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Member since: Sun Apr 25, 2010, 11:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,382

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November 9th: Election is over, Clinton Wins, Dems take small Senate Majority and 10-20 House Seats

I think it is pretty clear that Trump is done. I don't think any republican could win this year without an effort to expand their base to a more diverse population. That said, that clearly did not happen. The big uncertainty is how many house and Senate seats the dems take over. I think odds are they take the Senate but don't take the House.

The question is, what next? How does Clinton Govern? What does Trump do after the election? It is likely that the election will be "rigged" and he will fuel those flames.

It just seems we are in a very bad place, even with what will be a win on election night. Thoughts?

VP James G. Stavridis?

It looks like he and Kaine are on the short list?


I think it might be Stavridis. Would totally undercut trump and his keep America safe bs. Plus Clinton worked with him as sec state.

Democrats are actually more enthusiastic than Republicans about trade

I think it is only wise to enter into the TPP. The world will become one economy and we should shape it. However, that seems disconnected from the view here. But is the view here disconnected with democrats in general? If so why?


The National Review: Our Jails are a scandal

Did not expect this from the national review. Perhaps prison reform could happen? Would be great for our society.


April I wrote about the case of Jerome Murdough, 56, a homeless ex-Marine who was remanded to Rikers Island for attempting to shelter in the stairwell of a Harlem housing project. Murdough was mentally ill, with multiple psychiatric diagnoses and what his mother referred to as “beer problems.” His bail was set bizarrely high for a homeless vagrant — $2,500 — and his mental condition necessitated oversight, with jail authorities ordering that he be checked every 15 minutes. He wasn’t. And neither was his jail cell’s heating system, which malfunctioned, and the abandoned homeless man was baked to death in captivity.

Naturally, nobody did anything wrong. Or so they said.

A few digs at Unions and the New York times... But it is the National Review. In any case, reform is needed. People act like humans when they are treated like humans.

In Secret, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat

Amazing Story.


President Obama signed a secret order in recent weeks authorizing a more expansive mission for the military in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally planned, a move that ensures American troops will have a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year.

Mr. Obama’s order allows American forces to carry out missions against the Taliban and other militant groups threatening American troops or the Afghan government, a broader mission than the president described to the public earlier this year, according to several administration, military and congressional officials with knowledge of the decision. The new authorization also allows American jets, bombers and drones to support Afghan troops on combat missions.

So we will be doing combat missions in Afghanistan.

Iraq has asked for help in defeating the ISIS. What should be President Obama's response?

Iraq has asked for help. ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/13/world/obama-voices-concern-over-militant-advance-in-iraq.html?hp&_r=0 ). How should the President respond?

My answer would be to help. I would use US air-power, special operations forces, and military training and weapons. ISIS is a legitimate threat to the region and US interests. Just because there is a past in which we should not have acted does not mean that the answer to every question is the same.

Nate Silver: GOP favored to win Senate


Russia Massing Military Forces Near Border With Ukraine

Russia Massing Military Forces Near Border With Ukraine:


Looks like a full scale war could start shortly.

Bernie Sanders would give the White House to Any Republican, including Ted Cruz

Stop living in a fantasy world. Despite what multiple threads say, he has no chance. Being a socialist is a political slur for the vast majority of Americans. Running someone that says they are a socialist and have far left views will give the White House to the GOP. He would be the only way Ted Cruz makes it into the White House.

Russia Versus US: Who is the better/worse/more just nation?

Simple, yet complex question. Comparing Russia and the US, which nation acts more justly both internationally and domestically?
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