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Nicknames of Republican Politicians [List Edits]

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Original message
Nicknames of Republican Politicians
Edited on Fri Dec-02-05 02:21 PM by EarlG
See below for info on how to add to list of nicknames.

The "Nasty Nine" (refused to back anti-torture amendment)
Wayne Allard - Colorado
Kit Bond - Missouri
Tom Coburn - Oklahoma
Thad Cochran - Mississippi
John Cornyn - Texas
James Inhofe - Oklahoma
Pat Roberts - Kansas
Jeff Sessions - Alabama
Ted Stevens - Alaska

The Felonious Five
Those on the SC who voted to install W in the White House. (while technically not "Republican politicians", they sure acted in a political way)

Governor Matt Blunt (MO)
Baby Blunt

Danny Bubp--Oh St. Rep (R)
Colonel Weenie (for calling Murtha "coward" via Schmidt)
Mean Jean's MINO Marine

Jeb Bush Gov. FLA
The Simian Sibling

Norm Coleman--MN Sen.
Norm Coleperson
Senator Sprinkle (from Ed Schultz)

John Cornyn (TX Senator)
John "Man on Box Turtle" Cornyn

Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Crybaby Jailbitch
Rep. Crumb Bum

Tom Delay (TX Representative)
Hot Tub Tom (Randi Rhodes)
Bug Boy
Bug Man(Mike Malloy)
The Hamper
Hard Time Tom (knock off of the C64 game Hard Hat Mack)
Mr. Smiley-Face
Drunky McPukeshoes (Stephanie Miller)
The Hammer
Roach Boy
Tom DeLouse

Dick DeVos (Michigan gubernatorial candidate)
Amway Ayatollah

Bill Frist (TN--Senate Majority Leader)
Cat Killer (as a med student, he lied to animal shelters to get "experimental" animals)
Scarlett or "Belle" Frist--southern-belle hissy fit "Wah ah nevah in mah lahf...)
Doctor Quack
Sen. Hissyfit

Phil Gingrey (R) Georgia
The Silver-Toothed Goon
Snidley Whiplash
Mr. Grinchy

Katherine Harris (FLA Sec. State)
Cruella Harris
Cruella DeVil
E-evil Wo-man
KKKatherine HairAss
Voodoo Queen (taxpayer money for "holy water" txs for citrus canker)

Orin Hatch (Utah Senator)
Arid Crotch
The Stormin' Mormon
Orin Hack

Trent Lott (MS Sen.)
Foghorn Leghorn
Mississippi Hair Helmet
In a Lott of trouble

John McCain

Rick Perry, R-TX
Governor Goodhair
Governor Mo-Fo
Tom Delay's Bitch

Adam Putnam, R-Fla. Rep.
Howdy Doody-Looking Nimrod (quote from House "debate" on 2005 spending bill)

Mitt Romney (MA Governor)
Mitt "The Shitt" Romney
Rat Romney

Rick Santorum (PA Sen.)
Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum
Ricky Retardo
Senator Fecal Matter (SammyBlue)from
Senator Sanatorium
Senator Sans-Scrotum
Scamtorum (wife's firvilous lawsuits, reversal of stance on Intelligent design, taxpayer money spent to send his kids to private school)
The Finest Mind From of 13th Century
Tricky Ricky
The Visitor from Virginia
Virginia Prick

Jean Schmidt
Cruella Cincinnasty
Cruella de Congress
Jean Bullschmidt
Jean Schmidthead
Mean Jean
Mrs. Pruneface
Ohio Moron
Old Hatchet Face
Tenderfoot Whore
The Ho from Ohio
Woman who Hates the Marines
Wicked Witch of Ohio
Yankee Doodle DoucheBag

Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA Gov.)
Boobie Grabber
Condom full of walnuts (Molly Ivins)
Der Gropenfuhrer
Der Boobengrabber
Groping Austian Beefcake
The Governator
The Gropenator

James Sensenbrenner

Ted Stevens--AK Sen.
Mr. Yuk
Bridge to Nowhere Man

To add a nickname to this list, click on the very first post and select the "edit" button.

Please try to keep list alphabetized.

Could we please add a reason for the nick, if it's not super-obvious? --Maeve

Hey guys this is for nicknames of republican politicians. There's other lists for nicknames for the President and Vice President, and for conservative activists, religious conservatives and administration officials.

Now that everyone's had time to practice and learn how the Research Forum works, we're locking the "nicknames" threads. -- EarlG
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