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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 3,285

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Does that mean you're no longer posting on Frontpage Mag?

That's a shame because you seem to express your real feelings much more openly there.

Obvious reasons that Bernie should stay in until the convention.

Yeah, I know, Hillary has "won" the majority of pledged delegates in the primary, even discounting voter suppression and other shenanigans, but not by the super-majority needed to clinch the nomination. One way or another the nomination will be decided only when the super delegates actually cast their votes at the convention, and a lot can happen between now and then.

There's always the possibility of a wild, unexpected catastrophe that no one expects: Hillary could have a heart attack, or be hit by a meteorite, or be assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan (an all-purpose cover story that would preclude any serious investigation and reduce any discussion of actual facts to a disreputable "conspiracy theory"), or make a serious gaffe that sends her campaign into a tailspin. All of these are extremely improbable but not impossible.

Note that I did not include the chance of an indictment from the email "investigation". That's just the usual Republican bullshit and I don't take it seriously. What I do take seriously is the possibility of the following scenario:

Trump, buoyed by his own megalomania and confidence in My New Order as a handbook on how to seize political power, continues to get even crazier, stupider and more obnoxious (yes, I'm assuming that that's possible), antagonizing and alienating every demographic group except sexually frustrated WASP males who didn't finish High School, and directly insulting the Republican party establishment.

By the time they get to their convention they've had more than enough of his bullshit and are ready to bend, break, or rewrite every rule in their book to prevent him from winning on the first ballot, even if they have to blatantly falsify the vote count (it's not like they haven't done it before).

All hell breaks loose at the convention. Ted Cruz tries to rally support from the now unbound delegates, but no one actually likes him and he falls short on the second ballot. After a few more indecisive votes they realize the party is hopelessly divided. They call a recess to, as W.C. Fields once put it, "Grab the bull by the tail and face the situation". After some closed-door arguing, horse-trading, favor-swapping, ass-kissing, bribe-tendering and smoke-filling, they come forth with a blandly inoffensive "moderate" party regular: John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or whomever. Trump's supporters are furious, but the rest of the party unifies around their one true principle: hatred of Hillary Clinton.

By the time the Democratic convention comes around, the Republican's bland, non-of-the-above candidate is leading Hillary in the national polls and even worse in the critical swing states by at least five points, possibly ten or more, but Bernie is beating him by ten to fifteen points in the same polls. The internals show Bernie's added support is coming from a disconnected triad that spans the political spectrum from one end to the other composed of young progressives, moderate independents, and disgruntled Trump followers who just want to stick it to the Republican establishment, none of whom have any love for the Republican's default candidate but all of whom just can't abide Hillary.

The super delegates are then called on to do the job they were created for: in the event of a divided party following a closely contested primary with no overwhelming winner to select the candidate that's "best for the party" and "strongest to beat the Republican nominee", even if they didn't come in first in the primary "popularity contest".

I realize this isn't the most probable outcome right now, but as I said a lot can happen between now and then, and it ain't over 'till it's over. (To anyone who's tempted to claim that it is over, no it isn't until the super delegates vote at the convention, but feel free to get it out of your system.)

It's a shame DU has become such a hostile and anti-Democratic environment.

It had such great potential, but as an experiment in mob rule it's degenerated into a blood sport for the most belligerent and fascistic bullies, with a distinct anti-Semitic undertone. We're already past the point where honest discussion and debate is possible.

What I find truly interesting

is the implication that the thinly veiled bigotry and hate-mongering that's become so prevalent here is so vile and disgraceful by real-world standards that the Democratic Party is repulsed by it and seeks to avoid any possible contact lest they be tarred by association with such disreputable filth.

There's been much discussion of late about how DU has changed over the years, perhaps the time has come to consider if the name "Democratic" still applies, or whether it has become a safe haven for something else.

I think the best way to promote progressive policies is to support Democratic candidates.

I don't always agree with everything they do, and sometimes I'm disgusted by how cowardly and conservative they can be. But I recognize that they're the only chance we have to make real progress, and I don't want to add to the constant shitstorm of abuse and vilification coming from the organized Republican reactionaries who just want to drag them down.

As much as I hate having to settle for the lesser evil at times, I've lived long enough to see what happens when the greater evil gets a free pass, and I know it makes enough of a difference to be worth fighting for.

So I don't really feel comfortable siding with either the bashers or the cheerleaders when things start getting nasty around here, and I don't see much point in wading into the crossfire. The term "third way" comes to mind, but that's already been appropriated by stealth Republicans. The term "middle way" has some interesting spiritual resonance but just seems wishy-washy in a political context.

Maybe I should start a "no-team" team for people who just don't fit into the extreme team purity squads and don't always agree on everything. Then again, maybe that's what most of the Democratic Party already is.

I dined with the Duchess of Lee

Who asked; "Do you fart when you pee?"

I replied, with some wit;

"Do you belch when you shit?"

And considered it one up for me.

Sorry folks, this is just getting too insane to take seriously.

Another candidate for The Journal of Irreproducible Results

These "reefer madness" propaganda pronouncements are consistently characterized by:

Politically biased agenda

Overt financial conflict of interests (funding from DEA or British political office)

Deliberate use of invalid methodology

Deliberate introduction of uncontrolled variables

No valid control group

Statistically insignificant sample size

Sensationalized claims made directly to tabloid press without publication in a legitimate peer reviewed journal

Sensationalized claims from a single source not confirmed by any other independent research and contradicted by previous large scale studies using valid methodology

This appears on its face to be just more of the same old lies from the same old liars. I expect that its premeditated fraudulence will become obvious once the details of its methodology and funding are exposed.

That's a gross exaggeration - what we are is a second world nation.

Although we've fallen below the standard of living of the industrialized first world democracies, we're still well above the crushing poverty of the undeveloped agrarian third world.

Where we are now is more like Russia and China: our economy is industrialized, but we no longer enjoy the economic advantages of democracy because our government is controlled by a corrupt, self-serving elite that sucks all the real wealth and growth out of the country for itself.

"I got old & shit in my pants"

Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush

I got old & shit in my pants
shit in my pants
shit in my pants
I got old & shit in my pants
shit in my pants again

We got old & shit in our pants
shit in our pants
shit in our pants
We got old & shit in our pants
shit in our pants again

You'll be lucky if you get old
& shit in your pants
& shit in your pants
You'll be lucky if you get old
& shit in your pants again

Allen Ginsberg
January 1, 1994

The mystics of all religions teach the same truth - "All is one".

The fundamentalists of all religions teach the same falsehood - "Ours is the only true teaching and it's contained in our scripture which is divinely authored and literally true in every detail."
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