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This is unprecedented. Do ANY of you remember EVER

recall seeing a headline in a major US newspaper write that a presidential candidate is lying?

The NYT not only did so today, but they fact checked all throughout the article and pointed out lie after lie. I am stunned in a very pleasant way. Sorry for the lack of a link, as I read a hard copy of the paper.

In any case, I want to get back to my paper, as I am enjoying it so much!

HELL, why can't Joy Reid moderate ALL the debates?

I just watched a clip of her SHUTTING down a Trump surrogate in FL regarding the Bondi scandal. She absolutely STOPPED him in his tracks.Anybody who wants to be called a "journalist" should be able to do that. Unfortunately, we have entertainers like Matt Lauer who get invited.

Why Trump Will Lose

This made me feel better.
On edit-- I have to say that if tRump is running within a point of HRC in Texas, then he's in deep crap.


Trump has ALWAYS been a fool.

But I just watched a video of Trump speaking about the war (on) Iraq while GWB was still squatting in the WH, and I swear to God, he (Trump) has some kind of "condition"--I have no idea what, but he's not the same person. He could at least speak in complete sentences 10 years ago. . . He has all the symptoms of frontal lobe dementia. I would not be surprised at all.

Nonetheless, what does THIS say about the fools supporting him? I guess that is par for the course with Republican voters.

At what point will it be impossible for the GOP to replace Trump on the ticket?

I read that time was "limited" to replace Trump should he elect to leave the ticket. But at what point will it be impossible for the GOP to do so?

We WANT the POS to STAY on the ticket, as each day brings even uglier revelations. . . We are probably witnessing the meltdown of the traditional GOP, and it has been a LONG time coming!

I seriously don't think I can take another day of this awful election.

And when I say awful, I am ONLY talking about Trump, his supporters, and the rest of the horrible Republican mob.

I am SICK of hearing ANYTHING they have to say. NOTHING is serious. The Trump thing is a sham, and I ask myself daily HOW this can be worse than 2000, but it is. The candidate is worse-- far worse. And the base? Stupider, meaner and more belligerent in every way.

It's like a nauseating ride you want to get off of. I wish the election were tomorrow so we could just get on with our business and send that shit clown packing.

This is just an example of WHY we have to win. . .

WARNING: This comes from NYT footage and includes UGLY language (racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic). The ONLY reason I'm posting this is to show just what we are up against, and it's not something nice.


This is the first pro-Trump message I've seen from an individual on FB.

I live in San Francisco, and I personally don't know a soul who will be voting for the Donald. Nevertheless, I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing the post below when I was on FB today. It really merits being pasted here in all of its stupid, ignorant, racist (and did I already say stupid?) glory:

Jan Payne: At least Donald isn't a puppet who was paid by special interest groups.I don't agree with every thing he says but I don't support a Career Criminal.She has taken millions from Mr. Khan who is a lawyer and trying to slide undocumented Muslims to come in and get drivers license,welfare,and food stamps so they can be able to vote for Killiary Clinton.

Again. . . . How is it even possible to be this. . . . goddamned STUPID???

From All Signs, it looks like the USA is headed left.

HRC may not be considered a "leftist", but the mood in the country is certainly headed that way. The day the state of Texas votes Democratic will be wonderful. And oh yes, it's coming. The Repigs will become extiinct, but of course we'll have some other awful incarnation of those stupid idiots.

First Lady, Michelle, just knocked it out of ballpark!

Is anybody surprised?
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