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Administration Officials, Notables and Persons of Interest by office held [List Edits]

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Original message
Administration Officials, Notables and Persons of Interest by office held
Edited on Sat Nov-12-05 12:35 PM by hootinholler

I've been collecting this over the last 6 months or so in order to track the Plame affair. There is much to be added, especially Cheney's Energy meeting.


  1. Oval Office:
    1. Office of the President: Bush

      1. Rove

        • Plame leak source? - doubtful, more likely second or confirmed Plame.

      2. Rice - National Security advisor

      3. WHIG - White House Iraq Group

        • Systematic coordination began in August, when Chief of Staff
          Andrew H. Card Jr. formed the White House Iraq Group, or WHIG, to
          set strategy for each stage of the confrontation with Baghdad. A
          senior official who participated in its work called it "an
          internal working group, like many formed for priority issues, to
          make sure each part of the White House was fulfilling its

        • The group met weekly in the Situation Room. Among the regular
          participants were Karl Rove, the president's senior political adviser;
          communications strategists Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin and James
          R. Wilkinson; legislative liaison Nicholas E. Calio; and policy
          advisers led by Rice and her deputy, Stephen J. Hadley, along with
          I. Lewis Libby, Cheney's chief of staff.

        • Participants:

          1. Karl Rove (1.1.1)

          2. Karen Hughes

          3. Mary Matalin - James Carville's wife.

          4. James R. Wilkinson

          5. Nicholas E. Calio legislative liaison

          6. Condoleeza Rice National Security Advisor

          7. Stephen J. Hadley, Rice's deputy

          8. I. Lewis Libby, Cheney's chief of staff.

          9. Andrew H. Card Jr. WH Chief of staff

      4. Press Secretary

        1. Ari Fliescher

        2. Scott McClellan

      5. Defense Counsel: Jim Sharp

  2. VP Office
    1. Cheney
      1. Libby

      2. JINSA (11.5)

      3. David Wurmser
        David Wurmser replaced Eric Edelman as Principal Deputy Assistant to
        the Vice President for National Security Affairs in the Office of Vice
        President Dick Cheney in early September 2003

      4. Cheney raised the alarm about Iraq's nuclear menace three times
        in August. He was far ahead of the president's public line. Only Bush
        and Cheney know, one senior policy official said, "whether Cheney was
        trying to push the president or they had decided to play good cop, bad

      5. Defense Counsel: Terrence O'Donnell

  3. State Dept
    1. Powell
      1. Richard Armitage
        When Mr. Wilson's Op-Ed article appeared on July 6, 2003, a Sunday,
        Richard L. Armitage, then deputy secretary of state, called Carl
        W. Ford Jr., the assistant secretary for intelligence and research, at
        home, a former State Department official said. Mr. Armitage asked
        Mr. Ford to send a copy of the memorandum to Mr. Powell, who was
        preparing to leave for Africa with Mr. Bush, the former official
        said. Mr. Ford sent it to the White House for transmission to
        Mr. Powell. It is not clear who asked for the memorandum,.

      2. Bolton - Undersecretary of state for Arms Control
        • During the vote count of the 2000 election in Florida a man burst
          through the door and yelled that the count had to stop. That man was
          John Bolton.
          Later it was said that Cheney told him he could 'have anything he
          wanted' for what he did in Florida.
          Well, he wanted Condi's job as National Security Advisor, but was told
          that the job was already Hadley's and he said he wanted Hadley's old
          job and Hadley said no.
          Think about this. Can you just imagine Bush, Cheney, Condi and Hadley
          in a room and dying laughing about appointing him US ambassador and
          sending this asshole up there, especially in light of how they all
          hate the UN?

        • Wurmser had moved on to a post as senior adviser to
          Undersecretary of State John Bolton

    2. Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)
      1. Carl W. Ford jr.: Assistant Secretary for intelligence and research

        • Sources said the CIA is angry about the circulation of a
          still-classified document to conservative news outlets
          suggesting Plame had a role in arranging her husband's trip to
          Africa for the CIA. The document, written by a State
          Department official who works for its Bureau of Intelligence
          and Research (INR), describes a meeting at the CIA where the
          Niger trip by Wilson was discussed, said a senior
          administration official who has seen it.

        • CIA officials have challenged the accuracy of the INR document, the
          official said, because the agency officer identified as talking about
          Plame's alleged role in arranging Wilson's trip could not have
          attended the meeting.
          -Wash Post

        • October 9-16, 2002
          After the documents arrive in Washington, they are reviewed by the
          State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) and
          within days its analysts conclude that the papers might be fakes. On
          October 16, the INR distributes the documents to the CIA and several
          other US intelligence agencies with the caveat that the documents are
          of dubious authenticity. . . .
          . . . the CIA quickly saw that the documents were not authentic. A
          senior Central Intelligence Agency official will tell Knut Royce of
          Newsday that the CIA had serious questions about from day one.
          The agency had accounts of them and that was close enough. We
          didn't take it that seriously to begin with. ... We didn't put a lot
          of stock in these reports from Niger. We didn't rush around to get the
          actual documents. Likewise, a US intelligence official will tell
          the New York Times that CIA officials were always suspicious of the
          Niger documents. And Hersh's anonymous CIA source also says the papers
          were quickly assessed as fakes. Everybody knew at every step of
          the way that they were false until they got to the Pentagon, where
          they were believed.

    3. Rice

    4. Micheal Ledeen - Consultant???

  4. DOD
    1. Rumsfeld
      1. Wolfowitz
        While the CIA and other intelligence agencies concentrated on Osama
        bin Laden's Al Qaeda as the culprit in the 9/11 attacks, Wolfowitz and
        Feith obsessively focused on Iraq.
        1. Richard Perle
          • International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with
            astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard
            Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal.

            In a startling break with the official White House and Downing Street
            lines, Mr Perle told an audience in London: "I think in this case
            international law stood in the way of doing the right thing."

            But Mr Perle, a key member of the defence policy board, which advises
            the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said that
            "international law ... would have required us to leave Saddam
            Hussein alone", and this would have been morally

        2. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense William Luti
          Together, she says, Luti and Shulsky (4.2.6) turned cherry-picked pieces of
          uncorroborated, anti-Iraq intelligence into talking points, on
          issues like Iraq's WMD and its links to Al Qaeda. Shulsky
          constantly updated these papers, drawing on the intelligence unit,
          and circulated them to Pentagon officials, including Rumsfeld, and
          to Vice President Cheney. "Of course, we never thought they'd go
          directly to the White House," she adds.

      2. OSP - Office of Special Plans
        Indeed, the Bush team at the Pentagon hadn't even been formally
        installed before Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of Defense, and
        Douglas J. Feith, undersecretary of Defense for policy, began putting
        together what would become the vanguard for regime change in Iraq.
        1. Douglas Feith - a former aide to Richard Perle at the Pentagon in the 1980s Heads OSP

        2. The unofficial, off-site recruitment office for Feith and
          Rhode was the American Enterprise Institute

        3. Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski (USAFR)
          observed how the Pentagon's Iraq war-planning unit manufactured scare
          stories about Iraq's weapons and ties to terrorists. "It wasn't
          intelligence-it was propaganda," she says. "They'd take a little bit
          of intelligence, cherry-pick it, make it sound much more exciting,
          usually by taking it out of context, often by juxtaposition of two
          pieces of information that don't belong together." It was by turning
          such bogus intelligence into talking points for
          U.S. officials-including ominous lines in speeches by President Bush
          and Vice President Cheney, along with Secretary of State Colin
          Powell's testimony at the U.N. Security Council last February-that the
          administration pushed American public opinion into supporting an
          unnecessary war.

        4. Harold Rhode - did he work for Perle? or did
          they both work for someone else?

        5. Michael Rubin
          1. David Wurmser
            1. Micheal Maloof - Clearance revoked Dec 01 (over security leak to press allegations). worked for Wurmser

        6. Abram N. Shulsky - director when unit formed

        7. Colonel Bruner -Chalabi's 'handler'

        8. Larry Franklin - patsy?

      3. OSI - Office of Strategic Influence

      4. U.S. Army
        1. 75th Exploitation Task Force in Iraq
          1. Mobile Exploitation Team Alpha (META), which was charged with examining potential Iraqi weapon sites after the war. - Allegedly tasked by Miller (8.1)

          2. Richard McPhee, commander

          3. Eugene Pomeroy - public-affairs officer

      5. Office of Net Assessment
        Rhode, seen by many veteran staffers as an ideological gadfly, was
        officially assigned to the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, an
        in-house Pentagon think tank headed by fellow neocon Andrew Marshall.
        1. Andrew Marshall

        2. Harold Rhode
          Rhode refused to be interviewed for this story, saying cryptically,"Those who speak, pay."

  5. Justice Dept.
    1. Ashcroft
      1. Actions
        • Obstructs/Punishes Sibel Edmonds

        • Recuses self from Plame investigation

      2. James Comey - Deputy AG
        • Appoints Fitzgerald Special Prosecutor in Plame case

        • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. - Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey announced today that he intends to resign his position at the Department of Justice and return to the private sector this fall. Comey has served as the Deputy Attorney General since December 2003, following his nomination by President George W. Bush and his confirmation by a unanimous Senate. As Deputy Attorney General, Comey led the Justice Department's enormously successful Corporate Fraud Task Force, created Violent Crime Impact Teams in cities around the nation to rid the streets of violent criminals, and oversaw the day to day operation of the Department of Justice, and its more than 104,000 men and women, under two Attorneys General.

    2. Gonzales

    3. FBI

      1. Sibel Edmonds - FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, gagged
        by Attorney General John Ashcroft, said in her
        testimony to the 9/11 Commission that if what she
        knows is revealed, it could lead to charges of
        TREASON being leveled against elected officials at
        top levels of the U.S. government, Certain elected
        officials will stand trial and go to prison.

    4. Patrick Fitzgerald - Special Prosecutor Plame case

CIA, New York Times and more to come... Let me know what you think, and help me fill it in.


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