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Name: James Crackcorn (I don't care)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Anytown
Home country: Just browsing
Current location: On the Ramparts
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 684

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Ummm I uh Well, (cough) ......... Never mind..

Journal Archives

They'll have to distract us

From the fact that Putin hacked into the nuclear football through Trump's Twitter feed on his Android phone.


The political death of the Fairness Doctrine has allowed right wing hate radio to dominate the airwaves almost everywhere in the country without any counterbalancing point of view. It is pure right wing propaganda as you say and it is one reason so many working class people slit their own throat to vote for Trump. But the loss can't be hung only on Republicans. Reagan put in the knife but Clinton allowed it to bleed out and Obama buried it and dispersed the ashes in 2011.

LIke their impotence on challenging voter suppression laws, their silence about obscenely partisan gerrymandering all over the country, the abandonment of the Fairness doctrine is a further indictment of the Democratic party as it exists now. Those who say the Republican / Democratic "choice" is a classic good cop / bad cop gambit can point to these 3 things as proof the Democratic party is collaborating with their "enemy" to keep themselves in minority status.

In a couple of weeks its going to be Reichstag Fire Day!

February 27, 1933. What should we do to commemorate? We need to burn (sorry) this event into the public consciousness. Maybe we should all send a book of matches to the White House? Burn down a replica of Trump Tower?

If we do this right a whole lot of people who don't know of that event and how it was used will be a lot more skeptical when Trump blows something up and blames it on the Mexilums or Muslicans. Help me out.

This just in!

Congressional Republicans gibbering like excited baboons during mating season, asked their zombie voters to ignore the new CBO report, promising that planned tax cuts for the wealthy, plus huge increases in military, infrastructure and healthcare spending will not swell the deficit like it does when a Democratic President tries their tired progressive, bleeding heart bullshit. The discovery of a massive trove of alternate facts in a rabbit hole under the Trump White House has made former caution unnecessary.

"Wowie! Talk about luck!" exclaimed Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz in flawless two part harmony. Rand Paul nodded agreement while sucking on the business end of his AR15. Rank and file Republicans divided their time between mooning Democrats and planning another round of tax cuts, safety net shredding and massive defense spending. While some allowed themselves a long awaited Reagan wet dream, senior leadership got busy shit-canning what was left of the New Deal. Outside, brownshirted hilljacks newly hired to keep away protestors got busy cracking skulls.

Dissociated Press reports on Trump melt down at CIA

President Trump used the occasion of his address to the CIA to challenge the crowd size at his inauguration. Trump had boasted repeatedly about how he would have the biggest and best crowds at his inauguration which turned out to be just wishful thinking. Fearful that much smaller estimates would cause people to doubt his prior claims about his penis size the insecure tyrant went on a delusional rant in front of CIA staffers.

“I had the biggest crowds ever, believe me,” he blustered. “I bet there was a bazillion, maybe even a gazillion people there.” Senior CIA staffers exchanged incredulous looks as he plunged on. “Thousands of bikers were there too but stayed in hiding to better protect me. They love me. They will protect me from anyone, EVEN YOU! HA HA HA HA HA!.” As the room settled into an embarassed silence, the unintentional President ignored it claiming he always had the best estimates. “When I say something is really big, it bigly is.” Flinging his tie over his shoulder, the portly putz began unbuttoning his pants. “It's retracted so you can't see it all under my belly fat but believe me it is all there!”

Low mutterings grew louder and more angry in the stunned room. A mortified Kellyanne Conway tried to make her way to the deranged demagogue who saw her coming. “THERE SHE IS! TELL THEM” he said, “TELL EM HOW BIG I AM!” Conway made a hand signal and two secret service men pulled small blowguns from their jackets and sent two darts into the babbling blubber-butt. Then two more for good measure.

As the curare took effect, Trump staggered around the stage, ranting incoherently and crying out for Ivanka and his mother (but not Melania for some reason). Falling to his knees then onto his fat jowls finally silenced him. As a phalanx of security dragged him off the stage, Kellyanne picked up the fallen mike. “Mr. Trump feels strongly about things and sometimes he doesn't express himself as clearly as he could. What Donald means to say is that he thinks the world of you and that no one should believe anything the papers will say about this event. Thank you for your service.”

Anyone else notice how miserable Melania looks whenever she is near the Donald?

At times she looks like she might get sick just listening to her mean, fat, blowhard spouse. Check out their first dance at the Freedom Ball. They can't even fake comfort let alone affection. Makes me wonder how she managed to get pregnant. Only her years of practice modeling vapid smiles gets her through it. But it is obvious to me that she would rather not be anywhere around him and doesn't like him one bit. I don't think it will be long before she gets "ill" and disappears off the radar.

Russian eye witnesses report on Kompromat (unverified)

OK. Very unverified.

Source: Treblinsky Trumpet Tattler.

Russian eye witnesses have finally opened up about the kompromat and talking about what happened at a private meeting held shortly after Trump's surprise victory last November at one of Putin's private lodges.

Trump was apparently invited directly by President Putin to see construction going on at a new massive hunting lodge above the Arctic Circle . Trump came alone without wife or children, accompanied only by a small security detail. He was immediately impressed by the size of the estate, the many outbuildings and lavish old world craftsmanship and details provided by large numbers of Russian wood workers and slave laborers who worked night and day, even through a full blizzard. Trump told his security detail. “Look, they love Putin so much, they work for free!” His men said nothing. Trump was reported to have been disappointed by the lack of female companionship however and he asked Putin where the women were this time.

Putin allegedly told him that the best Russian prostitutes didn't like the cold weather but that he had found something even better for the men. Trump was very interested and asked for more details. Putin nodded to one of his aides and a large gilded barrel wrapped in the finest mink and sable was rolled in. It appeared to be very heavy and required several men to place it on a intricate hydraulic cradle. The barrel was made of rare Russian olive wood. Hand carved around a third of the barrel was a veritable Kama Sutra of intricate hand carved figures. There were adjustable foot rests, padded handles and a small opening just below the middle. Trump asked what it was but Putin just laughed and said it was the best thing he could ever imagine and that he would leave him alone to figure it out and see for himself.

After Putin left, Donald had his security team check for cameras and microphones. There were none. He had them check again and when he was sure it was safe he sent his men away and examined the device more carefully When he was satisfied he understood how to use it, he dimmed the lights and savagely had his way with the barrel. It didn't take long but Putin was right. It was better than anything he had ever had. He slept like a baby that night.

The next morning, Putin came down to take him to breakfast. After a luxurious leisurely meal the two men fired up Cuban cigars. Putin got right to the point. “How did you like our accommodations?” he said giving him a wink.

Donald was effusive with his praise. “Fantastic! It was unbelievable. Believe me when I say, it was the best ever.”

Putin appeared pleased with this. The Donald appeared a little embarrassed when he asked whether he could have another night with the amazing device.

Putin nodded, “Of course Donald, we are friends, yes?

“Anytime I want?” said Trump.

Again Putin nodded, “Anytime at all....except today,”

Donald looked disappointed. “Why is that?”

Putin looked at him and smiled but said nothing. Donald noticed a long queue of workmen beginning to line up in the large dining room. His security team was also in line.

“Why can't I have another go today?” Donald asked.

“Because” said Putin, “Today it's your turn in the barrel.”

As he was strapped in and before the top was nailed down, Trump saw the camera crews setting up. His howls of delight they say could be heard all the way to Red Square.

He did it too.

PRIEBUS: .......But that issue (Trump beating the birther nonsense) has been resolved for years now, and it's been resolved for at least two years in Donald Trump's mind. And to bring that up as justification for John Lewis questioning the legitimacy of a democratic activity that is -- has been around since the beginning of our country is wrong.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Just a factual point, he didn't stop raising those questions -- he didn't stop raising those questions until late in this campaign, not two years.
PRIEBUS: But look, George, that's not the point. The point is not where Barack Obama was born, the point is is that we've got congressmen on the Democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy of President-elect Trump who won in an electoral landslide. That's the issue. That's where the outrage should be, not old news, but the fact that we are preparing for the transfer of power. and we have been working with President Obama, hand in glove, and I think that they -- including the president -- should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that
they lost the election.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's move on to the issue of Russia.

Here is what he should have said:

"No, you're missing the point you dense jackass. Your candidate spent five years implying Obama was an illegitimate president and had to be forced to admit it was not true instead of being forced to admit he had lied his ass off about it because he did. He gave that admission all of 20 seconds. So the real outrage you lying sack of shit is that this same putz who was elected under deeply suspicious circumstances, and who won by the narrowest of electoral margins while getting drubbed in the popular vote now wants us to blindly accept his legitimacy. Fuck that noise, Riense."

What Chuck Todd should have said to Rience Priebus

when he said Trump flipped 250 counties, biggest landslide since Reagan blah blah blah,

"Look, I don't want to suggest you are being a dissembling troll but your guy won a very narrow victory in a few key states, almost entirely due to your party's excessive, potentially criminal gerrymandering, voter suppression, dismantling of voter's rights and heavy assistance from Russian hackers and WikiLeaks who were feeding him a constant stream of bullshit from stolen emails for two months. Not to mention collaborative efforts from the FBI who chose to suppress their investigation into Trump's Russian connections in favor of trashing Clinton and reopening the email issue with a bogus warrant. So don't come on my show and start out lying and trying to make it sound like he won some kind of amazing decisive victory when he didn't. Is that OK, with you? Or are in fact going to continue with more bullshit, you dissembling troll?

That was an interesting link on enneagrams.

The unhealthy levels 6-8 of Type Eight fit Trump very well and are truly terrifying to think about. If he is a very unhealthy eight as he appears, then he needs to be put out of office quickly before he can use that power to keep himself there regardless of what he does. But his tweeting reveals inner weakness. He must deter, intimidate or destroy his enemies immediately or be seen as a wimp. And yet the more he blusters and self aggrandizes the weaker and more insecure he sounds.

The Jungian concept of anima possession might explain why some say Trump tweets like a 15 year old girl. Think of the archteype of the spoiled rich girl. (Archie's girlfriend Veronica, comes to mind.) She gets whatever she wants. She wraps her boyfriends around her finger but has a fit if he doesn't come over when she says regardless of what he has to do. She can get Dad to buy her the BMW instead of the Volkswagen he was planning. She can get her male teachers to give her an A instead of the D she earned. Everyone has to listen to her all the time and she can go on and on and on. Trump's inner feminine partner seems like that; a vain bitchy,pretentious easily wounded gold-digger who can never get enough attention and has to be in control at all times.

How did he get possessed of this caricature of femininity? I don't know. Maybe he watched his father fooling around with young women behind his mother's back. Maybe his father took Donald along with him on his trysts teaching him how to be a real man and how to view and treat women at the same time.
The fact is that Trump was given everything he could want to be a success and were it not for his father's bankroll and friends he would have been an utter failure and probably be in some homeless shelter. Maybe that is what his anima is whispering in his ear all the time.

I keep thinking about his views of women which kept emerging throughout the campaign. In the "pussy grabbing" video he sees them as shallow, fawning playthings to be fondled or fucked and then discarded. In his sneering dismissive contempt of Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina he was saying they were ugly old crones unpleasant to look at and without any value now. He even hinted that he could understand Bill's unfaithfulness. In his interviews with Howard Stern he talked openly about his daughters sexual desirability and his wish to date her. He invited Stern and his audience to consider her a nice "piece of ass." She responds to him by showing him her perfect smile and teeth and allowing him to nearly grope her openly. As long as she does that she is perfect. The man is twisted.

Meanwhile he tweets self congratulating ignorance, hate, threats and ever more blatant lies getting closer and closer to a place of awesome power where someone like him should never be allowed. All I know is that he creeps me out more each day and I am truly frightened for the whole world if he is allowed to assume power.

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