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Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 08:37 AM
Number of posts: 9,642

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Call or email your Congress critter NOW Link below. You can look up by state so get zip and call

all GOP...The GOP are wavering...now the bill is even worse than before...let's stop this
cold...call all GOP now!!!!!!


http://m.house.gov/representatives/states.php by state

Call your senator about Gorsuch... SAY NO DEMOCRATIC COLLUSION. Phone link below

Sen. Bennett from Colorado will 'introduce' Gorsuch on Monday. Call your Dem Senate...tell them no way no how...This was Obama's pick. They stole it. Make them pay.

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Jussie Smollet Resistance Video F.U.W. Happy Weekend!

Great video...enjoy on a Friday afternoon.

RIP Inside the Collapse of the Mark Steyn Show

Mark Steyn is a phony. He created the faux narrative that Pres. Obama wiretapped Comrade Drumpt and Breitbart picked it up...a day or so later someone gave it to Trump to read and the rest is history.


Trump did not mean that Obama was literally wiretapping per Spicer

"White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that President Donald Trump was not talking literally or specifically when he accused President Barack Obama of "wiretapping" his campaign."

What a tool.

Daily Kos call the spawn of hell Obamacare 'replacement' DonTcare...and hahaha they need

Dem votes to pass this DonTcare...I like it. Fuck you Ryan, Trump, Cotton and all the other would be GOP murderers.

https://www.callmycongress.com/ Please Please Call about the ACA Link in header and below.

We are down to the wire...I think we can stop them...if we work together. Get the message out with Facebook Twitter etc...thousands will die if we can't stop them.


Very exciting to see Trump falter bigly but folks the ACA is in trouble

the GOP plans to vote to murder middle class and poor people on Tuesday by voting in the rich guys health bill. It must be really bad as Ryan is hiding it...please start calling your representatives. Rec if you called Congress or will call !


Sessions lied about contact with the Russians. When will he resign?

Kislyak was also a spy recruiter per CNN last night.

Michael Weiss

Evan Perez just said it on CNN, so I suppose I can here: Kislyak wasn't just ambassador, he was Russia's "top spy recruiter" in D.C.: SVR.
10:27 PM - 1 Mar 2017
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