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Gender: Female
Current location: Florida
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 17,001

Journal Archives

I'm OK

My left eye is bandaged up and I see the doctor first thing in the morning.

The surgery went well and I've got a bunch of eye drops for a few weeks to do.

Having a normal eye will be the best birthday present one could ask for.

And I'm blessed having friends like you all!

I have to take it easy, no bending or eye straining and no lifting for awhile.

We'll celebrate my 17,000 posts when I return all healed up.

Thank you for all the good thoughts!

Eye Surgery 10am

Hi Friends,

Much appreciate, good thoughts, and prayers,

I just got the call for the time of surgery.

I've seen my eye surgeon earlier this morning and he needs to get in there at the tear duct and actually place the antibiotic at the source. And he's cutting out a growth of tissue that covers the tear duct caused by the length of time with the infection. He's also removing a chalazion to do a biopsy, caused by the infection.

I'm looking forward to take photos again and enjoy the view without rolling tears down my face and I won't miss the pain either.

Just be free and have a normal eye will be Wonderful!

Thanks everybody!

Happy Birthday President Thomas Jefferson


“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson


Monday Smiles

Oldie But Goodie

Rest In Peace WCGreen

Thank You SCE for your wonderful words of Chris

Here's Garfield This Sunday Morning!

And some other Sunday Smiles...


Dr. Housing Bubble 04/10/15

The broke first time home buyer: 66 percent of first time buyers purchase homes with low down payment mortgages.

There is a reason why new home sales still remain in a slump. New home sales cater to an economy where most family income is rising to support the cost of higher priced homes. In many markets, new homes cater to first time buyers. But the first time home buyer market is mired in problems. In more expensive metro areas you have younger people simply unable to afford rents let alone the cost of a crap shack. In many other parts of the US families are simply dealing with an economy that isn’t seeing across the board wage increases. Low interest rates have to remain to keep the monthly payment static. At least that is what the Fed is hoping for. There was some recent data showing that first time home buyers continue to make up a small portion of all sales. Contrary to some false narrative, many first time home buyers are coming in with low down payments, not suitcases of cash. And for the most part, this is being driven because Americans overall don’t have much in savings and barely enough to cover a dinner at Taco Tuesday with a side order of guacamole if you are being a big spender.

Low down payments and low percentage of all sales

The first point we should look at is that the percent of first time home buyers is still near historical lows. First time home buyers as you would expect come from younger families. Younger Americans came of age during the epic tech bubble and the even more dramatic housing/debt bubble. Across a span of 20 years wages have remained stagnant yet the cost of debt financed items has ballooned (i.e., housing, college tuition, and even glamorous cars). But with housing, much of the growth is dependent on government backed low rate loans.

Take a look at the percentage of first time home buyers:


Some Sunday Smiles!

Have A Great One!

Photo of the Day

April 12, 2015

Cloud Cover

Photograph by Brendon Wainwright, National Geographic Your Shot

Table Mountain wears her distinctive blanket while Cape Town flickers below in this picture by Brendon Wainwright, a member of our Your Shot community. Taking advantage of a beautiful day, Wainwright had hiked with friends to the top of Lion’s Head in the Table Mountain range. “Most people know when the southeasterly wind is blowing it is unpleasant, strong, and irritating; however, not the case on Lion's Head, which is situated between Table Mountain and Signal Hill,” says Wainwright. “As a result of the southeaster, a magical 'tablecloth' cloud phenomenon ... formed over Table Mountain.”

Photo of the Day

April 11, 2015

Come Dancing

Photograph by Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, National Geographic Your Shot

The light and shimmer of the Starlight Room at San Francisco’s Sir Frances Drake Hotel absorbs a couple moved to dance the tango. “I heard the tango music while I was setting up my camera on a tripod,” writes Your Shot member Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, who visited the lounge while at work on a school project. “Suddenly, I saw one couple run up to the dance floor. They danced like a shadow among the stars. I was watching them dance for a while, and I felt like time was paused in that moment between me and them, so I took a shot.”

The Defining Moment, and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Friday, April 10, 2015

by Robert Reich

Almost all the economic gains are still going to the top, leaving America’s vast middle class with stagnant wages and little or no job security. Two-thirds of Americans are working paycheck to paycheck.

Meanwhile, big money is taking over our democracy.

If there were ever a time for a bold Democratic voice on behalf of hardworking Americans, it is now.

Yet I don’t recall a time when the Democratic Party’s most prominent office holders sounded as meek. With the exception of Elizabeth Warren, they’re pussycats. If Paul Wellstone, Teddy Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, or Ann Richards were still with us, they’d be hollering.

The fire now is on the right, stoked by the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch, and a pocketful of hedge-fund billionaires.


Photo of the Day

April 10, 2015

The Searcher

Photograph by Carlo Mogavero, National Geographic Your Shot

A lone rider is dwarfed by the immensity of Utah’s Monument Valley. Your Shot member Carlo Mogavero had the benefit of a clear day and an iconic setting but, he writes, his shot was missing a subject. “Suddenly a cowboy started to climb the cliff, and I began to hope that the guy was going to reach the right position,” he writes. “I waited for a while, and luckily the cowboy went the rock.” For Mogavero, the scene evoked the classic Western films of Sergio Leone and John Ford, once viewed on a black-and-white television.
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