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Krugman: Paul Ryan is to policy wonkery what Carly Fiorina is to corporate management: brilliant at

(NYT) Apparently desperate Republicans are pleading with Paul Ryan to become Speaker of the House, because he’s “super, super smart.” More than anyone else in his caucus, he has the reputation of being a brilliant policy wonk.

And that tells you even more about the dire state of the GOP. After all, Ryan is to policy wonkery what Carly Fiorina is to corporate management: brilliant at selling himself, hopeless at actually doing the job. Lest we forget, his much-vaunted budget plan proved, on even superficial examination, to be a ludicrous mess of magic asterisks. His big contribution to discussion of economic policy was his stern warning to Ben Bernanke that quantitative easing would “debase the dollar”, that rising commodity prices in early 2011 presaged a surge in inflation. This guy’s delusions of expertise should be considered funny.


Donald Trump Says Bowe Bergdahl Should Have Been Executed

(ABC News) Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed for leaving his post in Afghanistan.

Trump made the comments Thursday afternoon at a rowdy rally inside a packed Las Vegas theater at the casino-hotel Treasure Island.

Trump says Bergdahl is a "no-good traitor" and would have been shot 30 years ago.


Jeb Bush Says His Own Brother Did Too Much To Protect Voting Rights

(Think Progress) President George W. Bush is not a hero to voting rights advocates. His Justice Department gave the greenlight to voter ID laws, a common tactic by conservative lawmakers which prevents many younger, low-income and minority voters from casting a ballot. And Bush appointed two justices that joined the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision striking down much of the Voting Rights Act. Nevertheless, at an event in Iowa on Thursday, Bush’s own brother claimed that the former president did far too much to protect voting rights — and that he should have placed more emphasis on states rights instead.

Legislation President Bush signed reauthorizing much of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, according to Jeb, imposed too many “regulations on top of states.”


Kasich To Female College Student: 'I'm Sure You Get Invited To All The Parties'

(TPM) Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich reportedly told a female student at the University of Richmond Monday that he was sure she was invited "to all the parties," according to the college student newspaper.

During a town hall campaign stop at the college campus, Kasich reportedly told a female student with a laugh, "I’m sorry, I don’t have any Taylor Swift tickets” when she "was nearly jumping out of her seat to get noticed," The Collegian reported.

At another point, he told another female student, "I’m sure you get invited to all of the parties,” according to the college paper.


House Republicans create special committee to harass Planned Parenthood

(HuffPo)House Republicans created a special committee on Wednesday to investigate abortions, fetal tissue procurement and the use of federal funds at Planned Parenthood.

Lawmakers voted 242-184 on a resolution establishing the committee, which will function as an Energy and Commerce subcommittee and will have the power to subpoena documents and testimony. Its stated mission, among other things, is to examine "medical procedures and business practices used by entities involved in fetal tissue procurement" and "federal funding and support for abortion providers."


Americans Fall In Love With Obamacare As New Poll Shows Growing ACA Support

(Polticus USA) According to the latest PPP Poll, more Americans support Obamacare than oppose it as Democrats have become unified in their support of the ACA.

PPP discussed the results, “Evidence continues to mount that the Affordable Care Act is just not a liability for Democrats anymore. Nationally we find that 42% of voters support it to 40% who are opposed. Those numbers are in line with what we’ve found in most swing states where we’ve polled on it over the course of this year. It’s a far cry from when we used to consistently find voters opposed to it by a 10-15 point margin nationally and in key states. One big reason for the change is that Democrats (73%) are more unified in their support of it than Republicans (70%) are in their opposition to it.”


NYT Editorial Board: Shut Down the Benghazi Committee

House Republicans may be disinclined to disband the Select Committee on Benghazi with the presidential race heating up. But at the very least they should rename their laughable crusade, which has cost taxpayers $4.6 million, “the Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”


Congressman John Lewis Endorses Hillary Clinton

(NBC News) Congressman John Lewis will back Hillary Clinton's run for the White House.

"As our former Secretary of State, Senator from New York, and first Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be President of the United States," said Congressman Lewis in a statement released Wednesday by the campaign.

Fawke Em

Rep. Raul Grijalva to endorse Bernie Sanders

(LAT) By contrast, independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has drawn massive crowds from Phoenix to Seattle to Boston but has won the public support of precisely zero of his colleagues on Capitol Hill.

That, however, is about to change, as Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva prepares to declare his support for Sanders' presidential bid. The announcement is expected Friday night when the two appear together at a Tucson rally, part of a Sanders swing through the West ahead of next week's first Democratic debate, in Las Vegas.

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Clinton Meets With Black Lives Matter Group, Activist Says

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"Lucky one" in Oregon shootings provides details of massacre

1 hr ago - By LISA BAUMANN SEATTLE (AP) — The 18-year-old college student singled out by the shooter as the "lucky one" to survive and deliver a package to law enforcement has told his story for the first time about the massacre in Roseburg, Oregon. In a writ ... (AP)

2 Dietz & Watson employees drive into union picket line

2 hrs ago - DAVID GAMBACORTA UNION PROTESTERS who were working a picket line yesterday outside of Dietz & Watson's Northeast Philadelphia plant twice found themselves having to dodge the fenders of company employees. Police said two members of the Millwrights ... (Philly.com)

Lynch: No reporter will go to jail for doing his or her job

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Loretta Lynch is repeating a pledge from her predecessor that no journalists will be sent to jail for doing their job. The Justice Department says Lynch made the commitment during a private meeting Thursday with la ... (AP)

Ex-lottery security officer charged with rigging more games

3 hrs ago - By BARBARA RODRIGUEZ DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A former Iowa lottery security officer convicted in July of rigging a Hot Lotto game so he could win a $14 million jackpot faces new allegations that he had close acquaintances cash in on lottery prizes i ... (AP)

Judge refuses to throw out defamation suit against Cosby

3 hrs ago - By DENISE LAVOIE BOSTON (AP) — A defamation lawsuit brought against Bill Cosby by three women who say he sexually abused them decades ago can move forward, a federal judge in Massachusetts ruled Friday, delivering a legal blow to the comedian as he ... (AP)

Weekly Address: Writing the Rules for a Global Economy

3 hrs ago - In this week's address, the President spoke to the merits of the high-standards trade agreement reached this past week. The Trans-Pacific Partnership helps level the playing field for American workers and businesses, so we can export more Made-in-Am ... (White House)

Turkey Ankara bombing

8 hrs ago - A bomb near Ankara's main train station has rocked the Turkish capital, according to the Anadolu Agency, Turkey's largest news outlet. A witness tells CNN the blast was so powerful it rocked nearby highrise buildings. ... (cnn)

Clinton's Support Slides Ahead Of First Democratic Debate

9 hrs ago - Reuters By By Alana Wise | Reuters – 6 hours ago By Alana Wise (Reuters) - Just days before she will take the stage in the first Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton's lead over rival Bernie Sanders has narrowed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. C ... (Associated Press)

Sanders Focuses On Gun Violence, Immigration As 13,000 Attend Arizona Rally

10 hrs ago - TUCSON, Ariz. — Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders made a pair of spirited pitches here Friday night to address continuing gun violence and pass comprehensive immigration reform during a boisterous rally that drew an estimated 13,000 people to a cit ... (Washington Post)

California governor signs crisis pregnancy centers bill

10 hrs ago - By JULIET WILLIAMS SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Crisis pregnancy centers that discourage women from getting abortions in California will be required to provide information about abortions and other services under legislation Gov. Jerry Brown has approv ... (AP)

Breaking: America Just Had Its Third School Shooting Of The Day

11 hrs ago - by David Badash October 09, 2015 9:04 PM On the same day President Obama visited with the families of the victims of an Oregon school shooting last week, three more school shootings took place within hours, the third just now. Details are jus ... (newcivilrightsmovement.com)

US hedge fund threatens Peru with law suit over debt

12 hrs ago - US hedge fund threatens Peru with law suit over debt 5 hours ago A US hedge fund has threatened to sue Peru over bonds issued by the country's former military regime. Connecticut-based hedge fund Gramercy purchased the defaulted debt at a discou ... (BBC News)

Texas doctors may refuse to treat New Mexico patients

12 hrs ago - Texas doctors may refuse to treat New Mexico patients Posted: Oct 09, 2015 6:17 PM CDT Updated: Oct 09, 2015 6:17 PM CDT By KCBD Staff HOBBS, NM (KCBD) - Some doctors here in Texas are threatening to stop seeing patients from New Mexico. That's ... (KCBD)

UNESCO: Most nations fail gender parity goal for education

12 hrs ago - UNESCO: Most nations fail gender parity goal for education Updated 12:49 pm, Friday, October 9, 2015 PARIS (AP) — More than half of the world's countries have failed to achieve gender parity in education for girls in primary and secondary scho ... (Associated Press)

Judge denies 1 large dose of sedative for executions

12 hrs ago - Judge denies 1 large dose of sedative for executions Updated 5:22 pm, Friday, October 9, 2015 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A federal judge says the state of Alabama may not use a large dose of a sedative to execute five death row inmates. U.S. Dist ... (Associated Press)

13-year-old boy accused in fatal shooting of girl, 12

12 hrs ago - 13-year-old boy accused in fatal shooting of girl, 12 Updated 8:00 pm, Friday, October 9, 2015 JASPER, Mo. (AP) — A 13-year-old boy deliberately shot and killed a 12-year-old girl outside a foster home in rural southwest Missouri where they bo ... (Associated Press)

China says U.S. human rights report biased

13 hrs ago - BEIJING (Reuters) - A U.S. congressional commission's criticism of China's human rights record did not "accord with the facts", the Chinese government said on Friday, the latest friction over a long-running thorn in relations. The U.S. Congressional ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

The Million Man March: Its effect may be debatable. Its significance is not.

13 hrs ago - By Michael A. Fletcher October 9 at 7:19 PM Justice or Else! That is the provocative name Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has given Saturday’s rally marking the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. <> Oct. 16, 1995: Aerial vi ... (Washington Post Business)

Los Angeles approves sweeping earthquake building-safety rules

13 hrs ago - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Los Angeles on Friday approved safety standards that will require earthquake retrofits at thousands of apartment buildings and establish the nation's toughest rules for structurally weak concrete buildings. The rules will app ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Hawks’ Thabo Sefolosha on not guilty verdict: “Justice was served”

13 hrs ago - Friday morning, a New York jury found Atlanta Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha not guilty of misdemeanor obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. The charges stemmed from the night in the final weeks of last season ... (http://nba.nbcsports.com)

Venezuela is now the most expensive country in the world; hands down

13 hrs ago - October 7, 2015 Caracas, Venezuela Forget Norway. Japan. Iceland. Switzerland. Or any of the other places around the world that are notorious for being painful on the wallet. Venezuela is now the most expensive country in the world, hands down. To ... (ValueWalk)

A&P out, CVS in: Union won't object

14 hrs ago - Hoa Nguyen The United Food and Commercial Workers union has declined to object to the sale of the Yonkers A&P supermarket to CVS, a local labor leader said. John Niccollai, head of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 464a, which covers the ... (Lohud)

Christies earn nearly $1M in 2014

14 hrs ago - TRENTON - Gov. Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, earned nearly $1 million last year, up from about $700,000 in 2013, according to tax returns released by his office on Friday. Christie, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016 ... (Philadelphia Inquirer)

What Exxon Knew about the Earth's Melting Arctic

14 hrs ago - The gulf between Exxon’s internal and external approach to climate change from the 1980s through the early 2000s was evident in a review of hundreds of internal documents, decades of peer-reviewed published material and dozens of interviews conducted ... (Los Angeles Times)

Israel, Iran trade barbs at UN nuclear disarmament panel meeting

15 hrs ago - Iran propaganda clip shows what a Muslim invasion of Israel would look like Obama predicts 'pretty quick' US-Israel realignment on Iran Israel and Iran exchanged sharp criticisms at a meeting of the UN General Assembly's disarmament commit ... (Reuters)

Pentagon denies Russian rocket engine waiver for Lockheed-Boeing venture

15 hrs ago - The Pentagon on Friday declined to waive a U.S. law banning the use of Russian rocket engines for military and spy satellite launches, rejecting an urgent request from United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co. UL ... (Reuters)

Japan's nuclear materials 'imbalanced'

15 hrs ago - THE supply and demand of Japan’s stockpiled nuclear materials is imbalanced, triggering safety concerns that could affect the world, according to a Chinese study yesterday. “The fact that Japan accumulates more and more weapon-grade fissile material ... (Xinhua)

Questions raised over nuclear scientists' suicide data

15 hrs ago - The department of atomic energy appears to be underreporting unnatural deaths of its employees as data show a substantial number of staff suicides at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai over six years since 2008. The DAE, the nation’s nuc ... (Hindustan Times)

Arkansas judge halts scheduled executions of eight inmates

15 hrs ago - An Arkansas judge issued an order on Friday that temporarily blocked the scheduled executions of eight convicted murderers after lawyers for the death row inmates challenged secrecy provisions in the state's lethal injection procedures. Arkansas, on ... (Reuters)