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OPERATION ABLE DANGER -- The Sleeping Gun? [List Edits]

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Original message
Edited on Tue Nov-15-05 11:45 AM by Hapameli
Cooperative Research's Complete 911/Able Danger Timeline:

Interesting blog report from Michelle Malkin of all people:


Rep Kurt Weldon on the House Floor:

You can't let a Lt. Col.'s career be ruined because of a bureaucrat in the DIA...We're seeing lying. Distortion. Wolf Blitzer told me that a Defense Department official told that Shaffer was having an affair with a member of my staff...he doesn't even know my staff! What do we stand for if not the truth? I'll leave my post, but not until I get justice for this man and the American people.

...scum at the Pentagon are spreading malicious lies.

What we have here is an aggressive attempt by CIA management to cover up their shortcomings.

If it means I have to resign, I will resign. This is not about the DIA or the CIA. This is about CYA...

...What's happening here is unacceptable. Unimaginable. Un-American.

This man is being abused and used. He's being maligned. Urges viewers to e-mail SecDef, President, and members of Congress to let the story be told. Let Tony Shaffer talk. Let the others who have been silent have the chance to tell their story to Congress.

The Strata-Sphere blog reports:

... the national collaborative center experiment based on the LIWA example was sidelined.

If the concept of the NOAH had been in effect on September 11, 2001, events may have been different. The cost for such a system would have been minimal compared to the heavy cost in human life and resources the nation suffered.

Folks, this is enormous. This person worked with Eileen Preisser at LIWA. Preisser spear headed the new application of data mining technology. Maloof seems to have access to the actual legal response that resulted in the diversion of Able Danger from its initial work. And he makes no bones about it - there was a real possibility of stopping 9-11.

TopDog08's blog transcribes this Weldon interview from Faux "News":

On October 7th, Weldon sent Rumsfeld a letter that reads in part:

You know as well as I that inside the Beltway, there is a time-honored tradition of smearing the accuser rather than answering the charge. That method is now apparently being employed in your department, and while it may be a familiar way of doing business in Washington, it is no less disappointing.

More significantly, Weldon then went on to tell Fox News viewers:

Catherine Herridge: Final question sir, we've made much of the fact that members of Able Danger claim that they identified Atta a year before the attacks, but not many people realize that the same project using similar data was able to identify a threat in Yemen a few months before the USS Cole was attacked. Do you believe that this is highly significant?

Curt Weldon: Absolutely, and the 9/11 Commission to call Able Danger historically insignificant is outrageous. It's going to come out eventually, Catherine, that we'll see that Able Danger not only knew about Mohamed Atta and the Brooklyn Cell one year before 9/11, but two weeks before the attack on the Cole, in fact, two days before the attack on the Cole, they saw an increase of activity that led them to say to the senior leadership in the Pentagon at that time, in the Clinton administration, there's something going to happen in Yemen and we better be on high alert, but it was discounted. That story has yet to be told to the American people. Another Able Danger successful activity that was thwarted.<\b>

A November 9 Weldon press conference is publicized as such:


WASHINGTON, Nov 8 - U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, will hold a press conference on Wednesday, November 9th at 12:30 p.m. in the House Radio/TV Gallery to discuss the latest findings from his investigation into Able Danger.

The latest findings include: information Able Danger provided to defense officials about terrorist activity in the Port of Aden prior to the terrorist attack on the USS Cole back in October 2000; a discovery of another Able Danger member who confirms a set of Able Danger data not accounted for by the Pentagon; recent statements by the 9-11 Commission about Able Danger; and the latest efforts by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to smear Able Danger member Lt. Col. Shaffer who broke the silence about the Pentagonís efforts to track al-Qaeda worldwide prior to September 11....

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