward the following morning.

The president complained there had been little investigation of an investment by a Russian energy company into a U.S. firm while Clinton’s former campaign chairman, John Podesta, sat on the board.

About 10 hours later, “Fox and Friends” hosted the author of “Clinton Cash” to explore those claims, and Trump once again took to Twitter — this time to hype the TV news segment as it aired.


Peter Schweizer, the book’s author, told host Steve Doocy that Podesta had in 2011 joined the board of Joule Unlimited Technologies, a privately held company based in Massachusetts that attracted a Russian investor about two months later.

Devin Nunes canceled Russia hearings to keep Sally Yates from testifying: ex-CIA and Defense

Source: Raw Story

The mysterious “midnight run” by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on the White House grounds last week was ploy to keep former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according to a former top official with the CIA and the Department of Defense.

Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that’s investigating the Russian ties, abruptly canceled this week’s hearings as questions swirled around his visits to the White House to pick up intelligence related to the probe and then brief President Donald Trump on the findings.

The House panel was scheduled to hear from Yates on Tuesday, as well as former President Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Jeremy Bash, the former chief of staff at Defense Department and CIA under Obama, said Nunes concocted the stunt to shut down the testimony of Yates — who Trump fired for refusing to enforce his travel ban, and after she expressed concern about former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/devin-nunes-canceled-russia-hearings-to-keep-sally-yates-from-testifying-ex-cia-and-defense-official/

Devin Nunes canceled Russia hearings to keep Sally Yates from testifying: ex-CIA and Defense official

"Scared little boy, tweetin' on the loo, Scared little boy, tweetin' the loo"...SING with me, DU!







REVEALED: Guiliani met with Turkish president on behalf of client charged with violating US-Iran

Source: Raw Story

Former New York mayor and prominent Donald Trump supporter Rudolph Giuliani traveled to to meet with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on behalf of his client Reza Zarrab—a Turkish gold trader jailed on federal charges of conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions on Iran, the New York Times reports.

The United States attorney’s office in Manhattan said Giuliani and another prominent lawyer, Michael B. Mukasey, “have been retained by the defendant and are involved in, and will continue to be involved in, efforts to explore a potential disposition of the criminal charges in this matter.”

According to the Times, prosecutors contend Zarrab—who holds dual citizenship in Iran and Turkey—helped facilitate “millions of dollars in illicit transactions” in an effort to bypass U.S. sanctions on Iran and “allegedly tricked numerous U.S. financial institutions into processing barred transactions.”

Zarrab’s detention has been publicly criticized by president Erdogan.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/revealed-guiliani-met-with-turkish-president-on-behalf-of-client-charged-with-violating-us-iran-sanctions/

REVEALED: Guiliani met with Turkish president on behalf of client charged with violating US-Iran sanctions

Jason Linkins, HuffPo: Just imagine what Kushners daily schedule is going to be like.


9:00-9:30: “Fox and Friends” debrief.

9:30-10:00: Provide broadband internet service to entire nation.

10:00-11:00: Stop working on providing broadband internet service to entire nation to focus on just providing it to entire government first.

11:00-11:30: Elevensies.

11:30-1:00: Working lunch to solve the intractable Israel-Palestine peace process that adults in government have been working on to no avail for decades.

1:00-1:30: What do you mean there are other places in the Middle East that need tending to? FFS, people, I can’t possibly do everything!

1:30-2:00: Daily “I can’t possibly do everything” meeting with POTUS. POTUS reminds Kushner that the AHCA went down because he was off in Aspen, skiing.

2:00-2:15: Cancel all skiing vacations for the foreseeable future.

2:15-2:30: Search for another samovar of coffee to push through the rest of the afternoon.

2:30-3:30: Develop one “transformative project for America under the banner of Trump’s $1 billion infrastructure program.”

3:30-3:45: Meeting with POTUS to discuss “transformative project.” POTUS says there is still something missing.


4:15-4:30: Trump’s name added to transformative project. POTUS signs off.

4:30-4:45: A brief wander through the White House. How did it come to this? Didn’t life used to be so much simpler? I could have done anything. I really would have liked to own the Dodgers. Oh, man, the crack of bat, fists pounding on leather, the scents of an afternoon ballgame? Heaven is a patch of well-manicured grass, the cheers of the crowd, fathers in the upper decks teaching their freckle-faced kids how to score the game, and nothing but the expanse of a hazy Southern California afternoon ahead of you. That should have been me. That’s what I was meant to do. How did I end up here? I only vaguely remember: My name, shouted in a certain dawn … a message … a summons … There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where I could have said – no. But somehow, I missed it.

4:45-6:00: Fix the VA system, the opioid crisis, streamline government, and maybe do some trade stuff?

6:00: Fifteen hours of weeping.

New Keith Olbermann video: "This is about treason, treason, treason, treason, treason...and TREASON"


Nunes: Intel at White House came from Executive Branch

Nunes said on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" that he had to view the classified documents in an Executive Branch location because they intelligence community had not yet provided them to Congress.

"The Congress has not been given this information, these documents, and that's the problem," Nunes said. "This is Executive Branch."

He said his sources on the matter, which he stressed was unrelated to Russia, could not deliver the documents to his committee, so he had to go to them.

"There was no way I could view that because they couldn't get it to the House Intelligence Committee," Nunes said.


A golden oldie...Al Franken & Tom Davis "hang out with The Grateful Dead" at Radio City Music Hall

Franken: Fuck them anyway (Garcia & Lesh)...let's go talk to Weir.

Davis: Yeah, at least he's somebody you can talk to like a real person!


Franken: Oh, this is GREAT, Tom, this is GREAT. We're going out in front of a Dead audience and we're gonna be introduced by BRENT. He's been with group for about five MINUTES! This is just GREAT!


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