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Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2007, 11:55 AM
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Shaun King of NY Daily News nails it....

As CSN & Y once sang we all need to "Carry On"... Win, lose or draw. This is now a movement and we all must continue the fight.


Where to view the debate tonight

My "CNN go"..just won't work on my Roku...anywhere else I can go?

This is just my opinion...

There is a reason Bernie won the primary abroad 69% to 31%....it is harder to screw with those results. What happened Arizona is just the tip of the iceberg. This has been going on for a while. You have to turn a blind eye not to see it. The people standing in a line THAT long for that amount of time? The amount of money Bernie has raised? The amount of people coming out to see him speak? The next to zero media coverage?
The fact is that Bernie Sanders CAN beat Trump.
Look out for what you wish for...I can't stand sitting back and watching this election gift wrapped and given to Trump...and that is exactly what is going to happen if this keeps up.

Sick and tired of the BS

"Excuse me, I was talking"????? Are you kidding me? That BS is to take the focus off the REAL issues. Where the hell is the outrage over NOT releasing the contents of THAT speech? That would be a game changer and we all know it. That arrogant look on her face when she refused says it all. Where the hell is investigative journalism? Damn media bullshit is what it is!

So I placed my Bernie Sanders 2016 sticker on my car this past week...

I work for a doctor in a pretty conservative area. I have been with him for years so the patients know my car. I have had quite a few give me the "stink eye" and hear the whispers. That being said, I have had more people approach me about Bernie and expressing their enthusiasm and, may I add, they are donating like crazy. I haven't seen this kind of passion since the 60's. I am lovin it. Had to share.

Just my opinion...

I have been here since 2007. Do I post much? No. I usually come here for the news. I happen to be on medical leave and have had ample time to read some of the posts. Wow. There is some nasty discussions going on. I mean, I can understand the passion one feels about their candidate... however the negativity and animosity I've seen is exasperating and exhausting.
Yep, we have freepers here. Always have. In the end aren't we all suppose to be on the same side? I have a favorite candidate. At the end of the day whoever is the Democratic candidate running is the one I will vote for. In my opinion it appears like one would cross the isle and take their ball and go home if their person didn't get nominated.
I been around long enough to see this country run by bonehead repugs many times over. I'd rather have a bullet removed from my ass with a Carvel spoon than to see another elected….especially the likes of Trump or Cruz!
Piece of advice. This is Democratic Underground. No matter what candidate wins the nomination and/or how the ship sways from time to time, we are all on the same boat.

Anyone know where I can stream the President's speech tonight?

Thank you in advance.

Today our President kicked ass!

Best. Damn. Press. Conference….Period. IMHO. Short, to the point and factual. I've never been more proud. That is all.
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