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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 8,896

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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distrurbing thought about the veep race

Would any democrat be stupid enough to pick Rahm Emmanuel as Veep?

no, we do not HATE Hillary.

Look, I will recite the blood oath: if Hillary WINS THE PRIMARY, I will vote for her, because as awful as a Hillary presidency would be, it would at least keep the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist out of the White House (and we all know THEY are the people whp would run the show.)

However, some of us want a primary because that is the one time in the whole procedure where Hillary HAS to listen to Democrats, including those on the left. If we do not have that period, she is free to do things like hire Larry Summers as part of her campaign. She is free to cater to the right on matters such as the TPP, or bang war drums. The problem with saying "Hilllary is inveitable, get on board already!" is that Hillary can do things that are outright hostile to the left, and have absolutley no reason to even care. I realize that to many (albeit not all )Hillary supporters, that is an amen, as they late the left onlight slightly less than the GOP does, but if you want our help, you need to at the very least offer NOT to take from us what little we have left.

again, I am not a Naderista. 2000 proved once and for all that, rather than help the left, going third party solidfies the right, as many, including blue dog democrats, will make sure the message is "You shoulda gone right." However, THIS IS THE PHASE where Hillary, or ANY candidiate for Democrat, HAS TO LISTEN TO AND WOO those whose votes she wants. You do not get to cut that phase out, she tried in 2008, and she lost.

Why Jon Stewart leaving terrifies me

Ok, I realize that even though the mantle of newcaster was thrown on him, he never wanted that role. One of the best example of real news on TV was when he was talking to Jim Cramer, and he said "I am supposed to be the guy doing fart jokes" and you could tell that he was sad that this idiot that CNBC hired was claiming all the respect of a journalist, but did less fact checking than a bucnh of comedy writers. What was worse is that the audience did not care.

Now, I am sure Jon wants to avoid being one of those comics that supposedly stays too long. We all remember how they did everything but boil Johnny Carson into glue onstage, despite the fact that NOBODY has even come close to makign the tonight show what it was under him. Yeah, I bring that example up because, yes, you can point out neither Carson nor Stewart were the orginal hosts, and that yes, both shows went on to have long lives. However, Jon had the ability to skewer both the news and the newsmakers, to say "look, this should be a fart joke, but what you privileged idiots do is actually sillier, and it is funnier, despite the fact it should make people cry."

What scares me is the timing. Look, The Koch brothers are not even pretending to use the GOP as cover, they plan to outspend both political parties, in order to make Scott Walker President. This is a guy who was skewered by comedians doing a complete ASS KISS to someone he thought was a Koch. Do we want THIS in the Oval Office?

This is not a joke. It is not even funny

Anmd what woprries me is that if we are going to have multi billion dollar bullshiut, THAT is when we need Jon Stewart. It does not matter who they get, they will gnaw at that person till they are crippled or dead, even if they get some old seasoned hand like Lewis Black or Denis Leary. And if they put a new face in, they will ratchet it up.

And sorry to say, if Hillary is running, she will be all the more happy to see the Daily Show die, because she and her Hubby are great targets for it.

Abot the only bright spot is that someone at FOX is probably thinking "hey, we can put Kennedy and Dennis Miller on and steal the throne." If they do that, it will be transparent as hell.

to whoever valentined me

Thank you

Wasserman Schultz won't join protest of Netanyahu speech


I would love to say I am surprised, but I am not. This woman is doing little to nothign to defend left leaning people in her owjn state, or throughout the nation, but cozies up to Netanyahu. I bet she is just hoping Hillary wins as Hillary and Netanyahu are friends. Well Debbie, if you lose Florida in 2016, Hillary will stop being your BB4L, and make you a fine scapegoat.

Ruth: Confusing Florida prisons with 'Papillon'


Hey Debbie Wasserman Schulz, think you could have tried harder to help us get this idiot out of opffice rather than give him access to the florida vote theft machine in 2016?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Wed Feb 4, 2015, 06:38 PM (2 replies)

Impending freedom for priest in abuse scandal stuns victims


So, this person serves less than 40 percent of a sentence that was cut after a lot of confessions and plea bargaining.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Wed Feb 4, 2015, 06:35 PM (0 replies)

Several points to ponder about anti-vax

Disclaimer, I realize some anti-vax love their kids and are people who think of themselves as liberal. However, I urge you to think about who is putting out anti-vax memes.

It is no accident that both Chris Christie and Rand Paul got on the anti-vax wagon. These are people who HATE GOVERNMENT, and hate to admit that GOVERNMENT researched and GOVERNMENT mandated vaccination did a genuine amount of good. It is not because they mind lots of sick and poor people dying. A lot of this "You know better than those doctors" bs is just the same anti-intellectual stuff the GOP has been selling for years, along with some supposed Good old days which never were. If Vaccines become demonized, so will the support for the idea that the government has a right to speak on health issues, which means that the big pharma that so many anti-vax people blame will get EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, a bunch of confused, ill informed sick people.

There is another spectre here, good old fashioned racism. After all, Latinos get blamed for bringing disease in this country. If Vaccines do not work, it will be easy to demonize brown people as some sort of plague carrying menace, and make people shut their doors. Never mind the irony that Latinos are the descendants of the most intense campaign of biological warfare ever conducted, one so intense that when Hitler claimed he could exterminate the Jews, he pointed to the fact we had successfuly exterminated native americans by doing nice things like infecting blankets with smallpox. You remember smallpox, one of the diseases they have a vaccine for. If Vaccines are demonized, than people with easily preventable disease will be demonized, both immigrants, and the native poor that neither paul nor christie want to vaccinate.

Yes, I understand that doctors have done a LOT to earn distrust, but we cannot go the other direction and, because of stuff that is NOT proven, start thinking we can go back to the days where we used shamans more than pills.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Feb 3, 2015, 01:17 AM (0 replies)

So Hillary is not her husband

Even though Bill kept on saying they were "two for the price of one", let's go ahead and say that Hillary's positions are not like Bill's.

Well, the problem is that whenever Bill has ran his mouth off recently about certain issues, she has said NOTHING contrary to Bill.

On Syria, where Bill called Obama a "wuss", where was Hillary stating she had a different opinion?
On Keystone, where was Hillary when Bill said we should let keystone flow through our country?

Now, there are only a few things to think.

A) Hillary agrees with Bill
B) Hillary is unable or unwilling to speak against Bill

Frankly, neither of those appeals, because he either have someone who is using Bill to attack the left, or someone who is so scared of disagreeing with Bill that he will get a third term.

Now, if Hillary were to publicly disagree with Bill, yes, she would lose some followers, but also gain a lot more, because she would truly show she is her own person.

how will we keep Florida from being stolen in 2016?

The fact is, if either Bush or Rubio run, they know how to flip the vote stealing machine, because THEY BUILT IT. Add to this the rather tragic efforts of Debbie wasser-man Schulz, and we have a problem, because Rick Scott will gladly approve any mayhem.
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