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Profile Information

Name: Big Dog Smith
Gender: Male
Hometown: Mongrolvia
Home country: South Side, Chicago
Current location: Northeast Side, Los Angeles
Member since: Sat Sep 13, 2008, 01:46 AM
Number of posts: 2,385

Journal Archives

We recently adopted a cat from...

...the local Humane Society.

Our beloved kitty of over 15 years passed away on January 2nd, so we thought it would be a good idea to give a home to a cat in need of one.

We brought home a polydactyl calico female named Polly. She has some extra toes on her front paws.

We've had her going on three weeks now, and she has become comfortable in her new home - she's quite affectionate - but she just exhibited disturbing behavior: she peed on our bed.

Do any DU cat experts know why she would do this, and how to stop this behavior, quickly and permanently?

Good beds are expensive, and I don't care for sleeping on a urine stained mattress!

Suggestions anyone?

New study claims that drummers are more intelligent than everyone...

...finally, science reveals the truth!


Disclaimer: Yes, I am a drummer.

So I ran into Angelyne on the east side of Hollywood today...

...she was selling Angelyne tee shirts and stuff outta the trunk of her hot pink Corvette, so I asked to get a picture with her...for only $10:

For those not familiar with Angelyne, here is her Wiki page and some early 1980s billboard pics:


Alternative Christmas song...

Here Comes Christmas by my band, Green Sparkle Frog:

From the CD, Die Happy & Other Songs About Life.

Perform live, in real time, with other musicians over the internet...

...with a free downloadable application from jamkazam.com.

After I move downstairs into a space with more room, I may try this out.

It may make our projects' rehearsals more convenient for all, at least for the initial work on developing and arranging new material.

"Political Suicide" Here is an old animated music video from my band...

...with animation by my friend and musical / graphics collaborator Brad Frost, from way back in 2008...which was never published before, until today.

I am not sure why...it just wasn't.

Posted by GReedDiamond | Tue Jul 1, 2014, 02:23 AM (1 replies)

Fred Frith documentary...

For a distraction from the usual.

Here is a public access TV show I produced & co-directed in 1991...


The band speaks only through their individual mothers.

One of them, Crying David, a background singer, is legless/armless/deaf/blind.

The rest of the band are weirder than him.

Their spokesperson is a rolling pin wielding aberration of Betty Crocker, on a cross.

There is a protest against death, the arrangement game, backstage band antics and more.

Artist Mark Ryden's "Daisy Bell" music videos...

...released in conjunction with Mark Ryden's "The Gay Nineties West" at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Cross-posted to the Artists & the Musicians Groups.

After posting to those groups, I thought that there may be a few Loungers who may be interested in Mark Ryden and the musicians who contributed their work to his musical project.

Artist Mark Ryden's "Daisy Bell" music videos...

Cross-posted to the Artists Group.
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