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GOP congressman on Clinton: 'A lady needs to be told when she's being nasty'

(CNN) Republican Rep. Brian Babin on Thursday defended Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton "a nasty woman" at the final presidential debate, saying "sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty."

Near the end of the debate Wednesday, Trump called Clinton "such a nasty woman" while she was answering a question on Social Security and Medicare. Trump's comment elicited a strong rebuke online, where the #nastywoman went viral.


Trump's incredible shrinking map; Six of the 11 battleground states are now in Hillary Clinton's poc

(Politico) In June, POLITICO identified 11 key battleground states — totaling 146 electoral votes — that would effectively decide the presidential election in November. A new examination of polling data and strategic campaign ad buys indicates that six of those 11 are now comfortably in Hillary Clinton’s column.


Female accuser says Trump grabbed her at U.S. Open in 1998

(Politico) Another woman emerged Thursday accusing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of having groped her in the past. Karena Virginia, a self-described wellness expert and TV personality, alleged that Trump grabbed her arm and touched her breast during an encounter at the U.S. Open in Flushing, Queens, New York, in 1998.

“Hey, look at this one,” she recalled overhearing Trump telling a group of men. “We haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.” Virginia, speaking alongside attorney Gloria Allred during a news conference in New York, said the interaction occurred while she was waiting for a car to take her home.


Ezra Klein: Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins

(Vox) The third and final presidential debate has ended, and it can now be said: Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump in the most effective series of debate performances in modern political history.

The polling tells the story. As Nate Silver notes, on the eve of the first presidential debate, Clinton led by 1.5 points. Before the second, she was up by 5.6 points. Before the third, she was winning by 7.1 points. And now, writing after the third debate — a debate in which Trump said he would keep the nation “in suspense” about whether there would be a peaceful transition of power, bragged about not apologizing to his wife, and called Clinton “such a nasty woman” — it’s clear that Trump did himself no favors. Early polls also suggest Clinton won.

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Push to delay speaker election puts Ryan in political jam

31 min ago - Washington (CNN)In a renewed push that could put House Speaker Paul Ryan in a political jam, conservatives in the House are circulating a letter urging Republican leaders to delay the election that will determine whether Ryan keeps his gavel in the n ... (CNN)

Luntz: Some Trump Voters Won't Vote Republican Down Ballot To Send Message To Establishment

3 hrs ago - LUNTZ: Well, I have been to 26 states now. I will probably make it to 30 before the election is over. And it means that there is no coming together. And I think it’s going to be very challenging for the GOP, because you have got some Trump voters wh ... (Real Clear Politics)

Senate control may be at stake in GOP-friendly Missouri

4 hrs ago - Senate control may be at stake in GOP-friendly Missouri Oct 24, 3:38 AM EDT By ERICA WERNER AP Congressional Correspondent KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The clamor for change fueling Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign may help a little-known ... (Associated Press)

Obama to endorse 30 more House candidates

4 hrs ago - LA JOLLA, Calif. — President Barack Obama is endorsing 30 more House candidates Monday, expanding his effort to use his rising popularity to help Democrats looking to flip or hold swing districts across the country — and crush them under the associat ... (Politico)

Major banks mark first-ever international trade using blockchain tech

5 hrs ago - The first cross-border transaction between banks using multiple blockchain applications has taken place, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo & Co said on Monday, resulting in a shipment of cotton to China from the United States. Australian ... (Reuters)

Facebook co-founder drops unprecedented cash to stop Trump Read more: http://www.politico.com/story

5 hrs ago - If the first $20 million yielded cheers, the second $15 million generated stunned silence. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz vaulted suddenly and without any advance warning to the top rung of Democratic party mega donors with two unheralded tears ... (Politico)

Murder of Brazil official marks new low in war on Amazon environmentalists

5 hrs ago - Murder of Brazil official marks new low in war on Amazon environmentalists Luiz Alberto Araújo, a local government official in Pará state, was gunned down in front of his family: ‘It sends a message that no one is untouchable’ Matt Sandy in Rio d ... (Guardian)

Gordon Hamilton, Climate Scientist, Dies in Accident in Antarctica

5 hrs ago - Gordon Hamilton, Climate Scientist, Dies in Accident in Antarctica By NIRAJ CHOKSHI OCT. 24, 2016 A climate scientist who studied glaciers died in Antarctica on Saturday when the snowmobile he was riding went into a 100-foot-deep crevasse, accord ... (New York Times)

US to examine AT&T deal to buy Time Warner

5 hrs ago - US to examine AT&T deal to buy Time Warner 8 hours ago US lawmakers and both presidential candidates have raised questions about AT&T's deal to buy Time Warner. The US telecoms giant, already the country's third largest cable provider, is paying ... (BBC News)

Hundreds in Los Angeles protest climate change, North Dakota pipeline

5 hrs ago - Hundreds in Los Angeles protest climate change, North Dakota pipeline Reuters 23 Oct 2016 at 22:20 ET Hundreds of people gathered in Los Angeles on Sunday to protest against climate change and show support for activists demonstrating agains ... (Reuters)

40,000 Create Human Chains to Protest Violence in Honduras

7 hrs ago - 40,000 Create Human Chains to Protest Violence in Honduras Published 23 October 2016 (5 hours 44 minutes ago) The event was meant to “raise awareness against violence, in favor of a culture of peace and healthy cohabitation,” said one of the par ... (Telesur)

Former Christie aide expected to return to witness stand

8 hrs ago - Former Christie aide expected to return to witness stand Updated 1:00 am, Monday, October 24, 2016 NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The former aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who prosecutors say sent the "time for some traffic problems" email that starte ... (Associated Press)

Judge to mull disbanding polygamous towns' police agency

8 hrs ago - Judge to mull disbanding polygamous towns' police agency Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press Updated 11:12 pm, Sunday, October 23, 2016 PHOENIX (AP) — A court hearing begins Monday to explore the federal government's bid to disband the shared ... (Associated Press)

Former Pennsylvania attorney general seeks to avoid jail

8 hrs ago - Former Pennsylvania attorney general seeks to avoid jail Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press Updated 11:23 pm, Sunday, October 23, 2016 PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Supporters of Democrat Kathleen Kane once hoped the ambitious lawyer might reach the U. ... (Associated Press)

Tom Hayden, 1960s radical who became champion of liberal causes, dies at 76

10 hrs ago - Tom Hayden, a 1960s radical who was in the vanguard of the movement to stop the Vietnam War and became one of the nation’s best-known champions of liberal causes, has died in Santa Monica after a lengthy illness. He was 76. ... (LA Times)

Venezuelan Congress Declares That Maduro Has Staged a Coup

13 hrs ago - Venezuela's Congress on Sunday declared that the government had staged a coup by blocking a drive to recall President Nicolas Maduro in a raucous legislative session that was interrupted when his supporters stormed the chamber. Opposition lawmakers ... (ABC News)

Obama turns his wrath on GOP Senate hopefuls

14 hrs ago - His deep disdain for Donald Trump now long established, President Barack Obama is turning his arrows on Republican lawmakers stuck with the GOP nominee, landing Air Force One on their turf and unleashing a torrent of insults. He ripped Ohio Sen. Rob ... (CNN)

Fund-raiser to replace bullet-riddled Emmett Till memorial sign reaches $15G goal

14 hrs ago - BY JESSICA SCHLADEBECK A fund-raiser launched to replace a bullet-riddled memorial sign marking the location where Emmett Till’s mutilated body was discovered in 1955 has reached its $15,000 goal. The marker, which is one of eight memorializing the ... (NY Daily News)

Trump Aides Tied To Firm That Wanted To Help Russia Spy

15 hrs ago - Two former aides to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reportedly are tied to a firm that wanted to help expand the Russian government’s ability to spy on its own people. The New York Post reported former campaign Chairman Paul Manafort an ... (MSN/International Business Times)

Donald Trump Made ‘Apprentice’ Staff Work Through Hurricane Sandy Chaos

15 hrs ago - While Donald Trump was publicly bragging about being a humanitarian savior in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the mogul was privately forcing employees of his reality-TV show The Apprentice to return to work in the days directly following the st ... (Daily Beast)

Trump in 2012 on deporting many undocumented immigrants: 'I don't believe in that'

15 hrs ago - (CNN)Just four years ago, Donald Trump took a drastically different position on what is now his central issue: deporting undocumented immigrants in the United States. Since he announced his candidacy last June, Trump has promised to build a wall on ... (CNN)

'Massive rise' in hate speech on Twitter during presidential election

15 hrs ago - SAN FRANCISCO — On Sunday night, Hadas Gold, a Politico media writer, began receiving threats on Twitter. One image superimposed a yellow star of David on her shirt and a bloody bullet hole in her forehead. Another photoshopped her face on a corpse i ... (UsaToday)

Canada's two Trump towers facing troubles

15 hrs ago - In Vancouver, the developer of a new Trump Tower has been under pressure for months to drop the Republican presidential candidate's name from the project. Meanwhile, the Trump Tower in Toronto is the subject of a lawsuit after facing years of controv ... (BBC News)

Prominent First Amendment Attorneys Offer to Defend Trump Accusers for Free

16 hrs ago - Donald Trump’s promise to sue the women who have recently come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct has led several prominent First Amendment attorneys to step forward and offer to defend the lawsuits, pro bono (without payment). Ted Boutrous, ... (LawNewz.com)

Hillary Clinton at UNC Charlotte: Trump is ‘direct threat to our democracy’

16 hrs ago - Staking her hopes of carrying North Carolina partly on college students, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke Sunday at an outdoor rally at UNC Charlotte and will return to the state Thursday to appear side-by-side with Michelle Obam ... (Charlotte Observer)

Man wearing Donald Trump shirt arrested after punching person at Hillary Clinton campaign event

16 hrs ago - A man sporting a pro-Trump t-shirt was arrested Sunday after punching a person attending a Hillary Clinton campaign event in North Carolina. The suspected supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump was arrested for civil assault and charged with a ... (New York Daily News)

Clinton, Michelle Obama to hold first joint rally Thursday

17 hrs ago - October 23, 2016, 02:11 pm By The Hills staff 315 Getty Images First lady Michelle Obama will appear at a campaign event with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Thursday for their first joint appearance of the 2016 campaign, the campaign a ... (The Hill)

Kellyanne Conway finally acknowledges: ‘We are behind’

17 hrs ago - 23 OCT 2016 AT 17:39 ET A top adviser to Donald Trump acknowledged on Sunday the Republican presidential candidate was lagging behind rival Hillary Clinton, as the Democratic nominee pressed a strategy of encouraging early voting in key battlegro ... (Reuters)

Trump's growth projections leave economists in disbelief

17 hrs ago - By Peter Schroeder - 10/23/16 05:47 PM EDT Economists are dubious of Donald Trump’s claim that he could more than triple economic growth if elected president. Trump has repeatedly blasted the gross domestic product (GDP) numbers under President Oba ... (The Hill)

Trump Campaign Releases Statement Threatening That Trump Administration Will “Break Up” Media Conglo

18 hrs ago - Trump Campaign Releases Statement Threatening That Trump Administration Will “Break Up” Media Conglomerates That Have Criticized Trump The campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a statement promising that a Trump president ... (Media Matters)