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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Home country: USA
Current location: Gulf Coast MS
Member since: Sat Feb 19, 2011, 11:17 PM
Number of posts: 27,439

About Me


Journal Archives

Lemon or Lime

I love both to add a bit of tart and sour to a dish, particularly chicken or salsa.

So, which do you prefer, and why if there is a specific reason?

Is anyone here

in a situation where you are TERRIFIED if your family dies? I'm a late in life baby - very late, and my parents are in their 80's.

I don't know what I will do without them, how to handle their affairs, my sister doesn't come around unless there is profit/vanity involved +1500 miles away (her husband is worse).

I love both of them so much, and while they are in good health, it gets risky at that age. I live very close by and do everything under the sun that I can to keep them from getting hurt.

I live in fear that something would happen to one of them on my watch.

I feel resentment toward my sister

I don't hate her, she is just "sunshine, flowers and everything beautiful". She also lives 1500 miles away and judges me on how I am dealing with our parents. Nothing bad, really, but if I am not there immediately, I'm a pile of shit.

Toilet seat broken? Call Aerows to fix it on her day off.

Need help with something minor, which turns into you replacing the coil behind the clothes dryer? Aerows was called and responded. At 6PM fresh out of work. Done at 8PM.

Mother dumps pasta down the drain, proceeds to do the dishes in hot water

I know, responded, pulled out the pipes under the sink while getting screamed at not to make too big of a mess (?)

Dislodge a shit-ton of swollen pasta from said pipes, replace all.

Hear mom call my sister. "Somehow she fixed it, didn't take much. How are the kids?"

I said No today

It is hard for me, but I said NO. NO I will not come over after work to clean out the garage.

I have ducked my father for 3 days because he keeps hinting. I dodged him enough that I think "Operation make Aerows work like a dog cleaning out the garage while I wave my cane and supervise" came to a hault.

The magic word was "No". Not tonight, not tomorrow night.

Dumb ways to Die

I hope this isn't in poor taste, but it is quite hilarious.

Anyone know where to get seat covers for a truck?

I'd prefer leather, but good canvas is okay too. It's for an old (94) Silverado pick up.

Wanted: Good salsa verde recipe

I like salsa verde. Anyone have a good recipe?

Cara & Kahlan is not dead!

My Hoot Owl is back!

Hooting at me, when I hoot at it! It is pure entertainment.

I wouldn't like to be on the bad side of one of these

But if I can train something smaller to tow shit in the house.

I'd put it to work.
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