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Adsos Letter

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"Fire mission, over."

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Just random stuff

Watch your speed

Rumsey Creek

Crimson Bark Maple We're getting more rain

Random stuff from the last couple of drives.

Anza-Borrego, looking toward Borrego Springs I notice some vertical banding in this one. The ISO was 2500.

Looking toward Sacramento across the flooded Yolo Bypass.

Hwy 395, Modoc County, California

Hwy 395, Modoc County, California

Hwy 395 into Likely, Modoc County, California

Some random b&w

Some random stuff from the last month or so. We've received a ton of rain this season. It's raining off and on today, but we're expecting low 70's tomorrow.

I used a Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 for these.

Some utility lines for Solly Mack, with Mt. Diablo in the distance

Rumsey, California

Sky south of Williams, California

The flooded Yolo Bypass at Sacramento, California

Spring is coming

Petaluma Yacht Club

Petaluma Yacht Club

Out and about on the first clear day after two weeks of steady rain (we've had beautiful rains this season).


Looking toward Mt. Tam from Artesa Winery

A couple more from yesterday's drive.

Drawbridge at Knights Landing, California

Knights Landing

California Central Valley January

California Central Valley January

Rain starts again tonight and should last through the weekend.


Light Painting

...sort of...

Conn Dam spillway.

We've gotten some very good rain this season (including about 10+ inches over the last week or so) enough that the spillway at Conn Dam is running strong. The overflow hits a concrete barrier at the foot of the spillway and creates a kind of boiling mushroom of water. It used to be an almost yearly occurrence when I was a kid back in the 60's-70's, but the last time it occurred was back in 2005. Conn Dam creates Lake Hennessy, which sits in the hills on the eastern side of the Napa Valley just east of Rutherford.

This gives you an idea of how the spillway sits in relation to everything else:

I tried to get a shot from directly in front, where there were no trees, but the only vantage point kept getting swamped with a very heavy mist. I didn't want to get my camera soaked, soooo.... (not sure how good the weather sealing is on this camera body and lens).

This link goes to a video of the spillway that someone posted to fb a couple of days ago. Worth a look (37 seconds).

Down for a spot of tea

Down for a spot of tea

Out in the Sacramento delta again


Ready to Rumble

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