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La Lioness Priyanka

Profile Information

Name: Priyanka
Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 01:35 PM
Number of posts: 51,056

Journal Archives

Do you honestly think dws would step down so quickly

With so little struggle, if Hillary hadn't offered her a bullshit honorary position so she could save face?

There is no specific email that actually implicates her in some giant conspiracy and she agreed to be the sacrificial lamb, but nothing in life really come for free.

Anyway some of this rhetoric is dumb af. If you want someone to go away with minimal fuss you allow them to save face.
Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Mon Jul 25, 2016, 01:18 PM (11 replies)

Black lives matter 10 point manifesto


I was just reading somewhere on DU that it wasn't clear what the end goal of BLM was unlike other Civil Rights movements. I just wanted to post their manifesto, which seems abundantly clear and rational to me. Their goals are actionable and can both be implement and easily analyzed.

1. End "broken windows" policing, which aggressively polices minor crimes in an attempt to stop larger ones.
2. Use community oversight for misconduct rather than having the police department decide what consequences officers should face....
3. Make standards for reporting police use of deadly force.
4. Independently investigate and prosecute police misconduct.
5. Have the racial makeup of police departments reflect the communities they serve.
6. Require officers to wear body cameras.
7. Provide more training for police officers.
8. End for-profit policing practices.
9. End the police use of military equipment.
10. Implement police union contracts that hold officers accountable for misconduct.

Clear, actionable, and reasonable goals.
Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Tue Jul 12, 2016, 04:48 PM (23 replies)

I've never understood why Kerry did not face the same level of wrath from Democrats over

his Iraq War Resolution vote. Or Biden for that matter. Or Edwards.

Hillary was the junior senator from a state that had JUST had the worst terrorist attacks, and we were assured that Iraq was planning another attack with WMD's. The IWR authorized war but only as much as to defend the US and after diplomacy had failed.

Yet when people criticize Hillary, it as though she is the ONLY democrat who voted for it, the ONLY person who personally organized the strategies to take Saddam down and have no replacement plans, the ONLY person who caused the disaster that is Iraq.

So called progressives plan on making deceased woman cards for her, when no such wrath was shown towards all the men who voted for this war. A lot of the same people who hold her personally responsible for every death in Iraq, were supporters of Edwards (Susan Sarandon comes to mind), and they didn't make such allegations about him or make him dead men cards.

I find it really bizarre.

Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Mon Jul 11, 2016, 03:52 PM (233 replies)

I know people mean well when they talk about being extra careful around cops etc.

but black people don't get shot because of carelessness or rudeness or whatever.

they get shot because they are black and because cops have no accountability whatsoever.

so asking black people to be careful, does not in any way really help them, since they have never been the real problem.

Racism, lack of accountability, powerful people closing ranks, prosecutors who need to remain on good terms with police departments, those issues are the problem.

Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Sat Jul 9, 2016, 12:53 PM (113 replies)

When minority members commit high profile crimes (like domestic terrorism), we all feel under threat

in a way that i do not think majority members ever can fully understand.

When Dylan Roof committed domestic terrorism, most of my white friends and family were upset, but none felt scared for their own lives afterwards.

They did not suffer the "OMG, what will the retaliation to this be" dread.

I hope there is no retaliation for Dallas, but I think we all fear that there will be. And that is a unique and strange fear.

Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Fri Jul 8, 2016, 02:36 PM (17 replies)

I am not angry at Bernie. I don't really care when he chooses to officially quit.

The primaries are over, and we on du should focus on what it will take to get the democratic nominee HRC elected.

There is no anger, I'm just over pretending that the primary is not over. It is over. She won. Let's help her win the general election.

That is all.
Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:34 AM (39 replies)

Some one made a point to tell me that i had not commented much about the Orlando shooting

and yes, they are right, I have not. And I haven't not because I don't care about dead gay brown kids but because they all remind me of myself, my brother, my best friends etc.

Those kids could easily been my brother and me partying in the early 2000's at a club. Those kids looked so much like us back then too. (yes, i know they were not all kids, but a large number were)

I have not commented because it makes me so very upset and sick. Not because I don't care.

And yes, i do attribute it to homophobia and guns and mental illness and radical religious craziness.

Whether or not it is internalized homophobia or other form of homophobia, we as a broader are responsible for creating a climate against queer people. And that climate is created by laws, politicians, religion, cultural practices etc. So whether a person is straight and holds this hatred, or whether they are queer and holds this hatred, they are still reflecting society.

We as a society have somehow allowed crazy military style guns to be considered normal.

We as a society sort of shrug when religious people talk about gay people going to hell and deserving death.

We have all to some degree allowed this sort of craziness to continue.

And I am sure that a single gun law will not fix it.

And I don't think we should stop with guns, we should rally around these transphobic laws and other things that create this hostile climate to continue against queer people.

But the more the more we choose to do absolutely nothing, the more we allow these climates to foster. The more we say, 'kill more gay brown kids, doesn't really matter, life goes on'

Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Thu Jun 23, 2016, 03:18 PM (37 replies)

Crediting white men with the work of minorities and women

A few times today I've seen on DU the crediting of the ideas/work of minorities or women to white men. I am sure no one is being intentionally racist or sexist, however, this has a long history. Most minorities and women could tell you of a time when a white man was credited with their idea at work or school. This is a very common occurrence, and frequently when women have tried to reclaim their achievement they are seen as being petty/not sportsmanlike/not gracious.

Again, I am sure that NO one on DU is doing this intentionally, but please be aware that this sort of thing has happened to a lot of us in our lives (and is well documented in research/academia), so maybe just try to avoid doing it.

Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Wed Jun 22, 2016, 05:29 PM (231 replies)

The Clinton's and HIV/AIDS: again, let's not lie about them/her

..while Sanders’ comments are welcome, his record is nowhere near equivalent to Clinton’s record, as Black AIDS Institute founder Phill Wilson noted on Facebook. He said, in part:

“For folks who are going to vote solely on a candidate’s HIV/AIDS record, including Secretary Clinton’s horrific revisionist statement about Nancy and Ronald Reagan, Bernie Sanders was elected to Congress in 1991, during some of the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic. While our brothers and sisters were dying and we were fighting for our lives, Senator Sanders was largely silent. I do not recall him demonstrating any leadership on this issue. On the other hand, Secretary Clinton has been there on this issue, every step of the way. I first met Secretary Clinton at AIDS Project Los Angeles in 1992 during Bill Clinton’s first presidential bid. Secretary Clinton demonstrated leadership then and continued to fight with and for us on this issue as first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. When my lover Chris Brownlie died in 1989, President and Mrs. Clinton sent me a letter. Where was Senator Sanders? There are probably many reasons to vote or against Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders, but if your litmus test is their track record on HIV/AIDS, we should be angry and hurt, but it would be nice if we could also be fair.”


About the Clinton Foundation and HIV/AIDS

Our ruling

Clinton said 9 million people have lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine thanks to the efforts of the Clinton Foundation and her husband. Bill Clinton started the foundation and its first big project was the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The program focused on using market mechanisms to reduce treatment costs. Costs have fallen dramatically and the initiative remains a key global player in maintaining a steady supply of affordable drugs.

If anything, Clinton understated the number of people who have benefited from the program. We rate this claim True.


Read the articles. Read other things that the Clinton's have done on HIV/AIDS. Stop using the one incorrect statement she made to invalidate an entire body of work on HIV/AIDS activism and leadership.
Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Fri Jun 17, 2016, 01:18 PM (31 replies)

Slighly Lounge-y post, but I passed my comprehensive exams yesterday

and wanted to share that with you guys. So I'm in a doctoral program, and in April, I passed my master's thesis and last month I sat for our comprehensive exams, and yesterday I learnt that I passed those.

It's been a really rough few months for me, my mom was diagnosed with Cancer in March (she's actually ok now), then my grandmother who was a huge influence in my life, died just a week before comps. Followed by being doxxed and having to change my phone number, so this is a really welcome piece of news.

Thank you for letting me share this here
Posted by La Lioness Priyanka | Thu Jun 2, 2016, 10:41 AM (66 replies)
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