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Hillary Clinton Blasts GOP Rivals For Opposing Equal Pay: 'What Century Are They Living In?

(HuffPost) Though she did not specifically mention their names, Clinton criticized Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) for calling equal pay a "bogus" issue, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for saying Congress was "wasting time" on the matter and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for comparing paycheck fairness to price-setting by the Soviet Union's governing body, the Politburo.

"What century are they living in?" Clinton said, drawing applause from supporters in the audience.


Watch: Hypocrite Ted Cruz Begs For Federal Relief Money For Houston Flooding

(Occupy Democrats) Ted Cruz, the same Tea Party Senator that voted against aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy because it was “wasteful“, shows off his astonishing hypocrisy by announcing that he will work with Democrats to “stand as one in support of the federal government meeting its statutory obligations.

It turns out that Texas is the biggest recipient of federal disaster relief money in the country, as 46 counties are in a state of emergency. For all the railing that Ted Cruz does against “big government” and “wasteful spending”, he sure is quick to change his tune. The disaster in Texas is an absolute tragedy, but it’s equally appalling to see Cruz flip-flop after attempting to deny critical disaster relief to other Americans for partisan brownie points. This is a real recurring theme with Republicans, who lack the empathy and compassion to spend federal money on disaster relief for other Americans but clamor for it when bad times hit their own states.


Nebraska senators override governor's veto, repeal death penalty

(Omaha World-Herald) Nebraska has repealed the death penalty following a dramatic vote Wednesday by state lawmakers to override the governor’s veto. The high-stakes vote to override the veto of Legislative Bill 268 was 30-19. It requires at least 30 of 49 senators to overturn a gubernatorial veto.


Dan Savage wants to make Duggar the new Santorum: ‘Clearly duggary needs to be a word’

(Rawstory) Dan Savage wants to make the name Duggar synonymous with hypocrisy and child molestation – just as he helped make Santorum a descriptive noun for a byproduct of gay sex. “Clearly ‘duggary’ needs to be a word,” Savage posted Tuesday on Twitter.


Scott Walker Says Ultrasounds Are 'Just A Cool Thing'

(NPR) Republican Scott Walker dismissed any controversy over a law he signed in Wisconsin requiring women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound, referring in an interview on a conservative radio show to ultrasounds as "just a cool thing out there."


John McCain has a Democratic challenger

Arizona Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick will challenge Sen. John McCain for his Senate seat in 2016.


Descriptions of what it felt like to be at the Bernie Sander's kickoff

As CSPAN and MSNBC appear to have covered the speech -- and I hope the speeches of people who worked for him over the years, Bill McGiben, and both Ben and Jerry, I thought it might be better to describe how much fun it was talking with the other people there and then cheering for Bernie and the other speakers.

This afternoon in Burlington seemed like it does every time there is a festival at one of the two large parks. Everyone seemed happy and excited as they walked from the town or the various parking lots -- or the volunteer staffed "secure bike parking" for people arriving via the many miles of a bike path that runs along the lake...


Read Bernie Sanders’ rousing, policy-heavy speech kicking off his campaign

(Vox) On Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a rousing speech kicking off his campaign in his home state of Vermont.


‘No Gays Allowed’ Law Set To Pass In Virginia

(Addicting Info) The state of Virginia is set to pass a law which would allow anti-LGBT business owners to bar gay people, purely on the basis of their sexuality.

The Virginia Bill states that anyone seeking or holding a business license from the state of Virginia in the state can refuse service or entry to gay people, on the grounds it “would violate the religious or moral convictions of such person with respect to same-sex “marriage” or homosexual behavior.”


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Teva pays $1.2 billion to settle pay-for-delay allegations

26 min ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators say Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries will pay $1.2 billion to settle charges that one of its subsidiaries illegally blocked the launch of generic versions of the blockbuster sleeping pill Provigil. The settlement ... (AP)

Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya

1 hr ago - Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, earned about $10,000 a month as a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a ... (Politico)

Former NY GOP governor Pataki will run for president in 2016

2 hrs ago - By HOLLY RAMER CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Former New York Gov. George Pataki is the latest Republican to get into the race for president. In a video posted Thursday morning on YouTube, Pataki says America needs to recapture the spirit of unity that sprea ... (AP)

Latest on flooding: Officials: Threat remains across Texas

3 hrs ago - While the barrage of deadly thunderstorms that hit Texas this week has tapered off, many cities remain in danger, and officials are warning about possible flooding from rain-swollen rivers. In suburban Houston, subdivisions along the San Jacinto Riv ... (AP)

Russia classifies military casualties in peacetime

4 hrs ago - MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to make losses of Russian troops in peacetime a secret. The decree published on the official government website and signed by Putin on Wednesday makes it a state secret to divulge informa ... (AP)

Fifa crisis: Visa sponsorship threat compounds calls for Blatter to quit

4 hrs ago - Visa – one of Fifa’s key sponsors – has threatened it could pull out of its contract with football’s world governing body as Sepp Blatter faced increasing pressure not to seek re-election as its president. Nine senior officials at the organisation, ... (The Guardian)

Elephant numbers plunge in Mozambique because of poachers

4 hrs ago - JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Conservationists say the elephant population in Mozambique has dropped nearly 50 percent in the last five years because of poaching, but cite good news from Uganda, where the elephant population is increasing. Poachers have slaug ... (AP)

Global stocks down as Shanghai sinks, Greece deadline looms

5 hrs ago - By YURI KAGEYAMA TOKYO (AP) — Chinese shares dived Thursday after big gains in the past three months and other global stock markets were mostly lower as a deadline neared for cash-starved Greece to make a debt payment. KEEPING SCORE: Shares suffere ... (AP-Excite)

GE union rallies Friday

5 hrs ago - By Cyrus Moulton Union workers are organizing solidarity rallies on Friday at General Electric in West Lynn and plants across the country, just three days before contract negotiations are scheduled to open with the company. “They told us we have to ... (Item Live)

EPA plans temporary pesticide restrictions while bees feed

5 hrs ago - By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON (AP) — If honeybees are busy pollinating large, blooming croplands, farmers wanting to spray toxic pesticides will soon have to buzz off, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing. A federal rule to be proposed ... (AP-Excite)

UPDATE 1-U.S. says no extension for Iran nuclear talks -State Dept

7 hrs ago - The United States will not consider an extension to reach an agreement on curbing Iran's nuclear program, the State Department said on Wednesday, despite indications from France and Iran that talks may stretch into July. "We're not contemplating any ... (Reuters)

Russia's nuclear threats 'deeply troubling': NATO chief

7 hrs ago - Russia's provocative rhetoric and its dramatic expansion of flights by nuclear bombers are deeply troubling and dangerous, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday. Russia's plans to deploy nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad -- ne ... (Agence France-Presse)

Iran, North Korea forging ballistic, nuclear ties: dissidents

7 hrs ago - An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Thursday a delegation of North Korean experts in nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles visited a military site near Tehran in April amid talks between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program. The d ... (Reuters)

Boeing awarded first commercial human spaceflight mission

8 hrs ago - NASA issued a task order as part of Boeing's $4.2 billion Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) contract recently to include the company's first-ever service flight to the International Space Station. The award marks the first time in ... (WAFF)

Shocking ads ignite debate about abortion ban in Chile

9 hrs ago - May 28, 12:42 AM EDT Shocking ads ignite debate about abortion ban in Chile By LUIS ANDRES HENAO Associated Press SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- The video shows a woman climbing a stairwell, her belly visibly pregnant, as she offers suggestions: Make ... (Associated Press)

Jesse Jackson exhorts Oakland teens to pursue tech jobs

9 hrs ago - The Rev. Jesse Jackson has shifted his civil rights sights to Silicon Valley in recent months, where the high-tech workforce doesn’t look like the Rainbow Coalition he once envisioned for society. Or anything like Oakland. It does not, he said Wedne ... (San Francisco Chronicle)

(NY) Assembly passes bill to create single-payer health plan

10 hrs ago - The state Assembly approved on Wednesday evening a bill that would create a single-payer health system in New York. The bill passed 89-47. ... (Albany Times-Union)

Rick Santorum announces second presidential bid

10 hrs ago - CABOT, Pa. — Rick Santorum, the brusque and deeply conservative former senator who won nearly a dozen contests in the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination, announced here Wednesday that he would seek to recapture that magic by enterin ... (Washington Post)

Clinton pushes equal pay for women in SC stop

11 hrs ago - Hillary Clinton drew applause from S.C. Democratic women Wednesday, pledging to fight for equal pay for them and higher wages, adding she will “make the words ‘middle class’ mean something again.” “Too many women still earn less than men on the job. ... (The State)

Ricketts vetoes bill allowing driver's licenses for young immigrants, setting up new clash with ...

11 hrs ago - By Martha Stoddard LINCOLN — Gov. Pete Ricketts set up another clash with state lawmakers by vetoing a bill Wednesday that would have allowed driver’s licenses for young immigrants brought to the country illegally. In his veto message, the governor ... (Omaha World Herald)

Latest on flooding: Tornado hits Panhandle gas rig; 3 hurt

12 hrs ago - 9:30 p.m. CDT What officials say was at least one tornado has struck a gas drilling rig in the Texas Panhandle, injuring three workers. The incident happened about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday about 2˝ miles north of the town of Canadian. A spokeswoman for ... (AP)

South Carolina policeman indicted in shooting death of unarmed black man

12 hrs ago - A grand jury in South Carolina indicted a white police officer on Wednesday on a felony charge of firing his weapon into a vehicle while it was occupied, killing an unarmed black man. Justin Gregory Craven, 24, an officer in North Augusta, South Car ... (Reuters)

Hawaii Supreme Court dismisses marriage equality challenge

12 hrs ago - The Hawaii Supreme Court dismissed Wednesday a legal challenge raised by four individual plaintiffs to the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013. The 2013 law changed Hawaii’s statutes regarding marriage so that same-sex couples could marry. The Sup ... (KHON)

Woman Who Was Once the Youngest Person on Death Row is Found Dead

12 hrs ago - Indiana authorities found Paula Cooper—who was once the country’s youngest person on death row—dead of an apparent suicide. Cooper was only 15 years old in 1986 when she confessed to murdering a 78-year-old woman named Ruth Pelke by stabbing her 33 t ... (Jezebel)

Norway's king opens Arctic drilling conference in Alaska

12 hrs ago - ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Norway's king opened a conference on Arctic offshore drilling Wednesday with a plug for incorporating his country's expertise into drilling off Alaska's northern shores. "Norway and Alaska have much to learn from each other ... (Yahoo! News / AP)

Referendum to ask should Britain 'remain' member of EU

13 hrs ago - London (AFP) - Voters will be asked "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?" in a referendum to be held by 2017, the British government announced on Thursday. The wording is laid out in legislation for the referendum, to be ... (Yahoo! News / AFP)

Dalai Lama urges Suu Kyi to act on Rohingya

13 hrs ago - Sydney (AFP) - The Dalai Lama has urged fellow Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to do more to help Myanmar's persecuted Muslim Rohingya minority amid a worsening migration crisis. Despite thousands of Rohingya fleeing on harrowing boat journeys ... (Yahoo! News / AFP)

Florida college ends use of students for vaginal probe training

13 hrs ago - ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - A Florida community college under fire for allowing female sonography students to perform vaginal probes on one another as part of their class instruction said it will cease the practice for good. The announcement by Valenc ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Yahoo must face email spying class action: U.S. judge

13 hrs ago - (Reuters) - A U.S. judge ordered Yahoo Inc to face a nationwide class-action lawsuit accusing it of illegally intercepting the content of emails sent to Yahoo Mail subscribers from non-Yahoo Mail accounts, and using the information to boost advertisi ... (Reuters)

FCC looks to crack down on robocalls, robotexts

13 hrs ago - The top U.S. telecommunications regulator wants to make it harder for telemarketers and other businesses to place unwanted robocalls and text messages under changes to autodialing rules proposed on Wednesday. The Federal Communications Commission pl ... (Reuters)