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Name: Don
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Greenfield, MA
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 24,102

Journal Archives

Trump's taunts are stirring a level of nationalism Mexico hasn't seen in years

By Nick Miroff February 25 at 6:00 AM

Confrontation with the United States is so central to Mexican history there’s an institution dedicated to the trauma. It’s called the Museum of Interventions.

Remember the Alamo? They do here — as the prelude to a string of defeats, invasions and territorial losses that left Mexico wounded and diminished, its national identity forged by grievance.

The museum is housed in a former convent where Mexican troops were overrun by U.S. soldiers in the 1847 Battle of Churubusco. And for most of the three decades since the museum opened, its faded battle flags seemed like the stuff of buried history, an anachronism in an age of galloping North American Free Trade Agreement integration.

But President Trump’s wall-building, great-again nationalism is reviving the old Mexican version, too. His characterization of tougher border enforcement and immigration raids as “a military operation” hit the nerve that runs through this legacy, undermining his aides’ trip to Mexico City this week and the message that relations with the United States remain strong.

Instead, the public outrage at Trump has sunk those relations to their lowest point in decades. It has inspired a campaign to boycott U.S. chains such as Starbucks and buy “Made in Mexico” products. Protesters marched in a dozen cities this month, carrying grotesque effigies of the American president. And Trump’s taunts have buoyed the poll numbers of 2018 presidential contender Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the left-wing populist Mexicans see as the figure most likely to fight back.


How the New Yorker's new Putin/Trump cover came together like 'a perfect storm'

By Michael Cavna February 24 at 3:28 PM

THE FIRST New Yorker cover, featuring the iconically monocled character Eustace Tilley, landed on news stands 92 years ago this month.

Now, in a nod to both the anniversary and our modern geopolitical times, the magazine’s mascot has been transformed into “Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley,” who turns his glassy gaze toward a small, fluttering Donald Trump.

Next week’s cover is by topical artist extraordinaire Barry Blitt, who famously depicted his radicalized, dap-happy Obamas for the magazine’s “The Politics of Fear” cover in 2008. His latest illustration pays homage to that initial 1925 Rea Irvin cover, while also fronting an issue that includes the Trump-Putin investigative piece “Active Measures,” by Evan Osnos, Joshua Yaffa and editor David Remnick (who won a Pulitzer Prize for his 1993 book “Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire”).

“Every once in a while, there’s a perfect storm to produce an image,” Françoise Mouly, the New Yorker’s art editor, tells The Post’s Comic Riffs. “Here, while David Remnick, an expert on Russia, was co-authoring a major report on the Trump-Putin dynamic, Barry Blitt knew just how to utilize the aplomb shown by Rea Irvin’s dandy.”


Retailers have reportedly dumped 3,600 Trump-branded items from shelves since November: SAD!

Source: RawStory

25 FEB 2017 AT 17:00 ET

A group protesting Pres. Donald Trump and his policies by boycotting his family’s consumer products and the retailers who carry them says that since the November 2016 election, retailers have stopped selling 3,600 Trump-branded products.

Business Insider spoke with the group’s co-founder — brand strategist Shannon Coulter — who said that the #GrabYourWallet campaign has been a roaring success.

“I did expect it to succeed,” Coulter said Business Insider. “I saw such a strong and spirited response to even my very first musings about it.”

Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus and Belk have all stopped carrying Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory lines. Sears and Kmart and Sears have stopped offering Trump Home products on their websites and the items were never available in their brick and mortar locations.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/retailers-have-reportedly-dumped-3600-trump-branded-items-from-their-shelves-since-november-sad/

BREAKING: Trump Tweets That He Won't Be Attending White House Correspondents Dinner

Source: Mediaite

by Josh Feldman 4:55 pm, February 25th, 2017

President Trump has just tweeted that he will not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner this year:


Read more: http://www.mediaite.com/online/breaking-trump-tweets-that-he-wont-be-attending-white-house-correspondents-dinner/

Perez suspends committee rules to name Keith Ellison as deputy

Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort under scrutiny for $19 million worth of shady real estate loans

24 FEB 2017 AT 23:59 ET

Former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort — who resigned his position last summer amid scrutiny over his ties to the Russian government — is raising eyebrows once again thanks to $19 million in home equity loans for properties in New York City.

The Intercept’s David Dayen reports that Manafort has taken out seven separate home equity loans since 2012 with an estimated worth of $19.2 million. What makes this particularly strange, Dayen notes, is the presence of “one particularly large and unusual loan from a banker on Trump’s Economic Advisory Council.”

This particular loan was used to purchase a two-unit brownstone at 377 Union Street in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that home equity loans such as the one Manafort took out on the property are supposed to give owners incentives to improve the property, it seems that he has completely left it alone since its acquisition.

“The home has been empty since the purchase,” Dayen writes. “Though work initially started, none has been performed in the last year and a half; cinderblocks and steel beams line the front yard. A stop-work order on the project is dated February 1, after Manafort secured the new loan. Neighbors have complained about Manafort’s ‘eyesore’ of a project.”


New EPA head Pruitt tells CPAC crowd they are 'justified' in wanting to see agency eliminated


Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party

By David Weigel February 25 at 3:27 PM

ATLANTA — Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected as the first Latino chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday, defeating Rep. Keith Ellison at a contentious party meeting in Atlanta.

“With hard work and a hell of a lot of organizing, we will turn this party around,” said Perez, his voice hoarse after a week that took him to 10 states, locking up the final votes he needed from the 447-member DNC.

“We’ve got to come out of here hand in hand, brothers and sisters, because Trump is right outside of that door,” said Ellison before the final vote, which came on a second ballot.

Ellison’s defeat was a blow to the party’s liberal wing, personified by activists, labor leaders, and organizers who had come to Atlanta to cheer him on. Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who had lobbied hard for Ellison, worried that the party was alienating the growing “resistance” that has organized against President Donald Trump.


Democrats: GOP Medicaid reform plan is really about tax cuts

Source: Associated Press

SATURDAY, FEB 25, 2017 02:30 PM EST


WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic governors say a proposal by their Republican counterparts to overhaul Medicaid is really just a smoke screen for tax cuts for the wealthy.

GOP governors intend to present Congress with a plan they say would give states more flexibility to administer health coverage for poorer residents. The Republican proposal is also meant to protect states from absorbing the costs of repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington and other Democratic governors said Saturday that the GOP plan won’t improve health care for anyone. He says it’s really meant to cut spending on Medicaid to finance tax cuts.

Inslee says a repeal of President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law is not inevitable. He says Democrats can win over GOP lawmakers who’ve been facing angry constituents at town hall meetings.


Read more: http://www.salon.com/2017/02/25/democrats-gop-medicaid-reform-plan-is-really-about-tax-cuts/

Priebus contacting intel officials about Russia investigation is the first stage of 'a cover-up'...

Priebus contacting intel officials about Russia investigation is the first stage of ‘a cover-up’: analyst

25 FEB 2017 AT 13:33 ET

Appearing on MSNBC, an intelligence analyst hammered White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for contacting intelligence officials about their investigations into Russian involvement in the Trump Administration, calling it, “the first stage of a cover-up.”

Friday it was revealed that Priebus had been in contact with top FBI officials — including Director James Comey and assistant director Andrew McCabe — asking that they help push back at stories linking Trump administration officials to Russian intelligence agents.

According to terrorism analyst Malcom Nance, the failed attempt by Priebus to bully intelligence officials is a sign that something is up.

Joining guest host Jonathan Capehart on AM Joy, Nance excoriated the White House efforts, saying they are trying to deflect attention away from Russian influence.

“This is just trying to get your eye off the ball,” Nance explained. “Russia conducted

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