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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,987

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Add some more nazi connections to dRumpfenfuhrer's already heaping, overflowing pile. nt

dRumpf repugs have it all backwards. HE needs the press, to get his nazi messaging out.

If all the non-nazi press in the country takes his new ground rules in stride, and then just reports truthfully about him, with no input allowed from his flacks, his little anti-press vendetta will be destroyed.

He's pretending the press needs HIM, needs access to him. HE needs the press, needs access to the THEM. This move is his typical losing hand 'deal maker' strategy. Buffalo the opposition with nothing, and hope they crack.

His most controversial, insane, high profile, smash mouth tweets get 50 k likes and 16 k retweets, while there are over 300 million people in the country. Sure, his pitifully small handful of zealots will tune in to get his message from bircher Jones tv and breitbart, but that's a tiny drop in the bucket, in terms of number of citizens he needs to reach with his message. His Jones/Bannon audience is nowhere near the 'hitler's magic 10% of the population' that he needs to get his nazi agenda pushed forward.

All the press has to do is say, "Oh, you don't want to talk to us or answer questions? Fine. Here's the story we're running about you, of course it's 100% negative, because we're telling the truth about you. We'll add "no comment from dRumpfenfuhrer" to the story."

And, I'd like to add, all video media that has any of his flacks on should set the ground rules that the flacks are not allowed to sit at the desk with the interviewer, the flack has to sit in a sound booth. And as soon as the flack starts to filibuster and run on ad nauseum, as soon as they veer away from the topic or deflect, as soon as they interrupt the inteviewer or opposition guest, their mike gets cut. They can sit there gibbering away silently, making funny faces on the split screen. I saw Don Lemon do that with one of dRumpf's flunky Black 'pastors' a few months back.

Media could whip the dRumpf repugs right the fuck into line, if they really wanted to, if they saw the need for it, if they understood it's a matter of survival of the free press and America's Democracy.

Re that pic, the wan, haggard, grizzly, slaveringly evil, jaded visage which she exhibits

shows that her physical appearance is catching up with her supremely horrible inner being.

She should check the Dorian Gray-like portrait she keeps in her attic, for damage.

Maybe they're just signalling to their nazi froggie posting allies in the West, just a little shout-

out to their pals. And maybe also laughing at the rest of the people who'd already noted the pepe post-ers' nazi pro-dRumpf activities this election.

So, change the date, replace "Honorable Harry Reid" with

"Jawless Nazi Weasel", replace "Dear Harry" with "Hey Fuckhead", & alter the signature as necessary.

Et voila, the perfect letter to the repug senate leader.

Quelle surprise.

Gotta hand it to Vlad. He zeroed right in on America's weak point, 5th columnist repug traitors who will do anything to get power.

Great info, thanks Denzil.

Makes the case easier to understand for non-tech-savvy people like me.

Everything dRumpf says about the hacks is projective. When he talks about a 400 lb guy on a bed somewhere, tt's because that's how HE always does the cyber, when he tweets, and he's feeling fat that day.

When he talks about a 14 year old doing it, that's because some respectable newssource just said he has the maturity of a grade school kid.

In the dRumpfenfuhrer's 4th reich, when you see the initials "SS", it stands for "Safe Space".

Right, Mr. Precedent?

Another "RaHoWahhhhh!" from the repuglinazis.

Her face when she said that

was exactly the same as the scene from The Devil's Advocate, when one of the demon women hit on Charlize Theron in the locker room.

dRumpf domestic "Enemies" count: 65.85 million

and rising.
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