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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
Number of posts: 11,462

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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I remember when Ashley Judd was set to run against the turtle


BUT, lo and behold, the sensible people in the DNC told her no


the same geniuses that took over Hillary's run. Of course, they picked Alison grimes, who could not even admit she voted for Obama.


and now we have Mitch ready to get his claws into territory even Trump was reluctant to go into, at leats not before making a half arse "replacement".
Yes, Hillary had a stacked deck against her, that is a 2+2=4 fact, but frankly, I do nto want the geniuses that hjelped keep the trutle on congress calling the plays for 2018 or 2020.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Dec 6, 2016, 08:08 PM (0 replies)

White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren


From the article:

"But to white people, whose lives aren’t in danger in the way Trevor Noah’s is, this was an entertaining joust that reaffirmed whatever stances they have on a multitude of issues and made them feel good about the belief that we can just talk away hatred without doing anything to actually deter it. And once again, the onus is placed on the black person to defend himself. If liberal white people are so delighted by the “demolition,” then they should feel just as happy to speak up and quell Lahren and her followers before she’s able to drop propaganda on a national TV audience. And damn sure before she says anything to a black person. The fact Trevor Noah was able to face Lahren on his show wasn’t as much a celebration of his ability to cordially talk to her as it was a failure by the same white people so delighted in the debate to check her and her hatred before it became a national phenomenon."

about "strong men": an old fable by aesop


The Frogs were living as happy as could be in a marshy swamp that just suited them; they went splashing about caring for nobody and nobody troubling with them.

But some of them thought that this was not right, that they should have a king and a proper constitution, so they determined to send up a petition to Jove to give them what they wanted.

"Mighty Jove," they cried, "send unto us a king that will rule over us and keep us in order." Jove laughed at their croaking, and threw down into the swamp a huge Log, which came down splashing into the swamp.

The Frogs were frightened out of their lives by the commotion made in their midst, and all rushed to the bank to look at the horrible monster; but after a time, seeing that it did not move, one or two of the boldest of them ventured out towards the Log, and even dared to touch it; still it did not move.

Then the greatest hero of the Frogs jumped upon the Log and commenced dancing up and down upon it, thereupon all the Frogs came and did the same; and for some time the Frogs went about their business every day without taking the slightest notice of their new King Log lying in their midst.

But this did not suit them, so they sent another petition to Jove, and said to him, "We want a real king; one that will really rule over us."

Now this made Jove angry, so he sent among them a big Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up.

Then the Frogs repented when too late.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:27 PM (1 replies)

Silent thread for Fidel Castro. R.I.P


Identity vs Economy, a false dichotomy.

There are a lot people saying we lost because we focus too much on identity. Not surprising, a lot of these folks are White Males. There are people who thought that too much was made of Working class voters.

The truth is, we need to have answers and emphasis for BOTH. The worst thing we can do is cut our poll into smaller pieces, because rest assured, Trump and the GOP will try to accelerate that It is also the fact that, as much as the GOP tries to sell the idea, you cannot have one without the other. A person with a good paying job whose civil rights are neglected is one step away from disposal, especially if someone from the majority thinks they have a right to that good job. A person with civil right but no job is easily mowed down, especially in a culture like America where one's wallet is one's value. We can walk and chew gum, especially as the same folks do not have any nicer plans for the angry white man than anyone else, despite all the BS>

In short, as we go into 2018 and 2020, we can should and must address both flanks, equally.

let's chalk up lessons learned

as we charge into electoral battle, hopefully giving Trump his badly needed coup de grace.

1) MSNBC is not our friend. Whether it is Tweety Matthews carrying on his vendetta with Hillary, Joe Scab and Baroness Brzezinski trying to support Trump, MSNBC is every bit as harmful as Fox. No we will not send Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O Donell to the reeducation camp, though frankly I would love seeing them work with Olbermann.

2) Ratfucking on the internet is a thing, be it from foreign or domestic sources. I may hope that Hillary does not give in to the hawks and start wwiii with Russia, but that does not mean that the Russians do not deserve a red face over the way they tried sticking their hand in the cookie jar. We have to get used to the fact that no low is too low for any of our enemies, and that people who are enemies may become bedfellows quicker than a bad spy flick.

3) In the end, all we have is..each other. Yes, there is going to be a lot of debate, and at time, hurt feelings, over whether Hillary goes left or right but in the bitterest of ends, all we have is each other. Friends and Lovers may go, family remains, and however dysfunctional a family we can be, we are family, and we will always have more in common with each other than anyone else. Of course, it helped that m,any of our "friends" let their mask slip. That was Trump's genuine public service, which leads to:

$) WE MUST not let the GOP try to disown their actions in 2016, period! They will try by trotting out Marco Rubio, or Jon Huntsman, or some other cute GOP that will mew cutely "But Trump hated my guts too, I ain't that sorta GOP." WE must never allow the GOP to forget that they propped up this monster, because their VOTERS liked him. He is the GOP without makeup, and we must remind the nation that many, many GOP are as bad as Trump or ten times worse. 2016 needs to be hung around their necks like a maggot-bloated carcass, and they should still stink of it well past 2020!
Posted by DonCoquixote | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 12:34 AM (8 replies)

Not ready to make nice

The thing about Obama and Hillary is that, both of them seem to sincerely want bipartisanship. People can debate about the sleaze that subject brings up, but they also seem to genuinely believe that the GOP can see reason and work for the good of the nation.

Most of us here know better. Trump has not only embraced the worst, but now they are openly walking about, willing to hold the supreme court hostage till they get the second coming of Scalia. They simply do not care about Russia ties, or crimes, sexual and otherwise, they just want their tax breaks and the jollies they get frpom oppressing everyone not a white christian male or properly subservient white woman.

Folks, we may need to remind Hillary of this, because they are not ready to make nice, and neither should we. If they are going to invoke the Civil War, we should remind them of Juneteenth and Appomattox. Do I want blood, no? but, if it takes HUMILIATING them, and reminding them that the only thing in the way of disaster is our willingness to hold our fire, then so BE IT! I have no problem breaking an eardrum, or tossing a resume, or making sure that those who embrace Trump have a stain on them, a nice scar that remind people what they sold themselves to. As for the so called "mainstream" they need to own this, because heaven knows if Trump won, they would all be fighting to claim glory and try to get everything they could plunder!

No, we are NOT going to let them on our boat, so that they can take over and play captain. If they act like rats, let them sink like them!

The FBI and the "undecided voter"

While I will admit there may be some people confused, especially since a billion dollars is spent on confusing people, I will admit there may be some people who have not decided yet.

THAT BEING SAID, the current meme is that the FBI reminded some people why they hate Hillary so much, that it allowed them to feel comfortable to vote against her again.

If any such people fit into that: they are among the weakest,. most cowardly beings who rationalize their love of the right wing the way a drunk rationalizes his bottle. For your right wing cold warriors, does whatever happened with weiner's emails make Putin any less dangerous, or Trump less contemptible for actually asking him to send emails? Do you even care about your daughters who will probably be molested and harassed because Trump made that acceptable behavior? Will you deal with her pregnancy, knowing the clod that raped her will be able to smile, laugh, and maybe if you are lucky, simply go away to talk about how much fun he had at her expense? Are you ready to see your Social Security fed to Wall Street, as well as other assets when they take that nice Brexit style jump? And let's not even talk about a trade war with China where they might finally start selling off those assets they bought to pay for W's war and tax breaks.

Believe me, while I may admire some things about Hillary, soem aspects of her make me sick, and oh yes, if she wins Tuesday, I intend to skip the champagne, and get right to work making sure she remembers who won her the race. But if you vote for Trump, or, in a swing state and do nto vote, you are helping Trump, period, and if you are helping Trump, you will deserve to have all he brings forth hung around your neck, it is the least you can do since your children you claim to love so much will be stuck with the bill!

and that, unlike the current FBI crap, is provable, based on all those things Trump has said on tape, where he did not even bother to worry about is they were being taped.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 08:45 PM (1 replies)

dumb question, but

There is now way that the libertarians or Greens can offer their votes to Hillary or Donald, right?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 05:43 PM (0 replies)
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