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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Thank you Bernie for making California matter

Far too often California is disenfranchised and doesn't even get to vote in primaries, and in GEs they try to call it before the end of the work day to suppress the vote here.

They have been trying to tell us that our votes don't matter, that our voices shouldn't be heard. Ever since Clinton's big win in Iowa we've been told that the race is done. We have 700 delegates that only Bernie is honoring. Everywhere I have traveled has Bernie signs. He understands that we are far too often disrespected by the establishment.

Where California goes, the nation follows.

Happy Birthday Hitch

13 April 1949 - 15 December 2011 (aged 62)

Bernie has been invited to the Vatican

Well, this is interesting.

Has anyone sen the goalposts?

They were right here just a minute ago...

We had a very special lecture tonight

I found this weekly address from the Pope interesting

“The serpent is a symbol of sin. The serpent that kills but also a serpent that saves. And this is the Mystery of Christ. Paul, when speaking about this mystery, said the Jesus emptied himself, humiliated himself and destroyed himself in order to save us. And (what’s) even stronger, ‘he became sin. Using this symbol, he became a serpent. This is the prophetic message of today’s reading. The Son of Man, who like a serpent, ‘became sin,’ is raised up to save us.”

Pope Francis went on to explain that this is “the story of our redemption, this is the story of God’s love. If we want to know God’s love, let us look at the Cross, a man tortured” a God, “emptied of his divinity,” “dirtied by sin.” But at the same time, he concluded, a God who through his self-annihilation, defeats forever the true name of evil, that Revelation calls 'the ancient serpent.'

God sacrificing himself to himself to defeat evil. Basic, core beliefs of pretty much every religion (maybe not the weird sarificing himself to him self to save us from himself bit, but the good triumphing over evil bit)

Just to post a non-devisive article straight from the Pope's mouth.


You guys are awesome! (Future President Bernie Sanders Group)

The difference in civility from GDP and other groups is noticeable here. The topics are within the realm of the group, and disagreements are handled fairly. It's great to come to a group fighting for something, than so much out there that is just trying to tear others down (Fox, Facebook, etc. Can't browse ten minutes without encountering some red baiting or tripping over a pile of rainbows from a unicorn)

Keep up the good work, and onward to South Carolina!

Vatican panel kicks off meeting on sexual abuse by watching 'Spotlight'

A Vatican commission on clerical sex abuse gathered Thursday for a private screening of “Spotlight,” the Oscar-nominated film about abuse by Boston priests, even as Pope Francis came under fire for failing to act on the crisis.

The extraordinary screening was held on the eve of a three-day meeting by the commission, and was shown in the same church residence in central Rome where Francis — then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — stayed before his election as pope in 2013.


“Francis has said phenomenally damaging and painful things about survivors,” said Saunders. “People in Chile now see the commission as a laughingstock, and I cannot pretend the commission means anything unless he sacks Barros.”


“The last meeting in October was a non-event. I was told that Rome was not built in a day, but the problem is that it takes seconds to rape a child,” he said.


The Vatican is not showing that it's serious about this matter, like everything else it's words sound sweet, until you realize they are just sitting on their throne of gold.

I am at the Contra Costa Watershed Symposium


Senator Steve Glazer is present. Things are just getting started, but it looks to be fascinating.

Cross post from A&A

For anyone who was watching but couldn't comment in the safe space.
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