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Name: Don
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Amherst. MA
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 03:28 PM
Number of posts: 12,868

Journal Archives

Right-Wing Attorney Larry Klayman Will Use the Email Scandal to Bury the Clintons At Last

By Beth Ethier

Conservative attorney-cum-activist Larry Klayman, whose accomplishments include throwing Obama impeachment parties that drew tens of people to the White House and filing a suit against Rachel Maddow for $50 million only to be ordered to pay her legal fees, is turning his focus back toward one of his favorite targets: the Clintons. Klayman has vowed that he will bring Hillary Clinton to justice for her use of a private email account while serving as secretary of state, an arrangement first reported this week in the New York Times.

An email sent from Klayman’s organization Judicial Watch on Wednesday pledges hard-hitting legal action against Clinton, who will evidently soon be the subject of several court filings. Best to let them explain:

Larry Klayman, Esq., the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice, announced today that he is filing motions for orders to show cause why Hillary Clinton and the Obama State Department should not be held in criminal contempt for lying to various courts (and obstructing justice) over their responses to FOIA Requests seeking records concerning Hillary Clinton's role as Secretary of State in releasing information about Israeli war plans and methods to eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons of mass destruction programs and the decision-making process in her granting waivers to companies, countries and other interests. ...

Just yesterday, General David Petraeus agreed to a criminal plea deal over his alleged misuse of national security classified information. It is likely that Hillary Clinton's misuse rises to an even greater level of criminality.

The message goes on to detail Klayman’s decades-long legal beef with the Clintons, including obstruction charges Klayman says Hillary should have faced for withholding documents he requested during the Starr investigation. Klayman claims she only escaped jail because “a District of Columbia predominantly African-American Democrat jury would have never convicted her.” At the time, Klayman also accused the Clintons of smearing his dead grandmother’s name by way of a Newsweek article about a lawsuit Klayman filed against his mother.

In his more recent action against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC, Klayman claimed his client, heavy metal preacher Bradlee Dean, was defamed when Maddow accurately relayed a quote from Dean’s radio show in which he expressed support for laws overseas applying the death penalty for homosexuality. After Klayman sued Maddow and a handful of other journalists on Dean’s behalf, the case ended with a dismissal and an order for Klayman to pay more than $24,000 in legal fees. Klayman insisted he lost because of sexism and anti-Christian bias on the part of the female judge.


Fox Guest: With Obama There's More 'Rape' Than Ever Before In Modern Times

Conservative radio host Mark Levin said during an appearance Tuesday night on Fox News that under the Obama administration there has "been more genocide, more rape, more enslavement" than at any other time in "modern history."

In an appearance on the show "Hannity," Levin lauded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his address to Congress and commended him for his differences from President Obama. "Netanyahu is a warrior, he's a combat veteran," Levin said. "He is a leader who takes his commander in chief responsibilities seriously. … Barack Obama is a community activist. He's a rabble-rouser. He's an ideologue and he's an appeaser. That's the difference."

During his time on the show, Levin vehemently noted to host Sean Hannity that Obama's time in office has been utterly damaging. "There's been more genocide, more rape, more enslavement under this president than any president of modern history," Levin said. "You know I think back to Reagan. Reagan was the liberator. … This President is the imprisonment President."

more + video

Fox News analyst: Obama is a ‘bitchy high school girl’ for ignoring Netanyahu’s ‘masterful’ advice

Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters on Wednesday accused President Barack Obama and Democratic lawmakers of acting like “bitchy high school girls” because they did not agree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

“I thought it was pretty damn sad the American people have to hear the truth from the prime minister of Israel about Islamist fanaticism,” Peters told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “And our own president won’t even call Islamist terrorism, Islamist terror.”

“There is no question, the vituperative, vicious Democratic reaction to that speech was because Netanyahu told the truth and Obama has not,” he continued. “Netanyahu called them out.” According to Peters, the president had not “leveled” with the American people about why he was negotiating to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“I thought Netanyahu’s speech was necessary, it was masterful, it was cogent, it was honest, it was inspiring,” he insisted. “And the Democrats in response — including the president — acted like snitty, bitchy high school girls,” Peters snarled.


NYPD Official: Don’t Blame Cops For People ‘Walking Into Police Bullets’

If you’re wondering if the New York Police Department could somehow manage to take even less responsibility for their actions than they’ve already done, meet Zach Tumin. The NYPD Deputy Commissioner (ironically in charge of repairing the NYPD’s tattered social media presence) took to twitter to express his thoughts on the real reason people were getting shot by cops in America: It’s crazy people “off their meds” and “walking into police bullets.”

Walking. Into. Police. Bullets.

Somehow, through mental gymnastics worthy of an Olympic medal, Tumin took a story run by news website Fusion that highlighted the epidemic of mentally ill people being shot and killed by officers and twisted it to imply that the officers doing the killing are therefore absolved of responsibility.

Even a cursory read of the article makes it clear that this is not at all the conclusion to be drawn. In fact, just the opposite. Fusion writer Daniel Rivero explains how police departments around the country are undertraining their officers on how to deal with the mentally ill – and the results far too often end in tragedy. However, citing a recent initiative in Miami-Dade County, Florida, that gives in-depth training to officers while at the same time working to get known mentally ill suspects into public health centers rather than prisons, Rivero noted that police departments can reverse the trend. They just have to be willing to do it.


Netanyahu blew it: How he misunderstood Congress & inadvertently ruined his own goals

Before Netanyahu's speech was announced, Congress was willing to thwart Obama's plans. Afterwards? Not so much


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two goals for his address to Congress. The first was to boost his chances for reelection in a couple of weeks by showing off his sway abroad. I am not enough of an expert in Israeli politics to know if this will work on net, but the controversy that it sparked might cut against whatever gains it made. The second goal, however, was to lobby Congress to use its power to sabotage a nuclear deal with Iran. On this count, he’s failed, because he critically misunderstands how American politics works.

If Netanyahu hadn’t thrown himself into the situation — perhaps that was impossible for him, given his ego — he might have gotten his desired results out of Congress. Had Netanyahu not gone so out of his way to attack the Obama administration, Congress may not have reverted to the partisan posture on two Iran-related bills that had looked like they had a decent chance of making their way into law.

Israel has a lot of friends in Congress. Have you heard? There are many, many Democrats willing to do exactly what Israel wants at any time. Perhaps the only way that Israel can screw this up is to launch a direct, overt assault on the head of the Democratic party. Israel’s hold on Congress is not so strong that Democratic members will choose Israel over their own president.

And that’s what Netanyahu has made them do: rush to the defense of President Obama, even if they had been willing to diverge from his foreign policy approach.

This first came up shortly after the speech was announced, when the Senate was on the cusp of pushing through a new round of sanctions against Iran. Despite President Obama sharp warnings that this would derail negotiations with Iran at a critical juncture, about a dozen Democratic senators, led by Sen. Bob Menendez, were moving ahead anyway.

But as soon as Netanyahu accepted Boehner’s invitation to speak, acknowledging quite openly his goal to persuade a veto-proof majority of lawmakers to vote in favor of the sanctions bill and thereby disrupt negotiations, he thwarted his own objective. Democrats who had been sitting on the fence opted to give the administration more time before bringing up the bill. They signed a a joint letter to the White House promising not to vote for a sanctions bill before March 24, the deadline for P5+1 negotiators to reach a preliminary framework on a deal with the Iranian foreign minister.


Benghazi Panel To Subpoena Hillary Clinton's Private Emails Today

Source: TPM

It was only a matter of time before the House's special committee on Benghazi got a piece of the action surrounding Hillary Clinton's disputed private emails.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday afternoon that the panel is expected to subpoena the State Department for all emails related to the deadly 2012 attacks in Libya sent from clintonemail.com accounts, citing people familiar with the probe.

The expected subpoenas come on the heels of a New York Times report that suggested Clinton may have violated federal regulations by conducting all business during her tenure as secretary of state from a personal email account. A subsequent Associated Press report traced Clinton's private email address at the clintonemail.com domain back to her own private email server registered under a pseudonym.

The special committee also is expected to subpoena emails related to the attacks from the personal accounts of any of Clinton's staff, according to the Washington Post.


Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/benghazi-committee-subpoena-hillary-emails

Lawyer Arguing Against Obamacare: Statute Written By 'White Women And Minorities'

Source: TPM

Michael Carvin, the attorney arguing on behalf of the plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case, said this challenge is different because the argument against the law centers on a statute that was "written by white women and minorities."

Carvin's comments were published in a Wall Street Journal profile of him on Tuesday, a day before oral arguments began in the King v. Burwell lawsuit.

Carvin argued that the difference between this lawsuit and the one in 2012 is that unlike the 2012 challenge, the argument on Wednesday is on "a statute that was written three years ago, not by dead white men but by living white women and minorities."

"It hasn't had time to 'grow' or 'evolve,'" Carvin added, a jab that mocks terms liberals have used for constitutional doctrines that conservatives have argued aren't supported by the Constitution.


Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/michael-carvin-obamacare-statutes-white-women-minorities

Bush Asks Donors to Limit Themselves to $1 Million

“An unusual request has gone out to wealthy donors writing large checks to support former Florida governor Jeb Bush: Please don’t give more than $1 million right away,” the Washington Post reports.

“”The move reflects concerns among Bush advisers that accepting massive sums from a handful of uber-rich supporters could fuel a perception that the former governor is in their debt. The effort is also driven by a desire to build as broad a pool of donors as possible among wealthier contributors.”



A Three Party House

“On paper, the GOP currently has 245 members, but when 50 feel they can walk away from their leadership on any given day, it’s really a plurality, not a majority,” Politico notes.

“The House, then, is not controlled by one party but better understood as a playing field for at least three: the party on the right, the dominant Republican core in the center, and the left represented by the Democrats. The challenge is to build alliances among these three to get to the 218 votes needed to move legislation. This coalition approach may seem a blow to Republican pride but it could also be liberating for John Boehner since it brings him back to the role he often forgets: Speaker of the House.”



South Carolina Voters Don’t Want Graham to Run

Nearly two-thirds of South Carolina registered voters say Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) should not run for president, according to a Winthrop Poll.

Among Republicans, Graham’s approval rating was 60%, but only 34% in his party said he should run for president.

A new Gravis Marketing survey shows Graham finishing third in a South Carolina Republican primary behind Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.


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