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"The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money"

(WaPo) Twenty years ago, a group of researchers began tracking the personalities of 1,420 low income children in North Carolina. At the time, the goal was simple: to observe the mental conditions of kids living in rural America. But then a serendipitous thing happened.

Four years into The Great Smoky Mountains Study of Youth, the families of roughly a quarter of the children saw a dramatic and unexpected increase in annual income. They were members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and a casino had just been built on the reservation. From that point on every tribal citizen earned a share of the profits, meaning about an extra $4,000 a year per capita.


Eugene Robinson on Ben Carson

(WaPo) The craziest thing about the Republican presidential contest isn’t that Donald Trump is in the lead. It’s that Dr. Ben Carson — who truly seems to have lost his mind — is in second place and gaining fast. Trump may be a blowhard, but Carson has proved himself to be a crackpot of the first order. Of all the GOP contenders, he’s the scariest.


Hillary Clinton taunts Donald Trump outside his Las Vegas hotel.

(CNN) Hillary Clinton stopped at a union rally outside Donald Trump's hotel on the Strip here, taunting the Republican front-runner on the eve of the first Democratic presidential debate.

"Some people think Trump is entertaining, but it is not entertaining to insult immigrants and women," Clinton said.

Clinton joined about 500 members of the Culinary Workers Union -- a powerhouse in Nevada, with 55,000 members. The group is lobbying to organize the Trump International Hotel here.


‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli challenges Bernie Sanders to debate on healthcare

(Raw Story) Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli accused Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) of taking “cheap shots” against him while also challenging the Democratic presidential candidate to a debate, Attn reported.


Alaska renames Columbus Day to be Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day
Effective Date: Monday, October 12th, 2015

WHEREAS, the Indigenous Peoples of the lands that would later become known as Alaska have occupied these lands since time immemorial, and Alaska is built upon the homelands and communities of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the state would not be possible; and...


Firearms are no longer a hobby of mine

(Medium) Last week, I sat in a hotel room and watched the President talk about the latest mass shooting and how they had become routine and the concern that nothing would change. I started to shrug it off and pretend in my mind that there was nothing I could do. But the idea that gun culture doesn’t bear some responsibility for these killings didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t want to be a part of gun culture anymore.


Obama won't shrink from 2016 race

(Politico) President Barack Obama heads into the 2016 campaign season in a position few in the White House or anywhere else expected a year ago: in demand.

The president and his aides are expecting to capitalize on that popularity, according to people familiar with the planning, taking a more active role this election cycle than during last year’s midterms. Those plans include Obama hitting the campaign trail as early as the spring to help unite the party after the primaries and to sound off on Republicans he portrays as not serious enough for prime time.


Benghazi Committee Rigged To Take Down Clinton

(NYT) When the House select committee investigating the 2012 attacks on American government outposts in Benghazi, Libya, was created, Democrats immediately criticized it as a partisan effort to damage the political fortunes of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But Representative Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican and former federal prosecutor who is the committee’s chairman, told Fox News at the time: “I have no friends to reward and no foes to punish. We’re going to go wherever the facts take us.”


Lone Woman At Anti-Muslim Protest Ends Up inside Mosque for coffee, bagels & hugs!

(Addicting Info) Global Rally For Humanity was supposed to be an anti-Muslim protest at Mosques nationwide, organized by a group known as the Oath Keepers. While an estimated 120 Christian bigots picketed outside a Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, things looked vastly different in Dearborn, Michigan. Only one protester showed up.

For the lone woman brave enough to stay the course, her day of protesting a “violent Islam” turned into something entirely different. Instead of running into a situation that confirmed her beliefs (i.e. Muslims hating her for her bigoted views), she was welcomed with hugs and invited inside the Mosque for coffee and bagels.


Ben Bernanke says he is no longer a Republican because the GOP has lost its economic policy mind

(US News) It's the stupid economics. That's why he's no longer a Republican, former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke tells us in his new memoir. Bernanke says he "lost patience with Republicans' susceptibility to the know-nothing-ism of the far right." Here's part of his indictment:

"They saw inflation where it did not exist and, when the official data did not bear out their predictions, invoked conspiracy theories. They denied that monetary or fiscal policy could support job growth, while still working to direct federal spending to their own districts. They advocated discredited monetary systems, like the gold standard."

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Badger Guns found Liable in Shooting of two Milwaukee Police Officers

11 min ago - Badger Guns was found liable and negligent in the shooting of the two Milwaukee Police Officers. The jury awarded Bryan Norberg $1.5 million and Graham Kunisch $3.5 million. The jury didn't believe it was a conspiracy and voted no for conspiracy c ... (WDJT Milwaukee)

Marlon James wins the Man Booker Prize

23 min ago - Marlon James won the Man Booker Prize on Tuesday for his multivoiced novel "A Brief History of Seven Killings" at a black tie event in London. The prize is a the leading literary event in the UK and comes with an award of $78,000. "Ten years ago I'd ... (LA Times)

That passionate young woman who questioned Donald Trump in New Hampshire? She’s a volunteer for Jeb

28 min ago - MANCHESTER, N.H. — One of the most memorable questions that Donald Trump took during a bipartisan convention here on Monday came from a college student. "So, maybe I'm wrong, maybe you can prove me wrong," said Lauren Batchelder, a student at St. An ... (Washington Post)

Thousands of Iranian troops are now in Syria for ground offensives against insurgents

47 min ago - BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian army and allied Iranian and Hezbollah forces are preparing for a ground offensive against insurgents in the Aleppo area backed by Russian air strikes, two senior regional officials familiar with the plans said on Tuesday ... (Reuters)

Carter: US, Russia Nearing Accord On Air Safety Over Syria

54 min ago - Oct 13, 5:39 PM EDT LOLITA C. BALDOR ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the U.S. is nearing an agreement in its discussions with Russia about flight safety in the skies over Syria, and talks may conclude soon. Car ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

MU sorority reacts to political official's tweet

1 hr ago - Fred Berry, president of the Columbia Pachyderm Club, tweeted a photo from Saturday's homecoming parade. The photo was taken from behind the women of the University of Missouri's Delta Gamma sorority with the caption, "This was my view of Mizzou home ... (KOMU)

Court Reinstates Lawsuit Over NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims

1 hr ago - Oct 13, 4:29 PM EDT MICHAEL R. SISAK ASSOCIATED PRESS PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A federal appeals court on Tuesday reinstated a lawsuit challenging the New York Police Department's surveillance of Muslim groups in New Jersey after the Sept. 11 terrorist ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Ad by anti-Clinton group shows Chris Stevens' grave

1 hr ago - The Stop Hillary PAC is out with a new ad, set to air during the Democratic debate Tuesday night, that shows the grave of Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador killed in Benghazi, Libya. The ad which is titled “I’d like to Ask,” also shows photographs ... (POLITICO)

Dem Infighting Erupts On Eve Of First Presidential Debate

1 hr ago - October 13, 2015, 03:24 pm By Jesse Byrnes Democrats are battling one another off stage ahead of the party’s first debate, with a prominent lawmaker engaged in a fierce war of words with the party chairman. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a vice cha ... (The Hill)

Turkey Warns U.S., Russia Against Backing Kurdish Militia In Syria

1 hr ago - Turkey has warned the United States and Russia it will not tolerate Kurdish territorial gains by Kurdish militia close to its frontiers in north-western Syria, two senior officials said. "This is clear cut for us and there is no joking about it," on ... (Reuters)

Toronto Zoo announces birth of twin giant pandas

1 hr ago - The Toronto Zoo has announced the first-ever giant pandas born in Canada — twins that made their way into the world this morning. Er Shun, one of two pandas on loan to the zoo from China, gave birth early Tuesday, it announced on Twitter. ... (CBC)

In three months, Fiorina camp raises $6.8 million Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/

2 hrs ago - Carly Fiorina's campaign has raised $6.8 million in the past three months, according to the Republican presidential candidate's deputy campaign manager. It's a significant jump for the former Hewlett-Packard executive, particularly after a slower sta ... (Politico)

CNN Rips Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy For Lying About Their Coverage

2 hrs ago - By: Jason Easley Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, 2:12 pm ?resize=867%2C656 gowdy-cnn The first reaction of House Republicans after a GOP whistleblower confirmed that their Benghazi investigation was a sham was to attack the whistleblower and the ... (Politicususa.com)

Oath Keepers Starting College (and high school) Chapters for Students

2 hrs ago - The armed anti-government group Oath Keepers unveiled its strategy to prevent school shootings last week, announcing its intention to form college — and eventually high school — chapters, which the group will use to train students to “stop submittin ... (Right Wing Watch/People for the American Way)

Neighbor arrested in 1997 disappearance of Oklahoma girl, 8

2 hrs ago - MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (AP) — Authorities in suburban Oklahoma City have arrested a neighbor in the case of an 8-year-old girl who disappeared from her bedroom 18 years ago and whose body has never been found. Investigators used DNA to link 56-year-old ... (AP)

Newt Gingrich On Possibly Becoming Speaker Again: 'I Am Very Prepared'

2 hrs ago - Newt Gingrich, who ruled over the House as speaker in the 1990s, is open to the possibility of returning to his former post. In a Tuesday radio interview on Fox News Radio, Gingrich and his wife Callista said that both of them support his return to t ... (Talking Points Memo-28 minutes ago)

Sea level rise will 'swallow Miami, New Orleans'

2 hrs ago - Miami (AFP) - Say goodbye to Miami and New Orleans. No matter what we do to curb global warming, these and other beloved US cities will sink below rising seas, according to a study. But making extreme carbon cuts and moving to renewable energy could ... (AFP)

Claims plane wreckage found in the Philippines could be MH370

3 hrs ago - REPORTS that a Malaysia Airlines plane wreckage had been found in the heart of the Filipino jungle have been unfounded. Malaysia’s Police Chief General Khalid Abu Bakar said Philippine authorities had investigated the claims made over the weekend th ... (news.com/au)

US Not Headed In Right Direction, Some On Main Street Say

3 hrs ago - NFIB surveyed small businesses on issues as the election season intensifies Kate Rogers 1 Hour Ago As the presidential debate season intensifies, small-business owners are pessimistic about the business climate and feel America is on the wrong tr ... (CNBC)

MH17: Ukraine Had Reason To Close Airspace Before Crash, Investigators Say

3 hrs ago - (CNN)Ukrainian authorities had "sufficient reason" to close the airspace over conflict-stricken eastern Ukraine before the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, according to the findings of a Dutch investigation into the crash. The Boeing 777 was ... (CNN)

Union: Chronic shortage of air traffic controllers a crisis

4 hrs ago - By JOAN LOWY WASHINGTON (AP) — A chronic shortage of controllers has reached a crisis that will lead to widespread flight delays if left unchecked, officials for the union that represents air traffic controllers said Tuesday. The Federal Aviation A ... (AP)

U.S. Sen. Brown presses for action on bill to lower drug prices

4 hrs ago - October 13, 2015 at 2:03 PM CLEVELAND, Ohio -- U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown stood in the corner of a Cleveland supermarket Tuesday and launched a broadside on the pharmaceutical industry. He argued prices for prescription drugs are out of control, and t ... (Cleveland.com)

Donald Trump to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

5 hrs ago - LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) - Donald Trump has signed on to host the November 7 episode of "Saturday Night Live," NBC announced Tuesday. The episode, which is one year and a day before the date of the 2016 presidential election, will mark the Republic ... (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Michigan woman charged in shots fired at shoplifters

5 hrs ago - By COREY WILLIAMS DETROIT (AP) — A suburban Detroit woman is facing firearms charges after authorities say she shot at an SUV's tire to stop two shoplifters fleeing a Home Depot parking lot. Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez of Clarkston was charged Tuesday w ... (AP)

Coalition opens door to deal on China-Australia free trade agreement

5 hrs ago - Daniel Hurst The Turnbull government appears set to reach a deal to secure passage of the China-Australia free trade agreement (Chafta) after it vowed to consider the opposition’s demands “in good faith” in a bid to resolve the long-running politica ... (The Guardian)

Sanders takes heat from gun control group ahead of debate

6 hrs ago - By Tim Devaney - 10/13/15 11:07 AM EDT A prominent gun control group is criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate. In contrast to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who has made gun control ... (the Hill)

Legalising cannabis in the UK 'would raise hundreds of millions'

6 hrs ago - Legalising cannabis would raise taxes worth hundreds of millions of pounds and produce large savings for the criminal justice system, a private analysis for the Treasury has concluded. It judged that regulating cannabis, which was used by more than ... (The Independent)

Retirement plan agreement reached between casino workers and Ontario Lottery

6 hrs ago - Kim Morrison A tentative agreement was reached on Friday between unionized workers at a casino and two Ontario racetracks and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), according to a statement issued on Sunday. Since September 19 almost 1,0 ... (World Casino News)

UK Government cancels Ministry of Justice contract with the Saudi Arabia prison system

7 hrs ago - The Government has cancelled a contract that would have seen the Ministry of Justice provide prison services to Saudi Arabia, Downing Street has said. The £5.9m deal, which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently called on David Cameron to scrap, was c ... (The Independent)

Planned Parenthood stops taking money for fetal tissue

7 hrs ago - Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it will no longer accept any reimbursement as part of its fetal tissue donation program, taking its strongest step yet to end the onslaught of conservative attacks against the group. The group’s president Ce ... (The Hill)