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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Home country: USA
Current location: Gulf Coast MS
Member since: Sat Feb 19, 2011, 11:17 PM
Number of posts: 26,866

About Me


Journal Archives

Babies getting thrown out of incubators

Mobile labs that are creating biological weapons.

Weapons of mass destruction.

Where have I heard such excuses for waging WAR instead of apprehending the criminals? The LAPD could lock up Syria in five minutes and have the suspect either dead or in cuffs. But the finest military fighting force the world has ever seen ...

With the finest Intelligence officers that usurp the Constitution to keep us "safe" didn't see the rise of this organization?

Uh, what are my tax dollars that go to the Defense budget paying for, exactly?

I'd be better off funding clowns that entertain sick children in hospitals if THIS is the best narrative they can come up with for the latest "reason for war".

I have no petty beef - Hillary

with Hillary, and if she is the candidate, I'll vote for her.

That said, if she is the best the Democratic party has to run, we have a LOT of problems.

Last Season of Lost Girl

Serious question - UN Leadership

I watched the interview with Ban-Ki Moon on the Daily Show, and I have to question his leadership of the UN, if it is to have any value at all.

You can watch it for yourself, however I don't have links currently.

It seemed to be a dearth of leadership and Jon had to point out that Ebola was occurring in West Africa for Moon to even acknowledge that it was happening.

Jon Stewart had to prompt like 5 times, and you can see him do it, for Ban-Ki Moon to even acknowledge the Ebola plague that the UN is supposed to be coordinating.

I need suggestions for a cheerful movie

a cheerful TV show, anything cheerful. Anything but the news.

My darling cat. Post photos of yours :)

I think she is trying to find the car keys.

There was a DEER in the back yard

I guess it is getting parched, but a FREAKING DEER within 10 feet of where I was. On the porch.

Holy crap. It was beautiful and flicked it's white tail at me, but for it to come this far in for grazing, it must be bad.

I took a picture, I'll upload it.

Rock n Roll.

Anybody take "woo" products anyway

I know most "woo" products don't help and probably are the placebo effect, but I'm taking some thing that my Dad ordered for joints (He ended up not being able to benefit from them because his is gout). It has vitamin C and other benign things in it.

It is probably the placebo affect or just getting a vitamin I was low on, but it's odd, isn't it? I was in a bad car accident 19 years ago and my shoulder can twinge then go into full blown agony for DAYS. It hasn't since - it started twinging and I took this weird woo crap, and it worked. I don't know if it is that I suddenly realized when I felt the twinge that I needed to take it easy on that shoulder, or if it did anything.

Anyway, it could be exercise, too. I've had my shoulder get so bad that the only thing that works is a cortisone shot. It laughs at pain medication - serious anti-inflammatory shot is the only thing that relieves it reliably.

I'm the most anti-woo person out there, and yet, I take some wonder joint pills.

I'm not advocating them or naming them, just pointing out that a person like myself, seemingly rational, takes a strange herbal/vitamin pill to keep me from wanting to cut off my arm due to pain - and it could be placebo, or just the vitamins.

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