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Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2007, 10:55 AM
Number of posts: 2,373

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About Scout...sweet road trip

Free spirited, yet very responsible Scout looks out and cares for her little sister Lulu. Scout becomes friend with a guy who recently attempted to take his own life. Carnie father comes and takes Lulu. Scout and her new friend are off across Texas in search of Lulu and get her away from her dad. Good performances by Ellen Burstyn and Danny Glover. Good Indie film.

Still Life

Streaming on Amazon..
Yes...there was a moment that I thought....maybe this movie is just a bit long. Boy, was I wrong. The movie was very touching and sincere. John May was a simple man indeed, yet was able to show us what respect and dignity is all about. The story is deliberate in showing the true sense compassion and humanity. Wonderful film. It's what GOOD movies are all about.

Help me out here

I KNOW this person on Facebook (he's an asshole...I won't post his name although it is clearly posted on FB). They live in a town that has a LARGE hispanic population.

Exact post:"The wait was about an hour for me, no complaints here. I think some voters were confused so I spent some time explaining that today's election was for Republican nominees only. The Democratic polls open tomorrow. They seemed very appreciative, most of them thanking me for helping them avoid a pointless wait. I love helping people, I just do!"

Should I report....was this meant to be a joke...if report where to?

I am one of those who never ask for help....however

I had back surgery few days ago and awoke not being able to walk. The pain is over the top. I have complete movement and feeling in the extremities and was moved to a awesome rehab facility 2 days after the surgery. It's going to be a long haul. I apparently waited too long before having the surgery and although it went well, the damage was done. What I thought would be pretty routine procedure (I am a nurse) has turned into a situation of unexpected misery. I am the "go to" person to my friends and family. If you needed anything.. .I would always be there. I just got my laptop today and here I am on DU asking for help. Any good vibes or prayers would be so appreciated.

I am DAMN sick and tired of the bullshit

Nine out of the ten top stories here have to do with Trump. It's all Trump all the time. There is no escape. Everyone knows he's a full blown nutcase. Nothing new on that front. I used to come here to see discussion on different topics. No more. Hillary is running.....why no discussion of what she is running on? You know, the ISSUES!
There is no critical thinking anymore...just Trump bashing.
I may not post a lot but I have been around long enough to see posters bounced off this board for their more than passionate thoughts on a topic....and they weren't freepers.

I saw Requiem For The American Dream again Saturday night by Norm Chomsky....for those of you who didn't see it. Please do.
For those who did....please watch it again.

Real change starts from us as a group. It's time to put the Trump card down. We get it....he's a wacko. No one here is going to vote for him. Please focus on the issues and change that benefit all of us.

End of my rant.

Can we please lay this to rest now?

I have seen comments here that were painful to read regarding Bernie.... some irate and very disparaging. The man is a legend in my opinion. A real gentleman. I probably will not see the likes of him again in my lifetime. What he did yesterday was the definition of a total class act.
It is over. The man has left the building. Hillary is now the future of the party.
Can we focus on that now? The divisiveness here has been brutal at times. There are those who are ecstatic and those who are still mourning their loss. Respect towards one another and understanding is what is needed to unify us. Give it some time and be gentle.
As the saying goes, "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

Great documentary " I Am"

A filmmaker has a brush with death...his insight to life and how to make it better. Interviews from Norm Chomsky and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I didn't want it to end.

"The Fundamentals of Caring"

Good road trip movie...chemistry is great between the characters.

I call BS....

"....Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won’t be getting to the Greek during his presidential campaign’s final swing through California.

Sanders was scheduled to hold a Saturday concert at Los Angeles’ famed Greek Theater, but on the day before the event, his campaign sent an email to supporters saying they were forced to change venues. The Sanders campaign’s email attributed the switch to intervention from a local politician.

“Unfortunately, after reaching terms with the professional staff at the Greek to host our rally, interference from a local Los Angeles City Council member forced us to move from this iconic venue,” the email said.

The council member was not named in the message, but a Sanders campaign source said it was David Ryu, a Democrat whose district includes the theater. Ryu is a supporter of Sanders’ Democratic primary rival, Hillary Clinton. In the email announcing the venue change, the Sanders campaign noted that Clinton had “scheduled an identical event” at the Greek Theater next week and “no objection has been raised.”


Shaun King of NY Daily News nails it....

As CSN & Y once sang we all need to "Carry On"... Win, lose or draw. This is now a movement and we all must continue the fight.

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