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Gender: Female
Current location: Florida
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 15,775

Journal Archives

How Cats Love

14 Ways Cats Show They Love Us


Journey Through Waves and Water

Photo of the Day


Journey Through Waves and Water

John F. Kennedy said, "We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came." Take a mesmerizing trip home through filmmaker Morgan Maassen's underwater lens and experience the beauty, energy, force, fluidity, and tranquility of life under the waves. You've heard that you shouldn't underestimate the power of the ocean. The same could be said about this hypnotic video. Warning: Watching this will make you want to surf ...immediately.


Thank You and A Happy Sunday! :)

Photo of the Day

September 14, 2014

Red Fish, Blue Fish

Photograph by Tracey Jennings, National Geographic Your Shot

While traveling in Central America, Your Shot member Tracey Jennings dove in the waters off Costa Rica’s Cocos Island, a 36-hour sail from the mainland. “On this particular dive, at a site called Dirty Rock, I was mesmerized both by how remote and how beautiful the volcanic scenery was,” Jennings writes. “As we swam along, I looked up and noticed a school of horse-eye jacks spilling over the rock like a waterfall.”


Harvard Business School’s Role in Widening Inequality

by Robert Reich

Satrurday, Sept.13, 2014

No institution is more responsible for educating the CEOs of American corporations than Harvard Business School – inculcating in them a set of ideas and principles that have resulted in a pay gap between CEOs and ordinary workers that’s gone from 20-to-1 fifty years ago to almost 300-to-1 today.

A survey, released on September 6, of 1,947 Harvard Business School alumni showed them far more hopeful about the future competitiveness of American firms than about the future of American workers.

As the authors of the survey conclude, such a divergence is unsustainable. Without a large and growing middle class, Americans won’t have the purchasing power to keep U.S. corporations profitable, and global demand won’t fill the gap. Moreover, the widening gap eventually will lead to political and social instability. As the authors put it, “any leader with a long view understands that business has a profound stake in the prosperity of the average American.”

Unfortunately, the authors neglected to include a discussion about how Harvard Business School should change what it teaches future CEOs with regard to this “profound stake.” HBS has made some changes over the years in response to earlier crises, but has not gone nearly far enough with courses that critically examine the goals of the modern corporation and the role that top executives play in achieving them.


Today's Cartoon

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/12/2014

Examining the net worth of renters and homeowners: Most Americans stash their wealth in home equity. Many housing markets affordable, just not the area you are looking at.

The nation is undergoing a radical transformation where renting is currently outpacing homeownership. The reasons are complex including the multi-year investor orgy into single family homes. Since the crisis hit 7,000,000+ homes have been lost due to the long and drawn out process of foreclosure. No need to worry since investors picked up a solid portion of the slack here. Americans are notoriously bad savers and addicted to debt. For most, housing is a forced savings account. This is why when net worth data is pushed out we find that homeowners clearly outperform renters. It is important however to keep in mind most of the net worth is tied up in equity. That is, you will need to tap your home somehow to get the money flowing out. This is how we end up with dumpster diving baby boomers scrounging the local Whole Foods for goodies while living in a million dollar crap shack. The hipster kids don’t seem to mind since they are now living with mom and dad, unable to afford the high rents in places like California. Yet housing overall does end up being a big forced savings account and that is why the net worth figures between homeowners and renters are not even close. If anything, it adds more evidence to the feudal landlord nation we are witnessing.

Net worth – homeowners and renters


Photo of the Day

September 12, 2014

Key to Survival

Photograph by Matthieu Paley, National Geographic

The Kyrgyz of the Pamir Mountains in northern Afghanistan live at a high altitude where no crops grow. Survival depends on the animals that they milk, butcher, and barter.

Here, Ayeem Khan wears boots borrowed from her father and the red veil of an unmarried Kyrgyz girl, to be traded for a white one when she weds. Twice a day she milks the family’s yaks; some milk curd will be dried for use in winter, when yaks give less.


Wealth Effect’ Kicks in: Luxury Homes Are Hot, Rest of Housing Market Gets Hosed

‘Wealth Effect’ Kicks in: Luxury Homes Are Hot, Rest of Housing Market Gets Hosed
by Wolf Richter • September 11, 2014

Home sales have been declining since last fall and in some cases steeply, with memories of bidding wars early last year triggering wistful sighs. The sales decline continued into the summer, and indications are that they’re dragging into September as well. But the median sale price continued to rise, if at a slower rate, and in many areas has moved out of reach for the median-income household.

Unsold inventories are rising. This has hit new homes the hardest. Otherwise exuberant homebuilders – they’re licking their chops about the sky-high asking prices – are complaining about foot traffic just as inventories have reached 6 months’ supply .

Home sellers have gotten nervous, and 24% of them across the country lowered their listing prices in July to entice potential buyers to show up. And home flippers are finding their business model – buy low and sell high – under pressure .

But hey – no worries at the upper end. In the luxury housing market, it has always been a long drawn-out process to sell a home. There aren’t that many people around with the means to buy these properties, and sellers usually aren’t that desperate and don’t have to sell and thus can hang on to their homes for years. In that rarefied air, the housing market is booming, and the time it takes for a luxury home to sell is dropping.



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