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Well, this was a great debate. We have two great candidates.

Either of them would make a great president.

One big takeaway, for me, is that the two of them really respect each other, and however it turns out, they will be united in the important fight against the GOP.

Tonight, the Democratic Party won.


Governor urged to quit after release of emails on Flint legionnaires' outbreak

(AP) High-ranking officials in Governor Rick Snyder’s administration were aware of a surge in legionnaires’ disease potentially linked to Flint’s water long before the Michigan governor reported the increase to the public last month, internal emails show.

After the release of the emails, the Michigan Democratic party called for Snyder to step down on Thursday.


Colin Powell Blows Up Republican Email Scandal By Agreeing With Hillary Clinton

(politicus USA) Former Sec. of State Colin Powell is standing with Hillary Clinton after the State Department retroactively classified some of his emails and is refusing to release them to the public.

Powell reacted to an NBC News report that the State Department is retroactively classifying his emails by calling for all of his emails to be released.

Powell said, “I wish they would release them, so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, ‘What’s the issue?’ They were unclassified at the time, and they are, in my judgment, still unclassified.”


Carter would pick Trump over Cruz: “I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you”

(The Hill) If he had to choose between them, “I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you,” he said.

“The reason is, Trump has proven already he’s completely malleable,” Carter said. “I don’t think he has any fixed (positions) he’d go the White House and fight for. On the other hand, Ted Cruz is not malleable. He has far right-wing policies he’d pursue if he became president.”


Trump: Maybe Obama 'feels comfortable' in a mosque

(The Hill) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday chided President Obama for visiting a mosque, a move the president made in part as a counter to Trump's controversial comments on Muslims.

"I don't have much thought, I think he can go to lots of places. I don't know, maybe he feels comfortable there," Trump said Wednesday on Fox News' "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."


President Obama: The World I Want My Daughters to Grow Up In

(Time) One of America’s greatest strengths right now is the fact that our young generation—the millennials—is also the biggest, most educated, most diverse and most digitally fluent generation in our history. And one thing my daughters have taught me about their generation is that they’re not going to wait for anyone else to build a better world; they’re just going to go ahead and create that world for themselves.

We can create the circumstances that give them every chance to do that, of course—to make sure they can grow up free from debt and free to make their own choices in a world that’s not beyond their capacity to repair. That’s why my administration has reduced student loan payments to 10% of a borrower’s income, so that young people who choose college aren’t punished for that choice. We’ve reformed our health-care system so that when young people change jobs, go back to school, chase that new idea or start a family of their own, they’ll still have coverage. We led nearly 200 nations to the most ambitious agreement in history to combat climate change.

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Democrats Are Fuming About Hillary Clinton's 'Smear' Line

33 min ago - They say it's a tacit embrace of Citizens United. In last week's head-to-head debate with Bernie Sanders, Clinton accused the Vermont senator of deploying a "very artful smear" against her by bringing up the $675,000 she received for speaking at Gol ... (Huffington Post)

A tiny New Hampshire town retakes a tradition: voting at midnight

1 hr ago - MILLSFIELD, N.H.—It was all over in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The 14 voters of Millsfield cast their ballots at midnight. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton won. And for the first time in 56 years, Millsfield voters again became among the first of the fir ... (Boston Globe)

Germany train crash: Several killed in Bavarian town of Bad Aibling

5 hrs ago - Two passenger trains have collided in the German state of Bavaria, with police saying several people have been killed and scores injured. The head-on crash happened at Bad Aibling, a spa town about 60km (37 miles) south-east of Munich. One of the t ... (BBC)

North Korean Satellite "Tumbling In Orbit," U.S. Officials Say

5 hrs ago - The satellite sent into space over the weekend in a controversial launch is now "tumbling in orbit," U.S. officials tell CBS News correspondent David Martin. It's the second time the North has tried but failed to put a satellite into stable orbit. ... (CBS NEWS)

'Panic situation' as Asian stocks tumble amid fears of new global recession

6 hrs ago - Tuesday 9 February 2016 06.02 GMT Japan’s Nikkei index plummeted more than 950 points on Tuesday, its biggest intraday loss since May 2013, and the yen briefly soared to a 14-month high against the US dollar, as continued fears over the health of th ... (The Guardian)

Flint e-mails: State, city appear unable to share info

7 hrs ago - More than eight months before Gov. Rick Snyder disclosed a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak in the Flint area, federal health officials worried a lack of cooperation in Michigan could be hampering the public health response. Thousands of pages ... (Detroit Free Press)

More than 1 million are besieged in Syria, new report says

7 hrs ago - Feb. 9, 2016 12:20 AM ET NEW YORK (AP) — More than one million Syrians are trapped in besieged areas, a new report says in a challenge to the United Nations, which estimates just half that amount and has been accused by some aid groups of underplay ... (Associated Press)

Sanders and Kasich win Harts Location, NH Primary

7 hrs ago - Democrat 12 Sanders 7 Clinton 2 Greenstein (?) Republican 5 Kasich 4 Trump 2 Christie 1 Bush 1 Carson 1 Rubio ... (Twitter)

Sanders, Kasich Win 1st Votes in Tiny NH Community

8 hrs ago - Bernie Sanders and John Kasich picked up the most votes as the first ballots of the first-in-the-nation primary were cast early Tuesday. Sanders won over all four Democratic voters in the tiny town of Dixville, while Kasich sneaked past Donald Trump ... (ABC, CNN)

Citing donations, critics say Lynch shouldn’t decide on Clinton probe

9 hrs ago - Critics of the Obama administration say Attorney General Loretta Lynch should be disqualified from overseeing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server because of the more than $10,000 she has given to Democrats in recent years. With Rep ... (The Hill)

Islamic State backer arrested for having machine guns, other firearms

9 hrs ago - An Army deserter from Washington state who called Osama bin Laden “a beautiful man,” made statements supporting the Islamic State group and called for the death of American troops has been charged with illegally possessing firearms, including machine ... (Washington Post)

Undeclared in New Hampshire: ‘I Might Be Able to Bring Trump and Cruz Down’

9 hrs ago - RINDGE, N.H. — After hours of deliberation and debate, Joleen Little had narrowed down her choice for president in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday to two candidates — a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican. Yes, that’s right. Two cand ... (New York Times)

Legislatures consider special protections for gun industry

10 hrs ago - A terse letter from Andrew Clyde's credit card-processing company explained it was discontinuing his corporate account because his Georgia firearms business "no longer met our underwriting guidelines." In a panic, Clyde called three other companies, ... (AP)

Shark attacks hit record high in 2015, global tally shows

11 hrs ago - International Shark Attack File notes 98 unprovoked shark attacks – including six fatalities – with US, Australia and South Africa witnessing highest numbers Sharks attacked people 98 times in 2015, a spike in unprovoked attacks that set a new recor ... (The Guardian)

U.S. Charges Widow Of ISIS Leader In Death Of American Kayla Mueller

11 hrs ago - The wife of a dead ISIS leader has been charged with having a "role in a conspiracy that resulted in the death of American citizen Kayla Mueller in February 2015," Justice Department documents say. Nisreen Assad Ibrahim Bahar, also known as Umm Sayy ... (NPR)

Chipotle shuts U.S. stores for food safety meeting, rivals pounce

11 hrs ago - (Reuters) - Chipotle Mexican Grill closed all of its U.S. restaurants during prime lunchtime hours on Monday to hold staff meetings on food safety guidelines, sparking offers from rivals eager to poach customers of the burrito chain as it recovers fr ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Russians and Assad killing many more civilians than Isis, says former hostage

11 hrs ago - Nearly five years after it started, the war in Syria has claimed some 300,000 lives. Now the Russian air force is pounding the country’s second city, Aleppo, and 40,000 refugees trapped at the Turkish border are fleeing the Russians, not Islamic Sta ... (Irish Times)

'Massacre' Fears As Aleppo Set To Fall To Assad

11 hrs ago - A rebel leader warns defeat by Russian-backed Syrian troops is almost certain and predicts a surge of refugees. A Free Syrian Army commander in Aleppo has told Sky News that unless Russia unexpectedly changes its tactic of indiscriminate bombing, th ... (Sky News)

Scott Walker signs bill allowing concealed carry of switchblades and knives

12 hrs ago - Gov. Scott Walker has signed a measure allowing people to carry concealed switchblades and knives. The governor, often criticized as a shill for the National Rifle Association, gave his signature to the measure on Saturday afternoon during the Natio ... (Wisconsin Gazette)

Woman gets jail for group attack on gay Philadelphia couple

12 hrs ago - By MARYCLAIRE DALE PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A suburban police chief's daughter began serving five to 10 months in jail on Monday for a group attack on a gay couple that prompted Philadelphia to add sexual orientation to its hate crime laws. Common Pleas ... (AP)

Russian Troops Put on High Alert as Part of Massive Drills

13 hrs ago - MOSCOW (AP) -- President Vladimir Putin has scrambled thousands of troops and hundreds of warplanes across southwestern Russia for large-scale military drills intended to test the troops' readiness amid continuing tensions with the West. Defense Min ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

India introduces net neutrality rules barring Facebook's free Internet

13 hrs ago - India introduced rules on Monday to prevent Internet service providers from having different pricing policies for accessing different parts of the Web, in a setback to Facebook Inc's plan to roll out a pared-back free Internet service to the masses. ... (Reuters)

'Fishball Revolution' Creates Chaos on Hong Kong Streets During Lunar New Year Fest

13 hrs ago - Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong descended into chaos in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as street food vendors clashed violently with police, culminating in warning shots being fired by officers. The clashes are being dubbed the "Fishbal ... (Vice News)

FBI Formally Confirms Its Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

13 hrs ago - By Pete Williams In a letter disclosed Monday in a federal court filing, the FBI confirms one of the world’s worst-kept secrets: It is looking into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Why say this at all, since it was widely known to b ... (NBC NEWS)

Petition To Recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Approved By State Board

14 hrs ago - By Emily Lawler | elawler@mlive.com on February 08, 2016 at 4:58 PM, updated February 08, 2016 at 5:23 PM LANSING, MI --A petition to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was approved by the Board of State Canvassers Monday after more than 100 citizen ... (MLive)

Merkel Voices 'Outrage' Over Syrian Offensive and Russian Airstrikes

14 hrs ago - February 8, 2016 — 8:17 AM EST Updated on February 8, 2016 — 11:14 AM EST German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage over Russian-backed attacks in Syria as a government offensive drives thousands of civilians to the Turkish border, exacerbati ... (Bloomberg)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to meet Pope Francis in Mexico

14 hrs ago - Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to meet Pope Francis in Mexico By Miguel Otárola/Cronkite News | February 8, 2016 @ 2:40 pm Pope Francis’ first visit to Mexico is being marked as a symbolic occasion, with Francis visiting some of the areas struck hardest ... (KTAR News)

Taiwan earthquake: Tin cans found in the construction of toppled high-rise

14 hrs ago - (CNN) -- Paper lanterns celebrating the Chinese New Year dot Yongda Road, but there is no holiday spirit. This is the street in Tainan, Taiwan, where the Weiguan Jinlong high-rise building collapsed in a magnitude-6.4 earthquake that rocked the reg ... (CNN)

Justice, Homeland Security probe hack of U.S. agency employee data

14 hrs ago - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department are investigating a claim that personal data related to thousands of DHS and FBI employees was hacked and has been posted online, an agency spokesman said on Monday. The tech websit ... (Reuters)

Peruvian dies after stepping on land mine at Chile border

14 hrs ago - Peruvian dies after stepping on land mine at Chile border Feb 8, 4:34 PM EST LIMA, Peru (AP) -- A Peruvian man was killed when he stepped on a land mine trying to cross the border illegally into Chile, authorities said Monday. Peruvian police said ... (Associated Press)