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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 7,844

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Ruth: The Hillary Doctrine (w/video)


From article:

"This is Clinton's glaring flaw as a candidate: the all too obvious ambition, the tone deafness, the sense of entitlement, the indifference to understanding loyalty is best measured when it is the most risky to express.

Clinton said she couldn't wait to see Obama at a recent social gathering, when she could hug him. What do you think the chances are as they embraced Obama whispered: "Et tu, Hillary?"


when you go ahead and punish people because the person happens to be a fool, you do nothing to advance the cause of leftism, you instead feed that narrative that "those people on the left cannot and will not help now, ya gotta kiss the ass of dose Reagan democrats." If people see that,wait a minute, the left CAN vote and come out to vote, than the right wing will panic and see "hey wait a minute, I better go left" It is exactly the reason why Dick Cheney softened up on Gay marriage. You are not just playing to the democratic leadership, you are playing to those that want the numbers. If we do not produce votes, than we will say "ok, we will not show uop, ignore us and keep chasing your regaan democrats."

And also,let us not forget that if Minorties starve because someone wanted to make a "protest vote" that will fray solidarity. Look at how successful the GOP was at a time for driving wedges between labor and the left, because they were able to sell the idea that these 20-30 somthings did not give a damned if the Union guys lost their jobs. It is also a major reason why we do not have much blue in Dixie. If we want solidarity, we will need a better sales tactic than "I hated you anyway because you were stupid, so i will take my votes and stay home!"

To Robin Williams (warning, possible offensive langauge)

The fact I needed to put the dislaimer I did is an example of the sort of stunts we need to put on humor or any sort of expression. These days, anyone who says something honest, even a comedian, has a bunch of lawyers and others ready to throw rocks, as we as a nation, and a world, take outselves very seriously. Never mind that taking ourselves so fucking seriously has not done one iota of good: the earth is still dying, the streets are harder than ever, and whatever little bit of faith, hope and charity out there gets ground to bits, as even the "left" brandished Iron Fists.

If taking yourselves so seriously is supposed to be good, why is the world even more fucked up than it ever was? This sort of ugly truth is what people like Robin Williams pointed out, only he did it in a way that people could swallow the medicine.

However, Mr. Williams, I would say you just made the worst punchline of your life, one that might render a lot of good you did a bad joke. Like you, I suffer from Asberger's and Depression, and I will admit there were many times I considered taking your route, especially as I often dealt with a right that hated me and a left that thought I was not cool enough for them. When the Hippies and Yuppies hate you, it can be a rough gig. The sad part is, there was a group of people that helped me deal with it, people who made me realize that in the end, we could be respected and loved for what we are, and that the people who called us idiots one year would be calling us geniuses the next.

You were one of them, and sadly, if the reports of suicide are true, you will have added a tragedy to a life that gave us laughter, laughter that was as valuable and sweet as ice water in the Sahara Desert. Yes, I know that there will come out the ghouls, the right wing that will trumpet your death as God's will, while the Dennis Millers of the world grow to be ugly old men.

But I do not mourn for that, I mourn for the fact that someone who could inspire others could have not benfitted from that himself. I will not judge you, after all, I know very well that the disease you suffered can bring about storms of agony that it seems only death can calm (even though it does not.) and I can guess that you were confused about dealing with an age that took itself so fucking seriously that the Comedy networks were given the mantle of news network. If I am harsh, it is only because I do not want someone to imitate your final act, as opposed to the glorious performances before.

People, if you kill yourself, you will be missed, even by people you never knew.

Like I said Mr Williams, but I am not condeming you. In one of your unsung performaces, you spoke as Peter Pan, quoting his line that "Death will be a great adventure." Honestly, I do not wish to focus on that, as while some think it noble to die for a cause, the real heroism is to live life as it is, for what it is. There is the real adventure. Let all the noble self deluded paladins die fot this ideal or that god, the heroes are those whose laughter will make surviving the aftermath possible.

All the same, wherever you are, my what lies ahead of you be a great adventure. You deserved nothing less.

By the way, the movie line in my head is Hook, but also this one.

Too bad no one could pull you from the dark..for what it is worth, if anyone could emerge from such a dark place you could.

May what lies ahead be an adventure worthy of you.

to quote this movie though, let us ALL remember a quote

"it is NOT about understanding! It is about NOT GIVING UP!"

Silent Thread for Robin Williams


30 pieces of Silver: Why Hillary attacking Obama matters now!

It has been said to Gore "If only ya did not try to run so hard from Bill and Hill, ya woulda been President!" Well, we already see Hillary running from Obama.


Let me tell you why the TIMING of this matters. We are in an election season, Bill is already trotting about the country supporting DINOs. However, Hillary, the Sec of State, is already joining in the GOP dogpile of Obama. She is criticizing him for not agreeing with the GOP and not bombing Syria,which, as we know, was the lead up to the War with Iran some have wanted for 20 years!

The timing of this is a message: if we do not win the Senate, two lies will be blasted at full volume: we lost the senate because of Obama, and he lost it because he listened to the left. Granted, if Hillary was a left wing Sec of State, then i would see her critizing Obama, because the reason he is in trouble is because he listened way way way too much to the RIGHT WING. He gave up so much to the right, even to the point of hiring Hillary herself, only to get backstabbed.

But there is a still larger issue. If the GOP has the Senate, than Hillary will be even more kneecapped then Obama was. After all, if nothing else, the past eight years have shown that the legislature runs the country, and that they that buy the legislature run it. Surely Hillary would not be trying to throw the GOP senate races on purpose right?, see bill with Allison grimes?

WRONG. If she plays herself as the Joan of Arc that the GOP has tied to the burning stake, she will be able to write off any reason for doing anything left! ANYTHING! Of course the media will say compromise is needed, and because she has the right skin complexion, they will pad the walk to the right with palm leaves and rose petals, as opposed to the broken glass and dog turds they made Obama walk on!

The fix is in..Hillary knows what side her bread is buttered, and it lies with a congress that will glady play the mustachio'd villain to her maudlin maiden, an act both parties will play as cynically as a bunch of "exotic dancers" in a Tampa stripjoint!

Radio Host Fired For Racist Tirade Resurfaces In "Pro-White" Media


This is important because it used to be racists would not embrace "pro white" media because they knew they might as well be wearing Klan robes. That one step has been taken, the barrier stepped over, the bridge burned.

Oh, and here is a little gem to show the mentality:

"CUMIA: When you watch any of the footage of any of the Apollo programs over the years and you look at the control room of mission control, what do you see? Do you see diversity there? Honestly, let's be honest. You're seeing white males smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee at the console and putting people on the moon. How is this a horrible thing? How is this something to look at and say, "We need to change this by injecting people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the cultures, do not work and contribute to this nation"? Why is this a good thing to then add these people into the formula to make this a great country? Diversity for the sense of just diversity is not a good thing. And when I talk about race and try to be open and honest about it in this day and age, you're chastised, you're looked at as the racist. "

Brady leaves heroic legacy in fierce gun control battle


Folks, this is the sort of article that will hammer home facts as well as break your heart. The phrase "American hero" is bandided about, this article shows Brady deserved it.

From the article:

"Together with his wife, Sarah, the couple became the driving force in the creation of what would eventually become the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. And their efforts paid off in the 1990s with measures signed into law that created background checks for weapons sales, waiting periods to obtain a gun, and the restoration of the federal ban on the sale of assault weapons.

It is estimated that the laws passed because of the Bradys' efforts kept guns out of the hands of some 2 million people who failed background checks because of criminal records or a history of mental illness. That is no small accomplishment against an opponent like the NRA, which pretty much counts Congress as a wholly owned subsidiary.

But over time, many of the gains made by Brady and other gun control advocates have been slowly whittled away, especially the perfectly reasonable five-day waiting period before a gun purchase can be finalized. The NRA opposed the waiting period as an "inconvenience" to law-abiding purchasers of guns. Brady had another view.

"I need help getting out of bed, help taking a shower and help getting dressed, and damn it I need help going to the bathroom," Brady fumed. "I guess I'm paying for their 'convenience.' "
Posted by DonCoquixote | Wed Aug 6, 2014, 11:47 PM (7 replies)

about Hillary running

Look, I realize that we do not need to repeat the fiasco of 2000. Nader may be backing Rand Paul, but I have no illusions about the fact that the same congress and media that fights a Democratic president will fall all over themselves to obey a Republican, if not drag him further to the right themselves.

However, perhaps some of the Hillary supporters who are angry should think about why so many people are unhappy about the way the 2016 campaign is being sold to us.

One: If we simply coronate Hillary, she will have NO reason to go to the left. The moneyed interests will be there, ready to make "suggestions."

Two: By attacking those who have misgivings, many people who felt cheated are dismissed. The truth is, The democrats have been trying to exchange their base since Bill himself got elected, and that proverbial "bill" shows up at the Voting booth.

Three: The Gop still has their dirty tricks in place. It will be easy to sell the idea that Hillary lost Florida and Ohio

in case people wonder why Florida dems will vote for Charlie Crist

Now, let me go ahead and say this cleanly and clearly.

I hate, have hated, and always will HATE Charlie Crist. Not dislike, HATE.

I hated him when he offered to open up oil exploration so he could be John McCain;'s veep, only to get beat out by Sarah Palin.

I hated him when his "independent" run helped put Marco Rubio in the Senator's seat 9though a lot of that was also another person I hate, Debbie Wasserman "I have GOP friends" Schultz.

However, as awful as Charlie is, we need to get rick scott out of there STAT. He already mamngled the one thign Charlie did right, the plan to buy the everglades from Big Sugar, after oddly enough, Rick Scott spent weekends at the King ranch in texas, aka a ranch owned by big sugar, where rich boys can act like hunters.

This is the same guy that refuses to expand medicaid, and indeed, refused the high speed rail Obama offered.

Yes, it is a sign of the times when the onyl two people that have a shot at election are the former idiot GOP giv and the guy that was behing the theft..er loss of millions of medicare dollars. However, I know that if Rick Scott manages to stay in, he will eithe rhand the state over to Jeb, or worse, use it as a bargaining chip for his OWN presidential run.

Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri Aug 1, 2014, 01:57 AM (7 replies)

A sad and scary Mark twain quote

That oddly enough fits the present era.

The motto stated a lie. If this nation has ever trusted in God, that time has gone by; for nearly half a century almost its entire trust has been in the Republican party and the dollar--mainly the dollar. I recognize that I am only making an assertion and furnishing no proof; I am sorry, but this is a habit of mine; sorry also that I am not alone in it; everybody seems to have this disease."
- Mark Twain in Eruption

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