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Wisconsin Republicans abandoning Scott Walker

(WCMC) On March 25, 2015, former editor of the Waukesha Freeman and conservative Pete Kennedy published an opinion piece in the paper urging Wisconsin conservatives to not only reject Scott Walker, but to hold him accountable for the damage he has done to the state.

Kennedy is not the only Wisconsin Republican abandoning Scott Walker. Recently extremists in the party, including Rep. Robin Vos (R-63) and Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-12), began questioning Walker’s latest budget, which drastically cuts money for public education, eliminates essential programs for the disabled and elderly that allow them to stay in their homes, increases bonding for transportation and roads, and slashes $300 million from the UW System.


Charles Barkley: Move Final Four Out of Indiana

(Advocate) Always outspoken, NBA superstar and commentator Charles Barkley says plainly that the Final Four should be moved out of Indiana.

“Discrimination in any form is unacceptable to me,” said Barkley in a statement to USA Today. “As long as anti-gay legislation exists in any state, I strongly believe big events such as the Final Four and Super Bowl should not be held in those states’ cities.”


Oops. Somebody Didn't See That Coming - By Josh Marshall

(TPM) Did the State of Indiana have any idea what it was getting itself into? Reading the history of this particular law, the relatively quiet progress of the legislation, followed by the avalanche of criticism and boycotts, the answer seems almost certainly to be no. There's now even a backdraft of commentary that the criticism and boycotts are somehow hypocritical since 19 other states and the federal government have similar laws. And the state's hapless Gov. Mike Pence is claiming that Barack Obama voted for a similar law when he was in the Illinois state legislature. Indeed, Pence now says he will push for a new law to "clarify" the law that's gotten his state in all this trouble.

But all of this seems to miss the point. There are tipping point moments in which things that were once uncontroversial or unpunished suddenly become very controversial and bring in their wake a storm of backlash. What's most interesting is how these changes are often not incremental. They build slowly and then suddenly the terms are entirely different. It's not surprising that something like this would eventually happen. But just why it happened in this case and in this way is less than clear.


Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!'....

(AP) First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated the beauty, power and tenacity of black women while spreading her own message of education for girls at Black Girls Rock!, an annual event honoring trailblazing women of color from all walks of life.

"No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful," Obama told the crowd, which included many young black girls.


Indiana governor: ‘We’re not going to change the law’

(LGBTQ Nation) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended the new state law that’s garnered widespread criticism over concerns it could foster discrimination and said Sunday it wasn’t a mistake to have enacted it.

Pence appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” to discuss the measure he signed last week prohibiting state laws that “substantially burden” a person’s ability to follow his or her religious beliefs. The definition of “person” includes religious institutions, businesses and associations.


One Restaurant Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ By Turning Away Gays

(Think Progress) An Indiana business owner went on a local radio station and said that he had discriminated against gay or lesbian couples even before Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a law on Thursday protecting business owners who decide to discriminate for “religious liberty” reasons. He then defended the practice and suggested he would do it again.

The business owner, who would not give his name or the name of his business, said he had told some LGBT “people” that equipment was broken in his restaurant and he couldn’t serve them even though it wasn’t and other people were already eating at the tables. “So, yes, I have discriminated,” he told RadioNOW 100.9 hosts. The hosts were surprised the owner said he was okay with discriminating.

Judi Lynn

Arizona law requires abortion providers to tell women procedure is reversible

(AP) Arizona lawmakers approved legislation that requires abortion providers to tell women they can reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion.

Advocates on both sides of the issue said it’s the first time such a reversal requirement has passed in the US, though Arkansas also is considering similar legislation. Critics say there’s no science to back up the requirement.


Dem Senator Devised A Fantastic Response To Tom Cotton's Iran Letter

(TPM) Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) would like to prevent Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) from sending any more letters to Iranian leaders about the nuclear deal, prompting her to file an amendment to block just that.

She introduced an amendment on Wednesday that would defund "the purchase of stationary or electronic devices for the purpose of members of Congress or congressional staff communicating with foreign governments and undermining the role of the President as Head of State in international nuclear negotiations on behalf of the United States," according to the Huffington Post.

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French lawmakers debate crackdown on prostitution

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'I Abhor Discrimination': Gov. Pence Pins Need for Indiana Religious Freedom Law on Obamacare

1 hr ago - Indiana Gov. Mike Pence swung back again Monday at critics of the state's controversial "religious freedom" law, writing in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that Obamacare had made it imperative to ensure that "religious liberty is fully protected under I ... (NBC News)

American Pharmacists Association votes against supply of lethal injection drugs

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Americans Favor Deal With Iran by 2-1; Relations With Israel Are Highly Politicized

2 hrs ago - Americans by a 2-1 margin favor an agreement with Iran over its nuclear development program, even while broadly questioning whether a deal would, in fact, prevent Tehran from producing nuclear weapons. A new national ABC News/Washington Post poll a ... (ABC News)

Arizona governor says he has signed abortion bill into law

3 hrs ago - (Reuters) - Arizona's Republican governor, Doug Ducey, said on Monday he has signed into law a controversial measure blocking women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal healthcare exchange. The fiercely debated b ... (Reuters)

Pharmacists association adopts policy discouraging members from providing death penalty drugs

3 hrs ago - Pharmacists association adopts policy discouraging members from providing death penalty drugs By Associated Press March 30 at 6:21 PM SAN DIEGO — Pharmacists association adopts policy discouraging members from providing death penalty drugs. C ... (washingtonpost)

Arkansas House Panel OKs ‘Religious Freedom’ Amendments; Opponents Rally

4 hrs ago - LITTLE ROCK — A House committee on Monday advanced an amended version of the controversial religious freedom bill in a party-line vote. The House Judiciary Committee voted 11-5 to concur in Senate amendments to House Bill 1228 by Rep. Bob Ballinger ... (TimesRecord)

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney disputes Scott Walker's marijuana story

5 hrs ago - Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney disputes Scott Walker's marijuana story 1 hour ago • By Matthew DeFour | Wisconsin State Journal Dane County's Democratic sheriff is disputing a story Gov. Scott Walker told last week in response to a question ... (Wisconsin State Jounal)

Klingenschmitt removed from committee assignment

5 hrs ago - DENVER - House Republicans have decided to discipline state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs) by removing him from one of his two committee assignments in the wake of his controversial comments about an attack on a pregnant woman in Lon ... (9News.com)

Head of U.S. Chemical Safety Board Resigns

5 hrs ago - The chairman of the Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) has resigned at the request of the White House. Members of Congress had called on President Barack Obama to fire Rafael Moure-Eraso, charging that he mismanaged the small independ ... (Scientific American)

Warren: Schumer has fought 'on the front lines' with me

5 hrs ago - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she has fought “side by side” with Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on a range of issues, as she heaped praise on the New Yorker who appears poised to become the top Democrat in the Senate. Warren dismissed the idea ... (The Hill)

Subaru Comes Out Against Indiana’s Discriminatory Religious Refusal Act

5 hrs ago - -snip- The director of corporate communications for Subaru of America, Inc., Michael McHale, issued the following statement to John Voelcker, editor of Green Car Reports: "While we recognize that the voters in each State elect their own legislature ... (HRC)

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging that Southeastern Oklahoma State University Discriminated

6 hrs ago - Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging that Southeastern Oklahoma State University Discriminated Against Transgender Woman The Justice Department announced today the filing of a lawsuit against Southeastern Oklahoma State University (Southeastern ... (US DOJ)

Reagan's Speeches Analyzed for Dementia

6 hrs ago - Researchers at Arizona State University have analyzed Ronald Reagan's speech patterns and detected subtle changes that is linked to the onset of dementia before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 1994. The study did not prove Reagan's signs ... (TDB/NYT)

Dems hammer Pence for posing with anti-LGBT activists while signing ‘religious freedom’ bill

6 hrs ago - -snip- “The first thing you have to do when you have a problem is admit you have a problem,” Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane said. “You have to be able to be willing to set aside all the politics. But in the years I’ve been here, I’ve seen it — th ... (RawStory)

Christie endorses 20-week abortion ban

6 hrs ago - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a potential 2016 contender, on Monday endorsed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. “I am proud to be a pro-life Republican. I believe that every life is an individual gift from God, and that no life is ... (The Hill)

Pharmacists Assoc. Adopts Policy Discouraging Members From Providing Death Penalty Drugs

6 hrs ago - @AP: BREAKING: Pharmacists association adopts policy discouraging members from providing death penalty drugs. Pharmacists' group discourages providing execution drugs BY JULIE WATSON MAR. 30, 2015 6:29 PM EDT SAN DIEGO (AP) — A national pharmacist ... (Associated Press)

Shia Militias Relaunch Tikrit Assault on ISIS After US Air Strikes

7 hrs ago - Iraqi militias battling to retake Tikrit from the radical Islamist terror group ISIS have restarted their assault on the Iraqi city after suspending the operation in protest at U.S. air strikes, according to Iraqi analysts and reporters. <snip> ... (Newsweek)

Silk Road agents charged with stealing seized Bitcoin

7 hrs ago - The US Department of Justice (DoJ) alleges that Shaun Bridges stole more than $800,000 (£540,000) in Bitcoin. His colleague, Carl Force, has also been charged with money laundering and wire fraud. ... "In doing so, the complaint alleges, Force used ... (BBC)

Uganda prosecutor in 'al-Shabab bomb case' shot dead

7 hrs ago - Joan Kagezi, the top Ugandan state prosecutor in the trial of 13 men accused of a deadly al-Shabab bomb attack, has been shot dead in Kampala. Ms Kagezi was targeted by gunmen on a motorcycle as she was on her way home. The suicide bombing in Kampa ... (BBC)

Wilco Cancels Indiana Concert Over 'Thinly Disguised Legal Discrimination'

8 hrs ago - The alternative rock band Wilco on Monday slammed Indiana's new anti-gay "religious freedom" bill as "thinly disguised legal discrimination" in a tweet announcing that an upcoming concert in the state was canceled. WILCO ✔ @Wilco We'r ... (TPM)

Twitter's Policy Team Bashes Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

8 hrs ago - As the controversy over Indiana's "religious freedom" law that critics say would legalize anti-gay discrimination gained traction on Twitter this week, the social media company itself weighed in on Monday, saying that the Indiana law, and laws like i ... (TPM)

Titus Senate Bid Could Shake Up Nevada Races

8 hrs ago - Rep. Dina Titus is considering a bid to replace Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who made a surprise announcement Friday he is not seeking re-election. “This is a decision I will make carefully after talking with family and close friends to ensure ... (Roll Call)

Nigeria election: presidential candidates neck and neck after first set of results

8 hrs ago - Goodluck Jonathan leads Muhammadu Buhari by a hair’s breadth in general election marred by violence, claims of political interference and technical glitches. With votes from eight of the country’s 36 states plus the capital city counted, the poll wa ... (The Guardian)

This Woman Says She Had A Miscarriage. Now She Could Face 70 Years In Prison.

9 hrs ago - Depending on the outcome of a hearing scheduled for Monday, a 33-year-old Indiana woman could face up to 70 years in prison for what she says was a miscarriage. Reproductive rights advocates say her case is a disturbing example of overly broad laws t ... (ThinkProgress)

Pakistan to join Saudi coalition against Yemen rebels - senior official

9 hrs ago - (Reuters) - Pakistan will send troops to Saudi Arabia to give military support to a coalition of mainly Gulf states fighting Yemeni Houthi rebels, a senior government official said on Monday. Largely Sunni Muslim Pakistan - a regional ally of Saudi ... (Reuters)

AFSCME Relocating Conference Out Of 'Disgust' Of Religious Liberty Law

10 hrs ago - The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has decided to relocate its 2015 National Women's Conference "as a direct result" of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signing a controversial religious freedom bill into law. AFSCM ... (TPM)

George Pataki Says Bet on Him to Run For President

10 hrs ago - George Pataki, the former three-term New York governor, has a tip for gamblers: Place your chips on his running for president. Pataki has traveled to New Hampshire six times since September and two weeks ago appeared at the Republican National Commi ... (Bloomberg)

February's Pending Home Sales Hit Highest Level Since June 2013, Says NAR

11 hrs ago - The number of contracts signed to buy previously-owned homes in February hit the highest level since June 2013, thanks to big leaps in the Midwestern and Western regions, the National Association of Realtors said Monday. NAR’s Pending Home Sales In ... (Forbes)

McCain Suggests Israel "Go Rogue," Blow Up Iran Negotiations By Starting War

11 hrs ago - But this past week Senator John McCain (R-AZ) ratcheted up this sabotage to a new level. During a floor speech he gave on March 24th, the senator suggested that Israel “go rogue” and that if they don't they may not survive the next 22 months of the O ... (Alternet)