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New feature added, and search function update

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elad ADMIN Donating Member (3066 posts) Click to EMail elad Click to send private message to elad Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster Click to add this poster to your Friend List
Sep-17-02, 11:53 AM (ET)
New feature added, and search function update
First, the search function has been turned back on. However, it's been turned on for donating members only. The unfortunate fact is that search takes up a lot of server resources, and server resources cost money. Therefore, we felt it was a fair compromise that people who help pay for the server resources through donations should be able to use the search function.

Also, DU has a new feature, a "FriendList". You'll notice a symbol next to people's names in threads. This will add that poster to your FriendList.

You can then access your FriendList from your Inbox, by clicking on the link provided there. Once you've accessed your FriendList, you can then send them a DU Mail, EMail, check their profile, or remove them from your list.

This will improve functionality of the DU Mail system by not requiring you hunt down a post of someone to send them a message. This feature is also for donating members only, to encourage more donations.

I also plan on updating the DU Poll just as soon as all three of us Admins can agree on a new poll, hopefully today.



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