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M Kitt

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Former military, I enjoy commentary as should be made apparent by my posts ;-)

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Presidential Response to yet another GOP Government shutdown threat


It's not as tho we haven't seen this behavior before. Fairly recently, in fact.

"Yet another Contrived Debt Ceiling crisis, on the way. Thanks GOP"


Unfortunately, we'll see this cycle repeat ad nauseum.

"What's the Current GOP manufactured debt Crisis? Social Security Reform"


Why the White House matters?

You're generally correct, BUT, the White House will ABSOLUTELY become important over the next several years regarding upcoming selection of national Supreme Court justices. That links directly, will be the key to overturning "Citizens United" and related legislative errors.

Regardless, staying with the current thread, I'll address the reply you've just posted.

You have several legitimate concerns, the concept of "Austerity" really is an excuse to remove what Conservatives/Teapublicans consider to be unnecessary programs, those that have defined our "Safety Net" legacy since FDR.


Here's an excerpt from the above link:

The Social Safety Net doesn't serve Corporate Interests, who've apparently spent huge campaign money trying to convince former Republican "Independents" and other unaffiliated voters that the current system simply isn't worth investing in.

Conservative Political Investors (IE Koch Brothers Et Al) want Social Security and related programs removed Entirely, which can only be accomplished if they first destroy Public confidence in our current system.

They'd like to implement THAT by offering "We the Public Entity" a false choice, and Super Pac funding provides the means of delivery. What's the "false choice" being delivered by Conservative Media?

Trading Economic Recovery for Social Programs, GOP Treachery

Ideally, Conservatives would like to convince the rest of us that measured spending on "Social Programs" is the cause of our Economic Problems, that Wall Street and Investment Banking Bailouts were completely justified, that preceding Deregulation (IE Unregulated Derivatives) combined with uncontrolled Iraq/Afghanistan war spending are NOT larger contributors to our current economic deficit.

AND we're being led to believe that the "Bush Tax Cuts" had nothing to do with current funding deficits, that increased Tax Revenue isn't the solution to that problem, that the 2008 Market Meltdown didn't devalue our entire Investment and Banking System functionally destroying our Real Estate and 401k savings literally overnight.

That essay also points to the Koch Brothers and other Teapublican sources of Corporate money as the cause of several current contrived financial "Debt" issues, especially the "Debt Ceiling" government shutdowns.

It becomes apparent that today, in post-election 2015, our new recently appointed GOP house and Senate leaders are really just carrying out the same agenda. What they were "hired" to accomplish using campaign money from those same sources.

The above article was originally written prior to the 2012 mid-term elections, but we're now looking at the same issues 2 plus years later, particularly regarding SSDI.

Current Election Process:

By the way, it's kind of surprising to me that we're still using the term "Elected Office" under conditions of Citizens United, which has changed the process considerably. Our SCOTUS majority of 5 Conservatives have imposed their partisan doctrine on the rest of us.

The current election process seems to be a lot more like buying real estate than running a campaign, with the highest bidder (largest funding coffers) "Winning" based on dollar value rather than public approval.


Thanks again.

What's the Current GOP manufactured debt Crisis? Social Security Reform

OK, so this is Post-Election material, not specific to campaign methods (or failures thereof), just looking at the immediate priorities since the GOP has taken control of both houses.

What are these "Immediate Priorities"? Those of us paying attention have seen legislative action proposed for, among other things, the TransCanadian pipeline (no surprise there), the TPP, the so-called "Trans Pacific Partnership agreement", and Social Security Reform measures.


But let's take a look at SSDI, shall we? GOP "Back Door" reforms currently threaten renewal of funding for those disability payments.

Setting aside the TPP for another time

Currently, without legislative changes there will be a scheduled 20% reduction in Disability payments, yet another feather in the cap of Conservative Doctrine. Thanks GOP.


Yet another Contrived Debt Ceiling crisis, on the way. Thanks GOP

While we're waiting for the next Teapublican manufactured "Debt Crisis" to arrive, perhaps a short review of the Conservative "Perspective" is in order.

As Posted previously:

Economic Stability is NOT their intent. FURTHER deregulation of Corporate Finance continues to be the apparent prevailing GOP concern, while they concurrently threaten further social instability by “Reforming” programs emplaced and relied on since FDR.

Programs that provide a “Safety Net” for the rest of us DO NOT serve the Corporate constituency of the GOP, they obviously resent Tax Revenue in support of those programs to the extent of pushing intended FAILURE of our entire economy.

THAT would ensure *Catastrophic Loss* of the above mentioned programs, would ensure that GOP policies of *Austerity* become a permanent feature of our *Political and Economic* landscape.


Given their history, that behavior really shouldn't surprise any of us, right?


Crashing our economy is just "Business as Usual" for the GOP, since We the Public Entity will bear the resulting hardships, not the 1%.


Thanks Conservatives.

@ JAG Regarding "Whiny White People" posted elsewhere


Just reviewed the thread you posted regarding the original "Dear Whiny White People". Think you're correct per the opening remarks, a large segment of white America doesn't want to be reminded of our National history of Slavery or following institutionally supported practices of Discrimination.

Those same "willfully ignorant" people seem to be following in the footsteps of the "Ayn Rand" crowd, take that same completely selfish perspective, don't want shared social responsibility for the welfare of anyone else.

Think I'll post the rest of my remarks here since they'd otherwise be lost in the general confusion.

From my Perspective

Many try to deflect ownership of that "National Slave Legacy" as you've mentioned, by methods that include comparative statements like "Our Ancestors had it nearly as bad". Minus the Generational Subjugation and Slavery, and following Discriminatory Practices, they mean.

AND many of those same "Deniers" claim not to realize current conditions of resulting White Privilege since that understanding (acceptance) would come with the cost of recognizing ongoing Racist practices.

Acknowledging White Privileged Status would make them Complicit, they'd not only have to share the Guilt of behavior their Ancestors have never been held accountable for, they'd also have to accept shared Responsibility for that, as well as for current ongoing discriminatory practices.

That can't be allowed to happen, since it would threaten their Current Entitled Social Status. Equality isn't one of their priorities, let's just say.

So they instead LOUDLY proclaim their own innocence (I'm not a Bigot, and besides, I'm not responsible for what my ancestors have done, right?) Without concern for the Generational impoverishment of others that's resulted in their current conditions of relative Comfort.

That's my take on this subject, thanks again JAG.

Human/Chimpanzee Comparisons?

I'll overlook what some may consider to be an offensive reference here, don't think it was intentional. "Chimpanzee Tribes", really?

Racism Genetically Inherited? Don't think so, unless you consider the "Fight or Flight" response hard-wired into mammals to be a "Genetic" trait.

Setting aside the comparative "Chimpanzee" reference you've used, As Humans our Limbic systems are geared toward Fear/Aggression, so "Outsiders" (those not within our social circles) can be threatening to those of us so inclined, triggering a possible Fight/Flight response under the right conditions. But (again) that's mammalian, not Genetically predisposed.

That's nothing to with Race, of course. The same kind of "Threat" would be posed by a broad range of conditions that threaten ALL OF US including Fires, Earthquakes, bad weather, or perhaps loss of personal security. We're all "Tense" and "Threatened" by conditions that interfere with our "Comfort", Race being no part of it.

You may also want to review the "Origins of Species", our so-called "Racial" differences aren't significant, supposing that I accept the premise that we humans belong to separate "Races", that is, which I don't Especially given that we're all descendants of those elder Humans emerging "Out of Africa"


But contrary to what you've posted, there may even have been some "Cross-Genetic" (Inter-Species) DNA mixing going on. Hasn't yet been proven (or disproved).


Current Social Conditions

I can find several obvious exceptions to the circumstances you've described, but foremost it's easily countered with the understanding that we're all (humans) descended from a lineage originating from the plains of Africa, as proven by fossil/paleontology evidence (supported by DNA research, see above).

Supposing that we ignore current Genetic evidence AGAINST your claim, let's take a moment to observe current Society, let's look for a few simple behaviors we're all familiar with that are entirely CONTRARY to what you've proposed.

Learned Behaviors and Humans

If the condition you've described were provably the case, that we're all inclined to "Aggression" against each other based on distinctions as minor as color, why do you suppose humans would so readily have offspring (Children, of Course) with persons they're "racially" different from? Do you suppose that ALL current humans aren't ALREADY actually a broad mix of the DNA prevalent across this planet?

From Africa to Asia, to South/North America, we're all today an amalgam of what you're calling "Races" distributed across this planet, and there's no such thing as "True Genetic Lineage" unless you consider possible Neanderthal/Human interbreeding to have been "True Lineage" at the time of occurrence

Suppose one of my parents were white, the other black. Think "Genetics" would run contrary to that, cause literal REJECTION of either of my parents because of the Genetic Predisposition you've described? Doesn't seem to be a "Survival Trait", now does it?

Given that we as Humans are 99.9% plus identical on the DNA scale, REGARDLESS of "race" or ethnicity, you're promoting a pretty narrow view of human behavior, supposing that we "REJECT each other based on RACE", due to Genetic Traits.

Prevailing evidence certainly doesn't support that, thankfully

Further Comments on Conservative Bigotry

Ongoing Discriminatory Practices by the Right Wing

This problem is systemic, it's not going away any time soon since the Conservative segment of our society broadly approves of Bigotry, they don't even seem concerned about covering it up any more.

Just a question of which specific "Targets" of opportunity they're going after at this particular time. As mentioned in the original comment, those targets change as necessary to meet their Political/Economic goals.

Racial Discrimination remains their default "Bigotry" of choice, unfortunately, and has been for as long as the USA has existed.

Don't suppose I have to remind anyone on this website or "User Group" of that, I'm sure we're all more than familiar with that putrid piece of "Information".

By my experience, that's especially true in the southern states, seems that "Chronic" racists can't help themselves. Based on their behavior I'm guessing that they actually support (Cherish!) the centuries old "Legacy" memory of Slavery, because of THAT, several Governors in that region have been known to "Joke" about the need for secession, very funny, right?

As most of us know, they're still proudly flying the Confederate flag "Regionally" in support of their Southern Ancestry. They raise the "Stars and Bars" flag in protest (apparently), as tho Lincoln and the entire Northern US were actually Oppressors of those poor plantation owners, became that by declaring war against the entire concept of slavery.

And in that same southern territory you've got outright IDIOTS like Rand Paul saying that Civil Rights legislation serves NO PURPOSE, with his father (Ron Paul) loosely tied to White Supremacist websites and political donations from them.

His excuse? No one was "Monitoring" those donations, and no one "Monitored" the racist propaganda posted on his website either.

But that's apparently Just Business as Usual for the Libertarian Leadership, both of these A$$wipes have been elected even with widespread national publicity about these "Regressive" Jim Crow ambitions of theirs and (related?) White Supremacist affiliations.


Religious Hate Speech has lately become a favorite of the Right Wing since it can be tied to ambitions of WAR, that Intolerance has been REALLY popular among the Conservatives for at least the last decade, as I'm sure you're aware per the "This Crap will Never Die" comment you shared.

What's REALLY behind these Conservative policies of Warmongering? They're protecting their own financial interests, of course, and Right Wing Political/Religious punditry LOUDLY supports those interests by calling for Military Actions while hiding behind the pretense of "Justified" Religious Intolerance.

GOP legislators NEVER pass up an opportunity, they're EAGER to commit our troops to any possible conflict in the Middle East. John McCain and the GOP Senate Leadership haven't failed to comment about Syria or Iran at every National Defense (Senate Armed Services) meeting, and we all know how well our current Economy can handle THAT, right?

No problem for those well paid Senate Leaders. And they're not in any danger of going overseas to fight a "War on Terrorism", neither are their family members, our National Military members will continue to serve that particular purpose.

But those same Senate Leaders will certainly (Eagerly!) volunteer someone else's children to fight in the Middle East, as has already been clearly demonstrated across the last decade. While that same "Leadership" continues to conduct GOP sanctioned (Media Released) press conferences and interviews calling for further Middle East "Intervention", proposing military actions in Iraq and elsewhere designed to ignite further conflict in that region.

Listened to Pat Robertson lately? Openly supports Middle East conflict, ANY conflict, since he's waiting for the Rapture, you know? His personal ambitions would be fulfilled by dragging the rest of us into another war, supposing he had that kind of following/influence.

Ongoing Lucrative National Defense Contracts continue to reflect Conservative financial interests, but War Industry Profits are running down with us pulling out of Iraq/Afghanistan. So the combined Legislative/National Defense Contractors (Senate Leaders & Lobbyists) are pushing for war harder than ever, supporters of Pat Robertson's cause no doubt.

Manipulative GOP Policies in support of War:


Failure to take responsibility for their Conservative Policies:



And it's getting worse, if we're SERIOUSLY going to affect change it's become necessary at the SCOTUS level, can't believe the recent decisions.

What exactly is it that some of these members (Scalia, in particular) understand to be the function of that court? They're not being the "Final Judiciary" opinion, as would be historically their position in our government, instead they're actually Striking Down Laws in the face of public outrage.

From picking the POTUS (George W.) to removing prevention of "Voter Intimidation" tactics, they're by appearance deep into Big Corporate Money pockets, apparently the "Majority of Five" Conservatives could care less about broad public approval. And voter "Suppression" tactics disproportionately affect Minority members as most of us are aware, the Court is simply clearing the way for that by it's recent removal of the "Voter Rights" act.

Court members were NEVER "Objective" either, contrary to some public opinion, that court was making Partisan decisions even before George W. appointed his current "Favorite" members to that court, what else would explain the "Florida State Bush VS Gore" decision?

An election handed over to the Republican Party, and Conservatives certainly weren't complaining about "Judicial Activism" then, were they?


With the SCOTUS having long since decided that "Corporate Personhood" is legitimate, they're currently linking that decision to election funding under Citizens United.

For those unaware of it, the Court has now imposed upon our Government and We the Public the broad National policy that Money Equates to Speech for those contrived "Corporate Persons", nice strategy, right?

From this point on we'll have to worry about results of those decisions undermining our Political Process, amounting to outright (SCOTUS Sanctified!) purchase of elections without Accountability, since we voters aren't entitled to know where Campaign Funding originates under this new "Environment".

Think that's called a "Rigged Game", or maybe "Gaming the System" applies, since Wall Street Influence will certainly be involved.

How reassuring. But you probably didn't want a rant about "Judicial Activism", right?


If you've not seen it, my first post regarding this topic can be found at this link:

About that post, above "Thread" (Rant?) was meant to be my response to a reply given on the African American group (Thanks Number 23!).

Thanks for the supportive comments on these threads, appreciate the feedback.

Religious Intolerance and Racism, Birds of a Feather

As Viewed from the White National Perspective

Ever wondered why the Intolerance so easily observed today has always existed, why it's completely acceptable to so many among us, considered to be simply the "Social Norm"? Even among we "Non-Participants", right?

Targets of this aggression change across the decades, of course, but doesn't it seem peculiar that all of us DON'T understand that bigotry, racism, presumed white privilege of today, they're all interconnected?

And that those "Accepted Behaviors" are actually descended from a literal "lineage" of ambitious, repressive policies that brought about and perpetuated Slavery early in our national history, why haven't ALL OF US considered that?

Truth be told, effects of Centuries Old Colonialism are still being "Echoed" in the damaged results of our current society.

Is Religious Bigotry Different?

As mentioned above, damaging effects of Colonialism are still being "Echoed" in our current society.

Effects of what may be our CURRENT National Colonialist behavior (Middle East Empire Building) will likely prevail for centuries to follow. Certain elements of our society (IE Political Opportunists) rationalize those Economic Goals, support and encourage "Licensed Bigotry" as a Useful Tool in pursuit of them.

Take the "Fear Agenda" we've all become familiar with since 9-11, for instance. Essentially serving the purpose of another "Useful Tool" for Political Opportunists.

Blending right wing Politics and Religious Bigotry to suit their needs, to cover for policies that the public would never have otherwise allowed.

Preemptive Wars (Bush Doctrine), Invasion and seeming endless Occupation of Iraq, and absurd Prisoner Rendition tactics being obvious examples of Previously Unacceptable Standards under US Policy.

Right Wing leadership understands that those emotions (Fear, Aggression) can be twisted into Political Capital, insecurities of today's "White America" can be played upon for GOP profit. It's an old and proven method, a "Call to Arms" providing cover for other concealed Economic and Political goals.


Even today increasing bigotry remains an "Abstraction", far removed from our daily lives. Right, Non-Minority?

Essentially, many of we unresponsive "Non-minorities" enable intolerant behavior by inaction, by failing to correct that abhorrent behavior, by neglecting to discourage Bigotry however blatant it's lately become.

That's what preceding generations have done, truth be told, engaged in collective disregard for the welfare of repressed, generationally impoverished minorities.

Non-participants are COMPLICIT by failure to take significant action AGAINST such aggression in support of long held privilege based on race.

And this particular form of Generational Ignorance continues, encouraged (nurtured) by those who profit from that Accepted Oppression.

Our "Willful Ignorance" has provided COVER for the actions of aggressive Conservative Aristocracy, whether the majority of us participated or not.

Even today increasing bigotry remains an "Abstraction", far removed from our daily lives. Right White America?

Self-Defeating "Willful Ignorance" isn't nearly as far removed from our current Dysfunctional Society as most of us would like to believe. History SHOULD provide needed context.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.



In Support of Those Who Speak Out


Let's recognize those who call attention to "Intolerance", we need to thank them for their courage.

Many avoid THAT, won't confront reality at whatever cost to society, certainly won't say out loud what we all on some deeper level recognize to be forthright TRUTH, that even today Bigotry is thriving, the product of Intolerance nurtured by those who intend to profit from it.

As many of us have observed, that intentionally encouraged (Incited/Provoked) Intolerance can be quite useful as a Political tool.

Like "Shrub" George W. did when he pushed our troops into Iraq for his Imperial Petroleum ambitions.

TeaPublicans Speak for Corporate Money (But you knew that, right?)

TeaPublican Candidate Behavior: Not All That Surprising

And this guy was elected, that's incredible.


Could we have anticipated this behavior BEFORE the 2012 elections? Of Course!

(Note: First posted before the 2012 Election)

This is the best the GOP has to offer? These Primary Candidates, Really?

They're Corporate "Shills", offering the face of "Conservative Values" to the public while selling us out to Big Business and other "Special Interests", their supposed Integrity has long since been bought and paid for.

Their campaign money defines them. Given the opportunity, once in office, they'll carry out the agenda of "Reform" we've heard so often from TeaPublicans, what they loosely refer to as "Austerity Measures".

What they were "Hired" to do by Big Business interests who don't want our National Safety Net programs to be supported by their taxes.


The Social Safety Net doesn't serve Corporate Interests, who've apparently spent huge campaign money trying to convince former Republican "Independents" and other unaffiliated voters that the current system simply isn't worth investing in.

Conservative Political Investors (IE Koch Brothers Et Al) want Social Security and related programs removed Entirely, which can only be accomplished if they first destroy Public confidence in our current system.

They'd like to implement THAT by offering "We the Public Entity" a false choice, and Super Pac funding provides the means of delivery. What's the "false choice" being delivered by Conservative Media?

Trading Economic Recovery for Social Programs, GOP Treachery

Ideally, Conservatives would like to convince the rest of us that measured spending on "Social Programs" is the cause of our Economic Problems, that Wall Street and Investment Banking Bailouts were completely justified, that preceding Deregulation (IE Unregulated Derivatives) combined with uncontrolled Iraq/Afghanistan war spending are NOT larger contributors to our current economic deficit.

AND we're being led to believe that the "Bush Tax Cuts" had nothing to do with current funding deficits, that increased Tax Revenue isn't the solution to that problem, that the 2008 Market Meltdown didn't devalue our entire Investment and Banking System functionally destroying our Real Estate and 401k savings literally overnight.

These being the results of "Deregulated" Conservative Economic Policies, Predatory "Home Loan" practices included.

So "We The Public" must be made to feel uncomfortable, more concerned about current "Deficit" conditions than our own Economic Future, so that we'll trade our "Social Safety Net" for their ideal of "Economic Recovery" amounting to complete Austerity Policy.

Results of the 2012 election will be determined based on these contrived Public Deceptions, if TeaPublican Conservatives are successful our future may be in the hands of "low information voters".


True GOP Election Platform: No Economic Recovery

In support of that, Economic Recovery will be avoided at all costs, legislation proposing Stimulus or Jobs Programs MUST be blocked by Republican tactics of Filibuster for the foreseeable future, the Public must be made to feel "Discontented and Anxious" about the Economy in preparation for the 2012 election.

We're supposed to believe that TeaPublicans would resolve our financial problems if we'd only allow further measures of Conservative "Deregulation" combined with deep Austerity cuts that specifically target All Social Programs.

(Post 2012 Election, obviously)

So our entire "Social Contract" is being betrayed by Monied Interests who’d like to decimate "Social Programs" or (alternately) crash our current system entirely along with reliance on ALL those Government managed programs.

(This one too)

Current economic conditions are amplified, made much worse by potential cuts to “Safety Net” programs by the same Monied Interests who want to avoid paying into them. Removal of these programs would allow these same Entitled Corporate Interests to pay even less than allowed by the Subsidies and Tax Breaks they enjoy.

Greed Incorporated, the Conservative Agenda.

Post Election Update:


Even now, today, "Austerity" measures are the only "Reform" offered under Republican Legislation.

If not controlled they'll dismantle Social Security, take back "Obamacare" programs that assist our uninsured, Medicare, Medicaid, all of these are targeted to be severely cut or completely dismantled if Conservatives are given that opportunity.

Current measures of Sequestration aren't NEARLY enough for the TeaPublicans, they're reaching for much deeper cuts, ideally they'd remove our "Entitlement" programs completely, programs we've paid into our entire lives. If they're successful that support will be lost to many of us.

Example of GOP Abuse of Power?


Economic Recovery: How to Avoid it for Political Gain

(Notice: Posted prior to 2012 Elections)

Starving "We the Beast" under Conservative Policy

GOP Legislators won't even bring the Jobs Bill up for vote, since by doing that they'd expose their own betrayal of Public Trust while voting in lockstep against it, by those actions blocking economic growth and resulting intended Recovery in the Public Arena, openly exposed to all.

Instead, their party representatives quietly refuse to devote ANY attention to the Jobs Bill for those same reasons, it would improve the economy and allow increased Jobs Market Growth (to the benefit of we “99%” who approve of that).

Bottom line? Under GOP policy our country cannot be allowed to substantially recover before the 2012 election, economic growth won't be allowed to reflect positive credit to President Obama even if impending Catastrophic Economic Failure is the alternative.



Implementation of those bills implies REVENUE of course, and Republicans simply cannot accept it, no increased taxation of the Economic Elite can be allowed for under current TeaPublican policy.


WHY is the Republican Party so adamant about rejecting ALL TAX REVENUE? Besides obvious intended slow starvation of the Economy and reliant Social programs, I mean.

As mentioned above, “Starving the Beast” is considered to be a legitimate long term (Disgusting) strategy for the GOP but is not entirely relevant to the current campaign environment.

The 2012 Election is the answer, of course. But we've not yet here identified how complete denial of ALL REVENUE will gain them that election, other than immediate economic impact to be blamed on the President. But that's only an effect, not motivation for the intended cause of current revenue attrition.

And attempting to blame we Dems/Liberals for "Party of NO" legislative blockades is a risky proposal at best, the Public won't remain blissfully ignorant forever, not even the Conservative Drones.

Other ideas? Perhaps an “Oath” against taxes?

Think some largely insubstantial “Oath to Grover Norquist” is their persistent over-riding concern?

Only substantial to the extent that campaign money can be withheld from RNC (National) sources, but let's discuss what's being presented to the public, an "Oath of Honor" under pretense of "Loyalty" to their party.

An imaginary imperative of such VAST prevailing weight that Oath of Office is completely dissolved under the stress of overwhelming gravitational pull, right? Yeah, sure, must keep them awake at night

Nope. What motivates the TeaPublicans isn’t lofty ideals, they’re concerned (obsessively!) with Campaign Finance, of course. They're trying to assure future resources, "Super PAC" and related Corporate financial support.

They've sold the Trust we've given them (IE Oath of Office) to the highest bidder, they're now wholly owned, functionally reliant Corporate tools.

Accomplished by refusing to cooperate with ANY programs relying on Tax Revenue, in effect depriving *We The People* of jobs and critical infrastructure while providing a *Tax Free Future* for the Corporations at our expense.

More about Grover Norquist?


NEXT POST: More of "Starving the Beast" for political gain
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