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Defying Criticism, Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill on Religious Freedom

(NYT) Despite intensifying criticism from business leaders both within and outside of Arkansas, the state legislature on Tuesday passed its version of a measure billed as a religious freedom law, joining Indiana in a swirl of controversy that shows little sign of calming.

The Arkansas bill, passed when the General Assembly concurred on three amendments from the State Senate, now goes to the state’s Republican governor, Asa Hutchinson, who expressed reservations about an earlier bill but more recently said he would sign the measure if it “reaches my desk in similar form as to what has been passed in 20 other states.” The Arkansas Senate passed the measure last week.


Obama vetoes Republican bid to block union election rules

(Reuters) U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday vetoed a measure by Republicans in Congress that would have blocked a government labor agency's rules designed to speed up the time it takes to unionize workers.

The rules would shorten the period between a union filing a petition to represent workers and an election, from the current median of 38 days to as little as 14 days. Employers would be required to share workers' names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses with unions.


The 2015 Final Four Schools Respond To Indiana Anti-Gay Law

(TPM) All four schools with basketball teams competing in the Final Four games of March Madness have weighed in on Indiana's controversial religious, expressing concern that the law could open the door to discrimination against gay people.

The statements, by representatives for the University of Kentucky, Duke University, the University of Wisconsin, and Michigan State University, come as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) finally gave in and said Tuesday that he wanted to see a clarification to the law so that it's clear that no one would be discriminated against.


USC Athletic Director To Boycott NCAA Meeting: I Have A Gay Son

(TPM) The athletic director at the University of Southern California, Pat Haden, said on Tuesday that he would not attend the NCAA's College Football Playoff committee meeting in Indianapolis this week, due to the new Indiana religious freedom law that may allow discrimination against gays and lesbians.


Marriott CEO Calls Indiana’s RFRA “Madness” and “Idiocy”

(HRC) “The legislation in Indiana -- and there are some bills being considered in other states -- is not just pure idiocy from a business perspective -- and it is that -- the notion that you can tell businesses somehow that they are free to discriminate against people based on who they are is madness.”

Marriott, an HRC Corporate Partner, stands beside Apple CEO Tim Cook, Subaru’s Director of Corporate Communications, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and local employers, including Alcoa, Cummins, Eli Lilly & Co., and Salesforce, who have also spoken out against the new law, warning that it is bad for business.


Martin O'Malley calls GOP support of Indiana law 'shameful'

(USA Today) “I think it is shameful that presidential candidates in this day and age would try to give cover to a law — that is sweeping across a lot of Republican-governed states — that attempts to give license to discrimination of gay and lesbian people,” O’Malley, a potential Democratic presidential candidate, told reporters after a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast in Bedford, N.H. “It’s wrong. It’s not who we are as a people.’’

In his talk to the breakfast audience, O’Malley said the Indiana law is “reprehensible and counter to everything we stand for as a people.”


NASCAR: Indiana law fosters intolerance, exclusion

(Orlando Sentinel) “NASCAR is disappointed by the recent legislation passed in Indiana,” said NASCAR Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Brett Jewkes, in a statement released Tuesday.

“We will not embrace nor participate in exclusion or intolerance. We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our sport and therefore will continue to welcome all competitors and fans at our events in the state of Indiana and anywhere else we race.”


Rand Paul Said He Doesn’t Believe In The Concept Of Gay Rights

(Buzzfeed) Sen. Rand Paul said he doesn’t buy into the concept of gay rights because they are defined by a gay person’s lifestyle.

“I don’t think I’ve ever used the word gay rights, because I don’t really believe in rights based on your behavior,” the Kentucky Republican told reporters in a videotaped interview that has received little attention since it was recorded in 2013.


Guess What Happened When JPMorgan's CEO Visited Elizabeth Warren's Office

(HuffPo) A meeting between Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Jamie Dimon deteriorated almost immediately after the JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO visited the recently elected senator and consumer advocate at her Capitol Hill office in 2013.

In a new afterword for the release of the paperback version of her book A Fighting Chance, Warren recalls that the tenor of the conversation between the two policy adversaries soured when Dimon complained about financial regulations that she has supported...


Americans Favor Deal With Iran by 2-1

(ABC News) Americans by a 2-1 margin favor an agreement with Iran over its nuclear development program, even while broadly questioning whether a deal would, in fact, prevent Tehran from producing nuclear weapons.

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Exclusive: 'Religious freedom' deal sets new protections

2 min ago - Indiana Republican leaders are set to announce a deal Thursday morning that alters Indiana's controversial "religious freedom" law to ensure it does not discriminate against gay and lesbian customers of Indiana businesses. The proposal — which grant ... (Indianapolis Star)

McDonald's to raise pay for 90,000 workers

3 hrs ago - McDonald’s will raise pay for 90,000 of its US employees starting on 1 July, according to the Wall Street Journal. Only employees working directly for McDonald’s will qualify for the increase. McDonald’s says it will pay at least $1 per hour more th ... (The Guardian)

Russia threatens to use 'nuclear force' over Crimea and the Baltic states

4 hrs ago - Russia has threatened to use “nuclear force” to defend its annexation of Crimea and warned that the “same conditions” that prompted it to take military action in Ukraine exist in the three Baltic states, all members of Nato. According to notes made ... (Independent UK)

Antarctica hits 63 degrees, believed to be a record

4 hrs ago - A high temperature of 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit might sound like a pleasant day in early spring -- unless you're in Antarctica. The chilly continent recorded the temperature (15.5 degrees Celsius) on March 24, possibly the highest ever recorded on Ant ... (CNN.com)

Indiana’s anti-LGBT law may cost state over $256 million: Center for American Progress

4 hrs ago - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES 01 APR 2015 AT 19:00 ET Major businesses boycotting a new religious freedom law in Indiana could cost the state’s economy some $256.4 million and counting over the next six years, according to the Center for American P ... (RawStory/IBT)

Chevron falsified evidence before U.S. Federal Court

4 hrs ago - Chevron falsified evidence before U.S. Federal Court Thursday, 2 April 2015, 1:44 pm Chevron Falsified Evidence Before U.S. Federal Court About Authorship of Ecuador Judgment, Arbitration Panel Is Told NEW YORK, N.Y., Mar. 31 - A new forensic anal ... (Scoop Media New Zealand)

At least 43 dead after Russian trawler sinks in ocean: TASS

5 hrs ago - Wed Apr 1, 2015 9:19pm EDT (Reuters) - At least 43 people have died after a Russian trawler sank late on Wednesday in the Western Pacific Ocean near the Kamchatka Peninsula, the TASS news agency reported, citing an officer at a maritime rescue coord ... (Reuters)

Greyhounds dumped in mass grave appear to have been shot, police say

5 hrs ago - Greyhounds dumped in mass grave appear to have been shot, police say Carcasses of at least 55 dogs were found at a site near Bundaberg in what police called disturbing and horrific circumstances Australian Associated Press Wednesday 1 April 2015 ... (Associated Press)

GOP’s Ted Cruz calls religious liberty a defining issue

5 hrs ago - SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says concerns about religious freedom could unite Republicans and rally conservative Democrats to the GOP in 2016. The Republican presidential candidate told an audience in Sioux City, Iowa, on Wednesday t ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Former Indiana Governor (D) says 'enough' to RFRA

5 hrs ago - Former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan is now among several businesses, conferences and mayors who have issued a letter over concern for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. On Wednesday he opened his letter by simply stating “enough!” He says the bac ... (WISH-TV)

Minn. lawmaker to return contributions from indicted senator

5 hrs ago - Apr 1, 9:11 PM EDT Minn. lawmaker to return contributions from indicted senator By ALAN FRAM Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) -- A spokesman for a Minnesota senator says the lawmaker will return campaign contributions she received from indicted ... (Associated Press)

Mike Pence’s contradictory assurances

5 hrs ago - Mike Pence’s contradictory assurances 04/01/15 08:44 AM—Updated 04/01/15 10:09 AM By Steve Benen ......One day ago, on March 31, Pence held a press conference to say the law must be fixed. “Let me say I believe this is a clarification, b ... (msnbc.com)

Investigators recover skeleton found in hills above Los Angeles

7 hrs ago - (Reuters) - Coroner's office investigators on Wednesday recovered skeletal human remains found in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles, but said it was too early to tell the age or gender of the body or say how it came to be there.The bones were dis ... (Reuters)

Arizona Abortion Law Pushes Boundaries of What Providers Must Tell Patients

7 hrs ago - Arizona Abortion Law Pushes Boundaries of What Providers Must Tell Patients In a sea of abortion counseling requirements, is Arizona’s reversal mandate a bridge too far? By Tierney Sneed April 1, 2015 | 5:45 p.m. EDT An unprecedented abortion law ... (US News)

Canadian diplomat's teen son shot dead after botched drug deal in Miami

8 hrs ago - Canadian diplomat's teen son shot dead after botched drug deal in Miami Associated Press in Miami Wednesday 1 April 2015 17.44 EDT One teenage son of a Canadian diplomat was killed and a younger son is under arrest after they were involved in an ... (Associated Press)

U.S. Won't Charge Former IRS Official Lois Lerner With Contempt

8 hrs ago - Lois Lerner, the former IRS official whose office gave improper scrutiny to Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status, won’t be charged with contempt of Congress. Outgoing U.S. Attorney Ron Machen disclosed the Justice Department’s decision in a le ... (Bloomberg News)

Prosecutor fired amid reports of sterilization in plea deals

9 hrs ago - Prosecutor fired amid reports of sterilization in plea deals By SHEILA BURKE, Associated Press | April 1, 2015 | Updated: April 1, 2015 4:20pm NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Nashville prosecutor has been fired after reports surfaced that he made steril ... (Associated Press)

Gruber: ObamaCare quote in court case 'taken out of context'

9 hrs ago - The embattled ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber made a rare public appearance Wednesday to say that his controversial remarks about healthcare subsidies have been taken out of context. Gruber's remarks had become a key part of the GOP-led Supreme ... (The Hill)

Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed

9 hrs ago - Apr 1, 5:36 PM EDT Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed By CARA ANNA Associated Press UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The favorite daughter of Venezuela's late leader Hugo Chavez has made her debut as her country's deputy permanen ... (Associated Press)

Coroner: 2005 post-Katrina police shooting was a homicide

9 hrs ago - Coroner: 2005 post-Katrina police shooting was a homicide By Kevin Mcgill Associated Press Posted: 04/01/2015 03:34:44 PM MDT Updated: 04/01/2015 03:34:44 PM MDT NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans' coroner has classified the death of a man shot by ... (Associated Press)

Eleven former teachers and administrators guilty in cheating trial (Atlanta Public Schools)

10 hrs ago - “Guilty,” Judge Jerry Baxter read the jury’s verdicts for conspiracy for 11 of the 12 defendants in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial. The conspiracy charge was the most serious and could bring sentences up to 20 years. Only one defendant, ... (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's first wife, dies

10 hrs ago - Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's first wife, dies - as it happened Her son, Julian, announced her death on his website and said he was at her bedside throughout her illness ... (The Telegraph UK)

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

11 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bob Menendez has been charged with using his office to improperly benefit a Florida eye doctor and political donor. A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted the New Jersey Democrat on charges including conspiracy to commit b ... (Associated Press)

McDonald's raising its minimum wage

11 hrs ago - April 1st, 2015, 2:44 PM McDonald's plans to raise starting wages by $1 above the local minimum wage at its company-owned restaurants and adjusting pay for existing employees, the first major move by the company after more than two years of union-ba ... (Chicago Tribune)

Seattle workers hail 'historic moment' as city sets course for $15 minimum wage

12 hrs ago - Nearly 40,000 low-wage workers will get an instant pay rise on Wednesday, when Seattle begins to phase in a landmark $15 minimum wage law that was passed amid controversy last year. Beginning April 1, the minimum wage for an employer with more than ... (The Guardian)

ISIS Wants a Truce

12 hrs ago - After months of being targeted by U.S.-led airstrikes, losing ground in Iraq and suffering defeat in a weeks-long assault to capture the Syrian border town of Kobani, is the Islamic State flagging and putting out feelers to see if a truce might be po ... (The Daily Beast/Newsweek)

Governor Brown Directs First-Ever Statewide Mandatory Water Reductions

12 hrs ago - <snip> For the first time in state history, the Governor has directed the State Water Resources Control Board to implement mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California to reduce water usage by 25 percent. This savings amoun ... (Gov.ca)

Poll of African-American voters gives Rahm 10-point lead over Garcia

12 hrs ago - A new election poll shows Mayor Rahm Emanuel with a 10-percentage-point lead among African-American voters. The poll of 1,003 registered voters, conducted for the Chicago Defender and WVON radio, has Emanuel at 46 percent and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia at ... (Chicago Sun-Times)

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 189,000 Jobs in March

13 hrs ago - ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 189,000 Jobs in March ROSELAND, N.J. – April 1, 2015 – Private sector employment increased by 189,000 jobs from February to March according to the March ADP National Employment R ... (ADP®, Automatic Data Processing)

Iraq Claims Victory Over Islamic State in Tikrit

13 hrs ago - (Reuters) - The Iraqi government claimed victory over Islamic State insurgents in Tikrit on Wednesday after a month-long battle for the city supported by Shi'ite militiamen and U.S.-led air strikes, saying that only small pockets of resistance remain ... (Reuters)