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293 Missing After Ferry Sinks off South Korea's Coast

293 Missing After Ferry Sinks off South Korea's Coast
SEOUL, South Korea April 16, 2014

Nearly 300 people are missing and at least two are confirmed dead after a ferry carrying 459 people, many of them students, sank in cold waters off South Korea’s southern coast Wednesday.

There were fears of a big jump in the number of deaths, as dozens of boats, helicopters and divers scrambled to rescue passengers who had been on the ferry travelling to the southern island of Jeju. One rescued passenger said he believed that many people had been trapped inside the ferry when it sank.

The confirmed fatalities are a female crew member, 22, and a male student.

The ferry, identified as the Sewol, was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it sent a distress call as it began leaning to one side. The passengers include more than 300 students from Danwon High School in Ansan, near Seoul, who were on a school trip...

WITH VIDEO: http://abcnews.go.com/International/dead-ferry-sinks-off-south-koreas-coast/story?id=23339906

Video: Howard Dean Rips Income Inequality, Koch Brothers, "Small People" on Supreme Court"

Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 03:25 AM PDT
Video: Howard Dean Rips Income Inequality, Koch Brothers, "Small People" on Supreme Court"
by lowkellFollow

Really gets going around around 6:40.

Former Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean spoke in front of about 200 people last night in Arlington, Virginia, at an event supporting Don Beyer for Congress. After explaining why he supported Beyer, who was his presidential campaign treasurer, Dean turned to broader concerns on his mind, and he was really on a roll. Check it out.

*Income inequality is a threat to the entire American idea that you can work hard, play by the rules and make something of yourself and give your kids a better life. "If 80% of the people haven't had a raise for 20 years because of the machinations of Congress and politicians and failed institutions like Wall Street. If 80% of the people believe - and they're starting to believe - that you could play by the rules and the deck is fixed against you, then America dies, because the core of the American dream is the possibility - not that being rich is bad, we don't believe that - but the core of the American dream is that some day we can be like that if we work hard enough and if we listen to what our parents have to say and if our values are right. So what is being destroyed by the Koch brothers and others is not simply campaign finance and skullduggery in politics, what's being destroyed is the core of who we are as Americans. And that core means that it is the individual vote that matters, not how much money you have. That was what the Supreme Court destroyed in McCutcheon..."

*"We are plagued by a whole group of people in Congress that have put their party above the interests of their country. When you are willing to shut down the government to prove a political point and harm the credit rating of the United States of America. When you believe that the way to win is to have less people vote, then you would be more comfortable with Ukrainian politics than with American politics. Seriously, if you are part of an effort to restrict people's rights to vote in the United States of America, then democracy is not a value that you espouse...We need to support our democracy, which means we need people like Don Beyer and not people like - it's such a long list - Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, the House of Delegates in this state, which made it harder for ordinary people to vote. These folks ought not to be in politics, because they have not valued the core of democracy...it's not ok to win by taking away people's right to vote...and have the Supreme Court of the United States of America - Earl Warren must be turning over in his grave - and these are small people on this court; they may be smart, but they are small, tiny human beings with wizened souls, and we are going to replace them when we get the third Democratic president in a row."

*"This is a great nation, what the hell happened to Congress?"


ACA Success - The New Yorker cover nails it!

April 7, 2014
Cover Story: Barry Blitt’s “The Best Medicine”
Posted by Francoise Mouly

“This whole enterprise was just an elaborate excuse,” says Barry Blitt about his cover for this week’s issue. “I enjoyed drawing Ted Cruz, John Boehner, and Michele Bachmann as petulant children—and I especially wanted to draw an open-mouthed Mitch McConnell being spoon-fed his meds.”


BOROWITZ: Issa Subpoenas Seven Million Americans Who Signed Up for Obamacare

Issa Subpoenas Seven Million Americans Who Signed Up for Obamacare
Posted by Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Accusing them of involvement in “a widespread conspiracy to save President Obama’s failed health-care program,” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) today subpoenaed the approximately seven million Americans who have signed up for Obamacare so far.

Arguing that the impressive enrollment numbers “don’t pass the smell test,” the House Oversight Committee chairman told reporters, “Any rational person would come to the same conclusion that I have: namely, that this is a well-orchestrated conspiracy of seven million people trying to make Obamacare look good.”

The California Republican said that the seven million co-conspirators targeted by his subpoenas would be required to travel to Washington to testify before his committee or risk being found in contempt of Congress.

“If you signed up for Obamacare, you have a lot of explaining to do,” he said.

In announcing the subpoenas, Rep. Issa indicated that his committee could begin grilling the seven million Obamacare enrollees as early as next week. “If my suspicions are correct, this could be bigger than Benghazi,” he said.


FBI: Pilot landing in NYC injured by green laser

FBI: Pilot landing in NYC injured by green laser

NEW YORK — The FBI is searching for someone who flashed a green laser at least twice into the cockpit of a Delta plane landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport, injuring the pilot.

New York Assistant Director George Venizelos says Friday a $10,000 reward is available for information leading to the arrest of whoever shined the laser beam into Delta Flight 1102 just before 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Venizelos says the laser caused flash blindness and severely disrupted the vision of one of the plane's two pilots. He says agents believe the laser originated from somewhere along Queens Boulevard in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens.

The plane, traveling from Atlanta, Ga., landed safely.


A Beautiful Love Letter From A Mother To Her Son

We should all have a mother like her.

Every child, LGBT or not, should have parents as loving and accepting as those of a 13 year old boy who recently came out to his parents. In response, the young boy's mother penned this special note to let him know that he would always be loved. Connor is indeed a lucky boy, to have such devoted, supportive parents. Check out the note for yourself.


Satirist Andy Borowitz - CNN Apologizes for Briefly Airing Non-Flight 370 Story

CNN Apologizes for Briefly Airing Non-Flight 370 Story
Posted by Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—CNN apologized to its viewers today for briefly airing a story on Sunday that had nothing to do with the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

The story, which caused thousands of viewers to contact the network in anger, had something to do with Crimea, Ukraine, and Russia.

In the official apology, CNN chief Jeff Zucker wrote, “On Sunday, we briefly cut away from our nonstop coverage of Flight 370 to talk about something else. We’re not going to sugarcoat it: we messed up. CNN regrets the error and promises our viewers that it won’t happen again.”


Tom Tomorrow Cartoon: Sunday Talking About Stuff Show

Cartoon: Sunday Talking About Stuff Show
by Tom Tomorrow

For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area: I will be talking and showing my work at the Cartoon Art Museum in SF on Tuesday, March 11 at 7 p.m., and at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa on Saturday, March 15 at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!


My parents fought for civil rights in the early 60's in south GA.

My Daddy was an attorney in a small, college town, and represented the town school board. It was 1963, and schools throughout the south, including my hometown, had been successfully ignoring the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision of 1954 which overturned the seperate but equal doctrine of the south. As the school board attorney, my father advised the school system to comply with law and begin the process of integrating their schools. He believed it was the moral and legal thing to do, and they should get on with it. All hell broke loose. My parents became national figures for next 3 years. During that time, there were death threats and scare tactics. The FBI was sent to guard our house and to protect us because the town sheriff surely wasn't gonna do it. Reporters came from all over the country, some lived with us for days at a time. During that time, my mother gave birth to their 5th child. One night, in the cover of darkness, the FBI smuggled my family out of town, and we fled to Atlanta. We left all our possessions behind. They were eventually packaged up for us, and arrived weeks later. I remember my mother sobbing over personal items that had been destroyed or lost in the process. My father found it hard to get work in Atlanta and became very depressed. The strain of it all became too much. I don't remember them arguing or yelling. The marriage just fell apart. They got divorced in 1966.

My mother got custody of all the children and went to work as a real estate agent. From her, I learned about the travails of being a single, working mother with 5 kids, ages ranging from a toddler to a teenager. She taught me about what women must endure in the working world. In 1968, she wanted to buy us a house, and although she was a successful real estate agent, she was unable to do so -- the banks would not make loans to single women without a man co-signing. In 1969, she still managed to buy her first house by assuming a VA loan. In the mid 1970's, she began investing in real estate, and did quite well for herself. She never remarried.

Not long after my parent's divorce, my father married a psychiatrist. She was my stepmother. They had a child, my father's 6th. They had to relocate to New Orleans for a few years, but we visited them over summer, and my Daddy would come to see us sometimes in Atlanta. I remember being confused by it all more than anything (and I missed my Daddy terribly!), but eventually, it became normal.

Each Christmas, we would all get together at my paternal Grandmother's house. My Daddy grew up in a huge family with 8 kids. All of my aunts and uncles and cousins were there, and we were as welcome as we had ever been. They continued to treat my Mama and all of us as family, and showed delight at seeing us. My Daddy and Mama were very cordial, and I watched my Mama and my Stepmother talk about children and being working mothers (in the late 1960's!)

Simply put: they were all amazing role models.

Unfortunately, my Daddy and my stepmama got divorced after 7 years of marriage, but she remained an important figure in my life. My father encouraged all of us to continue our relationship with her, and would call us kids each year to remind us of her birthday. He did this for many years. (She is 89 now, and just came to visit me last month here in NY with my brother and his family.) She never remarried.

About 15 years after his second divorce, my father got married again, and they had a child. His current wife is much younger than he is. I don't call her my stepmother because I already have one; besides, I was a grown woman when they married. They have been married for 27 years now and she is my very good friend. She used to be an editor for a major news magazine, and she is my favorite editor when I write. I love her very much, and she has been wonderful for my Daddy.

All of these women have been amazing role models in my life.

My husband threw a 50th birthday party for me a few years ago, and invited friends and family from all over the US. My Daddy, his wife, my stepmother and my Mama all came (along with all my siblings, except the youngest who was in college). My local friends had a chance to meet my crazy, wonderful, eclectic family. Some people at the party asked me if it was at all uncomfortable to have my Dad and all his wives together under one roof. I laughed. "No. Not at all. That's my family." I don't want to make it sound like it was always charming, because it certainly wasn't. They are, after all, human. But they rose above the drama, and they did it with dignity, and they did it for the children.

Oddly enough, despite the pain and confusion I experienced by my parent's divorce when I was little, I think in many ways, my life has been enriched by divorce.

Thank you for the thread and the opportunity to share my story, H2O Man.

In the old days, we had mods here on DU.

They sent shit-stirring stuff to it's appropriate forum or locked it altogether. From what I'm seeing lately here on DU, the mod system worked better than what's in place now. Posts like the SI cover or the fact some guy got his SI magazine today would get sent straight to the men's forum or the lounge. If threads became too contentious, they got locked. It was at times frustrating to see some OPs get swooped to the dungeon, but overall, it was the right way to do it. For some reason, the jury system doesn't seem to manage this sort of thing very well. Maybe it's because there are only 2 choices, leave it or hide it. Maybe there should be a way the jury could vote to send it to a different forum. I just don't know how that would work.

It's sad. I think the quality of DU has been diminished by this dumbing down.

On EDIT: Maybe there could be a "send it to the mods" option. Then the mods can decide if it should go in a different forum or get locked or whatever. That way they don't have to check EVERY thread, only those that are sent to them.
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