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Gender: Female
Current location: Florida
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 16,795

Journal Archives

Happy Birthday Lou Costello

Thank You for all the laughs growing up.


Your Friday Morning Smiles

Our DU Appreciation~Thank You ShermanA1 for your Daily Holidays!

Make It A Good Day and Wear Blue!

Photo of the Day

March 6, 2015

Light in Winter

Photograph by David Stoker, National Geographic Your Shot

Predawn sunlight strikes the South Rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon in this picture submitted to the recent Your Shot assignment First Light. “A cold winter storm had passed through the region the day prior,” writes photographer David Stoker. “I had driven to the Grand Canyon in anticipation of the storm. I remember the morning being particularly cold as I hiked along the rim awaiting the arrival of the sun. The skies were still overcast, but a small break in the clouds allowed a single ray of sunlight to shine through, illuminating a small portion of the butte below.”

Dr. Housing Bubble 3/5/15

Nearing $1,000 per square foot in Culver City: Would you pay $900,000 for 920 square feet? Or you can buy a fixer upper for $325,000 in the same zip code.

Some people are looking at cashing in their housing lottery ticket. While many are hunkering down preparing for the rental apocalypse, some are gearing up to capitalize on the crap shack hungry lemmings ready to bite. I remember during the days of the last housing mania getting e-mails about Culver City being the next Beverly Hills. Culver City is not Manhattan Beach or Beverly Hills. I think people need to actually look at the property before making that kind of assessment. I saw a property hit the market recently with a list price of nearly $1,000 per square feet. The house is nothing special and of course with some nice Photoshop filters and some HGTV inspired ideas, someone is trying to cash in big. 920 square feet for $900,000 – or you can drive down about one mile in the same zip code and pickup a fixer upper for $325,000. Rehab work takes time but are people seriously that lazy to leave this much money on the table?

The fixer and the upper

Culver City home values are back to mania level prices. If you missed the last bubble, fret not because here is your chance to get in again. Or did you miss the boat forever and are priced out for life? The first home we’ll look at takes us to the 90230 zip code. The place is listed at 920 square feet.

Take a look:


Some Morning Smiles

but first...Happy Birthday 117 Misao Okawa


Some of our favorites:

Have A Great Thursday!

Photo of the Day

March 5, 2015

Catch of the Day

Photograph by Yoh Fong Chan, National Geographic Your Shot

“The polar bears were usually playing, sleeping, and sometimes nursing,” writes Your Shot member Yoh Fong Chan of observing the bears in Kaktovik, Alaska. “They were hanging out near the shore during this time of the year, waiting for the sea to freeze before they could go out hunting for seals. On this very rare occasion, this bear came proudly from the horizon with its catch of the day.” Chan, who had long dreamed of photographing polar bears in the wild, says patience and endurance were important. “It was bitterly cold out there. As with most wildlife photography, hours were spent observing and waiting to capture that one special moment.”

Photo of the Day

March 3, 2015

High-Foraging Chamois

Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner, National Geographic

Springtime is when high-foraging chamois give birth; there are now about 8,000 in Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park.

Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests?

By Robert Reich

Monday, March 2, 2015

Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests?

It’s seed time for the 2016 presidential elections, when candidates try to figure out what they stand for and will run on.

One thing seems reasonably clear. The Democratic nominee for President, whoever she may be, will campaign on reviving the American middle class.

As will the Republican nominee — although the Republican nominee’s solution will almost certainly be a warmed-over version of George W. Bush’s “opportunity society,” seeking to unleash the middle class’s entrepreneurial energies by reducing taxes and regulations.

That’s pretty much what we’ve heard from Republican hopefuls so far. As before, it will get us nowhere.

The Democratic nominee will just as surely call for easing the burdens on working parents through paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave, childcare, elder-care, a higher minimum wage, and perhaps also tax incentives for companies that share some of their profits with their employees.


My oldest Cat Reverend has passed away.

I found him in 1998, a stray baby kitten hiding in my tin shed in the backyard.

All these years he has given so much love and joy to my family and I. He will be missed!

Rest in Peace Sweet Revy, I love you.

Monday Morning Smiles!

Happy Birthday James Bond

You All Have A Great Day!

Photo of the Day

March 2, 2015

Icesheet #4727

Photograph by Murray Fredericks, National Geographic

A constellation of orbs, rings, and halos hangs above the Greenland ice sheet in this picture by Murray Fredericks, who spent months photographing the island’s remote beauty. The optical phenomena seen here occur when ice crystals—suspended by powerful winds called piteraqs—refract sunlight.


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