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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 10,927

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From the Thom Hartman Community Blog: RT America and Young Turks Blocked from Hulu


RT America and Young Turks Blocked from Hulu

As a senior with limited funds, I stopped cable and learned to rely on alternate forms of information and entertainment. I opted, among other things, to subscribe to Hulu. It not only streams many MSM shows the day after broadcast, it has also streamed many alternate, and progressive shows such as The Big Picture, Redacted Tonight, and The Young Turks. All of that came to an end late March. I contacted Hulu and was told that it was official, but with no explanation.

ON EDIT: I somehow missed the paragraph regarding the speculation that Hillary was behind the blackout... I certainly have no reason to believe that is so and don't endorse it. I posted it because I thought it was interesting that Hulu had stopped broadcasting TYT... No conspiracy theory from me.

I urge everyone who is perturbed by this further blackout to email Hulu at support.hulu.com. Freedom of speech has never been more important than now. The rep I spoke with encouraged everyone to send an email questioning this action and requesting it be reversed. If we aren't covered by MSM, and are also blocked by alternate media, we have nowhere to turn.

Everyone's favorite TED Ed subject: Why do Cats act so weird?

Voices from the Past

Repost: (with links this time) Sunday Morning FEEL IT!!

From an International Gospel Group to Dixieland Jazz

Visit Mississippi? Funny or Die tourism spot

Farmer gives away harvest to feed hungry in his town. -- Humankind

I just ordered TWO My Bernie dolls!


English Language, John Branyon, and The Three Little Pigs as you've never

heard them before...

Bard for Bernie: Do you hear the Sparrows sing? Singing the Songs of Angry Birds!

Do you hear the sparrows sing?
Singing the song of Angry Birds!
It is the music of a nation
Who ain't buying phony words!
When the ramblings of the press
Echo the ramblings of the rich,
It is high time to vote for Bernie
And make a switch!

Bard for Bernie (strikes again!)

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

It's time to elect
A socialist Jew!

Found just now on Facebook.
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