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Jesus Malverde

Profile Information

Name: Jesus Malverde
Gender: Male
Hometown: SF
Current location: Japan
Member since: Fri May 17, 2013, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 7,117

About Me

Jesús Malverde, sometimes known as the generous bandit or angel of the poor is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. One day we\'ll live free and no longer in fear. Fear of losing jobs, fear of being raided, your dogs shot, your children kidnapped by the state. Your land stolen, and maybe even your life lost. Fear no more, the times are a changing.

Journal Archives

Posting this picture to Facebook, sent three men to prison - Myanmar court jails three over 'insult to Buddhism'

A Yangon court on Tuesday sentenced a New Zealand bar manager and his two local colleagues to more than two years hard labor for insulting Buddhism by using the embellished image of the iconic sage to promote cheap drinks.

The trial centered over a social media posting promoting the V Gastro bar in the former capital city, in which a Buddha was depicted wearing a pair of DJ headphones amid psychedelic colors.

The bar subsequently deleted the post and wrote an apology on the Facebook page, saying it had no intention of causing "offence to anyone or toward any religious group."

But that didn't satisfy authorities, which prosecuted bar manager Philip Blackwood, 32, of New Zealand and his two Myanmar colleagues, owner Tun Thurein, 40, and employee Htut Ko Ko Lwin, 26, in December and charged them under the Religion Act, legislation that criminalizes written insults to religion.

Judge Ye Lwin said that despite the apology, Blackwood had "intentionally plotted to insult religious belief" when he uploaded the image to Facebook.

About half a dozen monks and hard line Buddhists gathered outside the Yangon court and applauded Tuesday's verdict.

"The verdict is fair," said Paw Shwe, a member of a Buddhist organization. "This punishment will deter others from insulting Buddhism or other religion."


Posted by Jesus Malverde | Tue Mar 17, 2015, 09:41 PM (2 replies)

Swarms of Cops with Guns Drawn, Raid Music Video Set, Unlawfully Cuff and Search Entire Cast

San Francisco, CA — A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project Wednesday, which shows what life looks like when you live in a police state.

San Francisco rap artist, Yung Lott was filming a music video at a public park in Bayview-Hunters Point, when their production was rudely and unlawfully brought to a halt.

As the video begins rolling the group is quickly interrupted as swarms of SFPD officers surround the group and demand they all put their hands up and get on their knees.

Cameraman, Brian Storm posted video of the raid on his Facebook page and it quickly began to go viral.




Posted by Jesus Malverde | Fri Mar 13, 2015, 04:17 PM (8 replies)

Battle for Tikrit Enters Second Week

A week into the ground campaign for Tikrit, Iraqi forces and allied Shi'ite militias continue to clash with Islamic State group militants on the city's outskirts in an attempt to regain territory one outlying town at a time.

The coalition is battling for al-Dour and Albu Ajil, where IS snipers are hampering efforts to clear the towns of the rebel extremists.

Thousands of troops launched Iraq's largest anti-IS offensive last Sunday to reclaim Tikrit, a strategic stronghold between government-controlled Baghdad to the south and Islamic State-held Mosul to the north.

Iraqi forces with tactical help from Iran are carrying out the operation without intervention from the U.S.-led coalition, which continued to bomb IS targets Sunday in Iraq and Syria.

The airstrikes have not supported the Tikrit offensive, but hit 12 other IS positions in Iraq on Sunday, including Mosul, Kirkuk, and Fallujah, as well as in the Syrian border city of Kobani.

Posted by Jesus Malverde | Sun Mar 8, 2015, 02:25 PM (1 replies)

The secret, smelly science of handshakes

Businessmen, politicians and self-important college freshmen, take note: That firm-but-friendly handshake you’ve been perfecting over the course of your career — the one that’s supposed to say “I am a proper, professional person doing proper, professional things” — conveys more than you think it does.

Far from being merely a polite greeting between two members of civilized society, a handshake may be an evolutionary adaptation to promote the exchange of body odors between acquaintances. In other words, it’s the human equivalent of two dogs sniffing each other’s hindquarters.

Perhaps President Obama’s much-discussed fist bumps were the right way to go all along.

These revelations about the smelly scientific origins of handshakes were published by the Olfactory Lab at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. There, researcher Idan Frumin and his team examined the handshake behavior of nearly 300 test subjects (who were not told that they were participating in a study on body odor). Researchers would come into the examination room and introduce themselves, some shaking the subject’s hand, some not.

Posted by Jesus Malverde | Wed Mar 4, 2015, 01:42 PM (0 replies)

AIPAC pummels Obama

A slide projected onto the wall at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee gathering Monday contained a warning to delegates: “AIPAC is Bipartisan,” it said, next to an image of a Democratic donkey and Republican elephant in boxing gear. “Check your gloves at the door.”

They checked their gloves, all right — but less to practice bipartisanship than to pummel the Obama administration with bare knuckles. In the brawl between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran nuclear negotiations, AIPAC has joined congressional Republicans in siding wholeheartedly with the Israeli hard-liner.

The rift with Obama is nothing new; four years ago, AIPAC delegates were urged not to boo Obama when he spoke to the group (most obeyed). But this situation is worse, because Netanyahu, by accepting House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to address Congress Tuesday — snubbing Obama, who wasn’t consulted — is exploiting a partisan rift in American politics and driving a wedge through the American Jewish community. And congressional Republicans, by giving Netanyahu their pulpit 14 days before Israel’s elections, are brazenly taking sides in that country’s politics. This all is likely to backfire by firming Democratic resistance to more Iran sanctions — and, in the long run, by politicizing U.S.-Israeli relations.

The AIPAC delegates left no doubt where they stood as they listened to speeches at the Washington convention center Monday morning by Netanyahu and by an Obama administration representative, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. The transcript will show that they applauded Netanyahu 59 times in his 22-minute speech, compared with 34 times during Power’s 30-minute address. But that doesn’t reflect the rapturous nature of the reception for Netanyahu (who got an 80-second standing ovation, with thousands of phones raised to take photos, on either end of his speech) and the polite but tepid response to Power (who received a perfunctory 18 seconds).


Posted by Jesus Malverde | Tue Mar 3, 2015, 02:25 AM (5 replies)

Fukushima Has Been Leaking Radioactive Water Since May, But Tepco Didn’t Tell Anyone

The fallout from the Fukushima disaster is far from over.

The operator of the crippled nuclear power plant announced Sunday that sensors in its drainage system had detected a leak of contaminated water 50 to 70 times more radioactive than radioactivity levels already seen on its campus—which the AFP points out were already quite high.

The drainage system discharges water into a nearby bay, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. The operating company, Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), said it shut down a gutter to prevent the contaminated water from reaching the Pacific on Sunday morning. The radiation levels dropped off steadily throughout the day, but were still 10 to 20 times higher than usual later in the day.


Local commercial fishermen are reportedly outraged at the announcement.

“I don’t understand why kept silent even though they knew about it. Fishery operators are absolutely shocked,” Masakazu Yabuki, chief of the Iwaki fisheries cooperative, said at a meeting with Tepco officials, The Japan Times reported on Tuesday.

The decommissioning of the Fukushima plant has been plagued by a staggering number of accidents. This week’s leak announcements are the latest in a string of high-stakes radioactive water errors since an earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant in 2011. A highly diluted radioactive plume from the original incident, meanwhile, has reached the waters off of California.

Posted by Jesus Malverde | Sat Feb 28, 2015, 02:35 PM (9 replies)

Rutgers online facial recognition system presents major privacy risk

Are you planning on taking an online course at Rutgers next semester? Then you might need to download University-sanctioned software that will track your facial identity, photo ID and browser activity. According to an article published on New Brunswick Today by Daniel Munoz this past weekend, Rutgers University has implemented a recognition suite called ProctorTrack for online courses. ProctorTrack records face, knuckle and personal identification details during online courses. Munoz also notes that the system “keeps track of all activity in the monitor, browser, webcam and microphone” throughout each session.


The three-point verification system that the system, for instance, forces students to record their facial features, knuckles and photo ID on camera. However, many students are unsure if the ProctorTrack system efficiently secures recorded student data. The system’s security measures are not particularly clear. Combined with ProctorTrack’s young age — the system was literally patented several weeks ago — potential security vulnerabilities within the ProctorTrack system remain an open question.

Rutgers also seems unaware that visually recording personal identification over the Internet is a major risk. Even if ProctorTrack is completely protected, there is no way to guarantee that a student’s computer was not compromised by webcam monitoring exploitation software, such as Remote Access Tools, prior to ProctorTrack’s use. Exposing personal identification over online webcam for verification purposes may have dangerously unintended consequences.

Likewise, ProctorTrack allows instructors to monitor webcam activity during online courses and record video reports for later review. However, recording students in the privacy of their homes presents major concerns. Are students comfortable knowing that every moment of their classroom attendance is being monitored for future review? What if an instructor steals a student’s likeness or stores photos and images of their in-class attendance? The potential for stealing student identities or replicating personal identification information shown on camera is a serious concern within the ProctorTrack system.

Rutgers University’s new program also uses a “behavior observation tool,” which monitors student browser activity throughout an active session. While this feature is intended to prevent students from using the Internet to cheat on exams, the power that this grants instructors is extremely invasive. If a student accidentally leaves a personal or embarrassing website in their browser during an online course, a ProctorTrack instructor might stumble upon their activity. Monitoring student browser history is extremely invasive and might not be common knowledge to many students utilizing the ProctorTrack software.

Posted by Jesus Malverde | Fri Feb 20, 2015, 05:43 PM (0 replies)

Corruption, falling oil prices and talk of a coup: The end of Chavez's socialist dream in Venezuela

The government says the body of Hugo Chavez is where it should be, encased in the black marble tomb set in the courtyard of a small military fort overlooking Caracas under the guard of four Hussars and touched by the hands of a constant stream of pilgrims. But then it says a lot of things. Such as claiming that the United States backed a recent plot to bomb the presidential palace. And how in Venezuela all is well.

But Adriangela Yomeiny is content to believe what she’s told and on this morning, a public holiday for Mardi Gras, she has come to pay homage. First she inspects the exhibits tracing the rise and untimely death of Mr Chavez from cancer in March 2013, pausing at his hairbrush and a mock-up of his favourite dessert that looks a lot like vomit. It’s when she gets to the tomb itself, lilies on its lid, that she crumbles.

“Seeing him in this condition, it’s… hard,” says Ms Yomeiny, 30, wiping away her tears. She has come with her son from their home in a local barrio, one of the overcrowded, often violent hillside slums that surround Venezuela’s capital city. “I will always be with Chavez, with the revolution, with Communism.” Hers is the love that has kept the Chavez socialist experiment in Venezuela alive, even after his death.

It’s also the love that his hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, a former union leader and bus driver, must now depend on. Ms Yomeiny seems ready to oblige. The economic crisis now upon Venezuela, with worsening shortages of daily needs like milk and medicines, is the fault of opposition politicians, she says. “They are garbage. They have evil in their blood.” But when asked if she loves Mr Maduro as she did Mr Chavez, she hesitates. “I like him,” she finally says. “But Chavez was unique”.

Posted by Jesus Malverde | Fri Feb 20, 2015, 05:34 PM (0 replies)

Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Travel Warning LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Source: State Department

The Department of State strongly warns U.S. citizens against travel to the Gaza Strip; U.S. government employees are not allowed to conduct official or personal travel there. U.S. government personnel require special security arrangements if traveling inside Israel within seven kilometers of the Gaza demarcation line. With the exception of Jericho and Bethlehem, U.S. government employees are prohibited from personal travel to the West Bank. Due to security concerns, U.S. government employees are prohibited from using public buses throughout Israel and the West Bank, and must obtain advance approval if they wish to travel within 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) of the Lebanon border, or travel on or east of Route 98 in the Golan Heights. U.S. citizens should take into consideration the following information, including the rules governing travel in this region by U.S. government employees. This replaces the Travel Warning issued September 10, 2014.

Travelers should be aware of the risks presented by the potential for military conflict between Hamas and Israel. During the conflict in Gaza in July and August 2014, long-range rockets launched from Gaza reached many locations in Israel and the West Bank – including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities in the north and south. The Government of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted many rockets. However, missile impacts also caused deaths, injuries, and property damage. There have been additional small arms fire and mortar and rocket launches from Gaza into southern Israel on several occasions between September and December 2014 that resulted in limited property damage.

Visitors to and residents of Israel and the West Bank should familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest bomb shelter or other hardened site. Consult municipality websites, such as those for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for locations of public bomb shelters and other emergency preparedness information. Visitors should seek information on shelters from hotel staff or building managers. We advise all U.S. citizens to take note of guidance on proper procedures in the event of rocket attacks or other crisis events by visiting the website of the government of Israel's Home Front Command.

Travelers should also be aware of the heightened state of alert maintained by Israeli authorities along Israel's border with Egypt. There have been cross-border incidents from Egypt, including rocket attacks and ground incursions, such as attacks that took place in August 2013, January 20 and October 22, 2014. Rockets and mortars were launched from Sinai in the direction of Eilat and Israel’s Negev region in January, July, and August 2014.

Read more: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/israel-travel-warning.html

Dangerous place for Americans.
Posted by Jesus Malverde | Thu Feb 19, 2015, 03:52 AM (4 replies)

Bafel Talabani Head of the Kurdish Elite Counter Terrorism Group - Interview with SkyNews


Interesting comments
Posted by Jesus Malverde | Wed Feb 18, 2015, 10:39 AM (0 replies)
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