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Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore Comes Undone After Gay Marriage Ruling

(TPM) Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has vehemently opposed same-sex marriage in his state, broke down over the weekend after the Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have the right to marry. "Just who do they think they are when one person can reverse 200-and-something years of precedent in our country and thousands of years of precedent in western civilization," Moore said on Sunday while speaking at the Kimberly Church of God's "God and Country Day," according to the Associated Press. The justice warned that ruling could infringe upon the religious freedoms of Christians in the U.S. "Welcome to the new world. It's just changed for you Christians. You are going to be persecuted according to the U.S Supreme Court dissents," he said.


"Antonin Scalia is a Douche" brunch special sells out in record time

(Raw Story) On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a legal right for all Americans, regardless of the couple’s gender composition. Justice Antonin Scalia was not happy with the decision, calling the ruling “a threat to American democracy” in his written dissent. Friday is also the day Sam’s Morning Glory Diner comes up with the names of its weekly breakfast specials. This week, the Philadelphia restaurant put two new items on its menu, drawing inspiration from current events. “Antonin Scalia is a Douche,” an egg dish with vegetables, cheese, and andouille sausage (for which there was enough meat to make 150 servings) sold out before 10 AM on Sunday. “The Supreme Court Finally Got It Right” quiches, available with or without prosciutto ham, were gone in less time than that.


Biden attends services at Charleston church

(MSN) CHARLESTON, S.C. — Vice President Joe Biden worshipped and spoke at the Sunday service of the historic African-American church where nine people were gunned down during Bible study earlier this month. The vice president's surprise appearance came on the second Sunday the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church held regular services following the June 17 shooting.


The 'Southern Avenger' Repents: I Was Wrong About The Confederate Flag

(Daily Beast) As a Charleston, South Carolina-based conservative radio personality known as the “Southern Avenger,” I spent a decade defending the Confederate flag that is yet again the center of so much controversy. I said the flag was about states’ rights. I said it stood for self-determination. I said it honored heritage.I argued the Confederate flag wasn’t about race. I believed it. Millions of well-meaning Southerners believe it too.

I was wrong. That flag is always about race. Whatever political or historical points the flag’s defenders make, there will never be a time—and never has been a time—in which millions of Americans have looked at that symbol and not seen hatred.


George Takei: When I checked Twitter this morning

George Takei: My eyes shine with tears as marriage equality is ruled the law of the land. What a pride weekend it shall be! http://po.st/ZgW19W


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2 Uber executives ordered to stand trial in France

9 min ago - PARIS (AP) — Two Uber France managers have been ordered to stand trial on behalf of the San Francisco-based company on charges including "deceptive commercial practices" and complicity in illegal activities linked to its low-cost ride-hailing service ... (AP)

Justices take up dispute over union fees

15 min ago - Business By Sam Hananel | AP June 30 at 9:41 AM WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that union officials say could threaten membership ... (Associated Post, via the Washington Post)

‘Self-immolation’ on bullet train south of Tokyo leaves two dead, 26 injured

17 min ago - Two passengers, one male and one female, died Tuesday in an apparent self-immolation aboard a speeding bullet train south of Tokyo. The man, aged 71 and a resident of Suginami Ward, Tokyo, was near the entrance doors at the front of the Nozomi 225&# ... (Japan Times)

Alan Grayson hedge funds skirt ethics rule

49 min ago - TALLAHASSEE—Rep. Alan Grayson manages hedge funds that use his name in their title, a practice prohibited by congressional ethics rules designed to prevent members from using their elected post for financial gain. The specific ethics provisions tied ... (Politico)

Roy Moore Backtracks: Court Order Doesn't Stop Gay Marriage In Alabama

53 min ago - After causing confusion on Monday by stating that an Alabama Supreme Court order would stall gay marriage in the state for 25 days, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore walked back his statement. "In no way does the order instruct probate judges of this ... (TPM/The Auburn Plainsman)

Justice Department faults Ferguson protest response

1 hr ago - FERGUSON • Police trying to control the Ferguson protests and riots responded with an uncoordinated effort that sometimes violated free-speech rights, antagonized crowds with military-style tactics and shielded officers from accountability, the Justi ... (St Louis Post-Dispatch)


1 hr ago - The U.S. government had produced “snippets of information from various sources, out of context, to weave together a narrative of terrorist ideation,” a Florida judge said Friday, ordering the release of Marcus Dwayne Robertson, an Orlando-based Islam ... (The Intercept)

Tunisia attack: Gunman 'was in Isis sleeper cell and had terror training in Libya', student says

1 hr ago - Tuesday 30 June 2015 The gunman who massacred 38 tourists at a Tunisian hotel had been part of an Isis “sleeper” cell for several years despite not being known to authorities, it has been claimed. Police admitted they had no idea that Seifeddine Re ... (The Independent)

Greece debt crisis: 'Last-minute talks after new offer'

1 hr ago - The Greek government is in last-minute talks over whether to accept an offer that would let Greece repay part of its debt, local media say. Greece is hours away from a deadline to repay a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) loan to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ... (BBC)

Islamic State beheads female civilians for first time in Syria: monitor

2 hrs ago - The hardline Islamic State group has beheaded two women in Syria, the first time it has decapitated female civilians, the founder of a group monitoring the war said on Tuesday. The beheadings took place in the eastern Deir al-Zor province this week ... (Reuters)

Obama's approval rating grows following memorable week

2 hrs ago - Could Barack Obama's great week mark a turning point in his poll numbers? After months of stagnant approval ratings, a new CNN/ORC poll finds that for the first time in more than two years, 50% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling the p ... (CNN)

At least 113 people dead in Indonesian military plane crash: air force

2 hrs ago - All 113 on board an Indonesian air force transport plane that crashed Tuesday into a major city on Sumatra are believed to have been killed, the country's air force chief said. There were 12 crew and 101 passengers on the Hercules C-130 when it went ... (i24)

Funds for veterans’ day care dry up

3 hrs ago - By Steve Liewer For a few hours each weekday, Marcie Hoff can stop worrying about her dad. Those are the hours that retired Air Force Master Sgt. Bernie Childers, 75, spends in the Franciscan Centre Adult Day Service in Omaha. He is disabled from ... (Omaha World Herald)

1 arrested in fight at Statehouse over Confederate flag

3 hrs ago - COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — One man has been arrested after a fight over the Confederate flag in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. The fight started about 7:15 p.m. Monday when about a dozen vehicles with Confederate flag supporters pulled up in fro ... (AP)

French prosecutor confirms terrorist motive, IS link to factory beheading

4 hrs ago - A French prosecutor confirmed Tuesday that the man who beheaded his boss and tried to blow up a gas factory in Lyon had a "terrorist motive" and links to the Islamic State group in Syria. Yassin Salhi's attack "last Friday corresponded very precisel ... (AFP)

Operation near kabul: US raid on arms cache incites protests

4 hrs ago - KABUL: The US forces conducted a raid to destroy a cache of weapons north of Kabul early on Monday morning, a US army spokesman said. “US Forces conducted an operation to destroy a cache of munitions that could be used to conduct attacks against A ... (The Express Tribune)

Leaks allege assassination plot hatched by Egypt and Sudan

4 hrs ago - Egypt and Sudan collaborated in a plot to assassinate the president of South Sudan after the country secured independence in 2011, according to a document allegedly leaked from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A document released on Frida ... (Middle East Eye)

IPRA recommends Chicago cop be fired for off-duty shooting

9 hrs ago - The city agency that investigates the most serious misconduct allegations against Chicago police officers has recommended for the first time in its nearly eight-year history that an officer be fired for shooting someone. The Independent Police Revie ... (Chicago Tribune)

U.S., Iran trade accusations of backtracking in nuclear talks

10 hrs ago - As negotiators battle over the final terms of a nuclear agreement, Iran and six world powers have begun bickering over an important side issue: who gets the blame if the deal falls through. In recent days, as diplomats have huddled in a porticoed 19 ... (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Cruz urges states to ignore gay marriage ruling

10 hrs ago - Texas senator and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said during an NPR interview on Monday that states should ignore the Supreme Court's landmark ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide. His reasoning? States not specifically named in the case don ... (Houston Chronicle)

100-year-old Echo Park church damaged in fire that may have been arson

11 hrs ago - A 100-year-old building in Echo Park that served as a home for mostly ethnic religious groups was nearly destroyed in an early-morning fire that was intentionally set, officials said. Forerunners for Christ church had been hosting church services a ... (Los Angeles Times)

Colorado Supreme Court rejects Douglas County voucher program

11 hrs ago - In a nationally significant case involving religion, taxpayer dollars and school choice, a divided Colorado Supreme Court on Monday rejected the Douglas County School District's groundbreaking school voucher program as unconstitutional. The wealthy ... (Denver Post)

'Leap second' added for first time in three years

12 hrs ago - Midnight will come later tonight as for the first time in three years an extra second is added to the official time set by atomic clocks. The "leap second" means the last minute of June will have 61 seconds in it. Leap seconds - and leap years - ar ... (BBC)

NSA wiretapped two French finance ministers: Wikileaks

12 hrs ago - PARIS (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency wiretapped the communications of two successive French finance ministers and collected information on French export contracts, trade and budget talks, according to a report by WikiLeaks. The transp ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

PETA sues California over poultry slaughter law

12 hrs ago - An animal-rights group is suing California, charging that the state fails to enforce humane slaughter laws in poultry plants. The PETA Foundation says the California Department of Food and Agriculture wrongly defers to federal meat inspectors to mon ... (Los Angeles Times)

Captured escapee David Sweat says he planned to go to Mexico, Cuomo says

13 hrs ago - Malone, New York (CNN)David Sweat and Richard Matt planned to head to Mexico after busting out of Clinton Correctional Facility more than three weeks ago, but had to improvise after the prison tailor accused of aiding them failed to show up to give t ... (CNN)

President Obama overtime rule could raise wages for 5 million

13 hrs ago - President Barack Obama will this week release a long-awaited overtime rule aimed at raising wages for 5 million people as soon as 2016, according to sources familiar with the plans. The proposed rule will more than double the salary level under whic ... (Politico)

Texas Town Is Charging Us $79,000 for Emails About Pool Party Abuse Cop

14 hrs ago - Days after McKinney, Texas, police officer Eric Casebolt was filmed pointing his service weapon at a group of unarmed black teenagers at a pool party this month, Gawker submitted a Public Information Act request to the city of McKinney asking to see ... (Gawker)

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared on Monday

14 hrs ago - Fears that Greece's troubles could spread through the global financial system shook markets on Monday, driving U.S. stocks to their worst day of the year. Investors fled from stocks in Europe and the U.S. and retreated to the safety of government bon ... (AP)

Nebraska joins 12 other states in suing over new U.S. federal water rules

14 hrs ago - By Martha Stoddard LINCOLN — Nebraska joined 12 other states Monday in filing a legal challenge to sweeping new federal water regulations. The regulations, which became final at the end of May, define which bodies of water fall under the 1972 Clean ... (Omaha World Herald)