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Member since: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 04:58 PM
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It's hilarious that Hillary supporters are accusing Sanders supporters of gaming the jury system...

And then to see a Hillary support outright admit that 'Yeah, I'm gaming the system'.

Staff have said that they are removing jurors that abuse the system like this. And Hillary supporters are complaining that the Jury system is becoming even more skewed to Sanders supporters as time goes on. (This is despite the fact that the sites support makeup is remaining mostly constant.)

Makes you go hmm...

Edit - Removed name.

Iowa police departments frustrated at Clinton Campaigns unpaid bills

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- The Clinton campaign says as soon as they receive an invoice, they'll pay the Des Moines Police Department for the services they provided at the Katy Perry concert last October. City Hall provided us a copy of the invoice that has already been sent. The invoice is dated November 19, 2015. The bill is nearly $1,800.

The Marshalltown Police Department is dealing with the same problem. “We have requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign. We haven`t received that payment yet,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper.

Former President Bill Clinton was in Marshalltown on January 15, and he requested and received security assistance from the police. The Marshalltown Police Department has not been paid for the services they provided that day.

...Donald Trump also held an event in Marshalltown on the same day as Hillary Clinton. The cost of those services provided by Marshalltown police was about $3,600. Tupper says Trump’s check arrived today. “In my 23 year career, the Trump campaign actually paying this large bill is the first time that`s happened to me in my career,” said Tupper. “I’ve been doing this job for 23 years and quite honestly the Trump campaign actually reimbursing for these kinds of expenses is the first time that’s ever happened to me in my entire career, with one exception.” Tupper says the one exception is Bernie Sanders, who also had an event in Marshalltown in January and made arrangements to pay up front.


Trumps campaign was willing to pay their bills to the local department. Sanders paid for everything upfront. So why hasn't Clintons campaign bothered paying their bills yet?

The most hilarious thing is the first paragraph - Her campaign tried smearing the Des Moines department saying that they never bothered sending a invoice for payment, so they never actually 'knew' what they owed. But, well... turns out the department had a copy of the invoice that was sent to her campaign last year, so... whoops?.

Remember back when...

Bernie was a 'far left' and 'fringe' candidate?

Times sure do change fast don't they?

Tweets from Michael Moore

Compliments to the HRC group - Specifically xocet - for coming across these.

And yes, thank you Bernie. Yesterday you became the first presidential candidate to demand the Governor's resignation.

FriendsinFlint- we FINALLY got the Dems 2 acknowledge the tragedy here. Finally. Thank u Bernie & Hillary. Now come here! Actions not words

Here's hoping that our candidates do take his advice and visit Flint.

And now, the one that the HRC group would rather you NOT see (Or rather, the tweet that HRC supporters would love to see thrown under a bus).

Hillary preying on people's fears about losing a health care fight to the Republicans instead of sounding like a leader willing to do battle

Many kudos to Michael Moore for standing for healthcare for all, despite some saying we shouldn't.

With the Yeehawdists forgetting snacks and socks..

I have to wonder if they remembered to bring enough toiletpaper for the "long haul"

Interview with Elizabeth Warren from 04 - Hillary Clinton and Credit laws

The first part of the video is nice - We hear about how Hillary, as First Lady, was responsiable for killing a bill that would have disproportionately affected women. Warren says that it was entirely due to Mrs. Clinton that the bill failed in 2000 - And rightly so. This is a excellent reflection on who she - as a person is - one that WILL stand up for the people of this nation.

Now, right after she begins to tell us of a more recent - Well, at the time of the interview - event. How Mrs. Clinton, as a Senator... flipflopped on supporting women and voted IN FAVOR of this bill.

The interview ends with some words of wisdom and caution - "This is the scary part about Democracy today, we're talking about the impact of money."

This is perhaps the main reason that we have to very careful about who we vote for this election - With how influential large donors are in this election, it's extremely hard to tell just what our candidates believe in, and who - if elected - they will support.

Sadly though, we don't have candidates this election cycle that are willing to forgo the corrupting influence of big money - Or do we?

Would it be possiable to hide usernames when in a jury?

This is something that I've been tossing around in my head the past times we've had people get banned and people complain that alert stalkers had it out for that member, and with the recent outcrys over 1SBM getting 5 I've decided that I might as well go ahead and post it.

A lot of people think that certain members get piled on by people that dislike them (And I've in the past seen people go as far as suggesting that some members have formed jury 'hit squads' to use against members they don't like), and I've been considering how we could prevent that when it popped out to me... Would it be possible to hide usernames (And sigs + avatars) when in a jury?

Ladies and gents, we've got our first announced candidate for 2020 - Kanye West!

Kanye West said that he is running for president in 2020 during his acceptance speech for the MTV Music Video Award’s lifetime achievement honor.

West made the announcement at the end of a 10-minute speech where he discussed visiting the grocery store with his daughter and admitted that he does not understand awards shows.

“And yes, as you probably could’ve guessed in this moment, I’ve decided in 2020 to run for president,” West said, before walking off stage.


Well, at least he wouldn't be as bad as Trump? Maybe? Possibly?

Cop says he pulled over african american "For making direct eye contact"

Earlier this month, a police officer in Dayton, Ohio, tailed a man by the name of John Felton for two miles, then pulled him over for failing to use a turn signal 100 feet prior to making his turn. To be clear: Felton used a turn signal, but he apparently didn't put it on early enough.

Only after handing over a written warning did the officer acknowledge the real reason he'd pulled over Felton, a black man who was driving a car with out-of-state plates: He had "made direct eye contact" with the officer.

The Dayton Police Department confirmed the incident in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post on Friday, and acknowledged that "making direct eye contact with an officer" is not a legitimate reason to be stopped.


Ever get the feeling that some police aren't going to be happy until African Americans are all keeping their heads down to the ground and saying 'Yes masta'?

An alliance of fear - NY Bill would ban GMOs in vaccines

Older article I came across, didn't see is posted here.

In a bizarre juxtaposition of irrational fears, a New York State legislator has introduced a bill to ban GMOs in vaccines. The bill, NY AB 1706, is apparently not a hoax but was introduced by assembly member Thomas J. Abinanti, who has passed other bills designed to place restrictions on so-called genetically modified organisms.
In the unlikely event this bill passed, it would set back vaccine technology a half century and would do away completely with some important vaccines. Abinanti has proposed several other bills that would require disclosure of information about GMOs in vaccines.
The technologies that would be banned are exactly the ones that allows scientists to make vaccines safe, said Offit. In the early 20th century, vaccine scientists made genetic modifications with cruder techniques – altering viruses by infecting eggs, embryos or animal organs, allowing viruses to proliferate and using trial and error to find versions that protected people with relative safety. Now we have precision techniques for eliminating dangerous parts of viruses and including those that prompt protective immunity.

Combining genes from different organisms was what allowed Offit and his colleague to develop a vaccine against rotavirus – a disease that kills thousands of children in the developing world. Genetic technology of the type that apparently concerns Mr. Abinanti has also been critical in the rush to create vaccines against Ebola.

The bill, said Offit, takes GMO and vaccine fear “To its illogical end.”


I remember when people said that we were crazy for ever daring to say that anti-vaxxers and anti-gmoers would find common ground...
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