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Omaha Steve

Democrat Mikulski is 34th senator to support Iran nuke deal, ensuring landmark Obama victory

(AP) Democrat Mikulski is 34th senator to support Iran nuke deal, ensuring landmark Obama victory.


Dan Savage: 'A big pile of sweet, sweet bigot money out there waiting' for Kentucky clerk

(The Stranger) This isn't about Kim Davis standing up for her supposed principles—proof in a moment—it's about Kim Davis cashing in. There's a big pile of sweet, sweet bigot money out there waiting for her. If the owners of a pizza parlor could raise a million dollars just by threatening not to cater the gay wedding no one asked them to cater... just imagine how much of that sweet, sweet bigot money Kim Davis is going to rake in. I'm sure Kim Davis is already imagining it.

DeepModem Mom

Wonderful! In Bucket-List Mode, President Obama Hikes Alone Up an Alaskan Glacier (BOG)

(NYT) President Obama hiked alone up a gravel path toward Exit Glacier, gazing at a mass of flowing ice as it melted into the plain below.

“How’s this?” he marveled as he surveyed the terrain on a cloudless day. “Beats being in the office.”


Kentucky Clerk Fighting Gay Marriage Has Wed Four Times

(US News and World Report) The Kentucky county clerk facing potentially stiff penalties for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses has been married four times, raising questions of hypocrisy and selective application of the Bible to her life.

The marriages are documented in court records obtained by U.S. News, which show that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis divorced three times, first in 1994, then 2006 and again in 2008.

Omaha Steve

Senate leader: Not enough votes to defund Planned Parenthood

(AP) The Senate's top Republican is conceding that his party will have to await the next president before it can cut off federal funds that go to Planned Parenthood.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., says Republicans lack the votes to halt the payments. He also says that standing in the GOP's way is President Barack Obama, who doesn't leave office until January 2017.


No, ‘Denali’ Is Not a Kenyan Word For ‘Black Power’

(Mediaite) Conservatives reacted accordingly when the White House announced President Obama‘s plan to rename Mt. McKinley, named for President William McKinley, after its traditional Athabaskan name, “Denali.”

Most of the criticism consisted of the usual accusations — Obama overstepping his power in the executive branch, ignoring the U.S. Congress (where a similar discussion has been ongoing for years), and a litany of other supposedly impeachable offenses.

However, perhaps the most volatile — yet otherwise unsurprising — bit of flack came in the form of a rather misinformed meme. The meme claims that “Denali” is a Kenyan word for “black power”:

geek tragedy

Chris Coons and Bob Casey back Iran deal, putting Obama one vote from major diplomatic victory

(Washington Post) Sens. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) have decided to support the Iran nuclear deal, putting President Obama on the brink of a major diplomatic breakthrough that will allow him to fully implement the controversial deal over the objections of the Republican-led Congress.

Coons's decision, disclosed in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, delivered a powerful blow to opponents of the plan because the Delaware Democrat had previously voiced some of the deepest skepticism about the controversial deal. It came as Casey announced support for the deal and left Obama needing just one more vote in the Senate to claim victory.


Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model.

(The Street) Our Moody's Analytics election model now predicts a Democratic electoral landslide in the 2016 presidential vote. A small change in the forecast data in August has swung the outcome from the statistical tie predicted in July, to a razor-edge ballot outcome that nevertheless gives the incumbent party 326 electoral votes to the Republican challenger's 212.


Gorgeous picture of Denali

Denali is a much cooler name...


From a Millennial Sanders supporter, to naysayers

Yes, there are some who hear free college and jump on his bandwagon. But from so many I've talked to amongst my age group? We understand it takes more than a Presidential election to change this country. We're already talking about who to support locally and how to keep the enthusiasm up past the general election.

I don't support Bernie because I want something for free. I know he can't do everything he says he wants to by himself, and he will tell you that, too. Free shit isn't on my damn agenda. Taking my government back from the influence of corporate interests and the insanely weathly is my number one goal. Fuck free college. Fuck a $15 wage. Fuck single payer. None of it will ever happen and be allowed to work in the long run if we keep letting the corporations run our government. We must take our government back and make it work for the people before we even think of making good change...

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Data breach: Heritage Foundation emails, donor info stolen

2 min ago - By Tim Starks 09/02/15, 07:27 PM EDT The Heritage Foundation suffered a data breach this week in which intruders swiped sensitive emails and donor information, the right-wing think tank confirmed Wednesday. Some of those stolen files may have s ... (Politico)

Oldest survivor of San Francisco earthquake of 1906 dies

16 min ago - By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Ruth Newman was just a child living on an outlying ranch when the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 struck, but her memory of that day never faded, her daughter said. "She would tell us she remembered ... (AP)

Q&A: What can federal judge do to make Rowan clerk obey his order to issue marriage licenses?

38 min ago - Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis will stand before a federal judge in Ashland on Thursday to explain why she should not be held in contempt of court, having violated an Aug. 12 court order by refusing to issue marriage licenses this week. For a national ... (Lexington Herald-Leader)

CWA Files Letters Calling for Regulators to Investigate Verizon’s Refusal to Invest in Traditional..

46 min ago - WASHINGTON- The Communications Workers of America (CWA) today announced they were filing letters with telephone regulators in six states and Washington, DC calling on them to open investigations into the deterioration of Verizon’s copper landline net ... (NH Labor News)

Gunman at Large After Cop Car Fired On, Crashes Near Boston

1 hr ago - State and local police in Massachusetts were hunting a man who opened fire on a marked police cruiser Wednesday, causing it to crash and catch on fire, authorities said. Active scene here in Millis as someone has allegedly fired shots at a poli ... (NBC news)

Dean Jones, star of 'Love Bug' and other Disney films, dies at 84

1 hr ago - CNN)Dean Jones, the go-to Disney actor whose films included "The Love Bug," "The Million Dollar Duck," "That Darn Cat!" and "The Shaggy D.A.," died Tuesday, according to his publicist. Jones was 84. The cause of death was Parkinson's disease, accord ... (CNN)

Report: RNC Floating 2016 Loyalty Pledge To Discourage Third Party Runs

2 hrs ago - Republican presidential campaigns have been contacted privately by the Republican National Committee, inquiring whether candidates would be willing to sign a loyalty pledge vowing not to run as a third party candidate, Politico is reporting. The mov ... (TPM)

Pair of bills targeting Planned Parenthood's funding in Wisconsin sparks heated debate

2 hrs ago - JESSIE OPOIEN | The Capital Times 1 hr ago Legislation targeting Planned Parenthood's funding in Wisconsin was the subject of a heated debate among lawmakers on Wednesday. Democrats say the pair of bills before the Assembly Health Committee w ... (The Capital Times)

University of Colorado, RNC still figuring out students’ role in Republican debate

2 hrs ago - It remains to be seen how much of a role the student body at the University of Colorado, with its liberal reputation, will play in the Oct. 28 Republican debate at CU in Boulder. The liberal advocacy group ProgressNow Colorado wants at least half th ... (Denver Post)

Massachusetts attorney general OKs marijuana ballot initiatives

3 hrs ago - Ballot initiatives from two marijuana advocacy groups were approved by the Massachusetts attorney general on Wednesday, leaving it up to voters to decide whether pot smoking should be legal in the state. The proposals, submitted to State Attorney Ge ... (Reuters)

Rand Paul: KY Clerk's Gay Marriage Objections ‘Part Of The American Way’

3 hrs ago - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) suggested Tuesday that a Kentucky clerk who is refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples was "making a stand" and "an important part of the American way." But he argued the whole situation could have been avoided i ... (TPM)

Kentucky Clerk Seeks Yet Another Delay In Issuing Same Sex Marriage Licenses

3 hrs ago - FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — -snip- 2:55 p.m. A Kentucky county clerk is again asking a judge to delay his ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. U.S. District Judge David Bunning's order has been upheld by a federal appeal ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner sues Hasbro over hamster toy

3 hrs ago - A Fox News anchor is suing a US toy company, Hasbro, for more than $5m (£3.3m) over a toy hamster that she says resembles her and shares her name. Harris Faulkner said the company's portrayal of her as a plastic hamster "was demeaning and insulting" ... (BBC)

Parents seek halt to 48-year-old's gender reassignment

3 hrs ago - By MICHAEL R. SISAK DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A transgender woman whose parents went to court Wednesday to block her gender-reassignment surgery in Pennsylvania said she would rather die on the operating table than continue living with male anatomy. C ... (AP)

Ohio reviewing high school team's use of tiger cub mascot

4 hrs ago - By KANTELE FRANKO COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Officials are reviewing whether a live tiger cub being used as an Ohio high school football team mascot meets standards for possession of dangerous animals, the state Department of Agriculture said Wednesday. ... (AP)

Legionnaires' disease cases rise at Illinois veterans home

5 hrs ago - By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER The death toll from a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a western Illinois veterans home has climbed to seven, and the state's public health director has warned that more fatalities could occur. The Illinois Department of Veter ... (AP)

500Th Manned Space Launch: Soyuz Rocket With Three Astronauts Launched Towards ISS

5 hrs ago - Sep 2, 2015 12:34 IST A Soyuz spacecraft with three astronauts successfully launched towards the International Space Station on Wednesday, marking the 500th manned launch in space travel history. The trio, including the first Danish citizen ever to ... (Firstpost)

Judge Won't Drop Charges Against Cops in Freddie Gray's Death

5 hrs ago - A Baltimore judge rejected a motion to dismiss charges against the six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray in a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday . The first circuit court hearing began earlier in the day in downtown Baltimore — proce ... (NBC)

Wrongly convicted brothers each get $750K payout

5 hrs ago - By JONATHAN DREW RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Two brothers who falsely confessed under police interrogation to killing an 11-year-old girl were awarded $750,000 each in compensation for the three decades they spent behind bars — a stint that left one of th ... (AP)

Louisiana seeks to block release of Angola Three inmate Albert Woodfox

6 hrs ago - Louisiana attorneys asked a federal appeals court on Wednesday to block the release of longtime inmate Albert Woodfox and allow prosecutors to try him a third time in connection with the 1972 death of a prison guard, but Woodfox’s lawyer said a fair ... (Associated Press)

ALABAMA: State Handed $200,000 Legal Fees Bill For Futile Battle Against Same-Sex Marriage

6 hrs ago - September 2, 2015 More than a few states have been forced to fork over giant piles of dough to pay the lawyers for the good guys, but THIS one might be the sweetest of all. AL.com reports: Attorneys that represented the lesbian couple that successf ... (JoeMyGod)

House Judiciary panel sets first Planned Parenthood hearing

7 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled Congress’ first hearing on the Planned Parenthood videos for next week. And the title they’re using leaves little doubt about where Republicans who run Congress stand. The committee says ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Lindsey Graham: Kentucky Clerk Must 'Comply With The Law Or Resign'

7 hrs ago - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on Tuesday that the defiant Kentucky clerk who has repeatedly refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples must follow the law. "As a public official, comply with the law or resign," Graham told clerk Kim Da ... (TPM)

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders to Visit Penford Products Union Members in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

7 hrs ago - In a sign of solidarity, Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders will join BCTGM Local 100G members and supporters in an informational picket outside the Penford Products factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Friday, September 4th. Union members ... (NH Labor News)

Coal company, UMW settle suit over use of non-union workers

7 hrs ago - MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) - A Murray Energy subsidiary and the United Mine Workers of America have settled a lawsuit over the company’s use of non-union workers to perform work on seals at an underground coal mine in north-central West Virginia. Online ... (Washington Times-AP)

US markets recover modestly a day after big plunge

7 hrs ago - By KEN SWEET NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. and global stock markets were recovering in late morning trading Wednesday after a sharp sell-off a day earlier. Investors remain on edge after the latest market plunge, which was triggered by more signs of slowing ... (AP-Excite)

Obama gets Iran deal win as Senate Dems amass enough votes (UPDATED)

9 hrs ago - By ERICA WERNER WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama secured a landmark foreign policy victory Wednesday as Senate Democrats amassed enough votes to ensure the Iran nuclear deal survives in Congress despite ferocious opposition from Republicans ... (AP-Excite)

US productivity up 3.3 percent in spring, labor costs fall

10 hrs ago - By MARTIN CRUTSINGER WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. productivity in the spring rose at the fastest pace since late 2013, while labor costs declined. Worker productivity increased at an annual rate of 3.3 percent in the April-June quarter, the Labor Departm ... (AP)

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 190,000 Jobs in August

10 hrs ago - ROSELAND, N.J. – September 2, 2015 – Private sector employment increased by 190,000 jobs from July to August according to the August ADP National Employment Report®. Broadly distributed to the public each month, free of charge, the ADP National Emplo ... (ADP® (Automatic Data Processing))

New York City Reaches Deal With Bus Drivers Union on Safety Law

11 hrs ago - By EMMA G. FITZSIMMONS After clashing repeatedly this year over a new traffic safety law, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s major bus drivers union came to a fragile truce this week. The city reached a settlement on Monday with the union, Transpo ... (NY Times)