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Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,712

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Using the bathroom and who can use it idiocy

I originally posted this in the LGBT forum, but I think it fits in general, as well.

Can everybody please get the F*CK out of the bathroom?

I remember someone once asked Dear Abby if it was wrong to use the handicapped stall if there was a line. She replied that if you have to go that bad, you have a handicap.

That is relevant because we go into the damn bathroom for business. It's not business we delight in - it is called "waste". We don't go in there to make friends, we go in there to drop friends off.

I doubt that there is a single female concert/sports event goer that has not peed in the men's room - they cleared it out for us.

Do you think I want to go in a public bathroom? No. The toilet paper sucks. Do you think I want to linger in a public bathroom? Don't even attempt to make eye contact with me.

I could give two shits (ha!) if Vladamir Putin is on one side, and Kim Jong whatever Ur is on the other. If I have to go, we are all in the same quandry.

Get over the fact that someone you disagree with might hear you tinkle.

Tinkle, wash your hands and get the hell out of there. Nobody in there is any more thrilled to be in a public bathroom than you are!

The UK staying with the Pound Sterling

was supposed to be the end of the UK economy according to those preaching hellfire and brimstone in 1999.

Put things into perspective.

I got banned from posting on DISQUS ABCNews about the House sit-in

I have no idea why, considering that the last 5 days of using DISQUS to "discuss" anything was video cards in various video card forums (waiting to see how the RX480 does in benchmarks!).

I have no idea what is going on there. Maybe I said something overly optimistic about a video card somewhere and that's why I got blocked for talking about something on a political post? I don't use foul language and stick to topic.

I'm rather stunned I got blocked for any of that. I sent a post to ask. That was just ... odd.

Many people that were attacked in Pulse/Orlando are still in the hospital

Some still in critical.

I feel for their families. They are wondering if the person they care for will live or die due to this tragedy.

Please don't forget about them.

Comic - Summer Heat

*Sling shots* *Compound Bows* *Switch blades*

all of those are regulated.

Pepper spray and tasers, too.

There are 800 different ways to kill you that are regulated the hell out of, but because it's a gun, you don't?

I swear this country has lost its damn mind.

When you're straight

I feel so bad tonight.

People that will never go home, people that will never embrace.

I didn't go to that particular pub, but I've been to many.

RIP my brothers and sisters.

Extreme SE wildlife

Louisiana wildlife is what I am most familiar with, and have trudged through more bayous, coolies, and swamps than is normal.

Things you don't mess with: Feral hogs, alligators or water moccasins.

Other snakes, lizards and little mammals like mice? Fine.

DON'T go at NIGHT because there are any number of things in the swamps that will grab you and you will never see daylight again.

Do armadillos scare you because they might transmit leprosy? Go ahead and keep going into the woods.

Deer ticks that carry Lyme disease? Oh boy, keep on heading into the wilderness at dusk.

Everything in the entire area will eat you - mosquitoes (that should be a clue) raccoons, alligators, eels, snakes, feral hogs ...

When mosquitoes come out, that is Mother Natures way of saying get the hell inside.

I'd like to say that I very much prefer to talk about Alligators

than politics. GD:_P steals souls.

Can we talk about ingrown toenails or discuss how best to pee in a bucket other than GD:_P?

I think I am so burned out from it, it's a damn relief that there is something OTHER to talk about.
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