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Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2007, 11:55 AM
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Of Mind and Music

Another Indie gem. Aunjanue Ellis plays a street singer in New Orleans' French Quarter. She is losing her memory and Bill Cobbs acts as her guardian. Joaquim De Almeida plays a well known neuroscientist who is adamant in saving her. Without giving too much away, the music is beautiful and the touching story will stick with you for awhile.

Netflix replacing star ratings to just thumbs up or down.

This stinks. I like having control over how much I like or dislike. Thumbs up or thumbs down is do dumbed down.


Dire times and drastic measures

I had an idea after seeing Bernie Sanders in McDowell County, West Virginia on Monday night. Why the hell would a senator from Vermont go and sit down with these people? The election is over and 75% of them voted for Trump. Because he CARES. And when it was over he had them. They understood. They felt empowered. I thought...why not request ALL the Democratic representatives and senators hold town halls in rural, republican areas just like McDowell County. NOT just in their oun districts but expand and get out there! There are so many forgotton people that vote against their own interests because they are ill informed...they get their "facts" from Fox "News" or talk radio.
The 2018 election is coming up and we MUST take back the House and Senate.
Tuesday I had a snow day and composed a short letter and sent it to every Democratic member of Congress. Many had to be physically mailed as "I am not in their district". (which pisses me off because at the end of the day when they vote on an issue it effects ALL of us!) If you want maybe send a letter to your congress members? Just a thought. These are dire times that call for drastic measures. We are at a dangerous crossroad. We MUST regain control of the House and Senate in 2018.

My letter (Use as a tempate?)......

I am writing to request that you do your part to help win back the House of Representatives and Senate in 2018. Getting the majority is a MUST and a PRIORITY. It's not an option. You see, I saw Bernie Sanders in a town hall in McDowell County, West Virginia on Monday. One must wonder why in the world a Senator from Vermont would go there for a town hall. A county where 75% of the folks voted for Trump. I'll tell you why. He CARES. Many of these people are not formally educated. Many of them are very poor. Many of them don't go anywhere, in fact many don't even own a car. He went there to hear firsthand what they had to say. He did so in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. In one hour he had won many of them over. Those people left that town hall enlightened, more informed and above all they felt empowered because someone influential took the time to actually sit down and listen to them and offer real solutions. Senator Sanders pointed out that healthcare for all, free public college tuition, opiate treatment and job retraining could be paid for by removing the enormous tax cuts the wealthy and corporations receive. He let them know, above all, that they were important. He correctly pointed out that the GOP plan for healthcare (call it Trumpcare) is a a two hundred plus billion dollar tax cut for the top two percent at the expense of millions losing their health insurance. Even though he is a Senator from Vermont, at the end of the day, they knew he works for ALL Americans - not just the people from Vermont.

I am requesting that you visit and sit down with folks in some of these areas that are heavily Republican. Schedule mutiple events in multiple areas that voted for Trump. If every Democrat in the House and Senate did this, it would win hearts and minds and make a huge difference in 2018. You must go beyond your district and carry the fight to the GOP. Not all Trump voters are filled with hate. I believe most of them are ill informed. They vote against their own interests for a reason. Simply because they don't know the facts (example: ACA and Obamacare are one and the same). We are at a critical crossroads in America and it is far past time to reach out to these people. Show them that you CARE. It's certain you're not going to change all minds, but many will be more informed the next time they go into a voting booth. They are going to remember and appreciate the honesty and integrity of your visit. Please, please consider doing this.

The Democratic Party is on the right side of most, if not all; the issues. Our views represent the interests of the majority of Americans and the future of this country. We must articulate these views to ALL the people, especially those that reside in these rural areas of the country. They feel as though they are forgotten. The truth will set them (and us) free...

Every Thing Will Be Fine

Struggling writer (James Franco) is driving his car in a snow storm on an isolated road in Quebec. He accidentally kills a child. Story covers the next 11 years of his life and depicts how it affected his life, the mother of the child and Franco's relationships. SLOW moving drama, yet the movie seems to draws you in.

God's Pocket

Damn, what a good movie...Philip Seymore Hoffman is just a regular joe who tries to cover up his stepson's "accident" at while at work. Lives in a pretty gritty neighborhood. Hoffman, in my opinion, executes a simply great performance. (it was his last movie ) Dark but thoughtful story. BTW any movie with John Turturro in it gets my attention.

Sometimes, there are no words

Cardboard Boxer

Homeless man living in LA on skid row is offered cash by privileged teens to fight others while being taped. Sounds depressing. However, the story turns when he finds a diary of a young girl. Moving and heartbreaking. Good indie film.

About Scout...sweet road trip

Free spirited, yet very responsible Scout looks out and cares for her little sister Lulu. Scout becomes friend with a guy who recently attempted to take his own life. Carnie father comes and takes Lulu. Scout and her new friend are off across Texas in search of Lulu and get her away from her dad. Good performances by Ellen Burstyn and Danny Glover. Good Indie film.

Still Life

Streaming on Amazon..
Yes...there was a moment that I thought....maybe this movie is just a bit long. Boy, was I wrong. The movie was very touching and sincere. John May was a simple man indeed, yet was able to show us what respect and dignity is all about. The story is deliberate in showing the true sense compassion and humanity. Wonderful film. It's what GOOD movies are all about.

Help me out here

I KNOW this person on Facebook (he's an asshole...I won't post his name although it is clearly posted on FB). They live in a town that has a LARGE hispanic population.

Exact post:"The wait was about an hour for me, no complaints here. I think some voters were confused so I spent some time explaining that today's election was for Republican nominees only. The Democratic polls open tomorrow. They seemed very appreciative, most of them thanking me for helping them avoid a pointless wait. I love helping people, I just do!"

Should I report....was this meant to be a joke...if report where to?
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