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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Georgia Women Arrested Protesting Bill That Would Let Employers Fire Women Who've Had An Abortion

In several states, Republican lawmakers are sponsoring bills that would allow employers to use “religious liberty” as an excuse to do whatever they want – including discriminate against customers or employees on the basis of religion.

Progressive activists in the state are leaving nothing to chance, realizing that if the bill passes, the state could see a new wave of discrimination similar to Jim Crow-style restrictions on African Americans. Some women's organizations are particularly concerned that right-wing employers could, for example, fire women who've had abortions.

On Monday, four women – Megan Harrison, Lorraine Fontana, Emma Stitt, and Jessica Reznicek – sought an audience with the bill's chief Senate sponsor, Republican Josh McKoon. Not only were the four women denied a meeting with McKoon, they were arrested.

At least two of the women – Emma Stitt and Jessice Reznicek -- have decided to refuse bond for now, saying they will stay in prison until the bill is defeated.


Added link.

Oklahoma House passes bill restricting marriage to people of faith

A bill that would restrict the right to marry to people of faith and would mandate all marriage licenses be approved by a member of the clergy was approved by the Oklahoma state House on Tuesday.

House Bill 1125, sponsored by Republican State Representative Todd Russ, is a radical measure that would end secular marriage licenses in the state. In addition, the bill would bar all judges and other secular officials from performing marriages in Oklahoma.

Russ claims the radical legislation is motivated by his desire to protect court clerks from having to issue licenses to same-sex couples. Russ says he doesn’t want these workers put in the position of having to condone or facilitate same-sex marriage.

Under the legislation, atheists and others not wanting to be married by a religious official could file an affidavit through the court clerk’s office claiming a common-law marriage.


AronRa responds to the Chapel Hill attack

He hosts the Atheist Experience, of which the suspect was a fan, so he has a reason to speak:

Edit: Feel free to add other responses. This issue is important, and I feel it's important that we don't let anyone else define us in regards to this event. These two people mention that one major criticism that atheists generally have of religion is how violent it is, sso an atheist that acts so violently didn't get that message completely through his head.

Things are also still in motion, and all we really know is that three humans are dead, and the man responsible turned himself in.

Potholer54 on GMO

He is a wonderful science blogger if you haven't heard of him before. He's on a long term break but he puts out a video every few months.

Child pornography uncovered in Vatican last year

The Vatican, which is still struggling with the effects of a worldwide paedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church, discovered two cases of possession of child pornography within its own walls last year, its chief prosecutor said on Saturday.

The Catholic Church has been hit by scandal involving the sexual abuse of children by priests around the world in the past 15 years.
Pope Francis has vowed zero tolerance for offenders but victims of abuse want him to do more and make bishops who allegedly covered up the abuse accountable.

In his report, Milano said Vatican police had investigated "two delicate cases, of varying degrees of seriousness, of possession of child pornography material" by people living or working inside the city-state, which is the headquarters of the 1.2 billion member Church.

The prosecutor gave no details but a Vatican spokesman said one of them involved Jozef Wesolowski, a former archbishop who was arrested last September in the Vatican on charges of having paid for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic..

Things that are truly revolting, but hey! Dawkins is on Twitter!


Merry Christmas, from Dr. Richard Dawkins

Jibbers Crabst

Drop Dead Gorgeous is on and I came in at the best part

The Pope is a Tourist

I keep hearing about how great the Pope is because he drives a reasonably priced car and lives in a modest apartment. To me, and many others, this behavior is more insulting than comforting (although to many others it's ok because the pope is the one doing it) At the end of the day he still has no financial worries, his car is, I'm sure, in perfect working order, he will never be stranded on the side of the road, he'll never have to worry about his breaks wearing out, or even if the oil has to be changed. He will never face an eviction notice, or have to choose between getting to work, or keeping the heat on, or food on the table.

He's not "living like the people" he's a tourist putting on the stereotypical trappings of a poor person to make the Vatican look better, and it does more harm than good. When someone in power does things to "act poor" like drive a crappy car, or trim down their belongings to what they can carry, they are a) diminishing the struggles of people who are forced to live that way b) enforcing the stereotype of the poor c) they are doing it for themselves, to make them look better. These actions further the FoxNews narrative that poor people have to be absolutely destitute to be poor, and that they have other means to live their life because hey, the Pope can do it, why can't everyone else? as well as the line that poor people aren't allowed to have nice things, because to be like the poor you have to give up most of your possessions and forms of entertainment until you fit the narrative of poverty.

This isn't exclusive to the Pope by far, I know several well off people who do this stuff, and all those shows about people living off the grid gloss over privileged you have to be to be able to do that sort of thing. , It's a tool used by those in power to diminish the struggle of those they persecute while simultaneously making those they keep down like them better.

Religious Privilege

We all know what it is, and we've all encountered it, both here at DU, and in the real world, but there seems to be a big argument about it here, and in the real world.

What is your personal definition of the privilege? What are some examples of of it you have encountered here and irl?
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