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Member since: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 01:38 PM
Number of posts: 7,207

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It's time for Boente (acting AG in charge of #Russiagate)

to empanel a Federal Grand Jury and start subpoenaing witnesses. One arm of the government (the judiciary) is so far uncorrupted. Time for DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW to assert its majesty.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Wed Mar 22, 2017, 03:40 PM (0 replies)

Nunes was on the Trump transition team. He needs to recuse

himself from his Committee Chairperson role for the duration.

The fucker is possibly even a co-conspirator. He certainly should not be receiving classified briefings about an investigation of which he himself may be a subject.

WTF??? I hope Comey has the goods on Nunes and nails him.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Wed Mar 22, 2017, 03:16 PM (5 replies)

Rep. Mike Conaway is a dumbass. What a moron. I wonder

if his constituents are as stupid as he is.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Mon Mar 20, 2017, 11:59 AM (4 replies)

The leakers are American heroes! Daniel Ellsberg was an

American hero. Yeah, it's a crime to leak classified information unless the non-disclosure hides a greater crime!

Put me on a federal jury trying a 'leaker' and I will be a nullifer!
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Mon Mar 20, 2017, 11:04 AM (1 replies)

House Intel Committee needs to subpoena Carter Page, J.J. Gordon, et. al. and

get their answers under oath or force them to take the Fifth.

Time to roll 'em up.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Mon Mar 20, 2017, 10:44 AM (2 replies)

Saddam Hussein's biggest mistake may have been to put out a 'Beware of Dog' sign without

having a dog to back him up. DPRK (North Korea) has that dog. My Jarhead Dad fought in Korea and was wounded at Inchon back in 1949-50. He says the North Korean soldiers were the toughest fighters he ever saw. Coming from my Jarhead Dad, that is high praise indeed and words all should heed.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Fri Mar 17, 2017, 10:58 AM (9 replies)

Articles of Impeachment: Right now, there is evidence for

Abuse of Power (this Saturday's tweets) and the broad outlines of Obstruction of Justice (various administration efforts to squelch or guide the FBI investigation).

Any others?
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Mon Mar 6, 2017, 11:56 AM (12 replies)

Mr. Trump, where is your evidence? On what do you base

these outlandish charges? Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, Mr. President, have you no decency?

Posted by KingCharlemagne | Sun Mar 5, 2017, 04:10 PM (1 replies)

I think your site may have been hacked again. Any time I open your site, no matter what browser im

using, after about 5 minutes another tab opens from something called "crapeta.com." It looks like a virus, but it only happens when I look at DU. I just close the bogus tab and proceed, but sometimes it happens multiple times in quick succession. makes me think your site has some malignant code buried in its internals. Any idea what is going on?
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Sat Mar 4, 2017, 08:58 AM (2 replies)

Fuck you, Trump, you fucking loser. The U.S. Constitution whupped

your skanky, fascist ass 3-0.

That is all.
Posted by KingCharlemagne | Thu Feb 9, 2017, 07:29 PM (10 replies)
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