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Profile Information

Name: Being punished, but not silenced
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulag
Home country: USA, Land of FREE SPEECH
Current location: FFR for saying "unhealthy"
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 09:16 PM
Number of posts: 16,974

About Me

So on 7 Dec, I posted the following, ((("34. Yep, something really unhealthy with that hate sadly"))) and now I am being held in Permanent FFR status. This takes away every right on the board. I will keep this here until my status gets changed. I do not mind being on a time out even if I disagree with the jury result, at least there is a known date it is over. FFR status is generally after several hides in a short time, this was after a single hide in that month and was indeed number 5. "Typically, this account review occurs sometime over the next 24 hours" So how long will it be? The clock started Wednesday 7 December 2016. Since I am FFR, can't ask a question in ATA. Can't send the administrators a PM. So I have emailed all administrators several times, no response. I have tried to contact via Twitter, again ignored. They do not have the politeness to even respond. I have been a paying member for many years. They will not silence me. So far I email every possible address here at least weekly, so far nobody has even the common courtesy to even respond. I have also responded to tweets to try and get some kind of response, again not even the common courtesy of a response. I hope the administrators see this. I know I am not the only one they are just showing this disrespect to, sadly. See I am trying to follow the rules and not open another account but they do not even follow their own 24 hour rule ........UPDATE.......I will post my hidden posts for all to see... (((Sat Oct 15, 2016 1. Another one that will be locked, why do you insist on disrespecting the host? He has been eminently fair to you and very politely asked you several times to respect the group SOP. You have had several like this one locked for that reason.))) (((Sat Oct 15, 2016, 10:03 PM 6. Lol, the rules of a group on a private board, Control what is allowed. There is always ATA again. I do love those exchanges.))) ((( Mon Nov 21, 2016, 01:05 PM 22. I do not think so, she sunk herself with her selfish use of a personal server. He did not go there.))) If these hidden posts are so bad to get me permanently flagged, I hereby dare the administrators to answer and provide some kind of explanation!! ......UPDATE....So it has been another week and the nice administrators are still too scared to even acknowledge my emails, Tweets for some kind of explanation on my FFR. Look at the hidden posts above, I was supporting the administrators!!!! I really think the PURGE has begun even though they fail to acknowledge that fact!! ....UPDATE 13 Jan 17....So another week has come and gone. I have once again politely emailed all possible addresses to request any update on my FFR status. Of course, our nice administrators failed to give any common courtesy of even an acknowledgement. I will keep updating this and pointing out how the administrators are not even following their posted guidance of a 24 hour review of the FFR status. Just noticed my 5th hide has now dropped off so I should be able to post again. And like clockwork two more of my removed posts dropped off. Now only two hides and still being punished I assume because I supported Bernie and am part of the purge.

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