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Texas Woman Denied Driver’s License Over Same-Sex Marriage

I(Texas Observer) A woman who recently relocated from California says the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to issue her an accurate driver’s license because her last name was changed through a same-sex marriage.

After Connie Wilson married her partner of nine years in California last year, she took her wife’s last name, Wilson, which now appears on both her California driver’s license and her Social Security card, in addition to all of the couple’s financial and medical records.


The Mainstream Media Ignores 100,000+ Progressive Protesters At People’s Climate March

(Politicus USA) Marchers filled up an estimated twenty-five city blocks in what is being described as the largest action against climate change in history, but the mainstream television coverage has been invisible. The march went ignored by the Sunday morning news shows, which instead chose to focus on ISIS and the NFL.

Cable news provided no live coverage of the event despite the fact that it was taking place in the same city where all three networks are either located or have bureaus. Would it really have been difficult for the so called progressive network MSNBC to go down the street and provide live coverage? A live stream of the march would have been much more interesting to viewers than the standard fare of talking heads discussing the midterm elections.


PA Natural Resources Agency Ordered To Remove All Climate Information From Website

(Think Progress) The Pennsylvania state agency that regulates gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing was explicitly ordered by members of Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration to remove several references to “climate change” from the agency’s website, a former agency employee told the Allegheny Front on Friday.

Adrian Stouffer, a former Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) marketing manager, told the paper that she and other agency employees were told to delete the references to climate change during a meeting at Corbett’s offices in 2012. The administration officials reportedly didn’t want all mentions of climate change taken off the website, but did want references taken off “in cases where we looked like we were giving a position” on whether or not humans cause global warming.


John Boehner: Unemployed Americans Are A Bunch Of Lazy Moochers Who Don't Think They Have To Work

(Think Progress) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) seemed to echo Mitt Romney’s infamous claim that 47 percent of Americans are “takers” who suck up government benefits during a speech at a conservative Washington D.C. think tank on Thursday. Addressing the American Enterprise Institute, Boehner suggested that President Barack Obama’s economy has lulled many unemployed people into a sense of dependence on government.

“This idea that has been born, maybe out of the economy over the last couple years, that you know, I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this. I think I’d rather just sit around. This is a very sick idea for our country,” he said.

“If you wanted something you worked for it,” Boehner said, adding, “Trust me, I did it all.”


Report: Snowden's leaks didn't help terrorists

(NBC/Kos) The analysis by Flashpoint Global Partners, a private security firm, examined the frequency of releases and updates of encryption software by jihadi groups and mentions of encryption in jihadi social media forums to assess the impact of Snowden’s information. It found no correlation in either measure to Snowden’s leaks about the NSA’s surveillance techniques, which became public beginning June 5, 2013


Senate Republican Leaders Introduce Bill That Would Permanently Hobble Federal Labor Law

(Think Progress) The National Labor Relations Board is a federal agency that has the exclusive power to enforce much of America’s labor law. If an employer tries to unlawfully intimidate workers against joining a union, or if it retaliates against pro-union workers, or if it refuses to bargain with its workers’ union, the NLRB is responsible for enforcing the law against that employer. Yet, if a bill introduced by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) — the top Republican on the Senate committee responsible for labor issues — were to become law, then the NLRB would likely become a stagnant, often frozen institution that could be unable to act in the face of flagrant violations of the law.


Lawsuit: Cliven Bundy's Wandering Cows Allegedly Caused Car Crash

(TPM) Just two days after the BLM released Bundy's cattle, multiple cows wandered onto an interstate highway, where one collided with a car. The crash killed the cow and seriously injured a Las Vegas woman. Danielle Beck filed a lawsuit on Sunday and said Bundy "recklessly, carelessly and negligently allowed his cows to enter onto Interstate 15 through an area where he had no grazing or other rights."

"It’s a state problem. It’s not our problem," Bundy told the Review-Journal. "We really feel bad when it happens. We sure don’t want it to happen. But we’re not liable."


Obamacare sea change: GOP governor boasts about ACA benefits

(MSNBC) Earlier this year, the Republican game plan for health care was pretty straightforward: attack “Obamacare” constantly, make it the centerpiece of the 2014 cycle, and wait for the inevitable victories to roll in.

The very idea that we’d see a Republican governor bragging about Affordable Care Act benefits – in the final stretch of a tough re-election campaign, no less – seemed hard to fathom. And yet, here we are.

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Chad becomes 37th African state to seek ban on homosexuality

59 sec ago - Chad looks set to become the 37th country in Africa to outlaw homosexuality after government ministers voted to make same-sex relations a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The decision, yet to be ratified by the country’s president, was ... (Guardian UK)

Syria Supports 'Any International Effort' in Fight Against Jihadists Following Isis Strikes

15 min ago - Syria has said that it supports and is ready to cooperate with "any international effort" against jihadist groups following the start of US-led airstrikes against Isis (now known as the Islamic State) and The Khorasan group in the country. Syria "ba ... (Yahoo News (UK))

WHO: 21,000 Ebola cases by November if no changes

46 min ago - By MARIA CHENG LONDON (AP) — New estimates from the World Health Organization warn the number of Ebola cases could hit 21,000 in six weeks unless efforts to curb the outbreak are ramped up, according to an analysis published online Tuesday by the Ne ... (AP-Excite)

UPDATE 2-EU regulators say will approve British EDF nuclear project

49 min ago - European Union state aid regulators will clear Britain's plan to build a 16 billion-pound ($26.15 billion) nuclear plant with French utility EDF, a European Commission official said on Monday. <snip> But Britain's plans for financing it are e ... (Reuters)

Obama Administration Moves to Crack Down on Tax Inversions

1 hr ago - The Treasury Department issued new rules Monday evening to discourage U.S.-based companies from moving their headquarters overseas to reduce their tax bills to Uncle Sam. The revisions to five sections of the tax code are designed to make it more di ... (Forbes)

U.S.-led airstrikes on ISIS in Syria: Who's in, who's not

1 hr ago - (CNN) -- The campaign of airstrikes against ISIS in Syria has pitted several Arab countries into action alongside the United States. Analysts say the involvement of leading Sunni Muslim nations in a fight against the Sunni extremism of ISIS is cruci ... (CNN)

Government hackers try to crack HealthCare.gov

1 hr ago - By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR WASHINGTON (AP) — The government's own watchdogs tried to hack into HealthCare.gov earlier this year and found what they termed a critical vulnerability — but also came away with respect for some of the health insurance si ... (AP-Excite)

EC has drafted proposals for Russia on interim gas dispute solution - Oettinger

2 hrs ago - The European Commission has drafted proposals for Russia on reaching an interim solution to the gas dispute with Ukraine, Guenther Oettinger, EC vice president, said at a meeting with Energy Community ministers in Kyiv. Oettinger said the proposals ... (Interfax Ukraine)

Accused White House intruder armed in July arrest

3 hrs ago - By PETE YOST and ALICIA A. CALDWELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Two months before Omar J. Gonzalez allegedly hopped a White House fence, dashed across the North Lawn and entered the executive mansion, he was arrested in rural Virginia, heavily armed and carry ... (AP-Excite)

BREAKING: Israel military says shot down Syrian aircraft that entered its airspace in Golan Heights

4 hrs ago - Sep 23, 3:30 AM EDT ISRAEL MILITARY SHOOTS DOWN SYRIAN AIRCRAFT BY IAN DEITCH ASSOCIATED PRESS JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli military says it has shot down a Syrian aircraft that infiltrated its airspace over the Golan Heights. The military says ... (Associated Press)

Brussels may revise anti-Russian sanctions on September 30: reports

5 hrs ago - The European Union may start reconsidering economic sanctions against Moscow on September 30, Kommersant newspaper reported Tuesday citing the EU foreign policy chief's spokeswoman to Maya Kosyanchich. The European Union's Foreign Affairs Council wi ... (News.AZ)

David Cameron to meet Iran leader over Isis campaign

6 hrs ago - PM to meet Hassan Rouhani in New York for first bilateral talks in decades, signalling improvement in countries’ relations David Cameron is to hold the first bilateral talks between a British prime minister and an Iranian president since the 1979 r ... (Guardian)

Damascus Says Washington Informed Syrian UN Envoy Before Striking Islamic State Group In Syria

7 hrs ago - DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria's foreign ministry says the United States informed Damascus' envoy to the United Nations before launching airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria. Syrian state media carried a brief statement from the foreign mi ... (Associated Press)

About 100 climate protesters arrested in march on Wall Street

7 hrs ago - The protest group behind Monday's action has roots in the Occupy Wall Street movement that started in a downtown Manhattan park in 2011 to protest against what it called unfair banking practices that serve the wealthiest 1 percent, leaving behind 99 ... (Reuters)

Iranian talks with Saudi Arabia may signal thaw in relations

8 hrs ago - Shia Muslim Iran and conservative Sunni kingdom, bitter rivals for influence in the Gulf, meet in New York Iran and Saudi Arabia have held their first foreign minister-level meeting since the 2013 election of President Hassan Rouhani, official Iran ... (Reuters in Dubai)

Jury: Arab Bank liable in terror attacks

10 hrs ago - By TOM HAYS NEW YORK (AP) — A U.S. jury found on Monday that a large Jordan-based bank should be held responsible for a wave of Hamas-sanctioned suicide bombings in the early 2000s that left several Americans dead or wounded. Jurors reached the una ... (AP-Excite)

Wesleyan orders fraternities to become coed

10 hrs ago - Wesleyan orders fraternities to become coed By PAT EATON-ROBB, Associated Press | September 22, 2014 | Updated: September 22, 2014 7:50pm MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — Wesleyan University in Connecticut on Monday ordered its fraternities with houses on ... (Associated Press)

BREAKING: US Has Begun Airstrikes in Syria Against ISIS

10 hrs ago - @CBSNews: BREAKING: The US has begun airstrikes in Syria against ISIS, CBS News confirms http://t.co/rKiSAz4ddM/s/-Vxg @CBSNews: Decision to conduct strikes made today by the US Central Command commander under authorization from the president, says ... (CBS News)

Prosecutor: 800 rounds found in intruder case

10 hrs ago - By PETE YOST and ALICIA A. CALDWELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Investigators found more than 800 rounds of ammunition, a machete and two hatchets in the car of the former soldier accused of scaling the White House fence and sprinting inside while carrying a ... (AP-Excite)

Med Center doctors release name of drug used on Ebola patient; condition improving

11 hrs ago - By Bob Glissmann Doctors treating the American Ebola patient in Omaha on Monday released the name of the experimental drug that they used on him to target the virus. Dr. Rick Sacra received TKM-Ebola, manufactured by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, for se ... (Omaha World Herald)

Crackdown Targets Inversions Designed to Limit U.S. Taxes

12 hrs ago - The U.S. Treasury Department announced steps that will make it harder for U.S. companies to move their addresses outside the country to reduce their taxes, clamping down on the practice known as inversions. The rules, which apply to deals that close ... (Bloomberg)

Republican Ad Treats President Obama Like Abusive Boyfriend (GOP's Reply to War on Women)

12 hrs ago - "In 2008, I fell in love," says an attractive and concerned-looking 30-something lady on a clean white couch. "His online profile made him seem so perfect...I trusted him, but by 2012 our relationship was in trouble, but I stuck with him because he p ... (Jezebel.com)

Yemeni Shiite Rebel Sweep Into Capital Kills 340

13 hrs ago - In a stunning sweep of the Yemeni capital, the country's Shiite rebels seized homes, offices and military bases of their Sunni foes on Monday, forcing many into hiding and triggering an exodus of civilians from the city after a week of fighting that ... (ABCNews)

Lafayette judge rules Louisiana same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional

14 hrs ago - District Judge Edward Rubin ruled today that the ban on same-sex marriage in Louisiana is unconstitutional. Rubin's decision in a Lafayette courtroom will not be public record until Tuesday morning, but the state Attorney General's Office confirmed ... (KATC)

After scandal, congressman's TV ad features wife

14 hrs ago - After scandal, congressman's TV ad features wife By MELINDA DESLATTE, Associated Press | September 22, 2014 | Updated: September 22, 2014 3:42pm BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana congressman whose re-election is threatened by a cheating scanda ... (Associated Press)

Detroit tells judge: We can't give away free water

14 hrs ago - Detroit tells judge: We can't give away free water By ED WHITE, Associated Press | September 22, 2014 | Updated: September 22, 2014 3:38pm DETROIT (AP) — Detroit's water department defended its shutoff policy Monday and warned that free service to ... (Associated Press)

Google Announces Plans to Cut Ties With ALEC

14 hrs ago - Google plans to sever its relationship with the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council following a wave of public scrutiny about the conservative group's climate-change views. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt indicated in an interview Monda ... (National Journal)

Rockefeller Fund divorces itself from fossil fuels

15 hrs ago - The Rockefeller family, which built its wealth on oil, is divesting its philanthropic fund of fossil fuel investments. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund pledged Monday to divest itself of investments in coal and tar sands, promising to reduce that expos ... (CNN.com)

Protesters Flood Wall Street Over Global Climate Change

15 hrs ago - NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – One day after a huge climate march in New York City, activists flooded Wall Street to protest what they say is corporate and economic institutions’ role in the climate crisis. #FloodWallStreet protesters rallied in Battery ... (CBS News)

SEC Pays $30 Million to Whistleblower in Largest Award

16 hrs ago - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission awarded more than $30 million to a whistle-blower in its largest payout from a program started in 2011 to encourage people to come forward with evidence of securities fraud. The whistle-blower, who lives ... (Bloomberg)