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David Cameron resigns as UK shocks the world by voting for Brexit

(The Telegraph) While England voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain. Statements are expected to be made by Sinn Fein and the SNP later today calling for a breakaway from the Union. London backed Remain but the turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather.

The pound crashed to the lowest level since 1985 as sterling fell below $1.35. Complacency about a Brexit outcome will come clear this morning, as out of hours trading suggests that the FTSE 100 will drop by 8.8pc, or by some 560 points. The fall would be the third worst in history if stocks ended the day down as sharply.


Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action admissions program

(Washington Post) The Supreme Court on Thursday said University of Texas admission officials may consider the race of student applicants in a limited way to build a diverse student body.

The decision was a surprising win for advocates of affirmative action, who say the benefits of diversity at the nation’s colleges and universities are worth the intrusion on the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection that generally forbids the government from making decisions based on racial classifications.


Donald Trump's speech on Hillary Clinton filled with distortions

(CBS News) Donald Trump's fierce denunciation of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday was rife with distortion.

He accused Clinton of announcing a withdrawal from Iraq that wasn't on her watch, pulled numbers out of nowhere on her plan for refugees and went beyond the established facts behind the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya in stating starkly that she "left him there to die." In doing so, he assigned her far more influence in the world than she exercised as secretary of state.


Clinton tells House Democrats she will compete in all 50 states

(Politico) Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton got a raucous welcome from House Democrats on Wednesday during her first visit to Capitol Hill since effectively clinching the nomination.

The theme of the day was one word — unity, unity — and more unity, and she entered the meeting to chants of “Hillary, Hillary!”

“We need to unify the country,” Clinton said to applause.


Keith Ellison,your Mom called and wants you on the floor.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was in a meeting Wednesday when he received a message from his mother.

"Was in a meeting when my scheduler handed me this note," Ellison wrote on Facebook.


Ryan says Democratic ‘sit-in’ demanding gun control vote is publicity stunt

(Reuters) U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday a sit-in by Democratic representatives aimed at pushing for a vote on gun control legislation was a publicity stunt and he would not bring the bill up for a vote.

“They know that we will not bring a bill that takes away a person’s constitutionally guaranteed rights without … due process,” Ryan said in an interview with CNN. “We don’t agree with that. The Senate already doesn’t agree with that…. This is a publicity stunt.”

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Officials held 3-year-old immigrant alone in detention center for days: attorney

1 hr ago - Officials held 3-year-old immigrant alone in detention center for days: attorney McClatchy Washington Bureau 25 Jun 2016 at 18:20 ET Franco Ordonez McClatchy Washington Bureau Posted with permission from Tribune Content Agency WASHINGTO ... (McClatchy Washington Bureau)

Baltimore police union criticized for tweets after acquittal

1 hr ago - Baltimore police union criticized for tweets after acquittal Updated 1:46 pm, Saturday, June 25, 2016 BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore's police chief and City Council president are criticizing the city's police union for online posts that appeared to ... (Associated Press)

Illinois police sue town, claim body cameras record nonstop

2 hrs ago - Illinois police sue town, claim body cameras record nonstop Updated 2:16 pm, Saturday, June 25, 2016 ROUND LAKE PARK, Ill. (AP) — Ten police officers in a Chicago suburb are suing the town, claiming the body cameras they wore never turned off ... (Associated Press)

Corruption case casts harsh light on NYPD handgun permits

2 hrs ago - Corruption case casts harsh light on NYPD handgun permits Tom Hays, Associated Press Updated 5:06 pm, Saturday, June 25, 2016 NEW YORK (AP) — A corruption probe at the New York Police Department has cast a harsh light on how people get handg ... (Associated Press)

Rep: State constitution at stake in 'demon chipmunk' lawsuit

2 hrs ago - Rep: State constitution at stake in 'demon chipmunk' lawsuit Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press Updated 2:46 pm, Saturday, June 25, 2016 JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi lawmaker says the state constitution is at stake in his lawsuit a ... (Associated Press)

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Maine, but race tied in 2nd District

2 hrs ago - Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton led Republican Donald Trump in a new Maine poll from the Portland Press Herald, but both are deeply unpopular and Trump is within striking distance in the state’s northern half. The poll do ... (Bangor Daily News)

George Will exits the Republican Party over Trump

2 hrs ago - Conservative columnist George Will has left the Republican Party over its presumptive nomination of Donald Trump. Will, who writes a column for The Washington Post, spoke about his decision Friday at an event for the Federalist Society in Washington ... (Washington post)

Official: Boy, 6, playing with gun shoots younger brother, 4

3 hrs ago - Official: Boy, 6, playing with gun shoots younger brother, 4 Jun 25, 4:56 PM EDT EAST ORANGE, N.J. (AP) -- Authorities say a 6-year-old boy playing with a gun accidentally shot his 4-year-old brother in the head in their home. A spokeswoman for the ... (Associated Press)

Tenn. judge says only husbands — not women — get parental rights in same-sex divorce

3 hrs ago - Tenn. judge says only husbands — not women — get parental rights in same-sex divorce Arturo Garcia 25 Jun 2016 at 17:55 ET A judge in Knox County, Tennessee ruled that a woman may not be granted parental rights as part of her same-sex divorce be ... (Raw Story)

Clinton campaign partners with 'Hamilton' musical for fundraiser

3 hrs ago - Still haven’t been able to score tickets to "Hamilton"? Hillary Clinton has some available, but they come at a steep price. The Hillary Clinton campaign has partnered with the hit Broadway musical for a matinee performance that also acts as a fundra ... (Politico)

Evangelical leader applauds Trump for 'relationship with Christ'

3 hrs ago - An evangelical leader said that Donald Trump did well with evangelical voters in the Republican primary because he recently entered "a relationship with Christ," according to Politico. The presumptive GOP nominee received mixed reviews following a c ... (MSN/The Hill)

At Least 150 Homes Destroyed In Deadly California Wildfire

4 hrs ago - LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. -- A voracious and deadly wildfire in central California has destroyed 150 homes and the toll may rise, fire officials said Saturday. The tally rose from 80 homes as firefighters began going through neighborhoods to count house ... (CBS NEWS)

TransCanada Files $15B Nafta Claim on Keystone XL Rejection

4 hrs ago - TransCanada Corp. is seeking to recoup $15 billion for the Obama administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, in a legal claim that highlights how foreign companies can use trade deals to challenge U.S. policy. The Calgary-based pipel ... (By Jennifer A Dlouhy, Bloomberg News)

Conservative columnist George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump

4 hrs ago - Conservative commentator and columnist George Will says he is leaving the Republican Party because of Donald Trump -- and he's advocating that others do the same. In a speech at a Federalist Society luncheon Friday, he told the audience, "This is no ... (CNN)

David Lammy MP Urges Parliament To Ignore EU Referendum Result: 'We Can Stop This Madness'

4 hrs ago - 'The referendum was was an advisory, non-binding referendum' Will Worley @willrworley 2 hours ago In a statement on his Twitter feed, the MP for Tottenham and former Higher Education and Skills Minister said: "Wake up. We do not have to do this. ... (Independent UK)

Gunmen storm hotel in Mogadishu; 15 killed, police say

5 hrs ago - Mogadishu, Somalia (CNN) — Gunmen stormed a hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Saturday after detonating a car filled with explosives at the hotel gate -- an attack that has left at least 15 people dead and 25 others injured, police said. F ... (cnn)

Many experienced GOP strategists unwilling to work for Trump

5 hrs ago - By STEVE PEOPLES Jun. 25, 2016 2:09 PM EDT WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump has finally acknowledged that to best compete against Hillary Clinton he needs more than the bare-bones campaign team that led him to primary success. But many of the most exp ... (Associated Press)

Cornwall votes for Brexit then pleads to keep EU funding

7 hrs ago - The Cornish council has issued a plea for “protection” following the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union. Cornwall, which has a poor economy and as such has received millions of pounds in subsidies from the EU each year for over a deca ... (http://www.independent.co.uk)

Hawaii Becomes First State to Put Gun Owners in FBI Database

8 hrs ago - Hawaii passed a law making it the first state to put gun owners on a federal criminal record database and monitor them. Hawaii Governor David Ige signed the bill Thursday, which allows police to enroll firearms applicants and individuals who are reg ... (Time)

Putin Praises 'All-Embracing' Partnership of Russia, China

8 hrs ago - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday emphasized economic ties with China and praised what he called Russia's "all-embracing and strategic partnership" with its neighbor, during a visit to Beijing that takes place against the background of a d ... (ABC)

UN: Venezuela fails to silence political prisoners’ appeal for amnesty

8 hrs ago - Venezuela was overruled by the chair of the UN human rights council today, when its delegate interrupted a UN speech (see below) in a failed bid to stop the reading of an appeal for council members to release political prisoners on the occasion of t ... (UN Watch)

Syria conflict: Russian air strikes target Aleppo rebels

9 hrs ago - Russian and Syrian planes have pounded rebel-held areas in Syria's largest city, Aleppo. The overnight bombing targeted the rebels' last remaining supply route on the eastern side of the divided city. Aleppo, once Syria's economic hub, has been the ... (BBC)

Venezuela opposition says petition to oust Maduro is validated

9 hrs ago - Venezuelan opposition leaders say they have validated enough signatures on a petition to move to the next stage in a process to remove President Nicolas Maduro in a recall referendum. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have given fingerprints to a ... (BBC)

Democrats approved platform draft with Sanders' imprint

9 hrs ago - ST. LOUIS — Democrats approved a draft of the party platform early Saturday that includes steps to break up large Wall Street banks, advocates for a $15 an hour wage and urges the abolition of the death penalty, reflecting the influence of Bernie San ... (MSN/Associated Press)

Trump cancels plans to visit his Doonbeg golf resort in Ireland

11 hrs ago - Trump cancels plans to visit his Doonbeg golf resort in Ireland IrishCentral Staff Writers @irishcentral June 25,2016 04:10 AM ---Earlier this month, Trump announced that he would also fly to his Doonbeg golf links resort, but handlers for ... (irishcentral)

Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for his job

11 hrs ago - Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for his job as he faces an attempt by 200 of his MPs to end his Labour leadership after Brexit vote Jeremy Corbyn today insisted he would run to stay as Labour leader if his MPs manage to oust him in the wake of the Brexi ... (Daily Mail)

Michelle Obama to visit Africa to highlight girls' education

12 hrs ago - 06/25/2016 05:17 WASHINGTON - US first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Africa on Sunday with daughters Sasha and Malia and her mother as part of an effort to promote girls' education, her office said. The upcoming, six-day trip will include vis ... (Jerusalem Post)

Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill calls its quits after Brexit vote

13 hrs ago - Jonathan Hill, Britain’s most senior official in Brussels, has resigned from his position, citing his disappointment in Thursday’s vote to leave the EU. Lord Hill has been a defender of the UK’s financial services industry in Brussels, since his app ... (Telegraph.UK)

Republican delegate sues to avoid voting for Donald Trump at convention

14 hrs ago - One of Virginia’s delegates to the Republican National Convention has filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to avoid voting for presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the party convention next month. The delegate, Carroll Correll Jr of Winchester, Virgi ... (The Guardian)

Judge orders Michael Brown juvenile records released to lawyers

15 hrs ago - CLAYTON • A judge will allow lawyers representing Ferguson to inspect the juvenile records of Michael Brown as part of their defense against a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Brown’s family. <snip> The order also outlines who are permitted vi ... (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)