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Christie booed at Monmouth Park I mean really booed--loud sustained and truly a thing of beauty

My two favorite spectators sports--both involving big creatures with small brains, who are owned by millionaires and who run around in circles guided by midgets--merged today and it was awesome.

First was a moment of true sports magic. Triple Crown winner American Pharoah won the $1.7 million Haskell Invitational with breathtaking ease. The horse hit the head of the stretch in second place. Jockey Victor Espinosa said "OK sovereign my lord whenever you're ready." The Pharoah kicked in and it was goodbye losers. I was on the rail screaming my head off along with around 65,000 other fans. When it was over Espinosa paraded the champion along the grandstand as American Pharoah walked nodding his head regally toward the crowd seeming to somehow absorb the praise and adulation as if he somehow understood that this uproar, this love was all for him.


Donald Trump: Blacks are ‘worse than just about ever’ because Obama ‘set a very low bar’

(Raw Story) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump predicted on Sunday that he would win that he would win the black vote because President Barack Obama had set a “poor standard,” which made things worse than “just about ever” for African-Americans.”

“He has set a very low bar and I think it’s a shame for the African-American people,” Trump told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “And by the way, he has done nothing for African-Americans. You look at what’s going on, at their income levels, you look at what’s gone on with their youth.”


Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals the 'most disappointing' Supreme Court decision of her career

(Business Insider) Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg still is not happy about the 2010 Citizens United ruling that is responsible for opening the door for a whole new era in campaign funding and financing, she said Wednesday.

Speaking at an event at the Duke University School of Law on Wednesday, Ginsburg said the decision was the "most disappointing" ruling of her time on the bench, according to The New York Times, "because of what has happened to elections in the United States and the huge amount of money it takes to run for office."


I joined the Democratic party in 1960, as a high school kid. Here's what I've learned.

From the very beginning, and throughout my active participation ever since, I've seen people come to party meetings of one sort or another and express their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Invariably, they wanted to change things in major ways. Problem was that they ignored the realities of politics in a nation that relies, more or less, on majority rule. Also invariably, they left, never to return to the discussion. They saw their goals as obviously correct, but couldn't get agreement on them...


Scott Walker destroyed his state: Wisconsin’s economic cautionary tale

(Salon) The continuum of American politics is not a straight line — it is more like a circle. Travel farther out on the right and left, and ultimately the sides bend to a common position on an issue like taxpayer subsidies for big business. To many progressives, such expenditures are giveaways to the already wealthy. To many conservatives, they are a free-market-distorting waste of taxpayer resources. Both sides also often criticize the subsidies as an instrument of cronyism and corruption.


Nancy Pelosi:The House Has the Votes to Back the U.S. Deal With Iran

(National Journal) Earlier this month, Nancy Pelosi came out in full support of the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran, as she and fellow House Democrats were in the midst of what she called the "educational phase" of reviewing the agreement.

Now, two weeks later, she says she's "confident" that the House would be able to uphold the president's veto of a potential Republican-backed bill to kill the deal.


Indiana clears Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing after videos

(MSNBC) Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican, on July 16 ordered an investigation of Planned Parenthood facilities in Indianapolis, Bloomington and Merrillville to see if organs from aborted fetuses were being sold. He was among a number of conservative lawmakers around the country who have called for investigations after an anti-abortion group circulated a video it made secretly showing some of its national officials discussing how they obtain organs from aborted fetuses for research. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortions, has said its donations of fetal tissue for research are legal.

The Indiana Department of Health said in a statement Thursday that an investigation found no evidence of any laws being broken. Health department inspectors investigated the Indiana facilities on July 21.


So a Big Mac is only going to go up 17 cents with the minimum wage increase.

(Examiner) A new study just showed that once fast food workers get $15 an hour, the average price increase for a Big Mac will only be about 17 cents.

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Verdict reached in second step of Aurora theater shooting trial sentencing

9 min ago - CENTENNIAL — Jurors have reached a verdict in the second step of the death penalty sentencing trial for the Aurora movie theater shooting. The verdict will be announced at 12:30p.m. The decision by the jury of nine women and three men came after le ... (The Denver Post)

Alpha Natural Resources files for bankruptcy

20 min ago - Monday, August 3, 2015 Alpha Natural Resources files for bankruptcy By Ken Ward Jr., Staff writer kward@wvgazette.com 304-348-1702 @kenwardjr Alpha Natural Resources this morning filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, taking a long-expected step that com ... (West Virginia Gazette Mail)

Iran bans newspaper of nuclear deal critic, warns others

25 min ago - Iran banned a weekly newspaper owned by a critic of its nuclear deal on Monday and issued a formal warning to the country’s leading conservative daily for alleged breaches of reporting guidelines. The penalties were the first issued by the governmen ... (Agence France-Presse)

Gulf States Cautiously Support Iran Nuclear Deal

28 min ago - Persian Gulf monarchies issued a cautious endorsement on Monday of the accord Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated last month to constrain Iran’s nuclear program. “This was the best option among other options,” said Khalid al-Attiyah, the foreig ... (New York Times)

Australia Becomes First Country to Ban Lion Trophies

1 hr ago - If you murder animals for fun you are selfish, plain and simple. You also deserve to know what it feels like to be targeted as prey for someone else’s ‘fun’. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sickos out there that want to hunt and kill animals, enda ... (Earth Porm)

Weak auto demand crimps U.S. consumer spending

1 hr ago - Markets | Mon Aug 3, 2015 10:27am EDT WASHINGTON | By Lucia Mutikani U.S. consumer spending in June advanced at its slowest pace in four months as demand for automobiles softened, suggesting the economy lost some momentum at the end of the sec ... (Reuters)

Porn block in India: hundreds of sexual websites banned, internet outraged

1 hr ago - India appears to have banned porn, ordering internet companies to turn off access to adult websites, dating pages and pornographic blogs. Internet users trying to access the pages over the weekend have found that they are unavailable, apparently fol ... (The Independent)

With debate looming, Trump has huge lead in new poll

1 hr ago - The identities of the 10 Republicans likely to be on stage at Thursday’s presidential debate are coming into focus after another poll on Monday shows Donald Trump running away from the rest of the field and Rick Perry lagging behind his competitors f ... (Politico)

Newspaper carrier, 9, hailed as hero for rescuing woman trapped in hot truck

1 hr ago - KEARNEY, Neb. — Skyler Wilson, 9, is being called a hero for rescuing Rosy Drake, 69, after she had been trapped in her pickup truck for more than an hour in 80-degree weather. Drake, who lives in north of Kearney, planned to go to a Kearney landfil ... (Omaha World Herald)

An Iran-Deal Skeptic (Adam Schiff) Becomes a Supporter

1 hr ago - Earlier this year, California Representative Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told me he had serious doubts about Iran’s intentions as it pursued a nuclear deal with the United States and five other world powers. ... (The Atlantic)

US auto sales strong in July on SUV, luxury demand

2 hrs ago - By DEE-ANN DURBIN DETROIT (AP) — Summer deals and big demand for SUVs and luxury vehicles kept U.S. auto sales strong in July. Sales of new cars and trucks were expected to rise 3 percent to nearly 1.5 million, according to car shopping site TrueCa ... (AP)

Donald Trump to Aide Accused of Racist Posts: You're Fired

2 hrs ago - Donald Trump fired a political aide Sunday over alleged racist Facebook postings, a sign that the new Republican presidential front-runner is working to add a professional patina to his campaign. He also raised the possibility of a third-party run. ... (Bloomberg News)

Cecil the lion: big game hunting banned in Zimbabwe as outrage grows over animal killing

2 hrs ago - Big game hunting has been BANNED in Zimbabwe following the global disgust at the slaughter of Cecil the lion by a US dentist. Authorities in the south African country announced the move after it emerged a second American hunter is wanted for alleged ... (Mirror)

Shanghai man's lower leg amputated after getting trapped in escalator

3 hrs ago - By Tiffany Ap and Steven Jiang, CNN Updated 6:03 AM ET, Mon August 3, 2015 (CNN)—A Shanghai man's lower leg has been amputated after becoming trapped in a mall escalator, the third serious escalator-related accident in China in a week. The 35-year- ... (CNN)

Poland seeks to move graves to reach remains of WWII heroes

4 hrs ago - WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish history institute is seeking to exhume and move the graves of 194 communist-era figures in order to reach the remains buried below — World War II and independence heroes killed on orders from some of those officials. A ... (AP)

Greek stock market bloodbath as exchange reopens

4 hrs ago - By DEREK GATOPOULOS ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's s stock market plunged over 22 percent as it reopened Monday after a five-week closure, giving investors their first opportunity since late June to react to the country's latest economic crisis. Ba ... (AP)

Bernie Sanders Responds to Possible Joe Biden Run

5 hrs ago - Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said he's "very fond" of Vice President Joe Biden, but that "the American people... want to go beyond conventional establishment politics." Sanders made the statements in response to a question from ABC News' Jon ... (ABC News)

Kaiser Carlile, 9-Year-Old Bat Boy, Dies after being struck by players swing

7 hrs ago - A 9-year-old bat boy died Sunday evening after getting hit in the head as a baseball player took practice swings in Kansas, his team said. “"Kaiser was simply doing something he loved"” "With the permission of the family, and with much sorrow and ... (US News)

'A new set of wings' Dr. Forrest Bird * 1921-2015

9 hrs ago - At 8, he met Henry Ford at a party hosted by his father; as a teen, he visited with Orville Wright at the 1937 Cleveland Air Show. And before his passing early Sunday morning at age 94 at his home in Sagle, Forrest Morton Bird would become a renowned ... (Coeur d'Alene Press)

Florida man sentenced for stealing classified documents

13 hrs ago - Florida man sentenced for stealing classified documents Sunday, Aug 2, 2015 12:46 PM CDT Associated Press MIAMI (AP) — A Florida man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing classified documents while working at ... (Associated Press)

Mexican journalist found slain with signs of torture

14 hrs ago - Mexican journalist found slain with signs of torture August 2, 2015, 4:04 PM MEXICO CITY - A photojournalist who was found slain in Mexico City after he fled harassment in his home state appears to have been tortured before he was shot to death, the ... (Associated Press)

Christie booed mercilessly at Haskell

15 hrs ago - OCEANPORT — It was one long happy celebration at Monmouth Park for the great American Pharoah's latest victory. At least, that is, until Gov. Chris Christie stepped into the Winner's Circle to present the trophy. And then, the record crowd of 60,983 ... (NJ.com)

Wildfire raging north of San Francisco threatens homes

16 hrs ago - LOWER LAKE, Calif. (AP) — Wildfires blazing in several Western states Sunday chewed up forests and threatened homes but were most numerous in Northern California where dozens are raging and setting off evacuations. Wildfires are also burning in Wash ... (AP)

WWE Star Titus O’Neil Took A Group Of Homeless People To A Restaurant To Prove A Point

17 hrs ago - Titus O’Neil has a point to prove, and it’s a good one: That all people, regardless of their status, should be viewed and treated equally. O’Neil originally tried to show this by taking a pair of homeless people to a local Yard House restaurant. Howe ... (Uproxx Sports)

1 dead, several injured in tent collapse in suburban Chicago

18 hrs ago - By DON BABWIN WOOD DALE, Ill. (AP) — One person was killed and up to 20 injured on Sunday when a tent collapsed during a brief storm at a festival in a suburb of Chicago. Art Woods, a city council member from the suburb of Wood Dale, said three of ... (AP)

Canada to hold national election in major test for PM Stephen Harper

21 hrs ago - The Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, on Sunday triggered a general election campaign, with the vote set for 19 October. Harper said on Sunday he had asked Canadian governor general David Johnson to dissolve parliament. Harper, 56, said the e ... (The Guardian)

East County Chaldeans plea for release of Christians detained by Homeleand Security at Otay

21 hrs ago - Detentions shine spotlight on U.S. policies that critics say is harshest system in the world for asylum seekers August 2, 2015 (El Cajon) – Over three dozen Iraqi Chaldean Christians from El Cajon held a prayer vigil and protest outside the prison w ... (East County Magazine)

Deputies: Bomb squad at scenes of 2 Las Cruces churches

21 hrs ago - LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – Officials say there have been reports of explosions at two Las Cruces churches. Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office say they have bomb squads at the scenes of the two churches. At the time of Sunday mass, two explosions were re ... (KRQE News 13)

Chris Christie vows to punch the national teachers union ‘in the face’ because they ‘deserve’ it

21 hrs ago - DAVID EDWARDS 02 AUG 2015 AT 10:27 ET Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said over the weekend that the national teachers union deserved a “punch in the face” because it had become the most destructive force in America’s education s ... (RawStory)

Donald Trump: Blacks are ‘worse than just about ever’ because Obama ‘set a very low bar’

22 hrs ago - DAVID EDWARDS 02 AUG 2015 AT 11:48 ET Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump predicted on Sunday that he would win that he would win the black vote because President Barack Obama had set a “poor standard,” which made things worse than “just ... (RawStory)